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Sabrina's Journal

Mr. Peaks

This journal entry is about having too much fun. This journal is written for my eyes so as to keep me sane, or at least prevent me from being like I was. The danger of being a very strong psychic is that it's easy to send your mind too far and have trouble bringing it back. So if I am reading this journal, then this is a sample of what you were.

Here I am, Mistress of two empires. The first, and public, empire is that of Sabrina the psychic and Saffron City Gym leader. I have students, I award badges and I got bored. So I built a secret empire. Using patents developed at the gym, I have financed the takeover of Kanto's sex industry. Unlike my rivals in this business, I didn't do it for the money or as a front for illegal activities. I took over the sex industry for the sex itself. At the time that I'm writing this journal entry, my body has reached a level of sexual need that is hard to satisfy, but I found a way. That way was to house as much sexual activity in one building: Saffron Tower.

So Saffron Tower is the sixty-nine story castle of my secret sex empire. But on occasion a barbarian gets past the gates. This was such an evening. In my home office, the computer showed a discrepancy in the power to the shielding on floor 23. The computer then isolated a section of floor between floors 23 and 24. On floor 23 was a small dungeon room, fitted with a single bed, and the appropriate toys and equipment for the masochist. Floor 24 was one of several terrarium levels, and this floor's theme was light jungle. The air was warmer and more humid than other levels, and there was generous vegetation and running water. (Did the Pokemon gym contractors imagine that it would be used for this?) Security sensors confirmed the occupancy for the jungle room as two people. Motion and heat sensors showed the people embraced; business as usual.

Occupancy records showed the dungeon room was rented to one human; unusual for a dungeon, unless you want to whip yourself. Sensors showed that the room also contained two Pokemon: A Luxray and a Slowking. I concluded that I had a peeper. Motion and heat sensors showed him on the bed, while the Pokemon are motionless.

Well if someone wanted to compromise the psychic shielding, then they shouldn't mind a psychic visitor. So I reset the shielding controls to allow my mind to enter…his…,yes definitely 'his', mind. He was a little younger than me. All of his attention was focused on a blue haired girl named Dawn. So prominent in his mind was her name that it was hard to find his… Conway. His Slowking was forming a crude psychic network that included Luxray's vision and the senses of Dawn's lover. Conway was clearly obsessed with Dawn.

The boy needed to be taught a lesson. I went to my closet and took out the security officer costume. The costume had the same color scheme and style that conveyed the idea of an officer Jenny just sexier with the hem line a little higher and the neck line a little lower. I pulled off my sweats and got suited up.

I focused my mind on Luxray; Dawn's lover was another woman with orange hair, cute. But this definitely put Dawn out of reach of Conway. Poor lonely Conway; what a taste treat you would be.

I swore out loud, "Damn!" as I stumbled trying to put on those stupid high heeled boots. I've got to find a better pair of high heeled thigh high boots. At that point I had lost my focus.

The purpose of the psychic shielding that we invented was to prevent what I was going to do next: Poke around in Dawn's mind. I know that be doing so I could be compared to Conway. But it never happened that. Conway would never be judged as harshly as I would be judged, since he's 'normal' and I'm psychic. Also the anti-stalker laws are jokes, in my opinion.

So I entered Dawn's mind. Where Conway's mind was a vast collage of Dawn's image, Dawn's mind was a mess. There was definitely some alcohol clouding her thoughts of Zoey, her lover, but she tried to replace, or rather compare, her image of Zoey with AshKennyMistyWeddingMomPaulcontests… Dawn needed professional help, and not the kind one would find in a love hotel.

(In retrospect, this is why I needed to write a journal: so I remember who I am after walking through the asylums of other people's mind.)

Carefully I refocused my mind on Dawn:

Dawn loved Zoey.

Dawn liked Kenny.

Dawn worried about the lesbian title.

Dawn attended Ash and Misty's wedding.

I thought I saw her at the wedding last month. Good for Ash. I was so glad for those two since they helped me find myself so many years ago.

There was a prominent reoccurring dream in Dawn's mind: She would be dressed in white and in a marriage ceremony held in a Pokemon Contest. The panel of Judges was dominated by a massive image of a woman I assumed to be her mother. Weddings with Ash, Kenny or Paul scored well and received audience approval. When Zoey was in place of the groom she scores so poorly they strip her of her ribbons.

No wonder she drank. But that won't make it better.

I called for my house Pokemon: Gardevoir, Gengar and Espeon.

Before I continue I just want to remind you what role these Pokemon play. Espeon is my protector. She is faster than any Pokemon I've met and rarely needs to attack twice to bring down an adversary.

Gardevoir, she is my Yin. She embodies femininity, grace, beauty and sensuality. In contrast, Gengar is my Yang: Masculinity, aggression, lust, humor and action. There was a time when both of these aspects of my personality were underdeveloped and at war with each other. I hope that hasn't happened again by the time I'm reading this.

I mentally instructed them of my plan, "Our plan of attack will be: Gardevoir will teleport us here, near the door. After that, use Imprison to prevent a Psychic counter attack or escape by teleportation. Espeon will use Roar and send Conway's Pokemon back into their balls. Gengar will stay in the shadows until Conway makes a move for something then use Thief to steal it, remember also to use Thief on any Pokeballs." Next I needed the right timing. Reservation computer showed both rooms booked for the whole night; someone had money to spend.

Dawn internal conflict ebbed as Zoey's tongue worked its magic. This was good for Dawn, but bad for Conway.

"What's all this then?" I shouted as my Pokemon and I teleported into the room. Conway flew off the bed and pulled the sheets behind him. Slowking, despite the name, was the first to react as he used Protect. But Luxray was out of range of the protection, and Luxray wanted to do three things: One, Charge. Two, attack. Three, listen for orders. Espeon sent it back to its Pokeball with a Roar before Luxray finished with one. The red light of Luxray's return gave Gengar the exact location of the Pokeballs. Conway recovered his wits and lunged for the end table, but he was too late, for Gengar had taken everything important.

