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Summary: From the day Mimi found out her father was having an affair, her whole perspective on life and love completely changed. Eventually will be a Michi.

Author's Note: Okay, so I ripped off the first part of the story with the random guys from the movie "The Sweetest Thing". I didn't copy what the guys were saying word for word though. It's basically just meant for humor. This also will not be the story from the movie. I was just using the beginning part but the story isn't the movie. Enjoy!

I also would like to dedicate this story to PrincessJaded because she is a die-hard Michi fan and I'm hoping she loves this story! Thanks for being such a great reader and writer you're awesome!

Love Story

Chapter 1 – This is Me

"Tell me about Tachikawa Mimi."

Guy #1 riding a skateboard: "Tachikawa Mimi? Wow, I haven't seen or heard about that girl in a while. The kind of woman that can get any guy she wants. THAT'S Tachikawa Mimi. We dated for a little while, nothing too serious though. She's kind of a player. She likes to have fun. Who can blame her though? She's hot!"

Guy #2 pouring drinks at a bar: "I met Mimi here at this bar one night while I was working. She is a hot piece of ass. We totally hit it off. I poured her drinks all night, she grinded up against me while the music played… I really thought she and I connected! But then, at the end of the night, she just vanished. I wasted so much money on that bitch and what do I get? Absolutely nothing! She's obviously a lesbian if she didn't want a piece of this."

Guy #3 standing under a shower at the beach: "Mimi? Yeah, she uh gave me her number. It's been like a week though. I know she's just trying not to look desperate. I know how these games work." (Guy #3 dials phone number and gets disconnected signal.)

Guy #4 wearing a tie: "I spend most of my nights trying to figure out why she said she'd call and then she didn't. Maybe she did want to call because she really wanted to talk but then something came up that prevented her from calling."

Guy #5 playing a guitar and singing: "Mimi… Mimi… she's so hot… Mimi…."

Guy#2 pushes Guy#5 to the ground: "You know there should be some sort of signal… to let us guys knows when we are talking to a full-blown LESBIAN! So we, as in me, don't waste our damn time hoping for something that isn't going to happen! Is it because I have a penis, Mimi? Is that why you never called me back? I have a penis, bitch! You should like that but obviously you don't because you're a big fat lesbian!"

Back to Guy#1: "Prolonged impotence is very common after a break-up. A lot of men suffer from it. Most of them just prefer not to talk about it, unlike me. Why can't guys talk about their feelings after a break-up? We are just as hurt as girls but people don't see that! So what if I cried a little after it was over? That doesn't make me gay or anything… does it?"

Back to Guy#4: "But even though she said she was going to call… she could have called to say she wasn't going to call because then I could have thanked her for calling and saying she wasn't going to call. She should have called! She said she was going to call! Why the hell didn't she call!?"

Guy#2: "Okay, all right, I apologize for calling Mimi a lesbian. It's not true. I got turned down and it kind of sucked and I'm not used to it. I'm really sorry. I'm pretty sure she wasn't trying to hurt me on purpose. Deep down inside she's probably just scared of getting hurt like every other girl. She'll settle down one day though once she finds the right man. Or… woman. Whichever way she swings by then. Oh, geeze I'm sorry did I say it again!? You're damn right I said it again! Why don't you shave your head, Mimi, and take up women's golf!? Why don't you go to Home Depot there's lots of carpet you can munch on there!" Guy#2 get's attacked by a raging group of lesbian women who beat the living crap out of him with bats.

Guy#1: "But hey, at least I don't cry myself to sleep every night or make myself sick like I used too. Yipee! Like I said though, I'm doing just fine. I am fan-fucking-tastic! I don't need that slut! I'm just fine on my own! I don't need a girl like that! She's a bit-" Guy#1 falls of skateboard and face plants into the cement.

My name is Tachikawa Mimi. I am twenty-two years old and I just graduated from Tokyo University with a Bachelor's degree in culinary arts. I have a great job preparing luxury meals for a five start restaurant but I only work part-time. My ultimate dream is to be a chef on the Food Network. I already have my show name picked out and everything. We'll see what happens in the future.

