Alrighty new fanfic, new ideas gotta love this! GOD! I just love the way my mind works! but first I'm gunna give you a little info about this fanfic, it AINT gunna be like the show... ok it kinda will be but a few simple twists of characters... Inuyasha is gunna be a normal human student. Kagome is gunna be the half demon sealed away. Sango is gunna be a perverted priestess and Miroko is gunna be a demon slayer. Shippo is going to be a girl named Aorie and finally Kikyo is gunna be a dude named Kai! I don't have a clue what to make Naraku but yeah he's gunna be a girl too but I don't have a name for him/her. Now that I gave you a little info of the story I can start with it! WHOOO HOO!



past memories/flash backs/dream

"Inner human Kagome"

"Inner demon Kagome"

normal Kagome


A young girl is running into a near by village. The village holds onto the Shikon Jewel. With this Jewel is can grant anyone their greatest desire. But it was protected by the great monk Kai. He was both powerful and very handsome. Everyone says that his heart was captured by a young half demon girl named Kagome. Kagome was a half demon, for she was born of a human and a demon parent. No one every truly excepted half demons for they are never wanted.

But she fell in love with the monk. Till something went wrong... no one truly knows what happened... (but me and other Inuyasha fans) But what they didn't know is that the lives of the young lovers or once young lovers will surly end but there will be a new beginning for the half demon. Why you may ask? Well that is something you are about to find out.

The village was in flames. The shrine that held the mighty Shikon Jewel was placed within it's borders. No one could or would get in. But there was one simple problem. No one was protecting the shrine anymore. So a young half demon came through the roof of the building and grabbed the jewel. She screamed "finally the jewel is mine! I can be a full demon at last! No one can stop me!" When she was about to make her great escape there was a male voice screaming "KAGOME!"

With that said a arrow came soring through the air and pierced the young half demon in the chest. Where her heart was. She was pinned to the great God tree. The jewel was out of her grasp. With a little sound as soft of as a bell it landed on the ground. Kagome just stared at the man she once loved. Nothing came to her mind why this was to happen. The man had long black hair and piercing brown eyes. He wore a monk robe which was black. There was a bow in his hand and he was still in the same position he was from lunching the arrow.(yeah I'm gunna stick to how Inuyasha was sealed with the arrow, it was just too cool)

No matter what Kagome couldn't think of anything as her eye lids were drooping. Her hand was stretched out before her as she said "K... Kai... How could-? I thought-"With that her eyes had finally closed and was in a deep slumber. Kai slowly walked to where the jewel was. But as he walked there was blood following him. He dropped the bow and was on his knees holding onto the jewel. The villagers saw him and ran to him, including his little sister Kaede. She stared at her older brother and said "Kai, are you alright? Your hurt!" Kai turned to his sister and could only give a small smile. He calmly said with a small amount of pain "Kaede... I need you to take the jewel and burn it with my body... So it must never fall into the wrong hands... Please do this for me... I beg of you... The village is in your hands now little sister... Remember though Kaede... no matter what I'll always... be looking... after you..."

With his final words his eyes closed and he slowly fell to the ground. Kaede was in shock as she screamed "BIG BROTHER KAI!!!!!!!" After that Kai's body was burned with the jewel. His soul would be with the girl he loved as he took the jewel to the other world... Never to return to the living...

550 years later

Now we're in modern Tokyo. No one that lives here never knew that demons ever truly roamed free in the past. But a few people still believe that it was true. Others not so much. We turn our view to a shrine known as the Higurashi Shrine.(I know it's Kagome's last name but hey it's a switch) A young boy or I should say a young man turning 15 soon was walking up the steps to the shrine. He has long black hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

He has dark brown eyes and wears a red shirt and black jeans. It's Friday afternoon and he was free for the weekend. Tomorrow is his 15th birthday, and he just couldn't wait. When he finally got to the top of the steps all he could do was smile. He was finally home. Taking a step into the house he calmly said "I'm home." A boy around the age of 10 walked into the hall saying "hey Inuyasha! Had fun today?" The young man, known as Inuyasha calmly said "you should know I hate school Souta. Anyway where's mom? And where's the old man?"

