Team Bananafishstickers' "Grudge Match Redux" Post #24 by Minty Chinchilla

This took a while to get started on. I blame my brother. He wanted to show me his new video game. It was lulzy.


Gwen jumped up from her seat on the couch. She had no idea who these three people were but if they were breaking down doors looking for Ben, it couldn't be good. Gwen figured she would try to just get rid of these three people before the three minutes it took Kevin to come back were up. It might be difficult; she couldn't tell if they were armed but the eye patch that woman was wearing probably wasn't there to make a fashion statement. She had definitely seen action.

"Ben's not here, but I suggest you leave now before I make you." Her hands glowed pink, and she held them up ready to fight. "I won't let you hurt him."

"We're not here to hurt him," the woman scoffed. "We're here to save him."

"Wait… what?" Gwen nearly let her guard down, but that eye patch lady was giving off a creepy vibe. "How could you possibly be able to help him? How would you even know something was wrong? We don't know you."

"We were tricked into hurting him to begin with, that's why Earth-maggot!" the silver-haired man bellowed, his voice making Gwen wince. She hated the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard with a side of gravel thrown down the garbage disposal. "We were doing our jobs, and being paid mighty fine for it, too, and that snake tricked us into using level four nanobots and now the little bastards are in his bloodstream!"

The woman interrupted his tirade.

"We need to stop him from ripping a hole in the fabric of space."

Gwen's fingers twitched. She hated it when Ben was about to rip holes in the fabric space. It always resulted in someone getting nearly eaten, blown up, or sent through time to the worst possible future. She eyed the three (probably not human) people in the now broken doorway, and decided to give them a chance.

"You three stand over there," she pointed to the left of the broken door. "We're going to wait for Kevin to bring Ben back, and then we'll see if you're telling the truth or not. Make one wrong move and I'll zap you."


Kevin sped through Bellwood, running too fast for anyone to see the mutant carrying a bloody bundle in two of his four arms. He grasped Ben closer to his chest as he neared his apartment.

"Almost there, Ben. Almost there."

But he slowed down when he got to his door. Or what was left of it. He anxiously walked up to the doorway and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Gwen standing in the living room. 'At least she's okay. One less person to worry about.' But then he looked to his right and saw three familiar-looking people. Very familiar-looking.

"YOU BUG-BASTARDS! What are you doing here? Get out before I fry you all again!" Kevin's Pyronite arm flamed up to back up his threat.

The short, thin man cowered in a way very reminiscent of a bug. The other two stood their ground. They took off their ID masks and glared at Kevin in all their buggy glory.

"We were tricked by the snake. We've come to try and fix things before they get worse." Sagark snapped at the mutant.

"It's a little too late to be trying to fix things, don't ya think?!" Kevin shifted his arms so they could see Ben, his back bloody and bruised. When he was sure everyone knew the damage Ben had sustained, Kevin pulled the brunet back to his chest, as though he could still protect Ben from the bugs that had hurt him.

"There isn't anything we can do about the scarring," Silla arched her one good eyebrow. Kevin couldn't tell if she was being a smart-ass or if she was surprised at the damage. It was hard to tell with the eye patch. "But we can do something about the nanobots in his bloodstream. He has been acting strangely, am I correct? Trying to do things he wouldn't normally?"

"And you think nanobots are doin' it? Aren't those at least level three tech? You're gonna get your asses fried by the Plumbers if they find out about this."

"Yes, we know that already. It's too late for us now!" Silla gestured to her eye patch. "You made sure of that. The least we can do is remove the nonobots from his system. If that snake is controlling the bots, then he'll have control over the boy and the Omnitrix."

"And there's that little detail that level four nanobots and highly advanced tech like the Omnitrix don't go very well together. With something like that, we're at risk of destroying everything." Sagark's eye was twitching with anger and frustration.

Gwen was confused. From the sounds of things, these three were actually the Anisopterans that Kevin told her about. The two taller ones were the siblings that had carved the cuts into Ben's back. But now they were offering to help? And Kevin looked like he was going to accept that help? 'He must be desperate to save Ben. Either that or his glasses just make him look like he's being thoughtful.'

Kevin was about to agree to the aliens' help, but he felt Ben move in his arms. Looking down, Kevin's three golden eyes met Ben's two blurry green ones.

"Kev? Still you?" Ben whispered. He was exhausted and he didn't know why.

"Yeah. Still me." Kevin smiled. Ben was himself again.

"What happened? Last thing I remembered, I was in the bathroom, and now I'm so tired."

"Apparently some kind of weird nanobot is taking over your body. We're going to have to find a way to remove the things."

"Urrrrg." Ben poked at his stomach, in a vain attempt to see if he could find any nanobots. "How?"

"I beleive Nogoori knows how." Silla motioned to the shorter, less dragonfly-esque alien behind her. He was holding a weird device. It reminded Kevin of a cross between a plunger and a trombone. A very small trombone.

Ben looked over at the aliens. His eyes widened at the sight of the bugs that had tortured him the previous day. (Or was it two days ago? He couldn't remember.) He struggled in Kevin's arms, pressing up against the mutant and trying to get as far away from them as possible.

"Not again." Ben made a face. Kevin brought Ben's attention back to himself.

"They're the only chance we've got."


Nanobots + Omnitrix = Total Annihilation. Could someone explain this for me? I'm not too sure I get it yet. XD