Hey guys! I hate it when people just put in an author's note as a chapter like this but it's pretty much unavoidable. So anyways, I'm officially putting this story on hold. Reason why: I'm feeling really discouraged with this story. There have been like 5 reviews for this whole story so far. Also, there were 17 visitors on the first chapter and only 6 the read the second. That means that only 6 people liked the story enough to read the second chapter. I think people just don't like this story and even I don't really like it much. I really don't want to waste my time writing a story that no one likes so sorry to those of you who like this story, but it's not really worth anyone's time.

If I ever decide to continue this story, I'll probably take this author's note out 'cause, like I said, I hate it when people have a chapter that's just an author's note.