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A Second Chance for a Frozen Heart

Chapter One

-A Blast to the Past and a Half Baked Truth-

A cool breeze blew through quiet streets and along the newly built bridge in the early morning. Only a single young man braved the frigid temperatures that lingered with the winds and the fog that danced together to a tune only known to the tempest itself.

To the blond clad in black and orange, the cold winds nipping at his body did not compare nor did it numb the relentless blizzard the wracked his soul from the inside. This was all because tomorrow his team and him were to leave the wave country.

He didn't want to leave; he didn't even want to move. He just wanted to sit right where he currently was, leaning against the tree in front of the monstrous blade which marked the graves of two people he rapidly came to consider his 'precious people', and wait to hear their voices.

He even went so far as to imagine what they would say to see him as he was. A gruff voice spoke "Quit your' damn moping brat." He also imagined her voice, a soft and gentle one "Smile Naruto-kun it's much better than your frown." He smiled at this thought even thought it hurt him that they were gone. After a restless night of silent sobs and "what if's", while leaning against the tree nest to their graves, sleep claimed him.



Naruto mumbled in his sleep trying to get the pestering voice to go away. "Wake up Naruto"

Naruto proceeded to roll over onto his away from the insistent voice "God damn it Naruto, get your lazy ass up!!" Boomed the voice.

Naruto shot up and muttered "No I didn't eat your penguin!" A silence preceded Naruto's half awake statement.

As his eyes began to clear he took in his surroundings. The area looked like a sewer, it even had pipes in the ceiling that leaked water but that and the water all around felt warm and…..alive. "Weird." "See even you think you're strange."

At the reoccurrence of this voice Naruto turned to see a giant barred cage with a tag on the door which had the kanji for "seal". "Who are you and where the hell am I?"

Out from the shadows of the cage stepped a massive nine-tailed fox "Oh Naruto-kun, you hurt me." It said with what looked like a pout on its face. "It is I, the holder of the fox contract, ruler of the biju, most destructive force when reckoned with, and of course the most beautiful kitsune around, Kyuubi!"

Naruto unable to contain his giggling fit dropped to the floor holding his stomach. He managed to speak between laughing and gasping for breath "Beautiful?!"

"What, you don't think so?" There was poof as smoke filled the cage. As the smoke cleared it revealed a tall beautiful woman.

She wore a traditional black kimono, which served to pronounce her D-cup breasts, with a red sash. On the left side like it was crawling up the fabric was a rust-colored nine-tailed fox. It had a slit going up the side revealing her long creamy white legs. But the most peculiar thing about her were that, atop her head of deep crimson hair, she had a pair of rust-colored fox ears and swaying behind her were nine tails of identical color. T

he tips of both the ears and all the tails were white as well and if you looked close enough you could see her emerald eyes were had slit shaped pupils. "What about now Naruto-kun?" Sadly while he was picking his jaw up off the floor Naruto's mouth got ahead of his brain and released the first thing that passed through his skull. "You're a girl!?"

"Tell me Naruto-kun why is it that all males think that anyone who has vast amounts of power is a male? You know what? I bet it was that bastard Kami he has always been a fucking sexist."

Naruto smiled lightly at the joking of the Kyuubi and it didn't go unnoticed by the demoness either "It's good to see you smile Naruto-kun. She wouldn't like seeing you depressed."

"Shut up! I know that, but she isn't here and it's all because of me."After he snapped at the Kyuubi he fell to his knees sobbing heavily. Seeing him snap at her to defend the one he cared for made Kyuubi smile 'Good he still has the will to protect his precious people, but does he have the drive?'

"Naruto-kun, calm down. What if I told you I knew a way to possibly save them both? Would you do it no matter the personal cost? Before you say yes let me explain. The jutsu is a sort of 'time travel' jutsu and takes massive amounts of energy to use in addition it puts the user in great pain. I know you have large amounts of chakra but it wouldn't be enough. I would have to fuel it, but you would have to endure the physical pain." She looked back over to him to see him on his feet looking at her with a fire in his eye.

