Thinking about how much Albus loves to munch out on those muggle Lemon drops made me ask a question... Haven't we all dreaded going to the Dentist at one time or another?


Albus goes to the Dentist

The Headmaster was discussing some routine matters with Minerva and Severus while they drank hot chocolate and nibbled upon a few snacks that the House Elves had obligingly supplied. Of course Albus had his favourite muggle treat of Lemon sherbets which he enjoyed day or night.

"OW." Albus yelped involuntarily as he felt a strong twinge of agonizing pain shoot throughout his jaw when he crunched down on one of his delightful Lemon sherbets. He blinked away the tears that sprung to his eyes as the pain continued to throb in waves. He reached into his desk drawer for some pain potion but found that there was none left.

"Albus, you really need to get your teeth looked at properly" Minerva said with deep concern. "Madame Pomfrey has repeatedly told you that you shouldn't keep using the pain potions instead of taking the proper care of your teeth. Besides that they will eventually rot away and fall out."

"It isn't that bad." Albus said as he pressed his hand against his jaw to ease the pain. "There is no need..."

"Yes there is!" Minerva interjected as she crossed her arms in front of her and glared at him. "If you won't go to a tooth healer. I will request Ms. Granger to get in contact with her father who happens to be a muggle dentist.."

"I'm sure that Mr. Granger is a very nice man... who just happens to be in the torture business." muttered Albus. "I cannot break free of the image I have of tooth healers. When I was younger there was this healer I saw whoI swear practiced ancient dental techniques and..."

"Oh Albus! There is no need to make up excuses, I believe Ms. Granger's father practices what is known as painless dentistry." Minerva aid firmly as she called for one of the House Elves to deliver a message to Ms. Granger. "And I am sure that Severus will be quite pleased to escort you there... to keep you company while you wait."

"ME?" Severus' eyebrow rose and his eyes narrowed. "Why get me involved?" he asked. "I never went to a dentist in my life."

"I know that you will ensure that he arrives and stays there, that's why!" Minerva explained firmly as she bit back the comment she would have made considering the state of Severus' own yellow uneven teeth. "What do you suggest to relieve Albus' toothache for now? "

"We used olive oil or cloves to deaden the pain or rinsed our mouths repeatedly with a strong solution of salt in warm water when needed." Severus told her. He wasn't going to admit to the fact that his family couldn't afford to send him to a dentist to get his teeth fixed. Not that they really cared anyway.

"Um, well .... yes, That should work temporarily till we find out if Mr. Granger can see Albus." Minerva then turned and conjured up a glass of warm heavily salted water which she held out to Albus. "Try rinsing your mouth out like Severus suggested."

"Minerva!" exclaimed Albus, "I don't need to go see ..." His objections dwindled to a whimper as he winced involuntarily when another jab of white hot pain jabbed him along his jaw.

"You can view having pain inflicted on you by someone else as being torture but you must have a high tolerance of pain if you haven't seen a tooth healer in years." Minerva said. "You are going to see Ms. Granger's father and that is final."


The moment Severus led Albus into Dr. Granger's office he felt the headmaster stiffen and look about the waiting room frantically.

"I think we should leave now. "Albus whispered to Severus who just rolled his eyes and firmly pressed the Headmaster into the vacant chrome and plastic chair that was beside a table filled with magazines and children's books. "My tooth doesn't hurt much any more."

"Uh huh, nice try but you know that Minerva told me to not let you weasel out of this appointment." Severus told him after he notified the receptionist of their arrival and filled out the paperwork. "Ms. Granger was good enough to contact her father for an appointment for you so count yourself lucky that there was a cancellation."

"Haven't you got a Death eaters meeting to go to or something?" Albus muttered as he looked towards the closed door from where he could hear the whine of the dentist drill.

"No!" Severus said shortly as he sat down in a chair beside the fidgety old wizard. " Count yourself lucky, the wait isn't going to be too long as you will be the next patient called in."

"Is there really a patient in front of me or is 'the dentist' just preparing his tools of torture as he waits for my panic to peak before he sends out a summons for me?" Albus asked anxiously as the hands of the clock on the wall showed that fifteen minutes had elapsed. While he tried his best to keep from thinking about the toothache that was throbbing in his jaw, anxious thoughts ran through his mind while they waited. ( I'm too young to die; if I just sit quietly, they'll forget about me.)