Slowking diverted his attention between Conway and Gardevoir and lost to a second Roar. I pressed my attack on Conway. "Where do you think you're going? Do you know how many rules you've broken?"

"Rules?" he stammered.

"Yes, rules!" I barked as I turned up the lights.

He blinked against the brightness as he groped about for anything. "Slowking?" he asked.

"Your Pokemon have been recalled. There's no escape for you! Do you realize that you have:

Knowingly used an electronic and/or mechanical device to compromise the privacy shielding of this facility.

Knowingly used a malicious computer program to enter the billing/credit computer database to compromise the confidentiality of our customers.

"Officer I can…" he started.

But I didn't let up. "These are just some of the charges that his facility can bring against you. I'm sure if the couple in the room above were aware of your actions that they would press charges or sue for damages."

"Please Officer, I didn't mean…"

"Too late for apologies," I insisted. "Gardevoir, restrain him." My Pokemon psychically brought Conway's hands together. I tossed a two pairs of handcuffs over; one pair restrained his hands to the headboard, the other secured Conway's legs to the foot of the bed.

"What's going on?" he whined.

"I'll be the one asking questions!" At this point I wished I brought a riding crop to punctuate my sentences. Thankfully I saw the room had one next to the other toys for the aficionados of humilation.

"Could I have my glasses?" he asked sheepishly.

"So you can you continue to spy on the other customers? I think not."

"They're only glasses…"

I cracked the riding crop against the side of the bed. "Likely story," I replied in that higher pitched, and slightly nasally, voice that Jenny used. "Now I want to know how you breached our security." I remembered that this model of bed can be tilted to the vertical with just a sharp jerk, so I did. As he tried to organize his thoughts, I removed the lamp shade and let the sharp light pierce his eyes. As he blinked, I stepped in front of the light so he could only see my silhouette. In the light I saw that he's had a skinny body and not much facial hair.

"Could I have my glasses please? They're just glasses," he insisted.

I motioned for Gengar to give me the glasses, which were cold to be almost painful. I rubbed the cold glasses down his skinny, sticky, damp chest, over his flat stomach and to his most sensitive area. I smeared the lenses with his cum then put them on his face.

He blinked as his eyes adjusted. I his mind, I saw myself in a foggy distortion. Perfect. I walked away from the light. In his mind I can saw him focus on my short skirt. I turned slowly and he noticed how my tight, short jacket enhanced my bust. I stood again between him and the light then let the riding crop follow the same path his glasses took. "You've been very quiet since you got your glasses back. Perhaps you'll talk more if I remove them."

"N n no," he stammered.

"Computer breach. Talk!" I demanded as I cracked the riding crop on the side of the bed. I sensed in him a hint of arousal.

"I secretly gave Dawn a gift card for a night's stay at Fantasy Garden," he confessed.

"The Love Hotel?" I asked to see his reaction. "Gift cards are common. Many couples buy them for each other. How is your thing so special?"

"This card was a prepaid credit card attached to a bank account that I opened. I have online access to charges made in real time. I cross referenced charges to the card with the Fantasy Garden's occupancy/maintenance computer records to determine which room she rented."

I noticed that the room was hotter and more humid than it should be for a dungeon, but in line with a jungle setting. I slowly unzipped my jacket to the halfway point. The tight zipper resonated with the drum like tautness of the jacket so it could have been heard it from any corner of that room.

"Well aren't we the clever boy?" I asked as I prodded his chest with the riding crop. Then I gave light slaps to the side of his ass as I pointed out, "The credit card is your business, but the maintenance computer is still off limits. You have a problem with 'off limits' don't you?"

"Yes," he admitted. I slapped the side of his ass a little harder. "Yes, officer."

"I think we need to explore that," I suggested while I caressed his privates with the riding crop.

"Explore…?" he mumbled. I cracked the crop against the head of the bed. "Explore, Officer?"

Explore I did. I went deep into his mind and picked through every dirty scheme he made in his obsession of Dawn. I opened the jacket all the way and fanned myself. "This wasn't a spur of the moment event," I observed out loud. "This took planning. You've been stalking Dawn for a while now, haven't you?"

"I wasn't stalking Officer," protested Conway.

I discarded the jacket and the hat and popped all the buttons of my white blouse. In his mind, I watched myself let my hair down as I arched back and showed off my black bustier. In his mind he tried to superimpose Dawn's image on me. I mentally instructed Gengar to go to my room and bring back hairclips.

"Gengar?" he replied in my mind.

Mentally I show him the steps, "My room, closet, dresser, drawer, open the drawer, take the hair clips. Conway's dreaming of Dawn so I'll pretend." He gave a little evil laugh as he faded away. Haunter is fun around the gym; but in the tower, a perverted Gengar rules.

I moved out of the light so Conway could see me and cracked the crop hard. "Am I in uniform?" I demand.

"No, Officer."

Crack! "Then you will not call me 'officer'!"

"What shall I call you… ma'am?"




"Miss…" I raised the crop again. "Tress," he finished. "Mistress!"

"Good boy. Yes it was good for you wasn't it?" I bounced the crop on his hardened penis like a springboard.

"Yes, mistress."

"So, Mister 'I-am-not-a-stalker' Conway, you just happen to have the resources to watch her have sex with another woman? You stumble upon the idea to have Slowking link your mind to a woman who is running her tongue in and out of Dawn's tight little love hole? Was your Slowking good enough so you could taste every salty morsel of their love-making?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I turned my back to Conway as Gengar secretly fixed my hair. "That isn't luck. That's premeditation. You knew who Dawn's lover was. You followed them so Slowking can synchronize your senses to Dawn's lover. Once proficient, you made Slowking link Luxray's eyes to yours. Before Luxray, you had to watch from the bushes, but now you could spy right through walls. Now you can watch her when she's in the shower. You can watch them together in the shower. You can watch as she dresses and undresses."

