The 7 Chapters

This is a seires of seven chapters or little one off scenes from the land of Stormhold, mostly Septimus stuff as he's a fantastic character and there isn't enough on him to be found! It will involve comic chapters, romantic ones, serious ones, and whatever else I feel like writing.

I really like Septimus, but also Stardust in general, so I'm taking it upon myself to write fan fiction for it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Stardust, its' characters or anything to do with it, and I have never claimed to.

If anyone Is interested, Im into joint fics, agreeing a storyline and writing alternate chapters for my own characters and those of other writers and vice versa- i.e. we write together. Its refreshing and fun, and teaches you both more about writing fiction. So if you are interested, either say so in a review or email me- I'd love to hear from you- especially Septimus fans!

Thanks, and enjoy.

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