Chapter Twenty-Five: The Final Attack

The Command Center alarm blared loudly, startling the Rangers. They all turned to the viewing screen to see Mesogog had sent out a small army.

"Let's go," Conner said.

"Dino Thunder Power Up, Ha!" the Dino Thunder Rangers exclaimed and transformed.

"White Ranger Dino Power," Trent said and transformed.

"It's Morphin Time!" Tommy exclaimed. "Tiger Zord!"




"Saber-tooth Tiger!"


"Pink Ranger Power!"

"Blue Ranger Power!"

When they were all transformed they quickly said goodbye to Hayley and Jason before heading out to the battlefield.

"We need to split up," Dr. Oliver said as soon as they arrived on site.

"Agreed," Will said.

"Kim, Will, and Kimberly, you're with me," Dr. Oliver said. "Kim and Kimberly will take on Elsa while Will and I handle the monster."

They took off to follow their orders.

"Ethan, Kira and I will take down the Triptoids," Conner said.

His team rushed off.

Finally taking the role of leader once more, Rocky ordered Adam and Aisha to follow him and battle a group of Tyrannodrones.

That left Tommy, Trent and Billy to take on Trent's evil clone.

"You do not stand a chance," the Evil White Ranger said.

"I've defeated you before on my own," Trent said. "I think the three of us could take you down."

"We shall see," the clone said and charge.

"You took me by surprise last time, Pink Ranger," Elsa sneered. "It will not happen again."

"How do you plan on defeating us?" Kim nearly laughed. "I defeated you easily on my own."

"You forget that I'm evil."

"So, what you're going to cheat?" Kimberly teased.

"Exactly," Elsa confirmed and sent a small group of Triptoids towards the Pink Rangers.

The monster fired at both Will and Dr. O. They still had no clue on how to defeat it, but they were thinking about it as they dodge.

"We can try attacking it at the same time," Dr. O suggested.

"That may work, if there was more of us," Will said. "It has two heads, two brains, and it can attack us individually."

"So, we distract it until the others are free?"


Rocky, Adam and Aisha took down Tyrannodrone after Tyrannodrone. They were having no difficulties whatsoever with their task.

"Man, this takes me back," Rocky said.

"Yeah," Adam agreed. "To before we were Rangers and it was just the three of us."

"We were in perfect sync," Aisha said as they lined up and kicked their opponents simultaneously. "We still got it."

Conner sped around four Triptoids making the extremely dizzy before kicking them back.

Kira sent a Ptera Scream at her lot knocking them back.

Ethan was ram into Triptoids at full speed and full armor.

Kim and Kimberly were both sending a series of kicks to their group of Triptoids while they dodged Elsa's attempts of sneak attacks.

It wasn't long before the only enemies standing, were the White Drago clone, Duodile, and Elsa.

Trent, Tommy, and Billy continued to fight the clone alone. They were winning, the clone was just too stubborn to accept defeat.

Kim and Kimberly had both taken out their blade blasters and were using them against Elsa's swords. The Pink Rangers were struggling a bit since they rarely used the actual blade of the blasters.

The other Rangers joined Dr. O and Will. They each called forth their weapons and attacked Duodile on all sides. The monster became confused but was capable of fending off the eight Power Rangers.

"I'm sick of this," Tommy finally said and pulled Saba, his talking sword, from his sheath.

He fired lasers at the White Drago clone, making contact with his head. Trent, also bored with the battle, took out his blade and attacked the monster's middle. Billy quickly summoned his power lance swiped the clone's legs from under him. Defeated, the evil clone fell into unconsciousness.

"Let's go join the others," Tommy ordered and the three joined the eight.

Back to the fight with the Pink Rangers and Elsa, Elsa was now losing completely. The Kimberlys had taken to kicking the villainess from the front and back. Kimberly attacked her back knocking Elsa forward while Kim attacked Elsa's front, sending her back to her younger self.

Elsa bobbed around as she was volleyed between the two.

"Enough," she finally submitted.

Kim and Kimberly stopped their attack and Elsa fell to the ground.

"You will pay for this," she said out of breath before summoning a invisiportal and departing from the battlefield taking the Triptoids, Tyrannodrones, and White Drago clone with her.

The two Pink Rangers ran to the others and summoned their power bows. They joined in on the attack and finally the monster was defeated, collapsing to the ground.

"It's about time," Kira said out of breath.

"Yeah," Conner agreed. "I don't know how much we could have kept going."

Ethan and Trent nodded their agreement.

"It's not time to pat yourselves on your backs yet," Dr. Oliver said also winded.

A dark cloud above Duodile and it grew.

The Dino Rangers groaned in unison.

"Good luck," Rocky said as he and all of the others ran to safety.

Dr. Oliver summoned his Brachio zord and in turn all the other swords.

Kira, Ethan, Conner, and Trent leapt into their respective zords. The primary colored Rangers then formed the Thundersaurus Megazord and the White Ranger formed the Dino Stegazord. Together they engaged in the final battle of Duodile. Though the monster had proven difficult to defeat when it was man sized, it was clumsy enlarged. It seemed to be Mesogog's biggest mistake because the Dino Thunder teens were able to defeat it within minutes. An anticlimactic defeat for such a hard to battle monster.

The Power Rangers weren't complaining. All thirteen Rangers were more than glad to see the end of the monster.

In Mesogog's Liar, Mesogog's fury was beyond anything Elsa had seen before. He tortured her first. Her head hurt so bad she wished he had killed her. He stranded the White Ranger's clone in a pit full of discarded monsters and ordered him to fend for himself. As for the Triptoids and Tyrannodrones, he actually completely and utterly destroyed a good number of them himself.

He sat on his throne and scowled for the rest of the night. No one or thing dared to disturb their master.