"They're coordinators from Sinnoh, erect?"

"Yes Mistress."


"Yes, they are coordinators from Sinnoh, Mistress."

"My question was 'E-rect?'. Are you erect?" I asked as I looped the leather thong over his penis.

"Yes, Mistress, I am erect."

I ran the loop down and up his penis. "It's important to tell the truth to your Mistress."

"Yes Mistress."

"So tell me the truth. You followed Dawn as she traveled from contest to contest. You liked it when she was on the road. When trainers go and explore nature, you get to watch them au` natural. You enjoyed it when she had to relieve herself in the woods. You had to smell it when she was gone. Did you taste her urine and dreamed that she did it in your mouth?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You raced ahead and waited for her at the bottom of a lake. There you were at the bottom of the lake, shivering against the cold. The only thing keeping you warm was thinking about watching her. Was she going to wear the swimsuit? Was she going to be alone? Was she going to swim with her lover? You're in luck, she's swimming naked. But it wasn't luck. No. Slowking was sending a hint, 'Dawn's lover wants to skinny dip.' You're Dawn's lover. Slowking broadcasted your desires to your other body. 'Skinny dip. Skinny dip.' So she did; she did it before and now she's doing it again. With Slowking at your side you can feel every passing brush of her skin. You can feel her soft mound as it presses against your hairless legs. You can feel your fingers reaching inside her."

"Yes Mistress," replied Conway with ragged breath.

I twisted the leather thong like a tourniquet to control what passed for his manhood. "Gengar: Torment. Gardevoir: Imprison," I thought.

"You thought of it as a gift: A happy afternoon with just a lake and her lover. That was one of many gifts. What other gifts did you give? Oils? Toys? Yes, you would love to give her special toys."

"Yes Mistress."

"Gengar, go to the storeroom and take the gift bag. It has a box with a special toy and a bow." Gengar caught the image I sent and disappeared again.

"You gave Dawn's lover a strap-on. You almost came in your pants at the thought of your rubber penis being rammed in Dawn's pussy; Dawn's perfect little pussy. Dawn's shaved, tight, little pussy gripping your puppet. You can feel your fingers gripping her tight little ass as you ram your penis deep into her."

"Yes Mistress."

I unzipped the tight bustier and let my breasts fall free. "You're thinking of her."

"Yes Mistress."

"What does she wear?" I asked and saw the image plainly in his mind.

"She wears short skirts, Mistress."

"You like short skirts don't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes you liked to be teased by the short skirts. You just can't wait for a panty flash. Which are your favorite panties?"

"A black lace thong, Mistress."

Gengar returned and continued his Torment of Conway. I turned my back to Conway and bent forward a bit. "Do you like my skirt?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Is it short enough?"

"Yes Mistress."

I gave a hard jerk on the riding crop. "Liar! You hate skirts, because they're never short enough." I faced him again and pulled my skirt higher. "This is still not high enough for you, is it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"You don't know because you can't see." I took his glasses off and held them in front of his mouth. "Lick," I demanded. Conway stuck out his tongue and I rubbed the lens against it. "Can you taste your cum? Dawn never will."

"Yes Mistress," he replied with melancholy.

I cleaned the lens against the fabric of my skirt then replaced the glasses on his face. I reached out with my mind and turned on the overhead lights. He scanned me from my Dawn hairstyle, down my plump breasts to the tight sheer miniskirt. He looked further down to my knee high boots, then back up to the skirt.

I saw in Zoey's mind that the lovers above were going to do it again. "Gardevoir, slowly link his mind to Zoey," I mentally ordered. I turned my back to Conway and pulled the riding crop between my legs. I bent over and gave him a great view of my backdoor.

"Dawn's lover has put on the strap-on. She's knocking on Dawn's backdoor." I pulled his penis tip toward my own pleasure center. As Zoey rammed hers in, I rammed backwards onto Conway's. "Dawn's lover is ramming Dawn's tight little hole. Isn't she?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied as he thrust his own hips back in forth in time to Zoey's thrusts. The leather thong that gripped Conway pleased me more than his clumsy, virgin thrusts.

Zoey had more stamina than Conway, but I compelled him to keep pumping me until Dawn climaxed, I tapped into Dawn's mind and produced my own climax in synch with hers.

I glanced at Gengar who was hiding in the shadows. He still had his evil grin as he maintained his Torment. If Conway was a budding masochist, then Gengar was the professional sadist. I didn't know which aroused Gengar more: Watching me please myself or discipline Conway.

Dawn and Zoey collapsed to the ground. I pulled away from Conway and he throbbed for release.

"Please Mistress?"

I knocked the bed back to the prone position. Dawn was climbing on top of Zoey, so I climbed on the bed and crept my way up his body. I my breasts rubbed against his skinny legs, until I reached his tormented cock which I pressed between my breasts.

"Please Mistress?"

"Please what?"

"Please Mistress, let me cum."

"No," I replied as I released his cock then continued my crawl up his body. I mentally requested: "Gardevoir, enhance his connection to Zoey's breasts." I rubbed my nipples against his. I rubbed my mound against his cock. I kissed him as Dawn kissed her lover. While Conway felt Zoey's tongue play with Dawn, I asked, "Are you Dawn's lover?"

"Yes Mistress."

I reached down and inserted his cock into myself. Dawn broke off her kissing as she rubbed her body against Zoey. Our breasts were pressed together.

"Please let me come," begged Conway, seconds before Zoey did.