Now, you're probably saying to yourself "wow, this girl really has it together!" Well, for the most part you're right but I kind of live a double life. You see, during the day I'm all work but at night I become a completely different person. I kind of have a problem with going out and partying all night. It's not my fault though. My two room mates, Takenouchi Sora and Yagami Kari, pretty much drag me out of the house to go to clubs. Okay, that's a lie. It's the other way around. I drag them out to go with me. They don't complain though. We're young, hot, and just looking for a good time. Plus, we're all single so it's not like it's hurting anyone.

I have to admit though that when it comes to guys I'm kind of a player. I know I do it so at least I'm not in denial. I just can't resist a good looking man! It's not physically possible for me. I also don't like to commit to anything. I have a really big trust issue with people, especially men, so I don't let myself get too serious because I know in the end I will be the one that gets hurt. The only people I really trust are Kari and Sora. They're like sisters to me and I can tell them absolutely anything and they won't judge me for it. They've been my best friends since we were really young. We are three completely different people but we get along so well it's kind of scary. We don't fight or anything so I guess I really scored when it came to reliable best friends. Enough about me though let me tell you a little bit about them...

Takenouchi Sora, twenty-two as well, is a beautiful girl inside and out. She graduated from Tokyo U as well but with a degree in Fashion Design. No one saw that one coming. She was a tomboy in high school. She didn't dress like a boy but she loves sports. Tennis and soccer mostly. She played tennis all through college and still does today. I envy her. She has a perfectly toned body. You couldn't find an ounce of flab anywhere on that girl's body. Jealous… But anyways, she's been dating this one guy, Ishida Yamato, for the past like hundred years. He's her on again off again boyfriend. Right now they're off again. He's trying to be famous and is the lead singer in a band called "The Wolves." The two break up so many times it doesn't even faze me when they're back together because I know she'll be single again the next week. I think this time they had a fight about who had the better tan and things ended very quickly. It's really dumb but I know she loves him so I don't say anything.

Yagami Kari, nineteen years old, is the most sincere, honest people I've ever met. She's very soft spoken and comes off very shy but that girl is definitely a closet freak! She doesn't drink but the girl can bust some moves on the dance floor. She's currently a sophomore at a private college in Tokyo. She's going for a degree in Photography. It's her passion and she does an amazing job at it. She also has an on/off boyfriend named Takaishi Takeru "Tk" for short. He is Yamato's little brother and let me tell you the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that family! Both brothers have ocean blue eyes, bleach blonde hair, and voices of angels. Sure they're hot, but I don't really understand why Kari and Sora hold onto them like they do. The girls have this attitude that they can go out and dance and hook up with other guys but if they find out that one of the guys did it, it turns into a world war smack down. I don't get it but then again that's one of the many reasons I don't have boyfriends.

I love boys, don't get me wrong, but I have no means to commit to any of them. I guess my commitment issues date back to when my parents got divorced. I was eighteen and a senior in high school when my parents announced they were getting a divorce. It doesn't matter how old or young you are when you hear something like that it's devastating either way. My parents wouldn't admit to why they were leaving each other but I soon put the pieces together and found out that my dad was having an affair. The signs were all there but my mom was in denial and wouldn't admit it. My dad started staying at work later, going out of town more often, and would sometimes come home with make up on his shirt collars. He also started lying a lot. We found out he was having an affair with his personal assistant at work.

I watched my mother cry herself to sleep for months after she kicked my dad out. It's hard watching someone you love in so much pain. My mother is my best friend and I can't stand seeing her hurt. Needless to say I resent my father every single day because of what he did. He made a mistake and he knows it. My mom was the best thing that ever happened to him and he screwed it up because he got bored. He tries to make it up to me by buying me things and paying for my rent and car and everything else but money doesn't buy love. I don't hate my father for what he did. I hate him for hurting my mom which I guess is why I have so many issues with commitment. I see how much it hurts people to lose someone that they cared for so much and I don't want that. I don't want to hurt like my mom and friends do. It's not worth it so I don't have boyfriends for that reason. I'm happy being single and there's no one that can change that.

To be continued…

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