Hey everyone! I'm back with a new story, Broken Butterfly. This is set in a psychiatric hospital for the most part & will be a dark, disturbing fic. So if you don't like that kind of thing then you've been warned. This is also an explicit yaoi between Madara & Sasuke, so again I warned ya.

This fic is dedicated to Anos & Ani.

Broken Butterfly.

Can you breathe into me & make me real?

All my life this defect I've had to conceal.

Guess I'm Broken Butterfly-

So pretty- yet has to die.

Ran after your retreating back

But could never catch up.

& you're always waiting in the shadows for me to keep up.

Can't you breathe into me & make me real?

All my life this defect I've had to reveal.

Guess I'm Broken Butterfly-

So strong- yet has to die.

Oh don't you know? Don't you know?

For you I've waited hours in the cold,

Still wasn't enough & so I broke that mold.

See how I've become so very strong?

Yet your face is telling me I'm wrong.

Wrongfully proud of who I've become.

Lair! Liar!

All I wanted was to live.

Not my fault precious time I had to give.

Liar, Liar…

I'm strong now but too late for you.

Guess I was Broken Butterfly-

So right- yet had to die.

So please come along & fix that little boy.

For me he's no longer real. ©


It was on his last day of residency that Madara saw the boy as he was brought in, eyes glazed over in a drug-induced stupor. His coal black hair was matted, skin porcelain pale and sickly looking. But when he was cleaned up Madara knew that the boy would be a beauty. Curiosity tugged at him, making him wonder why this patient was so sedated. Normally only the sickest, most dangerous patients were that sedated for travel. The boy didn't look dangerous but in a psychiatric hospital looks could be very deceiving.

Madara had chosen to be a psychiatrist for children and adolescents and he was, at long last, at the end of his second year of residency. He was often asked why that whiny age group? Didn't the disturbed kids bother him? His response was that an adult on their thirty-second admission would never get better, and more often than not the adults acted like children. The children and teens acted like the adults. And a child had more chance of recovering, of coping, with a mental illness than that thirty-second admission adult. Anyway, the area currently had a shortage of psychiatrists for Madara's age group, so he knew he'd always be guaranteed a job. All of that was more than enough reason for him.

But a patient had never quite caught his eye like this new one did. And so, as he dropped off his notes in the nurses' station, he glanced at the chart that the nurse was making up for the new, beautiful patient. The name read: Uchiha Sasuke.


Mikoto was a mess; her baby had been committed to a mental hospital! Her baby, Sasuke. She tried to keep it together, keep a straight face like her husband, Fugaku. But it was too hard; her heart was breaking for her Sasuke. He'd been just fine yesterday! What had happened? Why had it happened to him?

Mikoto wiped the first tears of many away, clenching her hands in her lap.

"How long will he be here?" Fugaku asked the head nurse, voice flat. Fugaku was a very traditional Japanese man and wouldn't openly grieve even if he was being torn apart by something. However, Mikoto had to wonder if it had been Itachi, who was the man's favorite by far, would he have reacted any differently to the situation?

"He's very sick at the moment, sir. I really won't know until the doctor sees him, but I'd say he's going to be here for a while." Tsunadae explained patiently.


"Please, may I see him? I just want to say good-bye." Mikoto asked quietly, voice shaking. She knew that she would be able to come visit her son tomorrow, but just walking away & leaving him for the first time… Well, it was like leaving a part of herself behind. It had been hard enough to send Itachi away to college, but this was going to be much, much worse.

"I'm so sorry, Mikoto-san, but they had to give him some medicine to make him very tired in order to transport him. It would be best, I think, if you didn't see him like this." Tsunadae said softly, gathering up the paperwork she'd had them sign.

"We'll be back tomorrow then." Fugaku said, leading Mikoto out of the office by the hand. His wife seemed paralyzed by remorse, as if this were somehow her fault.

"We'll do our best for Sasuke-chan. Sayoonara." (Good-bye.)

"Sayoonara, Tsunadae-san."

As soon as they were outside in the parking lot Mikoto burst into tears, violent sobs wracking her body. She couldn't hold her grief in any longer. And Fugaku just held her, not seeming to care that the few workers strangling out to their cars at the end of the day were staring.


The nurses' aid, Shizune, was going through Sasuke's belongings, sorting what he couldn't have into one pile and what he could into another, when she found a cell phone. The message light was blinking so she pressed play.

"Ohayoo otouto. You're probably not up yet but I just wanted to call and see how your party went last night. I hope you had fun. Ja ne." (Good morning…later.) A young man's voice said.

The message had been received that morning at six. And from what Shizune had heard last night into this morning had been when Sasuke had had his psychotic break. Thinking that she had found a clue, she called Tsunadae over to see what she thought…


"Kill yourself. It's alright; they won't mind. In fact, they'd like you too." The man purred in Sasuke's ear. Sasuke tried to raise his hand to push him away, but found his hand strapped down to the bed that he was lying on. His other hand and legs were tied down as well. And he was lying on an unfamiliar bed.

"Tsk, tsk, see how they make this hard for you? But you'd better get out before he comes back." The man continued, lowering his voice so that the figure sitting in the doorway wouldn't hear.

"How?! Tell me." Sasuke demanded, fighting the remains of the drugs in his system that left him groggy.

"Get out, get out. I'll help you, you know? You just have to get up first."

The figure sitting in the doorway got up and walked over to his bedside. Before they could do anything Sasuke screamed, a high keening shriek of pure terror, and began bucking in the restraints, trying desperately to get free.


His screams echoed down the hallway, waking the other patients, even traveling through the locked doors to the hallways beyond. He was pulling so hard at the restraints that they were rubbing his skin raw where the cuffs held him. And still he screamed, eyes wild, unreachable.

"Two milligrams of Geodon! Call the doctor!" Someone ordered.

And no amount of struggling, fighting, or screaming could stop them from injecting the poison into his veins. He tried to keep fighting but it was so hard… And he was so tired now… But he couldn't just stay there; he couldn't! what if he came back?!

"No…please…" His eyes drifted shut.


Just a side note, we don't actually listen to your messages if you're committed. & in case you're wondering Geodon is the brand name for Eiprasidone, & is a psych drug prescribed for psychosis or schizophrenia.

Anyway, sorry that the first chapter jumps around a little & doesn't really give you any answers. Chapter 2 will explain more. As always, please review & check for updates! The next chapter will be out on Sunday, the 1st.