In those seconds I went into his mind. "Are you Dawn's lover? But Dawn's lover is a rubber cock, it's not real. It can't cum so you can't cum. You're her secret lover, she can't touch you. She can never touch you. She can never know what you want or how you feel."

"You're right," agreed Conway as his mind shattered the images of Dawn.


"Yes Mistress?"

"You can't make Dawn cum, but can you make your Mistress come?" I asked soothingly.

"Yes Mistress."

I shifted position: I planted my boots on either side of Conway's hips. I planted my gloved hands on his skinny chest and raised myself to a sitting position. "But The Mistress doesn't let just anyone cum inside her. You have to be a good boy to deserve that, but Conway is a bad boy," I punctuated that with a spank to the side of his ass which caused Conway squirm with delight. "Conway is a stalker. Conway spies on girls. Conway breaks the law. Conway doesn't deserve to cum in his Mistress. Does he?"

"No Mistress."

I rocked my hips and gave Conway's cock a little squeeze. "What is The Mistress going to do? She wants to cum, but Conway is a bad boy. Can Conway come up with an idea?"

"I promise to be good Mistress. I promise to do everything that The Mistress asks."

I raised my ass off Conway's so only the tip of his cock was left in me. "You promise to stop following Dawn?"

"Yes Mistress." I lowered my ass and ground it into his hips.

I raised my ass off Conway again. "You promise to stop spying on Dawn?"

"Yes Mistress." I lowered my ass and rewarded him.

I rose again. "You promise to surrender your computer programs?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied and was rewarded.

"You promise to surrender your electronics?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied and was rewarded again. That time I continued to raise and lower myself on him, while gripping whatever muscles I could find in his chest. Conway tried to thrust upward as I came down. After a dozen attempts he found my rhythm, so I quickened my pace. I could see his mind lose all higher functions and focus everything possible into thrusts and the burning, throbbing sensation building inside him. When he couldn't release, he begged, "Please!"

I leaned over and ask, "Do you promise to be good?"

"Yes Mistress!" I mentally winked to Gengar and Gardevoir who released their holds on Conway at the same time I slammed into his hips. Conway shouted, "Yes Mistress!" as his raging cock tried to fill me with his cum. His lower body shook as he tried to squeeze out the last drop will trying to maintain his physical high. His body finally collapsed from exhaustion. His breathing was ragged.

His body went limp. After his breathing became steady, I asked him, "What do you say?"

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Good boy. A good boy asks for sex; he doesn't steal it. Do you want to be a good boy?"

"Yes Mistress."

"If you want sex with Dawn, you have to ask Dawn. If she says, 'no', then…"

"I can't have sex with Dawn, Mistress," he answered.

I laid down on his chest and kissed his cheek. "Good boy." I massage my breasts into his chest. "Conway?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Will you make me cum?"

"Yes Mistress."

I turned around and telekinetically released all the handcuffs. "You know what to do, don't you?"

Conway's muffled voice replied, "Yes Mistress." Conway used his fingers and tongue to please me as Zoey would please her lover. I purred to encourage his good behavior.

"Conway is doing a good 'job'. So the Mistress is going to reward him," I purred. His reward was a specialized tongue bath. When his service of me slowed, I stop my licking. "Conway needs to learn about sex. When climbing a mountain, where is the best view?"

"At the top, Mistress."

"Who should Conway make cum, his Mistress or himself?"

"His Mistress," he replied as he resumed his duties.

I took him into my mouth again then purred as I sucked and licked. I took it out of my mouth but let my hand massage it as I commented; "See what happens when you make your Mistress happy?"

He nodded his head in a way that let the few bits of stubble on his chin to tickle me. He slipped his other hand around and explored my ass. When his finger squeezed its way inside, I sucked him harder. I tapped the controls on my Poketch to raise the psychic shielding and dampers of the room.

This was the moment that I built an empire for. I was no longer Sabrina the Psychic, or Sabrina the Gym Leader, or Sabrina the Dumped and Betrayed. I was Sabrina the Woman. I felt nothing beyond greedy lust. I could sense nothing beyond Conway's desperate intentions. Conway tried to push me over my climax, but I gripped him hard to let my intentions be known. Conway whimpered in pain. "Ladies first," I reminded him, but I could sense he was getting close to exhaustion. I loosened my grip on his manhood and my own restraints. I moaned lustfully as our juices flowed out. Conway's tongue lapped up his first, and perhaps last, taste of a woman.

We laid together entwined. His hot ragged breath played across my rear. Despite the jungle-like settings to the air conditioner, I felt cold and held myself closer to him. But as the moment faded away, so reality faded in: Conway wasn't my lover, just person who needed to learn a lesson.

I rolled off of Conway. He tried hold me, but he had no strength left. "Mistress?" asked the messy boy.

"You're spent Conway," I replied. "You don't have the stamina to do this all night." "Or the money," I noted to myself.

"I'm sorry Mistress."

"You should be sorry for those you manipulated."

"Yes Mistress."

As I started to gather my discarded clothes, Conway asked, "Will I see you again?"

I gave him a warm smile and replied, "Maybe." I felt the corners of mouth twist further into a wicked smile. "But you'll regret it." It took little psychic effort to push him into sleep.

I watched him as he slept. "Garde voir?" offered my Pokemon.

"No," I replied, "he had two good and genuine orgasms, there's no need to recharge his batteries just so I can do him again.

"Gar?" asked the other.

Espeon, who had been hidden as she kept watch over Conway's Pokeballs, growled a warning to Gengar.

To Gengar I replied, "Not tonight you horny beast."

Gengar looked dejected, so he looked to Gardevoir. She chose to watch me instead.

