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Chapter 5

It was my first day back at school since my "search" for Edward. It was also his and Alice's first day back as well.

When I returned from Alaska with the Cullen's, Charlie was not happy. He certainly not happy with Edward. Oh, the day we came back was not a pretty one....

Edward and I pulled into Charlie's driveway in the Volvo. Charlie was sitting on the porch.

"Bella?!" he yelled running towards the car.

"Hey, Dad," I called back sheepishly, climbing out of the car.

"Where were you, and what the hell are you doing with him?" he roared.

"Dad!" I cried. "Be nice! He didn't do anything! It was all a misunderstanding!" Edward was just standing there next to me, perfectly still.

"Sure it was," Charlie retorted bitterly.

Edward finally spoke. "Sir, it truly was. I never meant to hurt Bella. I just wanted her to be happy. I didn't think that I was right for her, so I left. But it really was a mistake for the both of us. Believe me, I will never leave her again." Hearing him say this, so sincere, I couldn't doubt that Charlie would continue to hold a grudge...

But unfortunately, two days later, he still hasn't forgiven Edward. He is even a little distant towards Alice and Carlisle.

Charlie ended up grounding me for the unexplained disappearance, but was grudgingly pleased I wasn't a depressed, lifeless shell anymore.

I gained back some of the weight, my eyes were shining again, and my skin was back to a healthy glow.

Edward, Alice, and I all drove the Volvo to school today. As we pulled into the school parking lot, the looks from various students were priceless.

Mike was shocked, Angela was relieved and excited, and Jessica and Lauren were bitter and jealous.

Edward opened my door for me, and as I got out, he held my hand and carried my books.

"Thanks," I whispered, kissing him on the cheek.

He chuckled. "Anytime."

Alice had already gone off to class as Edward and I walked to ours. Our schedules were still the same, and he would still be sitting with me in class, because those seats were never filled because of my behavior.

Angela and Ben were the first ones to come up to us. They welcomed Edward back with open arms, and were relieved and excited that I was okay. We had already planned a double date next Saturday. I hope Charlie would let me off the hook.

As we were sitting in English class, waiting for the teacher, Edward whispered in my ear.

"Many of the boys are disappointed that you forgave me so easily. And the girls are plotting your death. They want you tot trip off a cliff, but don't worry I would never allow it." He grinned mockingly.

I just rolled my eyes and laughed quietly.

Edward smirked.

The teacher then walked in, ending conversations, but it was okay.

Because I had forever to converse with my soul mate.

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