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Naruto is lying on top of the Hokage desk and that's because he had the demon sealed inside of him a few hours ago, but the Hokage doesn't know what to do with little Naruto and he fears that the council will kill him. Only one of the council that won't kill Naruto is Miss Tsume. The Hokage sees the office door opening but he starts to wonder who could it be. When the person walked in the Hokage knows who it is because it was Draco Uzumaki the brother to Kushina Uzumaki. Well he was pissed that his sister's husband sealed a demon inside of their new born baby.

"Hokage is it true that asshole of a man sealed Kyuubi inside his and my sister son!" Draco yelled at him because right now he doesn't care if he was kami herself because he's pissed.

"He is not an asshole and yes he sealed the demon into little Naruto here," He said back to him in a calm voice.

"Ahah my sister named her son fishcake ahahah!" Draco couldn't help himself from laughing.

"Yea, but tell me why are you here?" He said back to him with a worried tone of voice.

"Because he's coming back with me to whirlpool and you have no right to stop me. Because he is my family member," Draco said back to the Hokage in a dead tone of voice.

"You've got to be joking me! He is Minato's son, he belongs in his village," He said back to the man in a pissed voice.

"Tell me are you going tell everyone he's Minato's son, no I don't think you are and that is because your village is scared to. Also he belongs in his mother village. Not the one that he got a demon sealed inside of him," Draco said back with a pissed look and both of them did not notice a man with silver hair standing at the door because of them fighting with each other.

"He's my sensei's son?" The man asked them.

"Kakashi what you just heard, you can't tell anyone," The Hokage said to him.

"I'll be leaving with Naruto Uzumaki," He said as he walked over to Naruto the Hokage wanted to stop him but he couldn't. First reason is because Draco right he not a family member but he is. The other reason is because he will be safer in whirlpool because no one will hurt him or hate him.

"Sir, is it ok if I visit him?" Kakashi asked him.

"Sure but don't call me sir, the name is Draco," He said back to him.

"Thank you Draco," He replied back.

"Can you do me a favor Kakashi?" Draco asked in a friendly tone of voice.

"Sure what is it?" He replied back as he tries not to look at the pissed Hokage.

"Can you tell Drake Yuuhi that I will be back in whirlpool and I hope he visits?" He said as he walks passed him and leaves.

"Hokage why would you hide something like that?" Kakashi turned and asked his so called leader.

"If Iwa finds out that your sensei had a son, he will be killed but that's only one reason. And the other is it that if the council found out, he was the last of the Namikaze they would make him have more then one wife and have kids and the sooner the better," The Hokage said back to the jounin.

"Very well hokage-sama," He said as he bowed then walked out.

Four days later at the gates of whirlpool.

"Naruto this is going to be your home from now on," Draco said to the five day old baby as he walked into his village.

Draco walked over to a house that was close to the water. Most of the houses and village are close to the sea but that's what made this place home. He opened the door to see a woman with long silver hair waiting for him. She had blue eyes and she was around age of 18 and she had a nice body that a lot of woman would kill for and her chest was a great but that's not why he dated her and married her. He did because he loved her for who she was and now they're going take care of Naruto, that is, if she lets him.

"Hello Motoko-hime," he said to her as he shows her little Naruto.

"Who is that?" She asked him with worried face.

"Its Kushina's son and I'm going to take care of him because she died giving birth and asshole Minato die sealing the demon Kyuubi inside of him," He said to his wife and she could see that he hates Minato for what he did.

"Its ok and I always wanted a kid and now I have a chance," She said as she walked over to him and rubs his little head.

"Thanks for letting me raise him and he will be the best whirlpool shinobi there is," He said to his wife which she nodded to him.

"I guess I can teach someone medic jutsus now," She said as she smiled to him.

Six years later inside of the house.

"Good morning Tou-san and Kaa-chan," Naruto said as he walked into the living room in his deep blue shirt and black pants.

"Good morning Naruto-kun," His mother said. Naruto knows who his real mother was and father. But because he was taken in by Motoko and Draco, he calls them mother and father as well.

"What are you two going teach me today?" He asked them hoping for something cool.

"Well we finally made a training path for you. From age now to eight you will be trained in hand to hand, sword fighting, chakra control and few ninjutsus. When your eight to the day you become a genin your mother will train you in medic ways just like Kushina had," He said to him.