I looked upon Conway as I reflected on myself. He had a promising career as a Pokemon trainer, and with his encyclopedic knowledge, he could have been a successful Pokemon professor. Yet he put it all on hold to pursue an impossible love. "What an idiot. Don't you realize how many lovely young women go to college? I've got two dozen in this tower every night who as 'sizing up' future husbands, 'earning' extra money, 'cheering on' the athletes, 'paying' their tutors and 'performing' extra credit. Saffron Tower would be an official fraternity house of Saffron University if I didn't plant a dozen warp tiles around the campus."

With my Poketch I lowered the psychic dampers and shielding. The University district warp tiles transferred their customers to floors fourteen through twenty. Using the occupancy records, I found a suitable teacher: A young, nerdy, student tutor with the blond exchange student. In exchange for help in Biology class, she was teaching him about foreign tongues.

"Es pe?" asked my Pokemon.

"I think we need to go shopping," I quipped. "Gengar, please make the arrangements."

Gengar dragged Conway and me to the astral plane. We floated down through the floors until we reached sixteen. With the aid of Gengar's Dream Eater, we created a very vivid dream for Conway by using the student tutor's reality. We changed the dream's setting to a school laboratory, but Conway's mind insisted on making the exchange student a copy of Dawn. (Eight year old obsessions are hard to shake.) Gengar made a comment then chuckled. Since he was the expert in these parts I followed his plan: I float myself over and replaced the image of Dawn with my naked self.

"Do I know you?" asked his dream self as it sat on chair and wore only a white lab coat.

"I heard you were the smartest tutor on campus," I squeaked girlishly. "Can I make a down payment on your services?" I fluttered my eyes as I positioned myself between his legs.

As I took Conway's imagined, and oversized, manhood in my mouth, Gengar became the image of a chorus of more girls who complained, "Hurry up! We need your special tutoring: Finals are coming."

"And so am I…," cheered Conway.

We returned from the land of dreams and I took the Pokeballs from Espeon watch and secured them to Conway's belt. Next I placed the belt and his glasses on the night stand between him and the door. His clothes I hid under the bed. After I rearranged the furniture and his electronics, my Pokemon gathered around me. "You still have to pay a price, naughty Conway. Gengar, stay here and keep him asleep until I signal." The other two Pokemon and I teleported back to my home office.

When Conway's credit ran out for both rooms, I suspended the occupancy computer from kicking them out. "Computer: Offer the occupants of room 2407 an exit survey and a three hour gift certificate. Alert me if the occupants of room 2407 checkout or take the survey."

The computer displayed the command.

I typed a rather nonstandard set of instructions into the computer for floors 23 and 24. Satisfied for now, I pulled off the long boots and gloves and went to take a shower. I put on my spare officer costume then entered a meditative trance as I waited…

"Ring, ring, ring! Alert, Alert!" chimed the computer which snapped me out of my trance. I lowered the psychic shielding to tell Gengar, "Be ready, and don't let him hurt himself." The computer showed Dawn and Zoey completing the short survey and the gift card has been received along with the apology, "The management apologizes for a malfunction with our elevator. Please take the stairs to the floor below and use the elevator." Internal sensors showed the couple walked to the stairwell.

I ran the second program on the computer, and let myself sneak a peek in Conway's mind:

Conway's dream liked the idea of going back to school. He imagined himself now of being a professor at women's academy. He gave a demonstration to his sex education class of various positions. Unfortunately his first volunteer is my image. Thankfully he chose something other than the missionary position. The naked girls at their desks were making notes and sketches in their books.

The classroom was sweltering and my performance on the front lab table added to the heat. The girls fanned themselves with their notebooks. My body gave off steam until the overhead sprinkler broke at the same time that Conway came inside me. The fire alarm grew louder over the din caused by the spellbound students and the gushing water.

Conway refused to leave his dream: What very little of his mind that was conscious reached out to hit an alarm clock. His hand found instead his Pokeball belt. Reluctantly, his mind hit on the idea that he really did hear a fire alarm.

Conway sprang to his feet as his hand grabbed the belt. With his other hand he groped for, and found his glasses. I cued the emergency strobe lights from his room to the stairwell. "Run!" I suggested and Conway did. Gengar added to the panic with fake smoke and a touch of Confuse Ray.

As planned, Conway entered the stairwell at the same time Zoey and Dawn reached the door, which Conway threw open. Zoey flinched and averted her eyes, but Dawn was compelled to look and noticed the glasses, hair and chocker of, "Conway?" she asked.

"Dawn?" he replied. "Hurry, there's a fire!" he added as he raced to the first step.

"No there isn't," retorted Dawn, for the stairwell was quiet and still. The alarms and lights behind Conway were still as well. Conway froze as he contemplated what happened. "Conway, where are your clothes?"

"My clothes?" he asked before looking down. He screamed like a girl before he ran back to his room.

Dawn and Zoey left the stairwell and entered the hall. In the distance they saw Conway struggling with the locked door. Zoey pushed the call button for the elevator. I slowed the elevator from the control room.

"Let me in!" Conway screeched. "Please Mistress!"

"'Mistress'? Oh I guess Conway is into that sort of thing," Zoey commented to Dawn.

Dawn kept an eye on Conway as she asked, "What sort of thing?"

"Domination, whips, handcuffs and rough sex."

"Sounds awful," shivered Dawn.

Zoey took her frustration out on the elevator call button. "'Don't knock it till you try it,' as they say. Maybe we can try it at this beach thing you mentioned. Finally, the elevator is here."

"I don't think we should leave him," commented Dawn sympathetically.

"It's all part of the domination/humiliation package. He probably has a paid 'Mistress' in there, with his clothes."

The elevator doors opened and I greeted the couple as I pulled my officer cap down to hide my eyes, "Good morning and thank you for visiting. Have you two heard of any… I see him now. Please excuse me." I left the elevator while the couple entered. "You there: Put your hands up against the wall!"

