END OF THIRD MOVIE October 27, 1985

Hill Valley, CA

Marty and Jennifer stood looking at the rubble that was once Doc's most precious invention. Jennifer saw the sadness etched on Marty's face.

"You're right. There isn't much left." She stated softly. Marty continued looking at the destroyed DeLorean.

"The Doc is never coming back."

Marty glanced over to another spot in the debris and picked up half of a photograph that had stuck out from under the car parts and dirt as if calling to him. Matter of fact, it was the photo taken of him and Doc in front of the clock taken in 1885. Now only Doc stood there smiling—Marty's half of the photo had probably torn off and gotten burnt to nothing when the train destroyed the DeLorean. Marty stared long into his friend's cheerful smile and sighed. "I'm sure gonna miss him, Jen." He was then interrupted by the sound of bells. The railroad crossing bells were going off! He and Jennifer frantically searched the span of the tracks to both horizons but neither saw any train actually headed in either direction.

Marty was confused, "What the hell?"

His short question was quickly answered as three sonic booms accompanied a locomotive onto the tracks in front of him and his girlfriend, sending both flying backwards. The couple landed on the grass, rattled but okay. Marty and Jen helped themselves up and sat on the grass, squinting their eyes at the train, which had ELB painted on its side. No… It couldn't be… Marty thought, and a head of wild white hair poked its head through the cab window. Marty smiled in surprise.

"Doc!" Marty exclaimed. Doc looked happy as well when he spotted his teen friend.

"Marty!" Doc said to the boy. He was wearing period clothes of the 1890's and seemed fine. Marty became excited; "Doc! Doc!" He and Jen ran over to the train's side and looked up at the scientist that just moments ago seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"It runs on steam!" yelled the inventor, pointing to the train. He opened the cab much like a DeLorean door and Clara Clayton came into view. "Meet the family!" Doc said, pulling Clara to his side, "Clara you know."

Clara waved, somewhat bewildered of the ordeal. "Hi Marty!" She said.

"Ma'am!" Marty said, still somewhat amazed that Doc had gotten married.

Doc continued, "These are our boys!" He and Clara smiled proudly as Doc presented his eldest son, Jules, and his brother, Verne. Jules appeared to be around eight while Verne appeared to be five or six. "Boys, this is Marty and Jennifer." Doc informed the kids. Both smiled and waved and Marty and Jen waved back. Doc smiled.

"Doc! I thought I'd never see you again!" Marty admitted.

Doc piped up, "You can't keep a good scientist down. After all, I had to come back for Einstein, and, well, I didn't want you to be worried about me."

Clara nudged her husband and handed him a parcel. Doc had forgotten that he had brought it with him.

"Oh! I brought you a little souvenir." Doc added, and sat on the cab steps as he handed the parcel to Marty.

The seventeen year-old tore open the package to discover a framed picture exactly like the one he found on the ground. It looked brand new.

"It's great, Doc. Thanks." Marty said.

Jennifer stepped up to Doc opening a folded piece of paper. "Doctor Brown? I brought this note back from the future and now it's erased!" she declared.

"Of course it erased!" Doc exclaimed. Jennifer was still as confused as she was before.

"But what does that mean?" She asked.

Doc smiled, "It means that your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one. Both of you!" Doc headed back into the train.

"We will, Doc!" Marty promised.

Doc looked down at the two teens and told them to stand back as the train doors closed with a puff of steam. He informed his kids to buckle up and Clara helped them do so. Marty squinted up at Doc as the train started to whirr louder.

"Hey, Doc… where are you going now? Back to the future?" Marty asked.

Doc shook his head and smiled once more. " Nope! Already been there!"

The Brown family waved at Marty and Jennifer and the couple waved back. The train's wheels lifted up and Marty now understood what Doc had meant—the train was hover converted! With a few train whistles, it lifted into the sky and disappeared.

A/N: For fun, the names of the chapters are titles of 80's songs, remakes of 80's songs, or modern songs that are very much neo-80's-sounding. I tried to make most of the songs actually from the 80's than not. All songs have lyrics that tie in with the fan fiction. Sometimes the lyrics of the songs not only hold meaning to the chapter, but add to it as well! All song titles from the chapter subtitles are copyright their respective writers and/or artists.

The beginning of chapter one is taken right from the end of the third movie. Back to the Future: The Ride at Universal Studios as well as the aforementioned movie trilogy inspired the main plot. All characters not recognizable from the original trilogy or ride are copyright Allison Lawler, 2009.