Title: Unraveling

Day/Theme: Jan 23 2009 – eminence grise (31_days)

Summary: Ozai never realized how much Ursa did for him.

Disclaimer: I do not own

Fire Lord Ozai pondered why the threads of his kingdom were unraveling, why his strong hold over his kingdome was breaking. He only had been the Fire Lord three weeks and his entire world turned chaotic to his eyes. His children Azula and Zuko were bickering and fighting constantly. What was worse was that the servants saw this awful behavior and, only naturally, the word spread of the devious royal children. People lost faith in the power of the royal family Ozai sensed a rising against his authority.

Ozai questioned himself daily. What has changed? Ursa crossed his mind; he never appreciated all the work she did, keeping the children as peace. That had to be it; she kept his family in line. He never thought about it like that before. She was gone now. He banished her for helping him achieve his greatest accomplishment but he had no choice. The Fire Nation would surely dethrone him if they knew his wife was a murderess.

He knew he had to do something before the entire royal family was thrown out of power. He had to separate his children somehow. But how?