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I now present to you chapter two in my little road trip-esque story. This chapter is in Alice's POV, which is why it took so dang long to write. Hopefully I can do her some justice. The only thing we really have in common is our height, or lack there of heh heh heh. This is the first time I'm writing from a POV that's not Rose's or third person… Now then, enjoy the disaster that is the aftermath of Rosalie fleeing the state!

Summary: Wedding fiascos, speeding tickets, and sexy cops! Oh my! Armed with nothing but a crumpled wedding dress and tear stained cheeks, former bride-to-be Rosalie Hale thinks she can take on Mr. Sexy State Trooper Emmett McCarty.

Operation Rescue Rosalie
A Twilight Series Fanfic
By FlamingRedFox
Alice's Point of View

"I told you marrying Royce was a bad idea!"

My voice echoed down the aisle, trailing after our furious former bride. Surprisingly I attracted a few curious stares from a few of the wedding guests. Apparently not everyone knew I was completely against this wedding despite my agreement to both help plan it and be the maid-of-honor. Rosalie's friend Vera was originally supposed to be her maid-of-honor, but since she was a little over eight months pregnant with her second child she had refused the offer.

I didn't really mind being second choice. Even if she had picked Bella over me I would have still been in the wedding. Rosalie would never pick Bella over me though. For one, Bella would have refused the honor since she hated being thrust into the spotlight. For two, there had always been a bit of animosity between the two of them. I'm not quite sure why, but in the four years they'd known each other Bella was still a bit timid around Rose. Rosalie, of course, used that to her advantage to often get Bella on her side whenever she disagreed with me on something. It was almost as powerful as the puppy pout I had mastered at the age of three. But I digress. There are more important matters at hand than the fact that Bella and Rosalie have a hard time getting along.

More interesting topic number one: Royce King was drunk as a skunk and passed out in front of the alter. Idiot. I really don't understand what Rose ever saw in him. I mean, sure he was handsome and rich, and spoiled her with lavish gifts. They had no connection what so ever though. They spent more time with the entire group than they did each other, and every account of public display of affection I'd observed between them seemed like it was an obligation instead of necessity. When you love someone, that person is supposed to be more important than air or water, or dare I say it even a sale at Barneys. That's what it's like for Jasper and me. Just knowing he's someplace in the same room as me, probably thinking about me, makes it easier to get through the day.

Rosalie and Royce didn't have that connection. Bella doesn't either, for that matter, but that's a whole other story. We're still trying to convince her that she's out of the league of people like Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, and Eric Yorkie instead of the other way around. She absolutely refuses to shed that shy small town girl persona despite all our pushing and prodding. If she just had a bit of confidence in herself she could land herself a Jasper no problem. As long as it's not my Jasper.

Now then. More interesting topic number two: Rosalie had just fled the church, leaving me to handle damage control. I had a sinking feeling this wasn't going to be pretty, considering the groom was lying at my feet, Rosalie's and Royce's families were about ten seconds away from exploding with embarrassment, disgust, and anger, and gossip was spreading like wildfire through the large church…


"Yes Bella?"

"I think we should go after Rose."

I stared at my best friend for a moment, completely dumbstruck. Did she really just point out the obvious like that? Then again, she was looking a little ill from all the chaos. It's understandable if her brain wasn't quite up to par with the events at the moment.


"Yes Alice?"

"Of course we're going after Rose! We just have to clean up this mess first."

Bella gave me a nervous smile before glancing around at the guests. With the high, corbelled ceiling, the volume of chatter within the church was equivalent to that of a rock concert. There were close to 1,000 guests in attendance and they were all swapping theories about the now apparent not-so-happy couple. This whole fiasco would be all over the news tomorrow thanks to the press Royce's family insisted on having in attendance. And, Bella and I had to get everyone out of the church as quickly as possible before we could track down Rose and try and comfort her. Hopefully she wouldn't get too far before we caught up to her. As much as Rose was the type of girl to purposely make a scene, I don't think she'd be able to handle any more public humiliation right now.