Souta calmly said "mom's making dinner and grandpa is outside sweeping by the God Tree again. You know him and his stories." Inuyasha couldn't help but chuckle. It was true, their grandfather always told them strange stories about demons and the Shikon Jewel. But of course they didn't believe it. At least Souta didn't. But for some reason Inuyasha felt as if he believed the stories... Sometimes he would always have this weird dream about a girl he's never met.

But there was always something else too about that girl. He would always see her pinned to a tree by someone that looked almost like him. The girl would only stare at him than when he sees her slight pain filled expression it made his heart ache. Inuyasha was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of his mother. She was a kind women and wouldn't trade her for the world. Inuyasha calmly/happily said "hey mom. What's for dinner tonight?" She smiled at him as she said "ramen, your favourite." Inuyasha smiled happily as he said "your the best mom in the world!"

She giggled as she said "you always say that dear." He just gave a toothy grin as he said "well I'll be upstairs. Yell for me when dinner's ready." With that he went to bed. But there was something wrong with him. He felt really tired all of a sudden. Before he made it to the stairs he fainted. Souta yelled "Inuyasha!" Both Souta and their mother ran to the fallen boy and wondered what was wrong with him. So they brought him to his room.

Inuyasha was wondering around around in a forest that looked so familair. As he walked he saw something zip by. At the moment he wasn't sure what it was, nor did he want to know. But before he could run he saw a girl running as she held onto a purple jewel. Right away he knew what it was. The Shikon Jewel... Before he could talk to the girl he heard someone yell out "KAGOME!" Inuyasha turned around to see a man. His face was clouded but his voice sounded almost like his own, but slightly deeper.

The arrow that he was holding told Inuyasha that this wasn't gunna end well. The arrow zipped through the air and pinned the girl to the God Tree. Inuyasha stared at the girl with wide eyes, wondering what was going on. The man was clearly mad about something, even though the man's face was covered he could tell in his voice that he felt hurt, sorrow, betrayed? Why would he feel betrayed? This made no sense... Inuyasha's attention returned to the girl as he clearly heard her say one more thing before she fell into her slumber "Kai... I... I'll... always love you..."

Her eyes than closed and Inuyasha could feel pain shooting through his heart. Even though this was a dream, he could clearly feel the pain flowing through him all at once. The man's pain... was his own as he screamed out "NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Than Inuyasha woke up in cold sweat. He stared around his room. (his room is almost like Kagome's but it's red instead of pink, not to mention I think red works better and I HATE pink!) Placing a hand over his shoulder to see if there was anything there, like in his dream. He saw nothing. There was no wound or anything to cause him pain, like he felt in the dream... Why did he feel pain? Why did he feel like he knew that girl? He feared that he'll never know. That's what he thinks though.

Inuyasha than looked at his clock and saw that it was 11 AM Saturday morning. His birthday! Today he was gunna spend part of the day with his good friends than after that he was gunna spend it with his family. Inuyasha quickly got dressed which of course was a red muscle shirt and blue jeans. Than he ran out of his room and was out the door of the house. He was about to head for the shrine steps till something caught his eye. His kid brother was by the well house with a cat dish.

Weird. So Inuyasha walked up to Souta and asked "Souta what are you doing here? You know you shouldn't be here!" Souta stared at his older brother as he said "I know. But Bouyo is down there. I'm trying to get him out but I'm too scared to go in there myself." Inuyasha sighed as he said "how are you gunna make it out in the real world if your scared of everything?" Souta stared at Inuyasha as he said "I can't help it... This place is creepy." Sighing Inuyasha walked down the steps as he said "if any of my friends show up just tell them I'll be with them in a minute alright?"

Souta calmly said "yeah, I'll do that bro." Inuyasha smirked as he started to walk down the steps of the well house. It was pretty dark down here. Ok no one has ever been down here cause it was either dangerous or something like that. No one was really sure really. But as he got closer to the well he hear scratches. He calmly thought 'that sound... It's coming from inside the well...'Than there was something purring next to him. Inuyasha stared at it and saw that it was the cat. Smiling Inuyasha picked up the cat and turned around saying "alright, here's the cat... Let's go."

