Permanent Hiatus!

I'm really sorry guys, I've been trying for months to write chapter 14 and it wouldn't come to me. And sometimes It's good to walk away from something and come back to it later. I really believe that. One day I'll come back and finish writing it and make all of you who had supported this story happy :)

If you guys wouldn't mind checking out my new story entitled: Archways and Endings. It's my baby, my therapy, my heart. It's labeled Brooke/Lucas but here's the catch: I'm an LPer. Just read the summary and check it out for me. Just a try would be nice.

And also:

I'm going to be posting an LP one-shot in the next few days if I can ever get it done. So be on the lookout.

I thank you guys again for all of your support and I hope you like Archways and Endings.