I climbed up onto the alter, hoping it'd give me just enough height to help get everyone's attention. I then proceeded to slip two fingers into my mouth and let out an earsplitting whistle. The room suddenly fell deathly silent as all eyes turned curiously towards me. Even Bella looked a little more frazzled than before as she blinked at me with her wide brown doe eyes.

"Ladies and gentlemen," I began, projecting my voice as best I could. The high soprano bounced off the walls, commanding despite it's musical tone. "As you may have noticed, we are having some, er… technical difficulties. At this time the wedding party would appreciate it if you were to proceed directly to the reception. Enjoy the music, the food, the cake, and of course the OPEN BAR. We apologize for this minor inconvenience. Thank you for attending."

I remained standing on the alter for several minutes, watching the crowd slowly disperse. It was amazing what the promise of free alcohol could do. Bella was off to the side talking quietly with Vera. The Kings were attempting to pick their plastered son off the floor and proceed out of the church with some dignity, and it was rather clear they wouldn't be on speaking terms with the Hales for a long time to come. My wonderful Jasper came over to help me down and then proceeded to massage my shoulders in attempt to relieve some of the stress. Only he would attempt, and succeed at keeping me calm during such chaos.

"Hey Jazzy, can you do me a favor?" I asked sweetly, turning so I could look up at him. I pulled out my most innocent looking smile.

He seemed a bit weary, but replied anyway with, "What is it Alice?"

"Can you transform the reception into some sort of social party and make sure it goes off without a hitch while Bella and I track down Rose? I'd do it myself, but she needs her best friends right now. Please Jazzy? Please?"


I beamed at the slight whine in his voice, pulling myself up to kiss him lightly on the lips. "Thank you Jazzy! I have total faith in you."

He sighed before offering me a small smile, kissing the top of my head, and striding out of the church to take care of the reception. I really did have total faith in him. I wouldn't trust anyone else to help handle damage control. Jasper knew me well enough to know exactly what to do, and I could breath a little easier knowing that at least the guests would be well taken care of.

"Bella, let's go find Rose," I called, crossing my arms as I looked up and over to her. She offered an exasperated smile to Vera before striding over and linking her arm with mine. Together we apologized to the Hales, who were some of the few people remaining within the church, and then strolled down the aisle and out the ancient looking doors.

"Which way do you think she went?" Bella asked, unlinking her arm from mine and looking at me expectantly.

"She probably started making her way back to her place to pick up her car. She couldn't have made it too far in that dress unless she hailed a taxi, but we both know she'd never do something like that."

"I will never understand the aversion you two have to public transportation."

Her voice was laced with a light chuckled as she latched onto my arm again. At the brisk pace we had picked up as we made are way towards Rose's place, Bella had decided to use me as her personal cane. If she hadn't, there was a good chance she'd be spending a better portion of the walk on her ass.

"And I will never understand why you won't take the time to learn how to walk without tripping over air."

She rolled her eyes as I dragged her through the streets of Rochester, trying to figure out the quickest possible route to our destination. Rosalie, luckily, did not live far from the church, but with Bella's poor coordination skills and the fact that we were both in tight, floor length, lavender bridesmaid dresses our progress was much slower than it could have been. At least Rose had been kind enough to let us all wear rather charming dresses. Then again, it was very hard to upstage her even when she was dressed in a sweat suit for the gym, as Bella had a habit of pointing out, so there was no need for us to be forced into wearing hideous bows on our asses.

It took us a little over twenty minutes, but we finally made it to Rose's. We'd passed her two broken heels in the process so we'd known we'd made the right direction choice. Unfortunately, as we stared at the place where her car should have been it began to sink in that we may have been just a tad too late.


I glanced over at Bella the moment she muttered the curse, observing as she gnawed on the nails of her left hand nervously. So much for her manicure.

"You don't think…" I began wearily, unsure how to continue.

"She couldn't have…" Bella trailed off.

"She's never been…"

"She'd never…"


"Oh no…"

"Bella, I have a strange feeling Rosalie's half way out of New York by now."

Her chocolate eyes met my amber brown ones, reflecting the worry that was twisting my expression.

