"Professor Snape!" I called jogging carefully (due to the still sleeping ferret in my arms) up to the man as he entered the great hall just before me. He turned around with a fierce glare – which only increased when he realised it was me who had called him. The hall was deathly silent as we stood staring transfixed at one another.

I stood there casually, completely unperturbed even with the glare that was still in place on Snape's face. "What Potter?" He asked in a chilling tone leaning closer slightly in a menacing manner. I stood with a relaxed posture – infuriating him even more – as I replied politely in a confident tone "I was hoping to have a word sir…in private, if that would be possible."

"What don't want your fellow classmates to hear you pleading for help before you've even tried the work?" he returned snidely electing a few smirks from the Slytherin table.

"I assure you sir it is more for your benefit than mine that I request that we converse in private – and it is not a request for help." I replied politely not in the least bit intimidated. The whole hall was staring at the interaction in shock – even the headmaster.

"Fine!" He snapped before striding past me stiffly. I spun around – just a little surprised that he had given in so quickly - and followed him. The hall was filled with chatter as we left. We arrived at his office in the dungeons quickly, thanks to Snape's long, rapid strides.

When the door slammed closed Snape whirled around to face me with yet another glare. I leaned nonchalantly against the wall waiting, until – a few minutes of staring later – Snape snapped out "Well? What do you want to discuss?"

I stood up straight and replied with "It's more what I need to discuss rather than what I want to." He raised a brow in question; I continued with a sigh "Well it's about mum." He leant back in shock and sucked in a deep breath, before his cold mask fell back into place.

I continued after a short pause "I remember my parents very clearly…and the stories they told me. These stories were sometimes based on you." That could have come out better.

He looked confused but still had a slight glare aimed at me "How would you remember that?" He asked voice wavering slightly.

I frowned and said "I want your word that you won't repeat anything I say to anyone, do I have it?" he nodded after a minute of deliberation – obviously his curiosity had won the debate. "Well I remember everything and I mean everything…I don't know how, but I can."

I knew he didn't completely (if at all) believe me, but I could tell that he was thinking over what I had told him before that for he was openly glaring at me now, and I realised that he probably thought I meant stories from my dad – stories that were embarrassing for him. Which dad had told on numerous occasions to my chagrin, and he and Sirius had laughed for hours after every story they told me. Remus never laughed; in fact he always looked slightly ashamed. They never told stories with mum in the room though; she would have shouted at them for making fun of her x-best friend.

"Well I hope you found those stories amusing, now go Potter you're just wasting my time." He said advancing on me, with a vicious glare on his face.

I stood with a blank expression and refused to budge. Oops he definitely thought it was dad's stories that I was talking about. "Look you might as well stop glaring at me because you really don't intimidate me – I am well aware of your desire to literally chuck me out but I am also aware that that won't occur because you have morals – no matter what anyone else thinks, I know that you won't ever harm a child. So give up with the intimidating." He stared at me in shock for a moment before opening his mouth to respond, but before one syllable passed his lips I had cut him off. "Don't interrupt until I'm done and I'm not leaving until I have finished."

"Now as I was saying, mum told me stories about how you always played when you were little, before Hogwarts and stories about your time at Hogwarts too." He looked slightly less murderous, but obviously he wasn't comfortable with this revelation either.

"And? What, pray tell, is your point Potter?" He growled dangerously.

"The point is never got to hear this from mum but I know, if she could, she would want to tell you. She never told me exactly just hinted at it but the hints were common and obvious. She had this glow in her eyes when she told me about you that I'd only ever seen in her when she was truly happy. It would always get clouded over when she finished and she would always tear up. I never knew why until one day she couldn't hold them back, she let them fall, and she had never let them fall before. It shocked me so much I nearly cried myself. She kept saying "I can't believe he did that" and "I can't believe he betrayed me like that". When she'd finally calmed down she talked to me...told me everything...told me you became a Death Eater. She talked for hours of reasons why she should hate you (Snape's breathing quickened and tears appeared in his eyes for a few seconds before they disappeared) but she talked for at least three hours on reasons why she should like – even love – you. She went on and on about stories of your childhood and days at Hogwarts. That's how I could tell. Her eyes would light up and her laughter would fill the room occasionally and she almost constantly had a smile on her face. I know she wanted to forgive you but she never had the chance and I think she was angry at herself for not forgiving you sooner."

And with that I smiled a tender smile at the frozen dark haired man in front of me, who was opening and closing his mouth trying to think of something to say, turned and left the room closing the door gently behind me.