"...Shake hands. Now how about a little hug?" Ziva rolled her eyes lauging at the fact she was now taking orders from Tony. Abby pouted, trying to keep up her guise, hiding the fact of her true feelings. But nontheless, she whirled around and wrapped her ams around Ziva, engulfing her in a hug that nearly knocked the petite officer backwards. Ziva squeezed her back meekly. Abby wished the seconds would never end.

"There we go. C'mon," Abby reluctantly let go as if it was like any other hug.

"Now a deep tongue kiss," Abby rolled her eyes although she was inwardly smiling. This was her chance. If Ziva rejected her, she could say that she was just following orders. She just hoped Ziva didn't kill her for this. Ziva was about to punch Tony when she was enveloped in Abby's arms, her face being pulled towards the lips of the taller woman. Ziva found herself frozen. Arms wrapped around her waist tighter as their lips finally met. She eventually got out of her trance and got into the rythm of the kiss, suprised to see that she was enjoying it quite a bit. Abby decided to go a bit farther. She slid her tongue across her bottom lip, begging for entrance. Ziva, curious as to if it would be any different tonguing another woman, granted Abby's wish. They fought for dominance in each others' mouths; Ziva won.

Ziva was begining to wonder if she wasn't straight, that possibly, she was in the wrong religion. She brought her arms to rest around Abby's neck. Their kissing got feircer and more frantic. Abby attempted to pin Ziva against the desk. She tripped, however, and sent them tumbling to the floor. They unwinded their limbs from around each other and laced fingers with one another without their lips missing a single beat.

"And now we feel better." Tony said, blushing slightly as he watched the full fledged makeout scene unroll before his eyes. Tim just blushed and went back to his work. They broke apart breathless. Abby smiled slightly,

"Just following orders." she hopped off of her. "The stress of Gibbs being in the hospital must be getting to me for me to be taking orders from Tony. I need Caffeine." She headed for the elevator.

"I'm... going to go see Ducky..." Ziva ran to the elevator, sticking her hand in right before they doors shut. They rode in silence for a while, then, Abby could take it no longer. She had to ask, even if it meant risking it all.



"Are you, y'know..."

"Bisexual? I'm not one hundred percent sure... but after that... I believe I may be."Abby smirked and Ziva flipped the stop switch. They tumbled to the floor of the car, Hands entwined in their hair.