"I hope for once you're gut instinct is wrong Alice."

"Me too," I mumbled quietly, so quietly in fact that Bella almost missed it. When her brain registered what I'd said, she went slightly slack jawed.

"Shit!" she muttered again.

"She has a GPS tracking device in her car, doesn't she?"

"Alice… You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?" She looked almost frightened as she stared down at me. I smiled up at her sweetly, running a hand through my short, spiky, black hair.

"Depends Bella. Are you thinking we should pack a bag for Rose, grab her laptop so we can locate her car, then head to our places and change out of these dresses before packing our own bags so we can take a little road trip?"

Bella let out a sigh, before turning to head up the stairs. "Let's get this over wi-AH! Alice! Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

"But Bella…" I giggled out, dancing over to offer her a hand. "Only you could manage to trip up stairs while in the middle of 'Operation Rescue Rosalie.'"

She shot me a quizzical look, straitening her dress as she managed to stand upright. "Operation Rescue Rosalie?"

I nodded and smiled, still laughing a bit. "Mmhmm. I was originally going to call it 'Operation Runaway Bride,' but I realized that would be more fitting for Rose's little escape plans. Now come on Captain Clumsypants. We've got to pack!"

"Whatever you say Private Pixiesticks."

Exactly three hours and seventeen minutes later we were changed, packed, and piled into my canary yellow Porsche. Bella sat in the passenger seat, calling out directions as she intently stared at Rosalie's laptop, watching every movement and pit stop the BMW made. When Royce first insisted Rose install the tracking device, we'd all laughed at him and joked about the impracticality of it. Honestly, why would anyone need to know the exact location of their car at any given moment? Apparently the drunken idiot was smarter than we'd given him credit for. Ah well. The important thing was that we found Rose.

"Okay, according to this she's been on I-81 for the last few hours. She stopped in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Staunton, Virginia for gas. Provided she doesn't turn off, she should be crossing into Tennessee within the next hour and a half or so… Gah! Alice! Watch the road!"

I turned my confused gaze from Bella's face back to the endless stretch of interstate before me, swerving in and out of traffic as I floored the gas. "Sorry," I muttered, darting a quick glance at my friend. She was ghostly pale as she clutched onto the door for dear life with one hand and the laptop with the other. "Why would Rose be headed to Tennessee?"

"You tell me. You're the one that's always claiming to be able to see the future. And will you slow down a bit? I'd like to still be in one piece by the time we find Rose."

"Relax Bella. I have excellent driving skills. You know that!"

"Then why are you about to rear end that Mazda?"

I yanked the wheel to the left, cutting across two lanes of traffic. A few horns sounded in the background as I turned to smile at Bella. "What Mazda? There's no Mazda in front of me."

She looked like she was either going to burst into tears or pee her pants in fright. "I told you to keep your eyes on the road!"

"Bella, Bella, Bella," I sighed, continuing to weave in and out of traffic as we steadily approached the New York boarder. "Don't worry about a thing. In fact, why don't you try and call Rosalie? She might actually pick up if she realizes it's you."

"Can't you please slow down a bit first?" she pleaded. She even attempted to the puppy pout I'd taught her. It wasn't quite as effective as my own, but I took pity on her and eased up on the gas a little bit.

"There. Happy?"

"Not really, but I supposed ten miles is a start…" she drawled, voice dripping with sarcasm as she rolled her eyes.

I stuck my tongue at her quickly before focusing back on the task at hand. We had a long drive ahead of us if we wanted to catch up to Rose before tomorrow, and the sun was already beginning to set. I could hear the beeping of Bella's phone as she dialed, and then the ringing started. She impatiently tapped her fingers against the door as it rang, eyes staring out the widow watching the scenery zip by. After a minute and a half she flipped the phone shut and dropped it in the cup holder, running a hand through her brown locks in frustration.

"I got her voicemail. It rang like eight or nine times though, so her phone's not dead. She's just not answering."

"Dang. Where's the computer say she's at?"

"An hour from Tennessee. We've only been in the car half an hour?"

