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c) I don't know if Legolas and Aragorn knew each other before the Fellowship, but that's how most of the other fanfictions on here go and so I'm going to follow the trend of Aragorn being adopted by Elrond and having two foster brothers who are twins, Elohir and Elladan. If anyone is reading this, please tell me if they knew each other before the fellowship and whether all this is true or not, because I DON'T KNOW!

and finally, c) this one is set when the fellowship stops beside the Anduin river. Hope you enjoy it!

The Anduin stretched out around them as the nose of Legolas's boat carved smoothly through its gentle waves, glittering in the sunlight. Its deep green waters lapped at his paddle as he dipped it into the water, the boat speeding forwards. Behind him, Sam leant to one side and peered down into the darkness. Legolas followed his gaze, and a smile danced across his face at the sight of the silver fish swimming beneath them.

"Can you swim, Legolas?"

Legolas glanced at Sam before turning his gaze back to the front. "Yes, if the need arises. However, I hope it does not."

"Me too," Sam agreed, shivering. "I cannot swim."

Legolas smiled slightly. "These waters are not cruel, Sam. I am sure that should you fall, if you stayed calm, they would carry you to the surface."

Sam shrugged, clearly not convinced. Legolas was about to try to put his mind at rest when something called his gaze to the forest running alongside the Anduin. The shadows seemed to glare at him, setting his nerves on edge. He wet his lips, his paddling arm falling lax as he stared into the darkness of the trees.

Evil is close...

He felt eyes upon him and turned his head to see Aragorn, who was paddling in another boat, watching him. The Ranger arched one eyebrow, and Legolas shook his head slightly. He would tell Aragorn of his fears if and when the need arose - there was no point in terrifying everyone now.

After a few more minutes of silent paddling, they found themselves approaching the great waterfall of the Anduin. They turned into a small cove on the banks and secured the boats before setting out a camp. The feeling of eyes on his back followed Legolas throughout his preperations, making the hairs on the back of his neck rise and his mouth turn dry, and yet every time he turned there was nothing but shadows to meet his gaze. Eventually, he walked to the edge of the forest and surveyed the darkness in silence, his eyes narrowed. He heard Aragorn coming, but did not turn around. As his friend reached his side, he had already decided what he was going to say.

"Aragorn, we should not stay here," he murmured.

"Why? We need rest before we continue to Mordor, mellon-nin."

"Then we should rest elsewhere." Legolas turned to look at Aragorn, his brow knitted in a stern frown. "Aragorn, ni sailen osminoth eres."

Aragorn hesitated. Then he shook his head. "We will not stay long, Legolas," he said in a low voice. "Tomorrow we will be gone."

Legolas bit back a sharp retort and turned away to look into the forest again. He felt Aragorn touch his shoulder reassuringly before turning to move over to the others. A few moments later, his voice rang out.

"Where is Frodo?"

Legolas turned. The others were looking around in confusion, clearly at a loss. Aragorn moved to the edge of the forest.

"Frodo? Frodo!"

Legolas's eyes darted to Boromir's abandoned sheild and then to Aragorn, who by the stiffness of his posture had noticed the same thing. Aragorn nodded and Legolas turned and ducked into the trees.

He ran through the darkness, ears pricked for any sounds of a struggle, but the mysterious evil presense he had felt before kept drawing his senses away. Over and over he stopped short, pulling an arrow from his quiver and nocking it in his bow, sure he was about to face some unseen enemey, only to wait and realize that there was no one but himself around. He finally stopped and paused for a few moments, turning in a full circle. He could see no one, nor hear any sound but that of the forest. Acting on instinct, he dropped to the ground and pressed his ear against the leafy floor, closing his eyes. For a few moments there was nothing. Then he became aware of a soft thumping, almost a drum beat... footsteps? Yes, footsteps, heavy and thundering...

Orcs... or worse...

He rose to his feet, his heart thumping hard in aprehension. That was when the horn of Gondor peirced the air.

Boromir was calling for aid.

Legolas sprinted towards the sound, lifting his bow once more so as to be ready to fight. Now he could hear the foul beasts breathing, running, fighting, heard the crash of steel against steel. Aragorn and Gimli would already be on their way, that is if they themselves had not been distracted. And Frodo had been missing... Legolas pushed himself faster, fear leaping up inside him. The enemey could already have the ring.

