No Exit (Huis Clos): Valets




Scene 1: Hotel Room on the 3rd Floor

[Enter Valet and Uncle]

Uncle: How did it go?

Valet: The humans have not forgotten their sense of human dignity. And one guy was about to have a nervous breakdown, because I don't have eyelids.

Uncle: Don't think about it.

[Valet turns to the side and notices a glass screen]

Valet: What is that for?

Uncle: Your favorite trio of French people.

[The room with second empire furniture appears with three residents]

Valet: I thought one was Brazilian?

Uncle: Whatever, they're all the same here.

Valet: What made you want to watch them so much?

Uncle: Well they're nailing the guy for trying to take his jacket off.

[Valet turns around and approaches the thermostat. Uncle waves to Valet]

Uncle: Don't touch it. I want to see this guy squirm. The lesbian thinks we gave them that Second Empire room for a reason.

Valet: It's definitely not because that room was vacant at the time right?

[Valet sighs]