I shrugged my shoulders and leaned over to turn the radio up, blasting whatever today tune happened to be playing. We fell into a comfortable silence, occasionally singing along to whatever lyrics caught our attention as I continued to "dodge cars" as Bella liked to put it.

About two hours into the trip we decided to pull over for gas and a snack. I took the first exit I found and we stopped at an Exxon that was priced slightly lower than the Shell station across the street. Bella got out to pump the gas while I strolled through the doors of the small convenience store, eyes lilting over the various rows of snacks and a few kitchen accessories. Now let's see… What to get… Decisions, decisions…

I casually strolled down the various aisles, stopping to grab a bag of Lays Potato Chips, a box of Cheese Nips, an assortment of candy bars, a couple of water bottles and two Yoo-Hoos. Arms full, I browsed the rows of scratch off lottery cards behind the counter as I waited for the old man in front of me to pay. The longer I looked at the scratch offs, the larger my smile grew, and by the time I deposited my findings on the counter I was positively grinning.

"Can I get five of those 'Double It' and five 'Take the Money and Run' scratch offs please?"

I thought I'd asked politely, but the cashier gave me a funny look as he rang up the snacks. I quirked a brow in return and the man behind the counter rolled his eyes.


"ID?" I repeated back, thoroughly confused.

"If you want the tickets, you gotta prove you're older than eighteen kiddo," he replied, looking thoroughly amused.

I, on the other hand, found nothing funny. My eyes narrowed into an icy glare as I fished my license from my purse along with a credit card. I slid them across the counter, tapping my foot impatiently as he inspected my date of birth. I did not appreciate being called kiddo. Just because I was a good foot shorter than the man did not mean I was underage to do anything. Granted, I should be thankful for my youthful looks and normally I am. It's just usually people are smart enough to realize I'm at least over eighteen instead of under it. For a guy that looked like he was in his early thirties at the most, he sure was dense if you ask me.

"Alright that's $28.32. That debit or credit?"

I was still glaring as I snapped, "Credit," and swiped my card through the machine. I quickly signed and snatched the bag off the counter after the receipt was placed in it. I was almost out the door when I heard the voice of the cashier again.

"Have a good evening ma'am."

I froze, eye twitching slightly as I turned my head to look over my shoulder at him. "You too," I ground out, teeth clenched. First 'kiddo' and then 'ma'am?' Who the hell did this guy think he was? Obviously he had no clue how to address a lady.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Bella questioned as I stormed over to the Porsche.

"Idiot cashier. Why are you in the driver seat of my baby?"

"Because your driving terrifies me and I figured I'd let you have a break. We can switch back the next time we stop for gas."

"But, what if you hurt her? She's precious!" I pouted as I took in my smug looking friend, panic clearly on my face. I'd never let anyone else ever drive my precious car before.

"Alice, I won't hurt the car. I'm a better driver than you, now get in and tell me what you bought." Her voice was rather calm and tired sounding, but the look on her face was daring me to challenge her.

"Bellaaa!" I whined.

"Aliceee!" she mimicked, smirking.

I growled and climbed into the passenger seat, buckling my seatbelt as she took off at a reasonable cough-ridiculously slow-cough pace. I opened the laptop and got comfortable before pulling out one of the candy bars and handing it to Bella. It wasn't long before we were back on the road and had devoured all of the chocolate. Maybe I should have bought that the entire box of Hershey bars…

"What did you get to drink?"

Bella's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I began to rummage through the bag. "I've got Yoo-Hoo and water bottles. Oh, and ten scratch off tickets!"

"Yoo-Hoo please. And why did you buy scratch offs?"

I shook the bottle, popped the top off with a pocketknife, and handed the chocolaty milk to her before repeating the process with my own. "I had a feeling you'd be lucky. Who knows, maybe you'll actually win enough to buy a truck that goes more than sixty miles an hour. Which is five miles under the speed limit here, so would please hit the gas? I'd rather not get pulled over for driving too slow…"

Bella rolled her eyes but luckily complied and I felt the car speed up slightly. "There. Happy?"

