This is my first Darkwing duck fanfiction. i might not be spot on with the charters and it's been years since i seen the show

it was a nice spring day in St canard at St. Canard super market. a male duck with a cart walked down the isles. he read the list that he had in his left hand and anothe smal list in his right.

" lets see" he said reading the left list " eggs. milk, bread butter, carrots and apples." He turn to the list in his right " Quackcola, Yummy gummy gators and berry-O's".

Launch Pad McQuack wasn't a stupid duck but not a bight one. he been living with Drake miller and his Daughter Gosalyn for 3 years. He knew which list belong to who. He was told by drake not to get any sweets for Gosalyn but he still did it. Launchpad doesn't mind the shopping, he grabbed a carton of milk. 2 cartons of eggs , he gabed a loaf of bread. he headed to the fruits and vegetable section, taking out a clear plastic bag his filled it with 5 nice red apples. He grabbed the bag of Carrots now he could get the good stuff.

going over to the sweets isle he tucked a pakket of yummy gummy gators in between the bread and eggs. he whent to over to the soda's and tokk a bottle of Quackcola. The last stop was the cereal isle. he found what he was looking for he reached for the box but another hand touched with his. looking to where it lead his eyes met a female duck. she was a pretty duck. her hair was short brunet color. she had a blue shirt on with a wite skirt. she had pretty hazle color eyes.

" oh sorry" the both said taking back there hands.

" did you want to get this cereal? Launchpad asked her

" oh..why yes" she said reaching for it, she put it in her cart. Lauchpad took the box that was behind it " you like berry-O?" she asked

" yeah me and the kid eat it for breakfast" he told her as she was one of his friends

" you have a kid?" she asked

" well..she's my friends daugher" he told her

" she must sound like a cuite little girl" she said " oh how rude of me to not introduce my self" she cleard her throat " I'm Katie Brooks" she held out her right hand

"oh..i'm Lauchpad Mcquack" he told her shanking her hand. Katie giggled

" you a cute one" she said, she took out a peice of paper, she took a pen and scribled on it. then handed it to him " here's my number, if you want to get together some time call me" she said, she turn to her cart and continued her shopping.


Back at the miller's house a 12 year old girl took her skate board, she grind her self down the stairs on the railing.

" Gosalyn " she heard a angry voice, goslyn saw her father standing next to the steps, arms folded and tapping his web foot. " how many times have i told you not to do that"

" sorry Dad" she quickly said. Drake went back into the living room, he plopped him self on the sofa and turned on the Tv watching a game show. Lauchpad came in the door. Gosalyn held her hand up to him to halt

" did you get the goods?" she asked. Launchpad fished through the bag and took out a bottle and handed it to the little girl. Gosalyn took the bottle

" good work LP" she said. then the bottle was swept out from above her. Drake stood behind her

" yeah good job LP" he said in a sarcastic tone " Gosalyn how many times have i told you about this stuff" he said pointing to the bottle

" oh but Dad" she whined " it's just a soda"

" just a soda?" drake said " yes it's a soda with bad sugars and caffeine that could keep you up all night little lady"

" Dad" she complained " I was thirsty"

" well theirs something called water" he told her " try it some time". he walked away with the soda into the kitchen, He unscrewed the lid and dumped it down. the drain.. Launchpad came in with the rest of the groceries

" Launchpad how many times have i told you" Drake started. he took the bags out of Lauch pads arms, he set them on the table. He found the packet of yummy gummy gators. he glared at his friend with the packet

" oh I bough those for my self" Launchpad lied. Drake slapped his fore head

" I don't know whose worse you or Gosalyn" he said. then he pulled out the cereal, a piece of paper was sticking to the box. he read the paper

" hmm..some one phone number" he said. a lightbulb came above Launchpads head

" oh I almost forgot" he said. he went over to drake and took the paper " I met some one at the store" he said

" oh really? Drake said with a sarcastic tone why unpacking the bags then he started to panic. turning to Launchpad " Who was it, he shouted " you did give away my secret identity did you?" he demanded

" no,no DW. she was a nice woman by the name of Kaite brooks". Launchpad explained. Drake fell back on the table with relief. the rest of the groceries scatter all over the came running in

" did I hear LP say he scored with a girl?" she asked. Drake roused back up

" Goaslyn" he shouted, hearing her talk like that.

" Well who is she?" she asked " are you going to call her?

" well...I'm not sure" he said

" I can help you out" she said. Gosalyn jumped on the table " operation Date number 1". then drake yell at her to get off the table.

OK please don't jump on me about Grammar (plenty of people have done that).

sorry if the charters sound a little off. I base Drake of of my mom's health habits.

I remember Launchpad from ducktale when I was a kid so why not give him a girl to love, he's not gay.

i will not invole any of today's crime in this fic it'll be base right off the cartoon.