"Honestly Albus, now I see why Minerva asked me to escort you." Severus whispered, "Where is that fabled courage that you Griffindors are endowed with?"

"I'd like to see your reaction if it was your rotten teeth to be looked after." Albus muttered as he flipped through the aged magazines, reading old gossip about various muggle celebrities that he knew very little about all the while trying desperately to forget about the anticipated pain that was to come. He tried to appear relaxed but anybody who was paying attention would have noticed his internal struggle manifesting itself in twitches, and fidgets. "In fact maybe you should make an appointment to have your teeth looked after."

Before Severus could reply, a cheerful looking dental assistant came into the waiting area and smiled as she called out "Albus Dumbledore?"

Albus startled as it took a moment to register the fact that the assistant had called him to follow her into that room where he could see the gleaming metal instruments and the chair.

Mr. Granger's assistant calmly led Albus to the strange looking chair as thoughts of escape flashed across his mind. It was his last chance to run before she confined him to 'the chair'. Somehow she read his mind, for at that very moment the chair ground into action and leaned back so that all Albus could see was the ceiling.

"Mr. Granger will be with you in a minute." She said pleasantly as she carried on with her work.

Albus put on a brave face and smiled back as best as he could while he fought down his fear. It wasn't much longer before Mr. Granger came in to look after his new patient.

"Good day Headmaster. It is good to see you. I understand you have a slight problem with one of your teeth." Dr. Granger said calmly as he encouraged Albus to open his mouth so that he could inspect the problem tooth. Several other teeth looked in need of dental care but he quickly found the culprit that was giving Albus the most trouble, as the elderly wizard was unable to keep from wincing.

Dr. Granger looked over at his assistant who was preparing the filing for the tooth then patted Albus' shoulder gently as he said. "A few of your teeth have shallow cavities on their sides, I can treat them with this unit."

He showed Albus a machine that he called a dental laser. "This emits a gentle spray of air-and-powder mix that smoothes away the tooth decay. It wouldn't need any anaesthesia but for now we better concentrate on repairing that broken molar."

Noticing how nervous the elderly wizard was he said "This isn't going to hurt." He reached for a cartridge and placed it inside what looked to be a very thin metal wand. Albus' eyes widened as the gadget turned on and sent some weird tasting stuff onto his gum around the bad tooth. After a few minutes Albus couldn't feel anything.

"Before I start I want to know if you can feel this." Mr Granger asked as he tapped around the tooth with a long metal object. Albus shook his head since he was unable to verbalize his thoughts, as his jaw was totally numb. He tried not to think about what was going to happen next as he concentrated on his breathing while Dr. Granger packed his mouth with some small squares of gauze before concentrating on repairing the tooth.

Albus instinctively gripped the arms of the chair tightly as Mr. Granger started fixing the offending tooth with the rather noisy whirling machine he called a drill which removed the damaged enamel and dentin. After drilling Mr Granger took some of the composite dental filling and packed it into the hole that Albus could swear had been drilled down into his jawbone.

It didn't take too long but it seemed like forever till the work was finally done. Albus' jaw still felt numb but Dr. Granger assured him that he would soon regain feeling. "And please make another appointment so I can repair the other teeth with the dental laser. You don't want them to decay any further."

Albus was relieved that the visit was over and that it wasn't as bad as he had feared. "Okay I will... Can you make another appointment around the same time for Severus? He needs his teeth cleaned and straightened."

"Sure thing, I am sure my receptionist can accommodate your request." Dr Granger told Albus as they left the room.

Severus stood up when he observed Albus was looking a sight bit happier than he had earlier. He waited for Albus as he paid the receptionist and made another appointment then after thanking Dr. Granger they left the building and walked quickly over to the apparation point in the vacant alley. They then apparated back to the gates of Hogwarts where Minerva and Madame Pomfrey just happened to be waiting for their return.

As they walked back towards the front doors of the castle Albus told the two witches about his visit and that he had made another appointment to fix a few other teeth before they got as bad as his molar did.

"I take it you won't be needing my presence at your next visit?" Severus asked casually.

"Oh but you must come with me my dear Severus." Albus said as he withdrew two appointment cards form his robe pocket. "I made an appointment for you too." He said with barely concealed cheerful glee.