"Not really, but I supposed ten miles is a start…" I quipped back. We both shared a laugh as I picked up Bella's cell phone. "I'm gonna try calling Rose again. According to the computer she's been in Tennessee for a while now. I'm guessing she's spending the night someplace there."

I watched Bella quirk an eyebrow as she kept her eyes on the road. "Hopefully she'll pick up this time. Wonder what she found in Tennessee that made her stop."

"Beats me."

I quickly dialed the number and silently counted each ring. When the phone went to voicemail again, I sighed.

"Why don't you leave her a message, tell her we're worried about her?"

I shot Bella a sideways glance before an evil smirk twisted its way onto my lips. I knew exactly the message I needed to leave. As soon as the beep signaled it was time to start talking, I forced as much sugar into my voice as possible.

"Rosalie sweetie, Bella and I both understand that you're very upset over the whole wedding mess. However, it is common courtesy to keep your friends in the loop when you decide to flee the state. You better have a damn good reason for being in Tennessee, because Bella's driving my baby and chasing you halfway across the country was not on the agenda. See you soon. Love you!"

Snapping the phone shut I turned to smirk at my partner in crime who was intently concentrating on the road in front of us. Her lower lip was tucked between her teeth as she did her best to fight back whatever expression wanted to burst forth on her face. I tilted my head to one side innocently, offering up my most charming smile.

"How was that? Think she'll call us back?"

"I don't know, Alice, but I have a strange feeling she's not going to be too happy when we turn up on the doorstep of wherever she happens to be."

"Now why would you say that? You're the only one who's ever had a problem with us dropping by unexpectedly."

"Yeah, but she's Rose. She's already pissed as hell and you just nonchalantly threatened her over the phone."

"I did not nonchalantly threaten her. I simply left her a message stating that we are displeased by her current behavior and are on our way to find her."

"Alice, you used your 'Bella's going shopping and that's final' voice. That counts as a threat."

"Oh Bella, don't be silly. You should know by now that Rose's bark is much worse than her bite. Besides, if anyone should be worried about impending anger it should be her. If anything happened to her wedding dress…" I let the threat trail off as Bella's eyes widened shock.

"Rose is as good as dead, isn't she?" she finished for me, sighing.

I nodded my head, shuffling around in the bag at my feet for the scratch off lotto tickets. As soon as I located them, I separated and shuffled them. Five went back into the bag for Bella to do later. The other five were about to make friends with the quarter I'd picked up from the ashtray slot.

Ten minutes, a slightly cramped hand, and a handful of gray scratch off shavings later I was staring in disappointment at the cardboard slips in my hand.

"Did you win anything?" Bella asked casually as she changed lanes. There was surprisingly someone on this endless interstate that drove slower than her, and while Bella often obeyed the speed limit she didn't exactly enjoy driving more than ten miles under it.

"Absolutely nuthin'," I mumbled back, shredding the scratch offs and dropping the pieces in the designated garbage bag.

She sent me a sympathetic smile. "Maybe I'll have better some better luck with the others?"

"You better," I quipped back. "It's about time you got some money to replace that heap of scrap metal you call a truck. I'm surprised that thing still runs."

"Hey! I like my truck. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it."

"Aside from the fact that it doesn't drive above sixty and costs a small fortune in gas?"

"It's retro. Besides, my dad gave me that truck as a high school graduation present. It's one of the few surprises I actually enjoyed."

"I'm just saying Bella. One of these days that thing is gonna roll over and die and you'll be begging me to help you shop for a new a new car."

"Alice… in all the years that I've know you have you ever heard me beg you to help me shop?" She was starting to sound exasperated.

"Um, no?"

"Then what makes you think I'd beg you to take me car shopping, of all things? I don't want some obnoxiously colored, flashy sports car."

"Okay, so the colors purple, red, and yellow will be off limits. I'm sure we could find something in a pretty blue."


"Yes Bella?"

"You're not taking me car shopping."



"Pretty please?"


"Not even if I promise to let you look at Fords and Chevys?"

