The Three Sided Story

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Set straight after The Satan Pit.

Chapter 1: Unexpected

Rose clung onto the metal railing for dear life, her teeth rattling in her jaw, her hair falling in a mess over her face.

"Doctor, what's wrong with the TARDIS?"

The Doctor was clutching to the console, trying to steady his beloved ship, who was groaning and sighing and basically refusing to cooperate.

"I dunno, I think she just needs a little..." he disappeared behind the controls, and reappeared with shockingly messy hair. He held up his trusty mallet triumphantly, and bashed it down on the console several times. The TARDIS creaked one more time, before settling down into a somewhat presentable landing.

"...Persuasion," the Doctor finished, returning his mallet to it's place and looking up at the time rotor with concern.

Rose stood up, tried to make the best of her messy hair, and smoothed down her top. "She doesn't seem very happy."

"Hmm," the Doctor agreed, absent-mindedly smoothing his hand over the cool metal. "Well, we nearly lost her in the heart of the planet, I suppose we can't blame her for being a bit... clingy."

The TARDIS hummed in response, and the Doctor pulled the monitor round to him and peered closely at it. He frowned.

"What's wrong?" Rose inquired, stepping over to him, and looking at the screen over his shoulder.

It was blank.

The Doctor tapped the side of the monitor several times, but nothing happened. He fished his sonic screwdriver from his pocket and tried that, but it still refused to work.

"That's very odd."

Rose looked up at his genuinely confused expression. He caught her eye, and his demeanour suddenly changed, resorting to his usual exuberance and energy.

"No matter. We'll sort that out later. I'm guessing we've got to be..."

He ran over to the door and pulled it open, being immediately greeted by brilliant sunshine and salty air. He took a deep breath, and stepped out onto a white, sandy beach, his face beaming as bright as the sunshine.

"Ah! Look, Rose, I got our heading right! Have a guess where we are!"

Rose stepped out of the TARDIS, her legs still a little shaky from their abrupt landing. She couldn't help but smile as the warm sunshine hit her face. After being stuck in the dreary darkness and artificial light of the station on Krop Tor, she was glad to finally feel sunlight on her skin. She glanced at the Doctor, who was looking at her expectantly, his expression as eager as a little boy. She fought the urge to blush. She loved it when he looked at her like that.

"Go on, then, where do you think we are?" he insisted, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet.

Rose took a good look at her surroundings and breathed in deeply. Salty air. Soft sand. The ocean crashed against the beach to their left. She looked back at the Doctor, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand.

"A beach?"

The Doctor's shoulders sagged a little, and he squinted his eyes against the light.

"Well, yeah... but where?"

"How am I supposed to know? Earth?"

The Time Lord nodded encouragingly.

Rose held out her arms against the sun. "It's warm. Really warm, so I'm guessing not the UK?"

"Have you ever seen a beach in the UK with this sand?" he asked patronisingly, bending down to pick up a handful of the white powder sand to emphasise his point.

Rose watched the sand trickle from his hand back to the ground. "Spain?"


"Tell meeee," Rose whined, growing impatient.

The Doctor grinned. "Caribbean."

Rose blinked. "Seriously?"

"Yeah! Thought we deserved a break. I was aiming for St. Lucia, but with the TARDIS messing around, I think we're a bit off. Not too far, though."

Rose beamed. "I don't care, it's the Caribbean, I've always wanted to come here!" She skipped over the sand to him and threw her arms around his shoulders, pulling him into a huge hug. He chuckled into her shoulder.

Rose abruptly let go and dashed back to the TARDIS, disappearing inside.

"Rose?" The Doctor stared after her, his arms hanging at his sides, feeling strangely empty at the sudden loss of the embrace.

"I'm getting changed!" came the muffled response.

The Doctor just stood there silently for a moment. He looked up at the sun, and realised that his coat did feel a little warm. He followed her, stopping at the doorway to pat the wood of the TARDIS.

"Hope you're okay, girl," he murmured in an undertone, before disappearing inside the ship.

Rose flew to her room, and began hunting through her chest of drawers. She was so excited. The Doctor had been promising her a holiday for some time now, and she guessed that the events on Krop Tor had really shaken him. He had seemed in a real hurry to get away from there.

She eventually found what she had been looking for: a red bikini. She took it from the mess of clothes and wondered for a moment if she dare actually wear it in front of the Doctor. She had bought it specifically for that purpose a little while ago, but now that the opportunity had presented itself she felt a little nervous. She threw the bikini on her bed, and continued rifling through her clothes until she found a sort of sundress she'd bought at a futuristic fashion show. It was white and very thin, but it would make her feel a little more confident on the beach. She fished around her dressing table for her sunglasses and some sunblock. She giggled excitedly to herself. It had been so long since she'd been to a beach...