Than something burst out of the well. Souta was freaking out as he said "INUYASHA BEHIND YOU!" Inuyasha slowly turned around and was in shock. What ever that thing was it pulled him down the well. Bouyo was out of his grasp as he disappeared into the well. When he looked around he saw a strange creature. It had the body of a woman but without a shirt and from the waste down it was like a insect. Which of course was creepy. The creature calmly said "it feels good to be alive again. I can feel my power returning at last. Now boy, give me the jewel!"

Inuyasha growled slightly as he said "I don't have a damn jewel! Let me go!" When Inuyasha held his hand out a burst of light came from his hand and blasted the creature in the face. Inuyasha was in shock. How did he do that? He wasn't sure. At first he thought it was a dream till he saw the arm next to him. That sorta freaked him out. Than Inuyasha looked up saying "yo Souta go get gramps and help me outta here!" No responds. Inuyasha sighed to himself as he said "must have got scared and ran off. Typical.

So he started to climb out of the well by the vines himself. As soon as he was out of the well he was in great awe. He calmly said "wow... a forest... But... I've seen this... in my dreams..." As soon as he step foot on the grass he started to walk around the forest. Than he saw the God Tree and ran to it. Thinking that he was home. As soon as he step through the clearing he saw something, something that he always thought was a dream. This of course was shocking. It... it was the girl... from his dreams... what was her name? Kagome? Yeah that's it Kagome...

Inuyasha walked close to her and said "it's the girl... She... she looks so peaceful... and... and beautiful... Who could do such a thing to a girl...?" Inuyasha felt a strange pain shot through his heart. It caused him to gasp in pain, and he fell to the ground. He just stared at her peaceful expression. Wondering how could anyone look so peaceful when their like this... Without any other thought he passed out from the pain.

Inuyasha woke up, to see that he was no longer in the forest. Only one word was on his mind 'strange...'When he sat up he noticed that the pain in his chest was gone. And he saw that this wasn't his house. Where was he? Inuyasha was about to get up till he saw a old woman in the room. She had a eye patch on her right eye. Her hair was long and pulled back with a white ribbon and she was wearing red and white robes.

She seemed kind enough. The elderly woman walked up to Inuyasha and calmly said "so ye have woken up." Inuyasha calmly said "pardon me but who are you ? And where am I?" The woman calmly said with a gentle smile "ye are in my village. My name is Kaede. Some of the villagers found ye in the forest of Kagome. What were ye doing there?" Inuyasha looked away as he said "I'm not sure... I came out of the well and I was here... I walked through the forest and I saw that girl... The one with the silver hair, dog ears and the green kimono! Who is she!?"

Kaede kept her smile as she said "her name is Kagome. She was pinned to the tree by my older brother Kai. She destroyed the village 50 years ago and has remained on the tree ever since." Inuyasha had a sad look on his face. He somehow felt remorse, and guilt. Why? He wasn't sure. Kaede knelt to the young man as she calmly asked "what is wrong lad? Why do ye have a sad face?" Inuyasha turned away as he said "I know this may sound crazy but... I feel like I know that girl... I felt pain flow through me and I fainted..."

Kaede grabbed Inuyasha's face and turned it a few angels getting a good look at him. She was in slight shock as she thought 'it can't be!'Inuyasha calmly asked "how long have I been out?" Kaede let go of his face as she said "I'm not sure... Ye were found when the sun was up... It's night now." Than Inuyasha looked out the door. He could feel something coming. And fast. Inuyasha said with bravery "I sense something! I can sense danger!"

Kaede just stared at Inuyasha. She could feel the presents as well. But it was strange for him to feel it as well. They both walked out of the hut and saw a demon terrorizing the village. The same demon that pulled Inuyasha down the well. The demon was screaming "GIVE ME THE JEWEL!" Kaede was in more shock as she thought 'did it just say jewel? But it was burned with my brother's body...'Inuyasha growled as he said with a bit of rage "it's after me! I won't put these people in danger! I'll take it away from the village! I'll go to the forest! Where that light is!"

With that Inuyasha ran to the forest. Kaede whispered "how is it that this lad can see what can't be seen? Is he truly him?" Inuyasha ran as fast as he could. He knew that the demon was after him. But he wasn't going to let those people pay the price. No way! The demon was fast that's for sure. Inuyasha screamed "HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!"