"Oh yeah, he has the drive' "How?" Was the only word he spoke but it sent a tremor down the Kyuubi's back. "You would have to force my youkai into your system so I could help with the jutsu. To do that you would need to remove the seal on the cage. In truth that's just a limiter for my youkai and movement. If you remove it we are both bound to each other through our energies. The only downside is that should you die, I would perish as well but it doesn't work the other way around, what with you being the host. I would also be able to leave your body but I couldn't go far. As time went on, and if we trained it, we could eventually get farther without ill effects. The youkai quickly entering your system will hurt because it will be reuining your old coils and creating newer, larger ones. And it may change your appearance some."

As she finished she saw Naruto's hand pulling on the tag on the bars. His eyes glazed over for a second before he overcame the pain and look at the Kyuubi. "Let's go Kyu-chan"

She smiled at the nickname that Naruto had given her. She began a long string of hand seals and stopped on the last one as she said "See you in the past Naruto-kun." As she finished the jutsu the pain came quickly to Naruto. He tried to scream but blacked out quickly with one though on his mind 'For Haku-chan'

-Konoha four years earlier-

Naruto slowly opened his eyes from possibly one of the strangest dreams he had ever had. He rubbed his eyes as he yawned. "Man I have got to stop eating ramen so close to bed" He sat up and looked at his alarm clock. It read 6:48.

"Damn I don't have to be at the training grounds for some time with how late Kakashi always is. Might as well get warmed up and showered before I have to catch that damn cat again." Her shivered at the thought of having to do that mission for a third time.

Naruto walked over to the closet still partially asleep and not noticing the shower running down the hall. He rummaged through the closet only to find that all he had left were some of the outfits Sarutobi had given him on his eighth birthday.


Sarutobi watched as Naruto opened his gift. He smirked slightly when Naruto brought out the vest from the outfit he had bought him.

"See Naruto these are much better for a ninja they are more durable and not as bright. The vest even has metal plating on the inside to guard against kunai or shurikan attacks."

"Yeah Ojii-san but I like orange." "Well now you can like it a little less." The old man beamed because he had even been able to get an ANBU to rid of a few pairs of the jumpsuit, well worth the A-rank he gave the mission in his opinion.

"Fine Old man I'll were these just don't forget you owe me ramen for this." "It's a gift how could I possibly owe you ramen?!" The Hokage exclaimed. Naruto put on his best pout "Please, Ojii-san." The Hokage looked down in defeat "Fine. Let's go." He continued to mumble under his breath out ungrateful brats.

-End Flashback-

He sighed and grabbed a set of clothing while making a mental note, to get his laundry done, before he grabbed a towel and headed to the out the door and turned down the hallway, right into the wall.

The soft, fleshy, squishy wall. 'I don't have any fleshy walls, what in the hell is going on.' Naruto backed up and looked at what he had believed to be a wall but in front of him stood a tall, green-eyed redhead clad in only a towel wrapped around her tightly and pushing up her ample breast which with a realization was what his face was previously buried in.

Promptly blushing he took in her feature and noticed the distinct ears and tails which also adorned her figure."Well good morning to you too Naruto-kun." When she spoke a realization dawned over Naruto that the dream was real and that meant…. "Haku-chan…." Kyuubi smiled seeing him remember his first real friend as the spark of determination rekindled itself in Naruto's soul.

When his body caught up with his mind he looked at the Kyuubi and spoke. "When are we Kyu-chan?" The demoness scratched the back of her head sheepishly. "Umm well, I think I may have taken us back around…" The very last parts of her statement were not audible "What was that Kyu-chan." "I said that I may just have taken us back around four years!"

She tried to say it really fast in hope he wouldn't hear but he did. "What! Why the hell would you take us back that far?" "Hey at least we'll have time to train, because when we fused with our younger selves our chakra reserves basically doubled so our control is pretty much shot, well your's anyway I don't really need control. But now not only do you have my youkai rapidly mixing with your chakra you also have double the chakra you used to have as well as untapped youkai from your younger self all you have to do is will it to mix with your chakra just like some of it is now. I'd say it'll be about three or four years till it finishes which is probably a good thing because you really don't want to change too much and not end up on team seven or the wave mission."

