Title: Time Stands Still

Author: Jasmine Shigeru

Pairing: Tommy/Kim and Trent and Kira

Summary: Months after their time trip to the past, the Dino Thunder Rangers find themselves in another time dilemma. This time past Rangers journey to the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers nor do I wish I do. This is just for my entertainment and whoever wishes to read it. I am not making any profit from this and do not care to for that matter.

Rating: M

Time Stands Still

By: Jasmine Shigeru

Chapter One-Long Distance

Peace, a rare thing to have, when you are a Power Ranger. It is not often that the latest villains give such a gift to the colorful heroes, but the Dino Thunder Rangers finally found their peace after the stressful and exciting events that happened a few months ago.

They had traveled through time, purely by accident and found one of the earlier teams of Rangers. They also soon discovered that they were not the only ones to take the little trip. A few others traveled through time warps. Mesogog, the scaly enemy and his minions and Kimberly Ann Hart also known as Kim, the first Pink Ranger of earth, found themselves in the same situation. The Rangers had to deal with two major problems and one minor one.

The first, were Mesogog, the Dino Thunder Rangers' enemy; Lord Zedd, the villain of the year 1996; and Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd's wife and partner. The battles were not easy, especially when two the Rangers were turned against them. But the Rangers prevailed in the end. They defeated their enemies and were able to concentrate on their next major issue.

Second, the Dino Thunder team and Kimberly had to find a way to get back home to their own time. The task seemed hopeless, until an unlikely helper appeared. A woman known as Dulcea of the planet Phaedos unlocked the Dino Thunder Rangers and Kimberly's animal spirits. With their Powers combined with those of the Rangers of the time, they were able to return home.

The third and minor problem was the Black Dino Thunder Ranger, Dr. Thomas Oliver and Kimberly "Kim" Hart. They hated one another ever since college and would argue any chance they got. Their arguments began to affect both teams of Rangers and had to be stopped and were, by the Black Rangers stint as an evil Ranger. He had kidnapped the woman and tortured her physically while pouring his heart out to her, thus opening up the possibility of reconciliation. When they returned to their own time, they made the decision to be friends.

But Dr. Oliver and Kim weren't the only ones with issues when it came to relationships. Trent, the White Drago Ranger, Kira, the Yellow Ptera Ranger, and Conner, the Red Tyranno Ranger, were stuck in a love Triangle. Kira had feelings for both Trent and Conner; Conner liked Kira and so did Trent. It caused a rift between the Rangers.

Kira's affections towards the Red Ranger were growing and she was seemingly moving closer to him emotionally and physically. The Red Ranger would comfort the girl when she needed it and they would be often seen sitting next to one another. This of course, affected the Yellow Ranger's already fragile relationship with the White Ranger.

Trent was beginning to become jealous and was distancing himself from the team. He felt like he no longer belonged with the group, not without the glue of Kira holding him to the others. Seeing Kira with Conner infuriated him to no end and when they were in the past he was turned evil. Once more an evil Ranger, Trent expressed himself through violence. He nearly killed Conner and kidnapped Kira. In his chambers, he tortured the Yellow Ranger with a dagger, confessing his feelings as he sliced into her skin.

Once Dr. Oliver and Trent were turned good again and everyone from the future was returned home, Trent and Kira talked. The both confessed their feelings for one another and decided to move forward in their relationship by dating. Seeing the two talk, Conner decided to let Kira go. He was the leader and it was his sacrifice to make. His heart for his team.

Now, the Dino Thunder Rangers had settled down into their day to day lives in the city of Reefside. With no attacks, they were able to concentrate on school and home life: and for one, his career. Kira Ford, Trent Fernandez Mercer, Conner McKnight, and Ethan James were busy getting prepared for their senior year of high school. Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver was even glad to have them return as his students. But all of the Rangers had many things to occupy their peaceful time. Kira, the Yellow Ptera Ranger, spent most of her time with her band, playing at Hayley's Cyberspace Café, and composing songs. Trent, the White Drago Ranger, was working on a graphic novel centered on his friends, who he conveniently turned into superheroes. Conner, the Red Tyranno Ranger and team leader was busy with Soccer club. Ethan, the Blue Tricera Ranger worked with the computer club and campaigns to promote the club. Dr. Oliver was working on his friendship with Kimberly while trying to remain sane with his boredom which was quickly fixed by a brilliant suggestion from the petite woman. The former Pink Crane had suggested he rent some space and teach martial arts to the local kids of Reefside. The scientist loved the idea and did as Kimberly had suggested. Even Kimberly and Hayley, the Dino Ranger's technical advisor had moved on with their lives.

Miss Hart was living in Florida but was moving to Reefside to begin her teaching career and to be near her newly acquired friends. She had always considered teaching, but was afraid to move on from coaching gymnastics. It was Tommy who talked her into following her teaching dream when she retired from coaching. Kimberly had studied to be a teacher during the hours she was not coaching and was fully prepared to move forward into a new career. She also desired to be near Tommy. She knew they were supposed to be friends, but she was highly considering asking him out on a date. She was quickly developing feelings for the Black Dino Thunder Ranger and their friendship was a long distance bond. She feared what she would feel for him when she was near him.

