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Naruto just finally gets done telling his team that he's sorry for coming back late which both of them didn't care that much but his sensei is a rule nut. He doesn't know why he has to be a student to someone who is crazy about rules.

Naruto and his team are now walking to meet up with team eight and hopefully nothing goes wrong this time. Naruto really didn't want to meet up with Kiba after what he and Hana tired to do but Kiba which he had to ruin it for them.

When both teams meet up Naruto notices Kiba looking at him with a pissed off face so he thinks it time to make him even more mad. "I really shouldn't have to ask but how come you had to ruin my and her fun last night?"

Kiba was now walking towards him with a fist but everyone else was wondering what was going on as Kurenai holds her student back. "What happened last night to make you become this mad Kiba?" She asked her student as she tries to calm him down.

"This asshole and my big sister came close to having sex on the living room couch." Everyone was shocked that someone her age was going to do that but Naruto just smirks. "You should listen to your kaa when she told you that she's a big girl and can do what she wants to."

"Who in hell do you think you are?" Now his sensei and teammates are holding him back but he just walks off to the Hokage Office. "Where in hell are you going now tell me?" Naruto looks back over his shoulder at him.

"To get a mission after all I like to do my job but I don't know about you." He keeps walking causing pissed off Kiba to become enrage at him but everyone else just shakes their heads. They just hope things can work out before one of them does something they will regret later in their life.

Naruto didn't have time to just sit around and do nothing because of some fool who thinks he can act like that. When he gets inside the Hokage Office he looks at the old man but he just looks around. "Naruto I was hoping to see you again." He looks at the old man and just points to a mission.

"I'm here to get a mission." Team eight and his team finally gets there as the Hokage looks at them and Naruto. He can see that Kiba wasn't happy with Naruto by the looks he was giving him.

"Because both of your teams are new genin you will be doing rank d missions in order for both of your groups to work together and get along." Naruto rolls his eyes as he walks out once the Hokage gave them they mission.

The mission was to help paint the outside of a house that was owned by the Hyuuga clan but Naruto didn't care. He only cares about getting paid so he can send most of his money to his village in order to help them out.

Naruto didn't become a shinobi because he wanted a fun life or find new things. He became one in order to help his village in as many ways that he can. He wasn't going to stop helping his village till his village was bigger and stronger.

When they get to the house they are given the paint in order to get their mission done. Kurenai walks up to Naruto who's in middle of painting the back of the house. When he sees Kurenai walking over to him he was wondering why she was here.

"What is it Kurenai?" She just gets to Naruto as she wonders if anything she say to him will do any good. "Is there any way for you and my student to get along because if we do harder missions it will be danger with you two going at each other."

"Only way he will stop acting like a baby and that it's if I stop seeing his sister which I'm not going to do. I not going change my life like that because of a baby who wants be a shinobi and think he can tell his older sister who she can or can't date." Kurenai knows this was going happen but she also knows that he's right on this matter.

Naruto wasn't someone who puts up with people that think they can order others around when they don't have the right to. Kiba wasn't her mother or father there for he had no rights to tell her who she can and can't date. Naruto likes seeing Hana and he wonders how far they will go the next time they get together.

"I guess your right but it not Kiba's fault he just over safely of his family, that just how Inuzuka are when comes to family." He watches her go back to his team but he keeps doing his job and paints but he really hates these missions.

When the team finally got done with the lame mission they got paid but Naruto asked for his pay to be split in half. Everyone was wondering what he was doing but he puts half of the money he made and puts it in a scroll, he gives the scroll back and asked for them to send it back to Whirlpool.

His team understands why he's doing it but the Konoha team didn't know why he would give up his own money like this but Kurenai has her ideas to why. "Why did you do that?" He looks at Kiba then slowly walks to the door to the office to leave.

"Because I do missions to help my village out, to help my home grow better." He gives one finally look back before heading out but he hears his sensei yelling to be back before ten this time or else.

He slowly walks over to the kennel that he knows Hana will be at working but he does wonder how she got a brother like Kiba. That one thing he has to ask Tsume about because it made no sense at all to him.