Naruto sighed "Man, am I always going to have to be the dobe? But it doesn't matter I will do anything to make sure both of them get a second chance I will not let them die again." "That's good Naruto-kun but you've only got around thirty minutes until you have to be at the academy for your first day and if I am correct its your second year. "

The Kyuubi chuckled as Naruto ran into the bathroom and the shower was turned on a few seconds after. She turned around and Decided to tour the apartment but frowned slightly as she looked around. It wasn't much. It only really had a 2 rooms and a bathroom. The kitchen and living area was alright but upon closer look the walls had been painted over many times and a lot of the windows didn't match. 'Damn those villagers maybe I should have leveled this place… no, I will get him back for what he made me do."


Naruto let the water cascade down his shoulders washing away the few doubts he had while melting the tension from his body. He sighed 'I've got to get stronger. I will get stronger!'

He finished washing and dried himself before he went over to look in the mirror. 'She said there would be some changes…'

In the mirror he saw that although the changes were obvious he could live with them. He had gotten taller and now stood about 5'7" instead of his normal 5'1". His hair had lengthened and now had streaks of red in some places. 'Damn these bangs are going to be a pain in the ass.' His whisker marks had become darker and his canine teeth had become larger as he could now feel them poking into his bottom lip.

After he decided he kind of like the changes he got dressed and headed out to the living room, grabbing his goggles and a rubberband from his nightstand as he went. 'Hmm these should keep my hair manageable.'

The Kyuubi had realized after thirteen years she may have been a little hungry and had moved to the kitchen area to see what there was that she could eat. She huffed and crossed her arms when all she could find was instant ramen. "Damn it Naruto no wonder you're so short, this is far from a well balanced diet." "Yeah, yeah I know Kyu-chan. I'll go buy food when I can get some money I promise."

Kyuubi turned around to see Naruto dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and a standard green vest. Adorning his lower half was a pair of black ANBU standard pants and black regulation sandals. He had tied his Long hair into a pony tail in the back. 'Spitting Image of his father' thought the Kyuubi.

Naruto walked past her and grabber a kettle which he filled form the sink and set it down on the stove. "Just give it a bit." He said as he sat down at a small table.

For a few moments he sat nervously tapping his foot before he voiced his thought to the Kyuubi "Do you think I'll be able to save them Kyu-chan, Will I be strong enough?" "Don't worry Naruto no matter what I know you will save them, and I'll be here to help."

The kettle chose now to release steam and din, notifying it was done. Naruto pulled two ramen cups out of the cupboard and poured some water into both before handing one to the Kyuubi.

A silence fell over them, both not knowing what to say until Naruto got up and grabbed two sets of chopsticks and handed one to the demoness. "Ah…. Sorry I kind of forgot the chopsticks" He said as he smiled sheepishly. Kyuubi giggled at Naruto's antics

"Man am I glad I got sealed in you and not some uptight asshole with no sense of humor." "Like Sasuke-teme?" Naruto said while laughing. He looked to the clock to check how much longer he had for the ramen and paled. "Shit! I'm late. I'll see you later Kyu-chan" He said as he ran to the door. He stopped as he opened it and look over his shoulder "And, thank you, I mean it." With that he ran out the door. A lone tear fell down the face of Kyuubi while she watched Naruto's retreating back. 'Naruto's retreating back…. Wasn't there something… Oh shi-'were Kyuubi's thoughts as an audible 'poof' filled the apartment along with smoke and when it clear she was gone.

-City streets-

Naruto could now see the academy just the next street over but a loud 'poof' and something warm and fuzzy landing on his neck stopped him. 'What the hell?"

Naruto turned his head and came face to face with the rust colored fox draped around his neck. A familiar voice spoke up 'Good thing I set up that mental link while you were sleeping. So umm yeah one small detail I forgot to re-mention we can't be too far away from each other otherwise I end up poofing back into the seal or near you' "Crap yeah, now I remember you saying something like that before the jutsu."