Conway looked back at me, then to Dawn in the elevator. In his defense Dawn offered, "I think he's locked out of his room."

"Is that true?"

"Yes officer," he replied as he remembered to cover himself with his hands. "I thought I heard a fire alarm and ran out the door. Ha, ha."

"So this is your room?" I asked as I walk closer.

"Yes officer."

The elevator should have left by then, but Dawn was holding the door and watching with concern.

Zoey whispered to Dawn, but she screamed in her own mind, "Let's go. The officer will take care of it."

I cued up the altered occupancy list on my Poketch. "Are you sure this was you room sir?"

"Yes officer," replied Conway trying to be as forthcoming as possible. (Gengar laughed at my thoughts.)

"My computer shows this room is unoccupied."

"That's because I'm standing outside the room and my account has exhausted its funds," he replied almost smugly as he adjusted his glasses, which exposed him somewhat.

Dawn left the elevator, despite Zoey's hissed protest, "Dawn, let's go."

"But Conway's a friend. I think he needs help."

Zoey leaned out of the elevator as she hissed, "He's naked in a hallway and his dominatrix won't let him in his room. Yeah, he needs help."

"See?" replied Dawn as she walked closer

"He needs a shrink!" screamed Zoey under breath.

"Could you tell me under what name you registered the room?" I asked.

"Conway Peaks?"

"I'm sorry, but I do not show a Conway Peaks registered to this room."

"That can't be right," protested Conway as he makes a grab for my Poketch. I pivoted, grabbed his wrist and pulled his arm behind him as I pushed him against the wall.

"No sudden moves sir," I stated flatly.

"Conway!" shouted Dawn as she ran.

"Stay back Miss! He's acting irrationally," I ordered.

"This must be some mistake. Maybe he's confused. Maybe he rented the next room," appealed the young woman.

"She's right," added Conway. "I ran out of the room in a panic. It could have been anyone of these doors."

Zoey, in a huff, gave up the elevator and followed Dawn into the hall.

I pulled Conway's other arm behind him and cuffed his wrists. "I'm sorry sir for doing this," I apologized as I worked my computer. "I'm sorry, I don't show a 'Conway Peaks' for any room on this floor."

"'Conway Peaks'," repeated Dawn, "that's not your real name."

"I didn't want to use my real name in this place Dawn," he replied. How could he even hope to be smug when naked and cuffed?

"Dawn?" I looked at Dawn and asked, "Were you registered under the name 'Zoey Dawn'?"

"What?" asked Zoey.

"I guess so," replied Dawn. "It was a gift, so I thought that the registration thing was taken care of."

"Why?" asked the more direct Zoey.

"I have you two registered in this room." I narrowed my eyes at the blue-haired girl and asked, "Is this some kind of joke?"

"We were on the floor above," stated Zoey. "As we were checking out, the computer said that there was a problem with the elevator and we had to take the stairs. It even gave us a coupon as an apology." Zoey held out the coupon.

I scanned the coupon. "This was printed from room 407. But the computer shows room 407 was registered to Conway Peaks."

I don't want the customers to realize they were in Saffron Tower, so the love hotels are clustered as independent buildings, each with a floor numbered one.

Fear gripped Conway. Dawn and Zoey turned their attention fully on him. Conway turned very pale.

"The billing records shows that both rooms were paid by the same credit card number," I added.

Zoey and Dawn's eyes turned from 'questioning' to 'inquisition'.

"Can you two describe your room?"

"Jungle," stated Zoey.

"That would put it on the floor above," I stated. "You said it was a gift. Who from?"

"A man in the mall gave me the certificate," stated Zoey. "He wore a clown costume. He said it was a special promotion for 'couples'."

"Mister 'Peaks', who paid for your room?" I asked.

"I got a certificate too," he stammered.

"Billing records show that the name on the credit card was 'Conway Peaks'," I lied, but now the records lie as well.

"Impossible," he turned to me and protested, "the name on the account is 'Love Promotions Number Nine'! It has to be!"

"Why is that?"

"Because that's the name I used when I set up the account…" Conway fell to his knees.

Being so matter-of-factly and smug finally got Conway into trouble.

"Conway?" growled Dawn.

"I can explain…" he stuttered.

"Then explain," commanded the girl with firebrands for eyes.

"Well you see, that is I knew that you and Zoey probably had feelings for each other, but since you're on the road or at Pokemon centers that you two wouldn't get a chance to, you know, be together, and that you'd be too shy to rent a room, so I did it for you as a gift. I just didn't want you to know that it was from me."

"Why?" asked Dawn with less of a growl than before.

Conway started to sound smug again, "All your friends could see that there was something between you two. I also saw how nervous you were in public. I figured that you needed the right setting so you could be comfortable with your feelings. It was also important that you made the choice to express yourself to Zoey, without worrying about what your friends thought."

Conway was a good liar. I supposed if someone stalked Dawn as long as he did, they'd have her thoroughly psychoanalyzed and could make her believe anything.

"If Cupid wasn't going to act, I figured someone hard to."

"Oh, Conway that's sweet," cooed Dawn.

"I don't buy it," grumbled Zoey.

My Poketch unlocked the door. I opened it and turned on the lights. "How do you explain this?" I demanded.

From his place on the floor, Conway spun his tale, "Since I went through the trouble of creating an anonymous account, I thought I check myself into a room as well."

Zoey peeked around the doorway and looked puzzled. Her eyes darted from the bed, which was in a slanted position, to the unusual tools used for 'love'. Her eyes settled on the electronic equipment that I was standing next to.

Dawn helped Conway up and into the room. Zoey followed and inspected, but avoided touching, the room's furnishings.

"Mister Peaks, could you explain the purpose of this equipment?" I asked.

"I'd rather not," he replied sheepishly. His mind was growing defensive. He made a good lie for Dawn and then wanted to bluff his way out of this.

