I believe we forgot about something

weeks went by with no crime untill now. Drake was relaxing at his house when the alrms went off. rushing over the portrate of him and Gosalyn plugging ther ears from the sound of the alarm , he removed to reveil a button, pressing it stoped the alarm, his wall slid open and a big super computer poped out.

Pressing a few buttion a long sheet of paper came out of the computer, Drake read the parer

" Nega duck in attacking the candy factory " he read. Launchpad was comming out of the kitchen with a sandwich, Drake grabed him by the colar of the shirt, he flung him into one of the recliners, Drake took the other one, hitting the Basil of baker street statue the two recliner went back untill they dissapered


Negaduck was distroying every candy with a giant mallat.

" I am the tero that flaps in the night". Negaduck slaped his forehead, he knew who was here

" I am the sugar that is bad for your health" the voice continued, a cloud of smoke appeared then cleared to reveal Darkwing duck

" I am Dark wing..." he didn't get to finished cause a giant mallat pounded him to the floor "...Duck" he muttewred from the floor

" don't bother Darkwing" Nega duck spoke. Darkwing pulled himself out from the mallat,

" well I'm not the suger plum princess" he sai with little breath he had since he was flat like a penny., sticking his thomb into his mouth he blew in like a balloon and regain form. He took out his gas gun

" for you Negaduck I have the element of suprise" he posistion the gun at Negaduck

" on the contary Darkwing " Nega duck said while pulling up the rope " I have the element of suprise". the roped pulled up a girl. Darkwing gasped. tied up was Gosalyn.

"so you see Darkwing fire that gun and the girl will fall into a giant tub of cocolate" he said, below the girl was a tub of boiling hot cocolate. Darkwing pulled the trigger on his gun, insted of a gas capulse a talisman with a hipnotic cirlce poped out, the patteren begain to spin, Negeaducks eyes were focuse on the patteren that his eyes refected the pateren

" Darkwing duck isn't Drake Mallard" he said. Darkwing repeaded these words four times " Gosalyn isn't my Daughter " he told him aslso repeating four more times

" untie the girl " he orderd. Negeaduck under the hypnotci spell untied the girl, but Gosalyn fell. she almost landed in the chocolate but to her luck Launchpad caught her just in time.

" Now when you wake up you'll prance aroud like a chicken on the coun't of three" he comanded " 1" Darkwing held up his right hand "2" he press his thumb with his middle finger " 3" he snaped his fingers. Negaduck woke up

" Who, what,where, when and some times why?" Negaduck sputtered. in response he felt a web foot into his head

" this is the end for you Negaduck" Darkwing said, but Negaduck got up and started to prance around like a chicken, Darkwing scratched his head , he shrugged his shoulders took out apair of hand cuffs and arested him.

well at least he doesn't know my secret identity he thought.


I knew you all like this if I ended it with Negaduck.

if i have sopelling erros i'm sorry the comuter i'm working on seems to have aproblem but

i'll fix it some day ok.

oh by the way i now have 3 great story ideas. and of corse i'm working on that story i promissed with our favorit Grumpy puss NeggyDucky.