She emerged a few minutes later wearing the sundress over her bikini, her sunglasses in her hair and a beach bag filled with beach necessities: flip flops, a towel, Heat magazine's 2000 anniversary edition and the like. She stepped out into the sunshine and relished the feel of it on her skin. She looked up over the beach to see the Doctor, not far away, wearing a very loud Hawaiian shirt and knee-length shorts, doing his best to put up two deckchairs facing the ocean. She couldn't help laughing as he fell back on the sand to avoid getting trapped as one of the chairs snapped back to its folded position. He scrambled round on his knees, trying to work it out, promising himself that he didn't need the sonic screwdriver for this. He heard the sand crunching, and Rose's perfectly pedicured feet came into view. He looked up higher to see Rose wearing a beautiful sundress, the bright sun shining behind her flowing golden hair, giving her a kind of angelic glow. He gulped, and scrambled to stand up.

"That's... new," he managed, indicating the dress.

Rose glanced down at her attire and nodded. "Yeah, d'you like it?"

"Um... yeah." His answer was vague but his eyes gave him away. She giggled at his slightly dazed expression.

"Do you want some help with the chairs?" Rose asked, and the Doctor tore his gaze from her dress to the problem at hand. "No, no, I can do it."

Rose dumped her bag in the sand, left him mumbling to himself and headed for the water. She was about to lift the dress over her head when a thought struck her, and she stared at the water as if it could bite her.

She called back over her shoulder. "Is it safe to go in the water?"

"Yes, perfectly safe," he replied, sounding distracted.

Rose turned to look at him, and he was still fighting with the chairs.

"Now is this one of the times when you say 'it's perfectly safe,' when you mean, 'it might be safe but it's more fun just to give it a go'?"

"No, honestly, it's fine."

Satisfied with the answer, Rose pulled off her sundress, and rushed into the delightfully blue water in her bikini. The sun had made the water deliciously warm, and Rose ducked down so the water covered her to her shoulders.

The Doctor finally mastered the mystery of the deckchairs and stood back to admire his work. He turned to the water to call Rose to come and look at his masterpiece, but was suddenly distracted by the bikini-clad blonde, who was doing her best to float on top of the water without choking on the lapping waves.

Never seen that before, he thought, his eyes lingering on her bikini. He grinned to himself, pulled off his shirt and dived into the water after her.


The sun was setting over the ocean, turning the water a tropical orange, almost lighting it on fire. Rose watched sleepily from her deckchair. She yawned, and turned to the the Doctor, who was seated on the seat next to her, busily fiddling with the tuning dial of a radio he'd found in the TARDIS loft. She was getting fed up of the high-pitched static noise emanating from the bright red box.

"Doctor, I really don't think you're going to get a signal for that out here," she said drowzily.

The Doctor was agitated. "Yeah, I guess, but there's something else... something in the signal that's not quite..." he hit the radio a few times with his palm and lifted it to his ear.

He heard Rose yawn this time, and turned to look at her. She could barely keep her eyes open. He smiled affectionately, and stood up. He took her hand and dragged her to her feet.

"Come on then, lets get all this stuff back into the TARDIS."

He leaned down to pick up their towels and amalgamation of other beach necessities and headed off to the blue box. Rose raised an eyebrow at him.
"Want me to sort out the chairs this time?"

"Um... yeah, give it a go if you like," he said, trying to sound nonchalant about the subject.

Rose grinned, and quickly folded the chairs.

The Doctor dumped the beach bag in the corner of the control room and bounded over to the console. He patted the time rotor with a smile.

"Feeling better, ol' girl?"

The only response was a subdued hum, which made the Doctor frown. He pulled a few levers and pressed some buttons, not once taking his eyes off the time rotor. Rose joined him from the beach, her sundress catching slightly on the folded deckchairs under her arm. She left them against the wall and joined the Doctor at the controls.

"Something wrong?"

The Doctor just beamed at her. "Nope. Let's go!"

He pulled down one final lever with an air of showmanship. And everything went black.



"I'm here."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine... what the hell happened?"

"Not sure, I'll just..."

A dull glow surrounded them, emanating from a few scattered lights under the metal floor. The Doctor looked around the room, his eyes wide and wild.

"Power failure. Engines just... died. Had to switch to emergency supplies."

He tried a few switches, but the TARDIS only responded with a miserable little hum.

"I don't understand. The power's just... gone."

Rose inched closer, disturbed by the eerie light. "What does that mean?"

He turned to face her, looking her straight in the eye. "Looks like we're stuck here."


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