"Ok and lets start!" He cried out.

Naruto and his father walked to their training grounds and started to train in hand to hand.

Eight years later after he learned all he could from his mother, father and also the shinobi school. He also learned a lot from his father's friends, Drake Yuuhi and Kakashi Hatake. He is now a genin and is going be put on his first team.

Naruto was sitting in the class with everyone else but his clothes are different now. He has a shirt that has a blue upper color and the lower color is orange and his pants are the same because the lower part of the pants are orange and the upper is blue. On his back is a katana that was given to him by his father.

The village is a small one that why there is only one genin team right now. The genin team is going to be sent to Konoha to work with their genin teams and to make an ally with each other. Naruto was pissed when he found out that he had to go back but he did as his father told him.

Naruto teammates are two girls but their not like fan girls in Konoha because their both strong fighters.

First was Shibanu Buraze she had long blue hair that was down to her butt which was a nice rounded one. She had silver eyes and a really great chest but she didn't mind when Naruto looked but he never get why she doesn't mind. She wearing a blank pants and an orange tank top. She's great in ninjutsu and hand to hand fighting.

His other teammate is Rubi Herurufure. She had short black hair that was down to her shoulders and she has on a short tank top and mini skirt and why does she wear clothes like that? She likes tease the hell out of men. She is a great genjutsu user and she can kick hard.

When his sensei come in it was someone you could call down right sexy. She had long hair to the middle of her back that was blue and her eyes are a deep red color that was just breathtaking. She had on a jounin vest and under it was a tank top and she had on long black pants and a katana on her back. Her chest was a lot bigger then Shibanu which Naruto couldn't help looking at and her butt was a really nice rounded shape.

"Let's get to know each other before we head out to Konoha." Once she said the village name Naruto face harden but she knows why. "My name is Iseri Uindesutone and I'm 21 years old and my likes are training and talking with people and my dislikes are perverts who can't stop looking at my chest." Once she said that she hit Naruto on the head. "My hobby is to cook and clean and my dream is to have a family one day."

"My name is Shibanu Buraze and I'm 14 years old and my likes are training in ninjutsu and playing with Naru-kun and my dislike are perverts but I don't mind when Naruto looks because I know he wont do anything to me and my hobby is gardening and fighting and my dream is to be a strong shinobi and a wife to someone."

"My name is Rubi Herurufure and I'm 13 years old and my likes are teasing men and teasing Naru-kun and my dislike are perverts who I tease and my hobby is teasing people and my dream is to be the best teaser there is."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and my age is 14, my likes are ramen and Shibanu and Rubi and maybe you to sensei, animals and my dislike are people who hate me for what is inside of me and I really hate Konoha and my hobby is fighting and learning and my dream is to be the next leader of whirlpool."

"Ok now that we all got to know each other lets start heading to are new home," She said to them and walked out the room with the three genin behind her.

Few days later at the gates of Konoha.

"Looks like we're finally here, so you three go look around but meet at this place when you're done." She pointed to a house then walked off.

Naruto was now walking around but when he sees a place called Inuzuka animal healing that when he thought about walking inside the place. When he finally does get inside he sees tons of animals who look happy which brings a smile to his face as well. He sees a woman healing a dog but the wounds on it are too bad for one medic to do that way he walked over to her.

"Do you need a hand?" He asked her in a calm and friendly tone of voice.

"Yeah please," She said to him as she trying to heal the dog.

Naruto put his hands over the dog wounds and once he did his hands started to glow green and the wounds slowly close and he sees that Hana about run out of chakra.

"You should take a break and I'll finish this," He said to her which her hands stop growing green and she sat down on her seat.

Once Naruto finish healing the dog he looked at it and said "You feeling better now?" Once he said that to the dog the animal walked over to him and licked his face.

"I'll take that as a yes then," He said to the dog.

"Thank you, but who are you?" The woman who had long brown hair and two red marks on each side of her face. She was wearing a white jacket and a white pair of shorts. She had a nice chest and Naruto kindly stare at it and then he notice that her butt was perfectly rounded.

"Name is Naruto Uzumaki a shinobi from land of whirlpool," He said to her in a friendly tone of voice.