"You're not talking me into buying a Mustang or a Corvette."

"Damn. Come on Bella! Please? Can't I at least tag along? I promise you'll have the final decision!" I gave her the pleading puppy pout.

Her voice was whiney as she replied, "Allllice."

"Yay! I knew you'd see it my way!" I clapped my hands and practically bounced in the seat while Bella groaned, a frown on her pretty little face. I knew she'd see things my way. It was just a matter of pushing the right buttons.

After that we drove in silence for a while. Bella, I could only assume, was brooding over the inevitable car shopping trip we'd be going on as soon as we got back to New York. I, on the other hand, was alternating between checking the GPS tracker and playing a game of Mahjongg. Rose's car hadn't moved for the last few hours, and as victory fireworks exploded across the laptop's screen for the fifth time I spotted a sign reading 'Welcome to Tennessee!'

"I'm gonna pull off and get gas. And a cup of coffee."

"Ooo! Can you get me a French Vanilla Latte too? I can pump the gas while you run into the store."

"Alight. Anything else you want?"

"Nope. That's all." I had to suppress a Cheshire grin as Bella parked at a BP pump. She made her way towards the little convenience shop while I hopped out and flitted towards the gas tank. Quickly unscrewing the cap, I turned to insert my credit card before putting the pump in place and selecting Ultimate. It took a little over seven minutes for the take to fill, but by the time it was finished Bella still hadn't come back. Returning the pump, I grabbed my card and stuffed it in my purse before hopping into the driver's seat of my Porsche. A rather smug grin was on my face as I started her up and readjusted the seat, mirrors and steering wheel. Being a few inches shy of five feet did have its disadvantages…

I was settling the rearview mirror back into place when I heard the passenger door open. Bella rolled her eyes at my smile as she settled the coffees into the cup holders and reopened the laptop.

"Please try to keep it under a hundred if you want me to not spill my coffee," she begged as I began to pull out and get us back on the road.

"Bella, Bella, Bella. You worry too much. Besides, if you ruin my interior you'll just have to pay for it with the money you win from those lotto tickets!"

I chuckled as she pulled said tickets out of the bag and fished in the ashtray for coin. A silence elapsed for a few minutes as she rubbed at each card. I settled the car into a nice eighty five mile and hour pace, seeing as I really didn't want Bella spilling anything, and then glanced over at her. She caught my gaze and rolled her eyes before letting out a snort.

"Well?" I asked.

"Sure Alice. If I spill my coffee a whole three dollars will definitely cover the damages."

"Hah! I knew you'd win!"

"Yeah, a lousy three dollars. Can't exactly buy much with that." She held up one of each of the two brands, one a two dollar winner and the other a one dollar winner.

"So? I told you you'd win something and I was right. That's what is most important."

"Of course it is. How silly of me to think otherwise."

Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and we both ended up erupting into giggles.

"How far are we from where Rose is parked?"

"At the rate you're driving, I'd say and hour and fifteen, maybe an hour and thirty minutes tops. Looks like she's around exit 117."

I nodded and focused back on the road while Bella fiddled with the radio, trying to locate a station that played anything other country.

An hour and twenty one minutes later found the two of us pulling onto the side of the interstate, identical looks of confusion marring our expressions. Not ten feet in front of us sat Rosalie's convertible completely abandoned and yet surprisingly untouched. Rosalie was nowhere to be found.


"Yes, Alice?"

"I think we should try calling Rose again."

Nodding, I twisted in my seat to watch Bella grab her phone and dial. She'd set it to speaker as I turned down the radio. The only sound that broke the tense silence was the ringing. And then…

"Hello?" came a groggy voice as the call connected.

"Rosalie Lillian Hale where the hell are you!?"

"Rosalie Lillian Hale why the heck is your car on the side of the I-40!?"

Both Bella's and my voice echoed through the cool night air as we practically shouted our questions into the phone at the same time. I could just imagine Rose wincing at the sudden assault to her hearing, absentmindedly biting her bottom lip as her brain processed what we'd just asked. The one word response we got confirmed my thoughts on her reaction.


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