He reached a small break in the forest, and a terrible sight met his eyes. Boromir was on his knees on the ground, two arrows protruding from his chest. Behind him Merry and Pippin were doing their best to fend off the huge, terrible creatures making towards them. The white hand of Sauroman glared on their chests. Letting out a cry, Legolas aimed and let an arrow fly, hitting one of the orc-like creatures in the back. Instantly a group of them turned to face him, and he caught a glimpse of releif on Boromir's face before he was obscured by the soldiers.

"Merry, Pippin!" he roared, his voice rising above the din of fighting. "Run to Aragorn! Go!"

He snatched another arrow from his quiver and fired; no sooner was it gone than he was reaching for a third. The creatures fell beneath his attacks, roaring in pain. Heartened, Legolas drove forwards, still shooting. He caught sight of Boromir and his hope evaporated: the Man was on the ground, a third arrow burried in his flesh. Legolas let out a shout of fustration and grief and fought his way over to the Man. One look told him all he needed to know - Boromir was dead. Legolas whirled to face the Urukai, baring his teeth in a snarl of anger. He reached behind him for another arrow, but his fingers grasped at air. His stomach plummetted.


His head whipped around, and he saw with a flash of panic that Merry and Pippin had not run. They were hovering in the trees, swords drawn. Legolas watched in horror as the Urukai's attention turned to them and ran to stand between them and their quarry.

"Run, now!" he ordered over his shoulder, drawing his knives. He brought them up sharply and they bit into the neck of a Urukai.

"We cannot leave you," Merry argued. "We can help-"

He broke off. Legolas kicked a Urukai away and looked around. One of the beasts had escaped his attention and reached the hobbits. Even now it was raising its sword-

"NO!" Legolas shouted. He flipped one knife around and then let it go. It sailed through the air and buried itself in the back of the Urukai's neck, killing it in an instant. The hobbits stared down at the creature in horror.

Legolas didn't have time to tell them to run again. The Urukai were swarming in on him, slashing at him wildly, and now he only had one weapon. He defended himself as best he could, lashing out with his free fist whenever he had the chance, but he could feel himself tiring. He could not keep this up... he chanced a look in the direction of the Anduin. Where were Aragorn and Gimli? They should be here by now, surely... his distraction cost him dearly. As he faltered a Urukai darted forwards and plunged its sword into his side. He bit back a scream of pain and lashed out at it, slitting its throat before stumbling backwards. He heard the hobbits gasping in horror, but the pain was so great that all he could do was concentrate on staying alert. He lifted his head and, gritting his teeth, slashed at the nearest Urukai.


Legolas's heart leapt: he knew that voice. "Aragorn," he breathed, not even pausing. He heard his friend's battle cry as he launched himself into battle, heard the answering cry of Gimli as the Dwarf joined the fight. Relief rolled over him in a thick wave - the hobbits would not be harmed now. With all three of them present, it took only a few more minutes to dispatch the remaining Urukai. For a while it had seemed like they had just kept coming, but finally their numbers seemed to be dwindling. Legolas sliced the arm of the last Urukai before him and turned, breathing hard, one hand clamped over the wound in his side. Aragorn was already heading towards the hobbits, and on the other side of the clearing Gimli was finishing off the last Urukai.


Legolas looked up as the trees whispered to him, his eyes fixing at once on the small group of Sauroman's creations higher on the hill. Aparently this group had had the sense to stay back once they had realized that the Fellowship was not going to die as easily as they had thought. One had a bow and arrow aimed. Legolas automatically pulled back, but then realized that the arrow was not aimed at himself. Following its intended path, he realized that it was aimed at the hobbits... and the one thing standing between the Urukai and their target.

Legolas ran forwards as the Urukai released the arrow, a shout of warning tearing from his lips. Aragorn began to turn too slowly... too slow...

He was never going to move in time. Legolas watched in horror as the arrow hurtled towards his friend. He had to do something. Now.

Elvish words:

Mellon-nin - my friend

Ni Sailen osminoth eres - I feel darkness here

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