'Naruto-kun if you're going to talk out loud to me then people will think you're crazy.' 'Why Kiba does it?'

'Touché, maybe we can play it off something like that at least for most people I'm positive you can tell the old man and Iruka but only them for now and only about me ok?'

'Ok Kyu-chan I hope you're right.' 'You know as well as I do they consider you family. You feel like Iruka is an older brother and hell, you call Sarutobi gramps.'

'I guess you have a point' 'Now shouldn't you be getting to school?' Naruto didn't even respond he simply ran toward his classroom and burst through the door "I'm sorry Sensei! I forgot to set my alarm."

The entire classroom turned to look at Naruto like he was crazy. It was as he was turning away from their stares of disbelief that he saw that Iruka's eyebrow was twitching. "Naruuuutooo."

'Oh shit!' 'Oh shit indeed Naruto-kun.' 'No big-head jutsu. Please no big head jutsu.'

"For being late its ten minutes after class and another ten for interrupting it." Naruto hung his head "Yes Sensei." 'At least he didn't use the big head jutsu, that thing is scary'

Naruto took his seat next to Shikamaru who was appeared to be sleeping already. That is until he spoke up "You'd think you would learn Naruto. Even I can tell he favors you but not in a good way. He yells at you more than anyone. Hnn troublesome."

Choji spoke up after Shikamaru "Yeah now that you mention it I think you're right Shika." His only reply was a soft snoring.

It was then Iruka started speaking from the front of the classroom "Alright, as I was saying before we were interrupted, you've only got three years till you graduate and I hope that all of you will be ready, this year we will be learning the katas for the basic form of taijutsu and pravtical use of the taijutsu. Also for those who wish, there will be the option to learn kenjutsu. Finally we will keep up last years training in accuracy with projectiles.

Next year will be chakra control through a method you will learn then as well as jutsu thoery. Your final year will be used to polish your previous skills as well as learning the two basic jutsu needed to pass and to cast and dispell the most basic genjutsu.

'We were given the option to take kenjutsu?' 'Yes Naruto, it was one of those times that you, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji skipped.'

'Damn well I want to take it this time' 'That would be good it might help you when that time comes. I can even teach you the basics of a style called "Dance of the Crescent Moon" and for the more advanced parts we could ask the old man for scrolls.' 'That's a good idea Kyu-chan.' 'Thank you.'

Time Skip

Naruto now stood in front of Iruka as he asked his questions. "Naruto I know you didn't just 'forget to set your alarm'. What's going on?" "Can we go to the see the old man first I want to tell you both at the same time ok?" "I guess it's not like I have gotten any answer from you so far. And I still want to know where you got your new 'pet'. He shuddered remembering the girls screech when they saw what it was.


'Naruto you should probably be paying attention' 'Fine but could you do me a favor and get off my shoulders they are stiff from staying in one position to long.' '

Okay' thought the Kyuubi as she jumped down to the table with a soft 'thud' but that was all it took to catch the attention of every female in the classroom.

A loud screeching 'Cuuuuuute' from all the girls not only made Naruto cover his ears in pain as the Kyuubi was helping him with his enhanced senses but also woke up Shikamaru Who muttered "Damn it Naruto why must you be so troublesome?"

When his ears quit ringing Naruto saw the Kyuubi getting passed around and petted by the girls in the class. 'The great ruler of the biju reduced to a plush toy'

'I heard that!' Naruto continued to laugh before Iruka used the dubbed 'Big Head jutsu' to shout for quiet and then told Naruto to take his pet back.

-Flashback End-

The Hokage sat behind his desk staring at the bane of his profession. "Damn paperwork." He muttered while he silently prayed for a distraction from the tedious task.

As if in answer to his prayers the door burst open and there stood someone that looked familiar but at the same time very different. The voice though was very familiar and it was where he realized who he was looking at.

"Hey old man. I have something I have to tell you and Iruka-sensei." The Hokage quirked his eyebrow at the blond as the previously named chunin teacher walked in behind him.