"My name is Hana Inuzuka and how about I treat you to some homemade cooking as my thanks for helping me?" She said to him in a friendly tone of voice.

"If you don't mind and I'll come back once I meet the other genin teams that my team will be working with," He said to her.

"Ok and meet me here at 6 pm ok?" She asked him.

"Here take this so you know I will not be late." After he said that he kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the place leaving a blushing 23 year old.

Naruto was at the house when he sees the other genin teams and notice one is an Inuzuka.

"About time you get here Naruto-san," Iseri said to him.

"Sorry I was talking to a beautiful brown hair woman," He replied in his cool tone of voice.

"This be the team that we will be working with," She pointed to them.

"My name is Shino," The boy with glasses said to them.

"My name is Hinata," She said in her shy way.

"Mine is Kiba and this is Akamaru," The boy that looked like a dog said.

"My name is Kurenai Yuuhi." The older woman that Naruto was now staring at her chest and ass.

"Naruto! Stop doing that! What I'm I going to do if you look at women like that?" His sensei yelled at him.

"Stand still?" He replied with a smirk. Naruto looks at the time and it was 5:30 and he was now worried he was going to be late.

"Lets hurry this up so I'm Naruto Uzumaki this is Shibanu and Rubi and are sensei is Iseri and now can I go because I kindly have a dinner date with the brown haired woman." He said to them as he starts walking off.

"Yeah and you better come back tonight or else young man and this is the place we are staying at," She said to him and he just waved back.

"What's wrong Kiba?" His sensei asked.

"He smells like my sister and my sister has brown hair," He said then he realized what he just said.

"I going to kill him!" He said out loud and ran after Naruto.

"This is not going to end well," Kurenai said and the people with her just nodded.

With Naruto running into the vet place.

"Why are you in a hurry?" A female voice said to him.

"Hana the genin team I working with is part of you family I take it. Which I don't know how he can smell you on me, but he's trying to kill me now. Also I don't want go to jail for hurting a shinobi of the leaf village," He said to her as he walked behind her.

"We have good sense of smell and hearing but when he gets here I'll stop him for you," She said to him.

"Thanks because I don't want get on your bad side for killing your brother," He said to her with a smirk then started to stare at her again but was stopped when a loud big mouth walked into the vet yelling.

"Kiba shut the hell up," Hana said to her brother in a pissed off tone of voice.

"What's going on with you two?" The three of them heard a new female voice.

"Kaa he's going all nuts because I'm going to eat dinner with someone," Hana said to him.

"She's going out with someone that's a shinobi of whirlpool," He said to his mother in a enrage tone of voice.

"What's wrong with whirlpool?" Naruto asked him.

"Leaf is better then your whirlpool." Once he said that Naruto started to laugh.

"What's so damn funny?" Kiba yelled at him.

"If this village was better then how come whirlpool is known as the best sword fighters? And there is only about five to ten shinobi in this village that use swords," Naruto said to him as he keeps on laughing.

"That because swords suck and are for losers." When he said that, Naruto gave off a high ki that knocked him down on the ground.

"Don't ever say that again," He said to him in a cold voice.

"Ok." Was the only thing Kiba could said back because of how much ki Naruto was letting out but once Hana put her soft warm hand on his shoulder, he calmed down and the ki stopped.

"Calm down and let's get going Naru-kun," She said to him and he nodded to her but her mother knows who he is and what he is. But to Tsume, Naruto is a human and the jailer and not the demon.

"Mother we're going home and please don't let Kiba ruin it," She said to her mother.

"I made sure, he is with me and when I go home tonight he will come with me then," Her mother said to them and she nodded to her mother happily because this is her first date in a long time.

As their walking to Hana clan house Naruto thinks about talking to her.

"How was your day Hana-chan?" He asked her in a caring tone of voice.

"It was good and I really like taking care of the animals," She said back to him and also had a smile on her face.

"What's your dream Hana-chan?" Naruto asked her, still in his caring tone of voice.

"To help as many animals as I can," She said back to him in a happy tone of voice.

"That's a great dream and you really are a kind person," He said to her in a friendly tone of voice.

"Thanks for thinking that," She replied back to him.

"You also have soft gently hands," He said back to her which made her blush a few shards of red.

