I got this idea for a fic, because Jon said he couldn't get Thayet to go up Balors Needle, this is my idea why. It is set between SOTL and TI.

Disclaimer: If this was Tamora Pierces, this would be in a book, you would get it in a bookstore and let's face it it would be 10000x better, thank you.


It was a beautiful night, albeit a busy one, many mages and scholars including the new chief mage, Numair Salmalin were excited for the predicted meteor shower. It was warm with a clear sky and all those up that night were converging upon Balors Needle, the highest point in Corus.

All but King Jonathan and Queen Thayet. "I really should be going back Jon, I-i have to check on Roald." Jon stood beside her at the base of the tower "Thayet it will wonderful, haven't you seen a meteor shower before?" "Of course I have," was her immediate reply "Why don't we stay down here and watch it, there is a bench over there." "The view is better up there." Jon told his wife rationally she ducked her head for a second then stared up at the Needle with a look of pain on her face.

Jon wrapped her in his arms,"Thayet are you okay?" she queen shook her head "Whats wrong?" Thayet buried her head in his shoulder "My Ma died on a tower."

I really want your opinion on this one, I know I should be working on my other fic but this came o me in the shower (I have got to get a waterproof notepad, walks off to dive shop muttering.)