Hayley, the owner of the hottest hang out the cybercafé, had decided to spread her attentions between her business, the Rangers, and her social life. She was constantly busy with her café, making sure the teenagers who liked to spend their time there were not going to cause trouble. She also had her hands full with inventing new gadgets for the Power Rangers. She didn't have much of a social life beyond the Dino Thunder team. So, it came as a surprise to her when she discovered she had developed a crush on William "Will" Cranston, a self made software millionaire and former Blue Ranger, formerly known and Billy. She blamed it all on the situation. The Dino Thunder Rangers had disappeared and she had no idea how to get them back. It was Will who assured her that they were okay. He had some faint memory of the Dino Thunder team being transported to the year 1996 and he recalled that everything was fine and that the team would return home safely. With the reassurance, the red haired woman and the blonde man found themselves getting to know one another. Hayley soon discovered Will to be the type of guy she usually fell for, intelligent and not arrogant about that intelligence. After the Rangers returned home, Hayley and Will began a tentative relationship.

So, peace was good and the normality found in that peace was blissful, but it is not meant to last for long. With the coming of a new school year, trouble usually follows. The Rangers knew that they were in for a lot of battles ahead.

Dr. Tommy Oliver entered his home eagerly. He couldn't wait for him to get to his phone. He was expecting a phone call from a dear friend, Kimberly Hart. They had been friends since their time travel incident and their bond was growing stronger with every phone call, every email, and every letter. If, the paleontologist didn't know better he would say that they were becoming more than friends.

The thought frightened him. They weren't very good at keeping an on going, romantic relationship. They had given romance two tries, first, in high school and then, in college. Their relationship in high school ended because of Kimberly and their relationship in college ended because of him. They both had trust issues, probably still do, but they didn't like to dwell on the situation.

Tommy was barely through the door, when his telephone began to ring. He rushed to remove it from its cradle and quickly answered.

"Hello," he asked and waited for an answer.

"Hello, handsome," Kimberly greeted cheerfully.

"What's up, beautiful," Tommy asked.

"I'm almost finished packing," Kim answered. "I can't wait to board the plane at the end of the week. You're still going to pick me up, right?"

"Of course, I haven't forgotten," Tommy said.

"Glad your memory has improved with age," the woman giggled.

Tommy chuckled and ran his hand through his short, spiked hair.

"Not really," he admitted. "I just have Hayley plus four teenagers to constantly remind me of my duty."

Kim laughed at his admission. She knew that Hayley and the teens were always reminding him that he had volunteered to pick her up from the airport on Friday. Kira and Hayley told her so themselves. They didn't want her to worry about being stranded.

"That's good," she told the scientist.

"Yeah," Tommy said.

He walked over to his laptop and flipped it open. He wanted to check his email. He was expecting a message from Jason Scott, the first Red Ranger.

"What are you doing," Kim asked.

"Checking my email, you," Tommy said as he opened the window to the internet and typed in his password.

"Packing my stuffed animals in a box," she said.

"Can you fit them all into one box," the paleontologist asked.

"No," Kim sighed with mock sadness. "I'm on my third box. I think I'm going to need five."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Tommy chuckled.

"Don't laugh at me, Dr. Oliver," Kim scolded. "You're the one who's helping me move."

"With Conner, Ethan, and Trent's help," Tommy reminded.

"Only for part of the time," Kim informed him. "Unlike you, they have lives and cannot spend the entire weekend helping me move into my apartment."

"That's not fair, beautiful," Tommy frowned.

"Life's not fair, handsome," Kim retorted.

"Yeah, yeah," the Black Ranger said. "Hold on a sec, Kim, I actually want to read some of these messages."

"Okay," Kim said.

Tommy leaned in closer to his computer screen. He had forgotten his glasses were in the front pocket of his shirt. He checked to see if any of his closest friends, all former Rangers, had anything new going on in their lives. Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Zack, Trini, Justin, Kat, and Tanya sent nothing. The Red Rangers from his mission to the moon a few years back all, but one, had not sent him any email either. He understood TJ Johnson, the Red Turbo Ranger and Blue Space Ranger and Andros, the Red Space Ranger not sending him anything. They were away visiting some planet promoting peace. He wasn't expecting any mail from Aurico, the Red Alien Ranger from Aquitar. There was no email on the oceanic planet. The others had no excuses and he knew they would send him something either tonight or later that week. But he did receive a message from Jason.

Hey Bro,

What's up?

Nothing new happening in my department. Kat is gong to Australia with her parents. I was going to go, but I have to work and won't be able to see her again for the next three weeks.

So, I'm going to busy for the rest of week, but next week, I have nothing to do and I was thinking about coming down to visit. I know Kim will be coming there soon and need to catch up with her.

Expect me Saturday.


"Hey, beautiful," Tommy said after he finished the message.

"Yes," Kim answered somewhat distracted by her packing.

"How would you like to see Jason this weekend," he asked.

"I would love to see Jase," Kim said. "Why do you ask?"

"He's coming down to Reefside for a few days," Tommy said.

"That's wonderful," Kim said unable to hide her excitement.

There was a pause by both adults as one of them seems to become distracted.

"Hey, Handsome, I have to go," Kimberly said. "Someone's at my door. I just bet it's Lillie, wanting to take me to are last dinner."

"Okay, Beautiful," Tommy said.

"Bye," Kim said. "Oh and Handsome, don't forget to pick me up from the Reefside Airport Friday."

Tommy laughed.

"Don't worry, Beautiful, I won't," he said. "Besides, no one here will let me."

"Yeah, and Jason will kill you when he gets there," the woman added.

"Good point," he said. "Good bye Beautiful."

"Bye, Handsome."

Tommy pressed a button on his phone to disconnect the call and placed the object on the desk. He stood and headed to his linen closest. He had to choose the sheets he was going to place in his guest room. He paused; first he actually had to clean the guest room first. He wondered if he could bribe Kira, Ethan, Conner, or Trent into to doing the chore for him.