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A marine was found dead, the team have been working on the case for over a week. With no leads. A devoted wife, no suspicious phone calls. Nothing.

Gibbs watched Tony stretch and yawn as he woke up. Usually, this would have prompted a remark from one of the team, but they had been working on this case 36 hours solid. He himself had only just woken up, McGee had fallen onto the floor, Ziva lay slumped over her desk, she was smiling softly, "Tali, stop it." she muttered.

Tony suddenly scrambled upright frantically, tapping at his keyboard. "Boss, I think I've got something."

McGee had woken up on Tony's shout. "Huh?"

Tony had become almost immediately animated. "Good old fashioned Police Work, McGroggy."


"Sorry, boss. The sergeant made a lot of phone calls to the local green grocers." Tony explained.

Gibbs already knew this. "So? The man likes his greens delivered on time."

"But the greengrocers don't deliver. The only reason I can think of for that many calls, boss is..."

"... a lover." Gibbs finished. "ZIVA, wake up. We've got a lead."

McGee began to put his hand in the air before remembering that he wasn't in school. "Boss, the grocers don't open till half eight. We'll have to wait forty-five minutes. Boss."


Gibbs slammed the bell on the counter impatiently, twelve times consecutively. Eventually, a woman in her late thirties came out behind the counter.

"Sorry for making you wait. I thought the Boss... I mean, Harry was up here. I'm Katlyn. What can I help you with?" Her eyes flickered from Gibbs to Tony, Tony to Ziva and Ziva to McGee. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Tony opened his mouth but shut it again. The other two, uncertain on what to do waited for Gibbs to act. He pulled out a photograph. "Do you know this man... Katlyn?"

"Sure." As she took the sheet, her hand trembled slightly. "That's, um, he came here quite a lot, Barry. Barry Coleman." She finished with conviction, nodding her head.

"Came?" Gibbs asked.

"I haven't seen him for about two weeks. Look what's this about?"

"Sergeant Coleman's been found dead. Almost nine days ago."

"Oh, my..." She broke down as her boss came in.

"Hey, hey, Kate. It's fine." He turned angrily, to face Gibbs. "What do you think you're doin'? I say, what do you think you're doin'? Upsetting my employees, that's what. I think we should have a word outside." He had a strong Manchester accent.

Gibbs nodded. "Maybe we should. Everyone get out, except you, Ziva. And Ziva, don't say anything."


Gibbs turned to face Harry. "What do you know about, Katlyn?"

Harry stoutly stood his ground under Gibbs' glare. "Her name's Katlyn Todd, and she's the best damned worker in this place."

Tony and Tim exchanged a glance. Gibbs ignored them and continued without a twitch.

"About her past."

Harry looked at Gibbs and shook his head sadly, "She firs' came to work for me a couple of years ago. She was released from a hospital in downtown D.C. Lost 'er memory, she 'ad. Poor girl. All she can remember is the name Katlyn Todd and an explosion. They 'ad her 'oled up in the hospital for almost a year. I met her there. Me wife was ill. Died there. I thought it was a right shame, a girl like her, with a fighting spirit. I organised it so she could be released into a friend of mine's care. He's a doctor, see. I thought she should live her life. She's a clever pup, shouldn't be working at a grocers."

Gibbs turned and looked through the window, mournfully. "I once had an agent, called Caitlin Todd, Harry, she was shot. And a while later, another agent, not part of my team, but still a friend. She was killed in an explosion. Saving us."

Harry, for the first time looked confused. "I'm sorry, Agent Gibbs."

"Her body was never found, presumed to have been blown apart.

"Her name was Paula Cassidy."

Everyone looked through the window.