When he gets there he sees a dude staring at his Hana's chest causing him to make a fist and walk up to the fool. "It's rude to stare at someone chest you may want to stop before someone hurts you." Hana looks over and when she realizes what was going on she becomes mad but she hopes that Naruto doesn't do anything to bad to this asshole that's staring at her body like this.

"What are you going to hurt me for staring at her nice rack?" Naruto just looks at him still but he looks over to Hana. "No because she has great rack but that's only for me to look at." That's when Naruto just drops kicks him and throws him out of the kennel causing Hana to just give a feral smirk.

Hana walks over to him and moves her lips to his ear. "So only you can stare at my breasts?" He nods his head before giving her a loving kiss which she returns with passion. Naruto moves his arms around her and kisses her harder; he moves her against the wall and kisses her neck before she just looks at him causing him to stop.

"Don't be in a rush; I'm not going anyway Naruto-kun." He smiles to her and lightly kisses her lips but she sees her kaa behind him and blushes. That's when Naruto looks back to see Tsume there smirking but she just watches them.

"Don't stop now it just getting to the fun part, I must say Naruto-kun you could make one good an alpha." Naruto didn't know what to think but he sees Hana walking back to what she was doing hoping her kaa doesn't do anything more to make her shy.

Tsume walks over to her daughter and whispers into her ear. "You better hold on to him or I may give him a test run." She laughs once she sees Hana blush and look at her but Tsume just leaves and heads home.

Hana was hoping her kaa was joking because she didn't want to know her kaa had sex with her Naruto but she can feel Naruto's arms wrapping around her from behind. She leans back into his chest but she lets out a moan once he starts to kisses her neck and ear.

"So Hana-hime what's your plans for today?" She thinks but doesn't say anything causing Naruto to wonder what she was thinking but he hopes she was free, Hana knows she's killing him by taking forever but that was just why she's doing it.

"I'm doing nothing today besides helping animals but why do you ask? Do you have something planned for me?" He kisses her neck and holds her close to him but he didn't talk causing Hana to be the one that was now wondering and she wanted to know now.

'I was hoping to get your great cooking again." Hana smiles before turning around in his embrace giving him a kiss on his lips but she didn't let her go as he moves his tongue inside her mouth. He moves her up so she's sitting on the counter but he moves his lips to her neck sucking and small soft bites causing her to moan.

"This is for later, but right now you'll have to help me out with work and you may get a reward later tonight." Naruto smirks and nods his head but Hana moves off of the counter before looking to see who she has in the vet place to take care of.

Hana points to the kitten but Naruto heads over to it but he wonders what's wrong with her but she moves in pain but he touches her belly. "Hana-hime do you know what's wrong with her belly?"

Hana checks the kitten out and realizes she hasn't eaten for days but she hands her to Naruto but also hands him a tiny bottle that she had made for feeding baby animals like this milk. Naruto moves the tip of the bottle which had same thing a baby bottle has on it as the kitten starts to suck on it.

Hana goes to help a dog that had a hurt leg but she looks over time to time to see Naruto holding it gently and feeding her right, she couldn't help but smile at what she was seeing then goes back to healing the dog's leg.

Once the kitten drinks all she wants to that's when she licks Naruto finger saying thanks but Naruto pets her little tiny head before letting her sleep on the counter. He couldn't help but smile because the kitten look so cute to him but he hears Hana walking over to him before picking her up and putting her down on something more soft.

"You're great with Animals Naruto-kun." He just pulls her into a hold before capturing her lips with his, the kiss was filled with passion on both sides at first it was slow but now it was hard.

"I'm just good because I have a great person to watch and learn from, you are an angel Hana-hime. You're my inu angel girl and I hope you will always stay by me like this." She was moved by hearing him say that to her but she just rests her head against his chest.

"I will always stay your inu angel, that's something I can promise you Naruto-kun." She can feel his hands start to run through her hair but she just closes her eyes and takes in the warmth that she was feeling.

"You truly don't know how happy you have made me by saying that." She smiles again before she looks up at him but she wonders how long he was going stay in the village for, if he has to do what will happen to them.

