Things We've Lost


This is a two part one-shot that starts in 5x01 [One Tree Hill] for Lucas/Peyton. This is completely AU and is totally completely insane. Peyton comes back to Tree Hill with a secret buried so deep under her skin she feels like she'd going to die. So Peyton confronts Lucas of her mistake and tells him why she made it.

PRELUDE- Peyton's Pov (Choices I've Made)

One-shot- Take's place at River Court

(This is What I've Done, This is Where I Go From Here)


He turned around and looked at her in the eyes. "You don't understand." She stuttered trying to breathe steady. "What's not to understand, Peyton? There's nothing left anymore." "I..I..Lucas, I had an abortion. I killed our baby." Lucas/Peyton 5x01 AU.

Two part one-shot.

Basic Plot:

After Lucas's visit in LA three years, Peyton finds herself pregnant and alone. She still misses Lucas and the love they share. She promises herself that she will tell Luke about the baby. But at her twelve week appointment Peyton finds out that the pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy and that having the baby could kill her. So Peyton goes through the long and hard decision of aborting her baby. Three years later she returns to Tree Hill, sad and broken, telling Lucas the truth about the baby and what happened.