I looked out the window in my room and thought about all the events in the past two weeks.


"Hey, is that a birthmark?" Hinata's mom asked looking at Hinata's arm.

"Hmm. I think it is." Hinata replied.

"Well maybe we should get it checked…"

"I think I'll live."

"I don't know… Maybe…"

"I'm fine, Mom. Really."

"Okay… If you're sure…"

A few days later, Hinata found another birthmark. It was on her lower leg. She was sure it wasn't there before. She finally gave in and let her mom take her to the hospital to get it checked. Once she got to the hospital, the doctor started examining her. Hinata found out his name was Dr. Relam. He took her into a room and numbed her arm, where she found the first birthmark. He took a needle, much against Hinata's will, and started probing her arm to get her tissue. He went into a room with the samples. He came back out later and the results said what Hinata feared most. She had melanoma. The deadliest type of skin cancer.

"Can't you do anything about it?" Hinata's mom asked frantically.

"It's unlikely. This cancer is very far along. The treatment won't do much." He replied.

"So… I'm going to die?" Hinata asked, confused.

"Well, there's at least fifty percent chance…" Hinata tried not to look sad. It would only torture her mother. She would just have to put on a brave face and pretend like nothing's wrong.

"Well at least there's a chance I'll live."

"Yes, but it will be very hard to cure. You'll have to come in for treatment every week, and even then, we're not sure you'll survive."

End Flashback

I was so deep in thought, I didn't notice the phone ringing. Mom must have picked it up so she took it to my room.

"Honey, the phone's for you!" She shouted from down the hallway. I snapped out of her trance like state.


"Sakura's on the phone," Mom said.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Hey Chica! What's up?" a familiar voice came out of the phone.

"Hey Sakura," I said without much enthusiasm.

"You seem kinda down… I know what to do! To the sleepover mobile!" Sakura yelled into the phone, causing me to pull it away from my ear.

"That's your solution to everything!" I laughed.

"So it's settled. Sleepover at my house. You, Ino and Tenten."

"Wait! I never said yes!" But it was too late. She hung up. I was about to call back but I knew Sakura wouldn't take no for an answer. And if Sakura told Ino, there would be absolutely no way to get out of it. Well, this means I have to pretend even harder tonight… Crap… I sighed as I packed her toothbrush.


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