Hana moved her hands onto his cheeks and he looked at her. "Are they really?" She asked him with a smirk on her face.

"Yes they are," He moved her hands and kissed them.

"Naruto-kun lets go inside so I can make you that dinner," She said to him with a blush on her face.

"Anything you say Hana-chan," He said back to her as they walked inside the clan house.

Naruto sat down on the couch as Hana is cooking their dinner. He sees three dogs behind her so he calls them over. Only one of the three comes over to him and when she does he pets her head softly. She lies down next to him and gives him puppy eyes so she can get more loving. Naruto smiled at her and start petting her back. When Hana sees what going on she can't help but smile at the scene.

Little while later, she calls him over to eat dinner.

"This is great Hana-chan. You're a great vet doctor and a great cook is there anything you can't do?" He asked her.

"I can't do things in bed because I never did it before." When she realized what she said, she yelled out with a blush on her face. "I mean never mind forget what you just heard please." Naruto got up and she was afraid he was going to leave her now but what he did next shocked her. He moved over to her and cupped her chin then kissed her lips.

"I don't know how to and I think I want to try to learn with you," He said as he kissed her again.

"You want start to learn now?" She asked him.

"Yes I do and let's move this onto the couch," He told her as he picked her up in bridal style and moved her to the couch. He laid her down which he then laid on top of her and started to kiss her lips. He started to take her shirt off then kisses her neck. Hana kisses his lips then bits his neck as Naruto takes her bra off and starts to suck on her nipple. As he's about remove her pants, both of them heard someone walking into the living room and when they look at who it is, Naruto is saying to himself 'oh fuck oh fuck' because the person of the sound was none other then Kiba.

"What the fuck you doing with my sister!" He yelled and after he did his mother Tsume walked into the room to see her daughter half naked and pants unzipped.

"You cause a lot things to happen today Naruto," She said to him.

"That all you going to said kaa!?" Kiba yelled again.

"Your sister is a big girl and she can mate with anyone she wants to," She said back to her son and looked back to her daughter and Naruto.

"Naruto you should go now before your team wonders what happened." Once she said that he looked at the time.

"Shit! Its 12 she's going to kill me, damn sensei and her rules about time." Naruto get up and kissed Hana lips.

"See you tomorrow," He said as he ran out of the clan main house.

"Hana do you love him that much?" She said to her.

"I don't know and it's because he's the kindest person I have meet and I kind of gave him the mate bit just now," She said to her mother who just smirked at her.

"I'm going kill him tomorrow," Kiba said to them.

"No your not and if you do then I'm going tell little Hinata that you love her," She said back to her little brother with a smirk.

"You wouldn't do that," He said scared back to her.

"Yes I would and if you leave him alone then I will not," She replied back to her with another smirk of hers.

"Fine you win for now," He said back to her with a growl then walked to his room.

"You know who he is, right Hana-chan?" Her mother asked her.

"He is Naruto Uzumaki the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze. And the reason he hates being in this village is because his father sealed the nine tail demon fox inside of him. Which he hates knowing that his body has the blood of his father and he hates the fact he has be in the village that his father lived in," She said back to him.

"I never had any idea that who his father was but how do you know all of this?" She asked her daughter wondering how.

"He told me when we had dinner," She said back to her.

"You do know if he does take his father's name he can have more then one wife because he's the last of his clan?" She asked/said to her.

"I don't mind sharing him as long as he shares each other the same way and not giving one better then the others," She said back with a smirk.

"You taking this well Hana-chan," She told her in a mother voice.

"Because he's a kind person," She replied back to her mother with a smile on her face.

"I'm starting to think you do love him," Her mother said to her in a motherly tone of voice.

"Maybe I do," Was her only reply back as she get her clothes then walked off to her room.

With Naruto as he finally get inside the team house. He tries walking in without being seen but guess who is waiting for him. When he looks at the person as she comes out of the shadows and it's his sensei Iseri.

"Why are you back two hours and 20 minutes late?" She asked him with a cold tone of voice.

"Because I lost track of time," He said to her.

"You going to said sorry to your teammate and then I say what you going do for punishment," She said to him.

"Yes sensei," He replied and walked off.

"Your room on the right." She yelled at him who just nodded.