"This equipment is designed to interfere with the psychic shielding of this facility, thus allowing a psychic Pokemon to read, or alter, the thoughts of someone in an adjoining room. Since this room is directly below the room occupied by Dawn and Zoey, and that the equipment is focused on the ceiling, I'd have to conclude that you intended to use this equipment to read or alter the thoughts of Zoey and/or Dawn."

Dawn's gentle grip on Conway's arm became viselike as she growled, "Conway."

"Do you have a psychic Pokemon, Mister Peaks?"

"He has a Slowking," stated Dawn.

I walked to Conway and grabbed his belt near his Pokeballs. I removed a Pokeball and released its occupant: Luxray.

"That's not a Slowking," stated Zoey who lacked anything better to do.

I recalled Luxray before he could act. I took the other Pokeball and let Slowking come out for a second then recalled him too. "That would explain a few things," I stated smugly. "Miss Zoey, do you notice a damp spot on the floor over there?"

"Damp?" she asked with a hint of disgust, but her curiosity got the better of her. "Yes."

"Is there a pattern to it? Best not to touch the evidence," I suggested.

"I guess so. Two short legs, a big butt and a thick tail: It's like a Slowking was sitting here. But that means that this white stuff is… Conway was your Pokemon jacking off while reading our minds?!"

Dawn's expression showed a mixture of shame and rage.

I stood between Conway and Zoey's attempted charge. "Miss Zoey," I said to get her attention. "Please follow that white stain a few feet and tell me what else you can find."

Zoey did and listed: "Hair. Light and dark blue hairs. Another white stain."

Zoey thought to take out her Pokedex and point it at the evidence. As soon as the cheerful computer voice of Dexter said, "Luxray…," Zoey snapped the lid shut.

Dawn's grip slackened as she asked, "Conway, how could you?" Tears started to well up in her eyes, "I looked up to you. I respected you. To think you spent the night spying on me and Zoey…,"

"Dawn…," muttered Zoey.

Conway just hung his head in shame.

"When this is reported to the police, I'm sure the Pokemon league will be informed," I conjectured.

"You'll lose your standing," stated Zoey. "Maybe the police will confiscate your Pokemon."

"No, please! Don't take away my Pokemon. Slowking was my first Pokemon. I've raised it from a Slowpoke! I don't care if I'm kicked out of the Pokemon League. I deserve it for what I did. Please don't take my Pokemon. Please Dawn, please don't let them take my Pokemon. I'm so sorry for what I did!" Conway threw himself to the floor and groveled at Dawn's feet. "Please Dawn. I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with you the first time we met in the tag tournament. You were so pretty and I was so shy. Every day you grew more beautiful and I loved you even more, but I couldn't say anything. I knew you loved Zoey. I knew you could never love me, but I had to hope, it was all I had…"

"Conway, I'm sorry. I didn't know," she apologized. She looked angelic in her forgiveness.

"Well, I don't," commented Zoey. "I don't think that he should 'get off' that easily."

"I agree," I concurred. I wanted to see how butch Zoey was.

"I'll never do it again. I'll do anything you ask. I'll go away so you never have to see me again. Just please don't take my Pokemon. Without you, they're all I have left."

"Please don't report Conway, officer," begged Dawn.

I caught Zoey's eyes as I repeated, "Anything?" Zoey followed my gaze to a rope hung from a pulley on the ceiling. Zoey misread my intentions and looked back in horror. I then looked to the discarded riding crop on the bed. Zoey looked back at me with an evil smile.

Zoey went to the wall, untied and lowered the rope. I walked to Conway and told him, "Stand up."

He did, but his head still hung down.

I moved him closer to the lowered rope. Zoey was tying the end of the rope into a noose, as I freed one of Conway's wrists from the cuffs. Dawn saw our activity and came to the same mistaken conclusion that Zoey did. "You can't hang him!" she protested.

Conway's eyes burst open with fear. His body tried to flail its way to freedom, but I slipped the handcuffs through the noose and caught his once free arm. I pulled myself free of the rope, and Zoey hauled away with all her weight. She secured the end then tightened out the slack whenever Conway gave it. In the end Conway's arms were stretched above him as he stood naked and exposed. I retrieved the riding crop and slap it against my open palm.

"What are you two doing?" asked the panicked Dawn.

"He needs to be punished," replied Zoey. "If he rented this room, he must like to be punished."

"Is that true Mister Conway Peaks?" I slapped his ass in the same place as last night. "Do you like to be punished?"

"Yes," he mumbled.

"I think that he needs to be humiliated as we were humiliated," offered Zoey.

"Is that true, Conway who peeks? Do you need to be humiliated?" I asked, as I stroked his rear with the crop.

"Yes," he muttered again.

I slapped him on the ass and said, "How do you answer her?"

"Yes Mistress, I need to be humiliated," he replied.

I leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Good boy Conway." As his eyes grew wide with realization I slapped his ass again.

"Don't hurt him," pleaded a confused Dawn.

"But Conway, who likes to peek, wants to be hurt, doesn't he?"

"Yes Mistress. I am naughty. Please hurt me."

I demonstrated to Zoey how to hold and use the riding crop. She took the toy and gave Conway a slow series of lashes.

Although Conway's penis showed that he was enjoying the treatment, Dawn threw herself in front of the crop. She yelped and cried, "No more! Stop it."

"Dawn I'm so sorry," exclaimed Zoey as she tossed the riding crop away.

An invisible Gengar went to the hallway and collected the left behind bag. He returned to the room and closed the door. Zoey was trying to comfort Dawn. "We've had enough," protested Zoey.

Gengar dropped the bag next to the couple. Zoey could plainly see what's inside. She recalled 'finding' it in their room last night. I looked from her to the spying equipment and remind her, "…read or alter another's thoughts."