"Lord Hokage." He addressed the leader. "I think Naruto has something very important to tell us. It might be best to remove your ANBU and set up the sound proof seals."

The Old Sarutobi's face turned serious and he waved his right hand and an ANBU Nin appeared next to him before nodding and disappearing. He then stood and walked over to the door, his hand glowing with chakra.

He placed his hand in the middle of the door and a seal appeared in the same blue hue as his chakra before disappearing.

"All right now no one can disturb us or hear us, what's the issue Naruto?" He said as he sat backed down behind his desk. "First off let me say everything I have to say before you bombard me with questions ok?"

A silent nod from both people he considered family had him continue. "I know about the Kyuubi." Both of their eyes widened at this but still they kept silent. "As it was the limiter seal keeping the Kyuubi's chakra from mine was going to go away one day anyway so I removed it hence the changes. Before you get the wrong idea however, yes the Kyuubi can now move freely but she is bound to me." Both of them chose this moment to shout their though. "She?!"

"Yes she" This time Iruka spoke up. "Wait does that mean that your 'friend' there is…" "Yes Iruka-sensei. Old man, Iruka-sensei, meet the Kyuubi"

The fox jumped down from his shoulders and in a poof stood in her human for dressed in her black kimono."Hello Lord Hokage. And you too Umino-san" Both of them were a little shocked and Iruka reached for a kunai only to hear Naruto's voice

"Don't worry Sensei she is actually nice and I think the whole mess might be a big misunderstanding." "What mess?" Said the Hokage. "The attack all those years ago." "Actually you're quite right Naruto-kun but I will tell the Hokage that later as of right now just finish what you were saying earlier"

And Naruto continued to tell them about the Kyuubi even saying that they couldn't be too far apart right now. After he finished he looked at the Hokage who seemed to be taking it rather well. "Okay Naruto I believe you but I would like to know what new abilities you gained with this." "I'm not sure other then the enhanced senses Ojii-san. Do you know Kyu-chan?"

"Not as of this moment but later I plan on teaching him some Kitsune jutsu but I will tell you about them beforehand Hokage-sama." "Alright Since all of this pertains to the Kyuubi it falls under the S-class secret from before meaning only you, Naruto, may speak freely about it but I would be careful because some won't be happy."

"I know gramps. I wish people would pulls their head out of their ass and see me, even though Kyu-chan is nice she is her and I am me. Well Naruto Actually I do have to say that right now the only ones having …. Issues at the council meetings are the civilian council the shinobi council supports you almost one-hundred percent."

Naruto smiled at this 'Maybe there is a chance' The Kyuubi heard this and simply smiled but did not comment on Naruto's thought.

"Oh wait old man, one more thing do you know where a can probably get a set of kodachi without being over charged and I also wanted to know if you happen to have any scrolls on the Kenjutsu style 'Dance of the Crescent Moon.' Iruka –sensei mentioned kenjutsu and Kyu-chan said she could help me with the basics of the style but to come to you for scrolls one the more advanced stuff."

Hiruzen Sarutobi laughed and said "Always straight forward and no beating around the bush. Eh Naruto? I'll take you somewhere to get the Kodachi tomorrow and I'll do one better I'll get you a teacher who has mastered the style you want to learn." Naruto beamed at the man.

"Thank you so much Ojii-san!" He went up and hugged the man before backing up and saying "What time do I need to be up?"

"I'll be there to get you at six thirty that way you still have time to get to school and you will meet your teacher this Friday. Now you should probably get home so you can actually wake up on time." "Okay old man, I'll see you tomorrow. Let's go Kyu-chan."

The Kyuubi nodded to both men and changed back into her fox form before jumping back to Naruto's shoulders and exiting with the blond. "Thank you for coming with him Iruka."

"It was my pleasure Hokage-sama, I hope that maybe I can help him grow into the man he is destined to be." "You and me both Iruka." With that they said their goodbyes and the Hokage had the secretary clear his morning schedule. Before he headed home as well.

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