With the girl pinned to the tree. There was a slight pulse coming from her. Her claws flexed and she smiled. Calmly saying still with the smirk on her face "I can smell it... The blood of the man who killed me! Heh heh heh."

Inuyasha was just climbing a hill till the demon hit the hill, causing him to go flying. When he landed on the ground he heard a famine voice saying "hello Kai." Inuyasha looked up as he thought 'did... did she just talk?'She calmly said "what are you doing? Playing with bugs now Kai? Why don't you just kill it like you killed me? You just look so stupid! You're not like the Kai I remember!" Inuyasha growled as he stood up saying "Kai! Kai! Kai! I have no fucking idea who he is! But he isn't me! My name is Inuyasha!"

Then the girl calmly said "it's here..." Inuyasha turned around and saw the demon. It grabbed him but Inuyasha grabbed onto two locks of Kagome's hair. Inuyasha screamed "LET ME GO!" Kagome screamed "you let go you bastered!" The villagers showed up and saw that Kagome was awake. Kaede couldn't believe it. Kagome was awake! That couldn't be! Her brother's spell should have lasted forever! Than the villagers lunched the arrows at the demon and pulled it away from Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome calmly said "getting help? That's a first Kai."

Inuyasha got close to Kagome as he yelled "I. Aint! Kai! My name is Inuyasha! Get that through your head! Inu! Ya! Sha!" Kagome screamed "and I'm saying that you gotta be him cause you wouldn't smell so much like-!" Than she took a few sniffs than said "you aint him..." Inuyasha smirked as he said "yeah I know! My name is Inuyasha! Now you get it!" Kagome turned away as she said "yeah... Besides... Kai was better looking."

Inuyasha let out a small growl till he felt something bite into his side throwing him into the air. When he was in the air he saw a small pink jewel coming out of his body. Inuyasha was in shock as he thought 'that... that was inside me?'As soon as he hit the ground the demon used it's tail to pin Inuyasha to the tree, the same tree with Kagome. The demon smiled as it said "finally, my power can be complete... As soon as I swallow the jewel I'll crush you both!"

Than with that said the demon swallowed the jewel and became... well it's hard to describe but lets say that it got a hell of a lot uglier. Inuyasha was in shock saying "crap... it swallowed it..." Kagome glared at the demon. The demon stared at Kagome as it said "now to finish off the human and half demon." Inuyasha looked at Kagome as he thought 'half demon?'Than there was a huge pressure building up. It felt like it was crushing both Inuyasha and Kagome, but of course Kagome didn't feel it.

Kagome calmly asked "can... you pull out this arrow?" Inuyasha stared at her with a confused look. Kaede screamed "YE MUSTN'T CHILD! IF YE DO, THAN SHE'LL KILL US ALL!" Kagome yelled "it's either I get free or you all get eaten by that demon! Do you want that you old hag!" She than turned her gaze to Inuyasha asking "and you... are you ready to die?" Inuyasha just stared at her saying "I... I... UGH!" The pressure was really building up. Than he grabbed the arrow screaming "I CHOSE TO LIVE!" Than the arrow disappeared in a blue light.

Kagome's body was pulsing to life once more. Than she started to laugh like a mad man er woman. Than Kagome broke free and Inuyasha hit the ground. Hard. Kagome swiftly turned around as the demon yelled "HALF BREED!" Kagome smirked as she said "hag!" She jumped in the air yelling "IRON REVER SOUL STEALER!" Her claws glowed in a bright green light. Kagome's body was like a saw and cut through the demon like it was butter.

The demon's body was in pieces. But the parts were still moving. Inuyasha was freaking out a bit. Kaede calmly said "find the light! That's where the jewel is!" Inuyasha looked around till he found a bright pink light glowing in one of the body parts. Kaede grabbed it and handed it to Inuyasha. He calmly asked "what was it doing in my body? Why would I have something that's wanted by demons?" Kagome crushed a bone of the demon as she said with a smirk "he's right. Humans can't use the jewel. So give me the jewel before I start to sharpen my claws on you!"

Inuyasha's eyes widened in shock. What was going on? He frees her and this is the thanks he gets! How grateful! But this is bad. He has a jewel that demons want and Kagome here wanted the jewel. This is bad, very, very bad... What the hell was he gunna do now?