Frozen in Ink


One Tree Hill







Nathan/Lindsey (Implied)

Nathan/Nanny Carrie (Implied)


Julian/Peyton (Implied)

Rated T For:

Sexual Content

Alcohol Use




And other mature content.

*Personally I don't care how old you are, they are a lot of mature readers, and a lot of immature readers. If you can be mature enough and take the story seriously, then you can read.*


Season five starting at Lucas and Lindsey's wedding. (Episode 100)

Full Summary:

Lucas and Lindsey marry leaving Peyton heartbroken. Haley can no longer stand having Nathan around after he had an affair with Nanny Carrie, and finds out he's struggling with a sex addiction so she tells him she wants a divorce. Both trying to drown their broken hearts in alcohol, they find themselves drunk. After that night everything is never the same again. Eventually Lucas/Peyton, Nathan/Haley, and Julian/Brooke.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Tree Hill. Maybe one day I'll be awesome like Mark Schwahn and create my own show but for right now I play around with other peoples. The show belongs to the CW. (Formerly the WB.)I also don't own any of the songs which lyrics I may display. They belong to the artist(s) and the record companies. I'm hopefully not infringing on any copyright. You wouldn't want to sue me anyway, what could you honestly get from a fourteen year old girl?

Author Note:

I know some of these questions are going to come to me eventually so I might as well go ahead, and say what I have to say. I WOULD NEVER EVER, EVER, WANT THIS TO HAPPEN ON OTH! Just so we are clear. This idea just came to me. I really don't know how or why, but my brain is amazing, and I must make my muse happy. :D I am a die heart Lucas/Peyton fan. I wish a guy would write a book about how much he loves me. (He really loves her, I know) But I also just started watching in Season 5. (Please don't get upset with me, I'm going on what I know.) But I'm trying to catch up on seasons I haven't watched. (I did start watching the beginning of season 1, and I adore Lucas/Peyton then so really I don't think I'll change my mind.) Nathan doesn't seem to me like he'd even be a womanizer, but hey, this is fiction. Did you hear me? FICTION! It's funny because now, I feel like my lifelong goal of TV writing will be in use for soap operas. (And I don't want to do that) Listen, I don't think Nathan is capable of such crimes, but I think in the end you'll be happy. If you are Lucas/Peyton fans and/or Nathan/Haley fans hang on. I promise the ending I have in mind, you'll sort of like the result. Don't get mad, if you don't like the story or my writing style, please I ask that you don't leave me nasty comments, like "Leyton sucks." Or "Why the hell did you do this?" That's first off mean and secondly will destroy my inspiration. This idea is hopefully going to be a very long story. (Hopefully) So I need as much of it as I can. If you have any questions, ask, but I'm not giving out spoilers. (Even though I love them) Just because I'm a sadist. (Just kidding: D) But how will I keep you on your toes? Enjoy this, and please be gentle (or not) Comments are always nice, even if your telling me that I made so many spelling mistakes, you don't even know what I'm saying. Please no character bashing or couple bashing. If you post something mean, I'll delete and then stop writing. You never know where I'll go, so stay tuned.

Thanks again!