"Tell me what's going to happen once you stop being in this village for missions?" She looked up at him with worried eyes but Naruto didn't ever want her to be worried like this, he lightly kisses her forehead before talking in a smoothing tone of voice.

"Even if I no longer need to be here I'll always keep visiting tons of times just for you, whirlpool isn't that far away so don't worry." He rubs her back causing her to become calm and no longer worrying about things, she looks at his eyes before losing any worry that was still left in her.

"Thank you Naruto-kun." She nuzzles her head into his chest before she can feel his hands move to her rear earning a look from her. Naruto just playful slaps it before kisses her neck in a softly and loving way.

"Let's go get something to eat ok?" Naruto nods his head, letting her lead him out with her hand holding his. He couldn't help but smile at the feeling he was having when he was with him and he hates it when he's not with her.

Hana takes him to a dango place where he sees Kurenai with her friends, he notices someone that he knows which turns out to be Kakashi. "Hello Kakashi-onii." Kakashi looks to see Naruto but he gives him a smile, it has been awhile since the last time he had seen Naruto. "How much stronger have you gotten since last time I seen you?"

"Naruto-kun it's been long time since the last time I have seen you, what has your life been like? Is your family doing ok?" He looks at Kakashi before sitting down with Hana next to him, but everyone else is looking at Naruto.

"I have been doing great so has my family, but tell me how is life going for you and Drake-sensei?" Kurenai just stares at him, how did he know her brother and why is he calling him sensei.

"Drake is still with his wife having a baby coming along the way, myself I'm been enjoying the wonderful books that I own." He holds up his orange book and Naruto just slaps him upside the head but then laughs.

"You are still the same perverted that I remember." Kurenai pokes his arm causing him to look at her. "How do you know my brother?" He looks at her and guesses that she's Drake younger sister.

"He's friends with my tou; he visited few times just like Kakashi-sensei did." He listens to everyone talking for an hour but smiles when he sees how Hana just talks to her friends and enjoying herself.

When the two of them begin to leave for his house in order for them to eat some of her home cooking again, Naruto moves his arm around her waist pulling her close to him. She leans in with a smile on her face; she just closes her eyes and lets Naruto lead her back to her home.

When they get to the house Hana opens the door to let him in but he just moves his hand to her ass before kissing her neck softly. "Right after you ladies first." Hana smiles before walking in and Naruto fallowing her but he closes the door behind him.

"I wonder what I should cook you this time." He goes to the kitchen and he sits down on the couch before looking to see if her partners are around. "I forget to tell you my Kaa is taking Kiba to some clan thing so they will be home late tonight." He smiles when he hears that but he sees the same dog from last time walk over to him.

He pets her head again but she just looks at him and rolls over showing her belly, he gently pets her belly when the dog pants happily. "Can you pet me belly to Naru-kun?" He looks back to Hana with her shirt up little bit showing her belly.

"I guess I can but you have come over here and I may pet somewhere else as well." Hana smirks before going back to cooking but what Naruto didn't notice is the blush on her face. She's thinking about what else he would rub.

Naruto moves his eyes back to the dog next to him being happy that she's getting loved by him. "So you like being petted this much?" She barks happy at him before moving her head to his hand, he rubs her head.

Once the food gets done she calls him in but once he get there he kisses Hana lips hard but she moves her arms around him. "I guess you can't wait to have me? But dinner is first." He just smirks before playful slaps her butt.

He sits down and sees the food she has made for him but his mouth becomes wet from how good it looks. "I can't believe you can cook this good." Hana smirks before sitting down next to him to eat.

"What is your village like Naru-kun?" He looks at her but closes his eyes. "It's small but nice and peaceful, we are known as the best sword and seal masters." He does miss his village already but he looks over to Hana and knows he's happy with her right now and right here.

He moves his hand to her cheek and slowly rubs it, Hana leans into his touch before closing her eyes. Once he stops they begin to eat their dinner before it gets cold and all of Hana's hard work goes to waste.

Over the dinner the two of them talked about tons of things from their families to what they do on their free time. Naruto loved learning more about his beautiful girlfriend and she felt the same way about learning from about him.