"This was your idea too wasn't it?" demanded Zoey as she pulled the strap-on dildo from the bag. "Was it my choice to use this on Dawn? Or was it yours?" Before Conway could answer, Zoey pulled herself away from Dawn and stated, "Well I'm making a choice right now." She threw off her vest and shirt. She almost broke off the buttons of her pants as the pulled them off. "You want to be punished worm?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied reflexively.

Zoey was now naked. She planted herself in front of Conway. "I've seen enough of your Pokemon's dried cum. Now look what I have here," she gloated as she waved the dildo under Conway's nose. "This is Dawn's cum." Zoey lustfully ran her tongue up the full length of the phallic. "This is something you're never going to taste."

"Yes Mistress."

"You're an ass, Conway," hissed Zoey as she stalked behind him. She strapped the dildo in place. "Because you're an ass, you're getting it up the ass!" She rammed the dildo between his cheeks. She maneuvered the tip until it found his hole then she rammed it deep. She kicked Conway's legs open, sunk her nails into his shoulders for purchase and humped his ass, hard.

"Zoey, this isn't right," argued Dawn.

"He was using me!" countered Zoey. "He was using me like I was some dildo. I'm not someone's plaything to be used and tossed in a box! I have feelings too! I love you Dawn and he used that to please himself! The one chance that we have together and I get used!" The rage and tears swelled Zoey's eyes shut.

Dawn grabbed Zoey and hugged her tight. Because of their position she was hugging Zoey's small chest into Conway's back. "I'm sorry Zoey. No one should use you."

I realized then that there something much more important than Conway's transgression. I also realize that I do not want to be in either of those women's minds.

"Gengar: Hypnosis!" My Pokemon followed my mental command and put the threesome into a deep trance. "Use your Dream Eater to erase everything in their minds back to the stairwell."

Gengar may be my naughty Yang, but he is also my problem solver.

I mentally summoned Gardevoir and asked her to, "Untangle them and put Zoey's clothes back on." Using Psychic, she untangled our guests and made them appear as they did in the stairwell. Except for the dildo.

"Voir?" asked my Pokemon.

"I don't want to clean it," I protested.

"Gengar," suggested the Pokemon as his giant tongue hovered inches above the dildo.

"You lick that Gengar and you'll never put that tongue in my body again," I scold.

"GAR de Voir!" added Gardevoir in a rare scolding moment.

Gengar stuck his tongue at Conway then psychically rammed the dildo back into Conway's ass.

"Good as place as any," I stated. Gengar and I both chuckled. "Gengar, go back to the storeroom and bring them another gift bag." After Gengar faded away and back in, I quipped, "Places everyone. Take two. Action…"

Dawn and Zoey walked hand in hand down the stairs. Their bodies were tired and their minds were foggy from a long night of lovemaking. As they reached the exit Conway burst through the door. Zoey flinched and averted her eyes, but Dawn was compelled to look and noticed the glasses, hair and chocker of, "Conway?" she asked.

"Dawn?" he replied. "Hurry, there's a fire!" he added as he raced to the first step.

"No there isn't," retorted Dawn, for the stairwell was quiet and still. The alarms and lights behind Conway were still as well. Conway froze as he contemplated what happened. "Conway, where are your clothes?"

"My clothes?" he asked before looking down. He screamed like a girl before running back to his room.

Zoey looked in her shopping bag and saw the resemblance between her toy and the one sticking out of Conway's retreating rear. "I think you've got that wrong way around," she called out.

Dawn and Zoey left the stairwell and entered the hall. In the distance they saw Conway struggling with the locked door. Zoey pushed the call button for the elevator.

"Let me in!" Conway screeched. "Please Mistress!"

"'Mistress'?" questioned Zoey. "Oh I guess Conway is into that sort of thing," she commented to Dawn.

Dawn kept an eye on Conway as she asked, "What sort of thing?"

"Domination, whips, handcuffs and rough sex."

"Sounds awful," shivered Dawn.

Zoey took her frustration out on the elevator call button. "'Don't knock it till you try it,' as they say. Maybe we can try it at this beach thing you mentioned. Finally, the elevator is here."

"I don't think we should leave him," commented Dawn sympathetically.

"It's all part of the domination/humiliation package. He probably has a paid 'Mistress' in there, with his clothes."

The elevator doors opened and I greeted the couple as I pulled my cap down to hide my eyes, "Good morning and thank you for visiting. Have you two heard of any… I see him now. Please excuse me." I left the elevator while the couple entered. "You there: Put your hands up against the wall!"

Conway looked back at me, then to Dawn in the elevator. In his defense Dawn offered, "I think he's locked out of his room."

"Is that true?"

"Yes officer," he replied as he remembered to cover himself with his hands. "I thought I heard a fire alarm and ran out the door. Ha, ha."

"Let me open this door, then we can get this straightened out," I offered. I opened the door and Conway rushed in. I turned to Zoey and Dawn, touched my cap with the riding crop then slapped it against my palm. I could hear Zoey laugh while Conway turned to me and screamed like a schoolgirl.

End of Chapter One

Author's Note:

As I read the reviews of this story and others that I have submitted, I realized that excessive sex doesn't make a better story. True, the overall plot I created was that Sabrina conquered the sex industry of Kanto to fulfill her need, but as I wrote stories I found that exploring why her needs couldn't be met was more important than the sex itself. Yes Sabrina would be the same age as those silly, drunk college girls who lift their shirts for the camera and wrestle in jello during spring break. [That image is going to stick for a while.] But how could the Sabrina that trained obsessively from age three to sixteen change her nature?

After I create more stories for Sabrina, I may return to chapter one and rewrite it again. I may even create pre-chapters. I did hint at a love-thing with break-up involving Anabel…