Once they get done Naruto helps her clean the dishes but once they get done he slowly lets her lead him to her bedroom, once they get inside Naruto kisses her neck hard and moves his lips to her ears. "Right now I'm going make you fully my Hana-chan."

Hearing that makes her shiver in pleasure but she feels herself being moves to her bed and her shirt being lifted off of her. 'This is what you want right Hana-hime?" She nods her head before he undoes her bra and throws it on the ground letting her breasts move freely.

He slowly cups each breast and plays with them earning a moan from Hana, he does the things he seen in Kakashi orange book that he reads every single paper in the book. He begins to suck on her right nipple at the same time he plays with her other nipple with his fingers.

"Don't stop please." Naruto sucks harder causing more moans to leave her lips, Naruto kisses down her chest to her belly as his hands take off her shorts and panties. He starts to suck on her pussy and slowly moves his two fingers inside of her causing a long scream of pleasure to come from her mouth.

"You like this don't you?" He sucks harder and moves his finger against her harder causing more moans to leave her beautiful lips. "Yes I love it so please don't you dare stop." She wraps her legs around his neck forcing him go against her harder.

Naruto sucks harder but he moves his one hand back to her breasts but he can feel her wall tighten around his fingers causing him to pick the pace. Hana finally cums on his face but he just licks his fingers and lips clean.

"You taste good. "He kissed her lips before she moves her tongue inside his mouth. "Yes I do taste good." He kisses her neck and starts taking off his pants and boxes and once he gets them off he moves his dick to her pussy and looks at her.

"Are you sure about this Hana-hime?" She looks at before moving her hands to his face. "Yes, please put it in me Naruto-kun." He smiles to her before he softly thrusts into her, puling out slowly he can see some blood, proving the loss of her virginity.

Naruto stops moving and kisses her neck, waiting for her to get past the pain. "Are you ok now Hana-hime?" She looks at him and nods her head slowly before moving her legs around his waist.

"You can do it now Naruto-kun." He gives her a kiss filled with love and passion before moving inside of her. She starts to moan out in pleasure and little bit of pain still but Naruto keep going slow to let her get used to it.

"You can go faster now." He starts to pick up his pace causing even more moans to leave her lips but she wraps her arms around his neck, he moves his hands to her breasts and begins to play with them causing more pleasure for Hana to feel.

She can slowly feel like she about to blow up but before she is going let herself do that she moves her lips to his ear. "I'm glad you are the one that did this to me." Naruto kisses her lip and thrusts faster inside of her.

He can feel her walls tighten around his dick causing him to know that she's about to be at her limit, he thrusts harder inside of her before sucking on her right nipple. He can feel her legs around him pull him harder down against her causing him to smirk.

"I'm going to cum Naruto-kun!" He kissed her neck and picks the pace up again causing him to almost reach his end as well. "I'm going cum to Hana-hime!"

"You better cum inside or I'll cut your dick off!" Naruto just smiles before going harder inside as they both cum together, Hana can feel his seed go deep inside her as she lets out a smile before earning a kiss from Naruto.

'Stay with me tonight, I know you will get trouble but I want you here." He nods his head before pulling the blanket over the two of them. She moves her head to his chest before slowly closing her eyes.

Naruto runs his hand through her hair causing her to let out a smile before she starts falling asleep, he kisses her head before letting himself fall asleep next to her. He's glad that she's happy about him being the one that she lost it to.

He didn't care if he got yelled out or chased around after this all he cared about is the girl in his arms but sleeps slowly comes for him, he closes his eyes one last time before going off to his dream world.

Little while later Tsume is walking inside the house and smell something that causes her to look around, she fallows it to Hana room where she sees the open door. She sees the two of them laying together in her bed and smiles.

"So my little girl is no longer a little girl, I guess I could tell his sensei that he's going be staying over here tonight so he doesn't get yelled at." Tsume goes to tell Naruto's sensei that but she can't help but smile because her daughter finally has a mate.

She closes the door to Hana's room and heads out but before she closes it she looks at her daughter's happy smile and hopes that this happiness will last long for her daughter.