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"That's it. The last straw." Edward slammed my door so hard that I was astonished when it didn't break, before appearing at his own.

"Edward, it's just a movie." I sighed, shaking my head at him.

"And a book, and a t-shirt, and a key ring, and a body spray for crying out loud!" He started the car, and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. "What is taking Carlisle so long!" His tone was low and dangerous. I crossed my arms over my Robert Pattinson t-shirt.

"It isn't that bad. Everyone thinks it's fiction." He rolled his eyes.

"Where is that vampire?" He growled, searching the crowds in front of the movie theater

"Can we say 'impatient'?" I muttered, and he shot me an exasperated look.

"Finally!" He cried as Carlisle pushed out the double doors and headed over to us. As soon as the door closed, we hit two hundred and were zipping away. Carlisle glanced worriedly at Edward.

"Is he okay?" He asked me, and I giggled when Edward shot a death glare into the rearview mirror.

"One question. How does Stephenie Meyer know so much about us?" I asked, and Edward's already dark expression turned even darkened.

"One of Aro's minions went traitor. This minion happened to be spying on us. He had the power to implant things into people's dreams. So he implanted our life story into hers." I nodded. "Aro wasn't able to stop the press fast enough, because he didn't realize she did anything about the knowledge until the book was published and a hit. Now he's not doing anything because everyone thinks it's fiction." I sighed. We just had to hope anyone who knew Edward and I didn't pick up on the similarities. We were already at the Cullen house, and Edward was at my door, helping me out. He caught a glance at my shirt and raised an eyebrow. Carlisle was gone and the door was open for us. He must have gone up to his study or something.

"I still think you're overreacting." I let him help me out of my jacket before taking a seat on the sofa in the Cullens huge living room.

"I can not believe that!" Rosalie shrieked as she stormed into the room. Emmett just looked frazzled.

"C'mon Rose, sit down." He pleaded. She threw her hands up, plopping down beside me. "The clothes were a disaster! And I don't glare at people like that. I glare like this!" She glared at me for example. She was right. She did a much better job. Alice and Jasper walked in, hand in hand.

"I was cute!" Alice smiled, twirling in a little circle before sitting on my other side.

"Are you kidding? It looked like I was paying more attention to the humans around me than to you!" Jasper grumbled. Emmett was silent, thoughtful.

"No Emmett, we can not throw them into a shark pit." Edward answered a silent question exasperatedly, though his eyes revealed he was clearly considering it. He paced back and forth in front of us. But then his expression lit up, and a gorgeous smile touched his lips.

"Please Emmett, that's just...genious!" Alice blinked, and her face went blank, but after a moment they became animated as she smiled wickedly.

"I'm guessing what I just saw succeeding was your plan." She grinned, and Jasper raised his eyebrows.

"Okay, now I'm scared." He joked. I twisted so my head was on the floor and my feet were going over the sofa, so I could observe the scene upside down.

"Inform the human please." I looked up at Edward, now leaning over me.

"You're going to faint." He warned, pulling me back up properly.

"Oh whatever." I grumbled, pouting. "But seriously, what's the plan?" Edward exchanged a glance with Alice, who nodded.

"Well, we obviously need to teach them a lesson." He smiled, so happy that it took my breath away. "So...we're going to create Vampire

Boot Camp." I raised my eyebrows, and he sighed. "We're going to kidnap them and make them see how to really be a vampire. And..." He glanced apologetically at Alice who just randomly began to scowl. "We need the wolves help. We'll each take care of our own double, I'll help Bella with hers-" I scowled at him "But all we need is Carlisle's help."

"He'll never agree!" Rosalie argued.

"I wouldn't be so sure..." Carlisle appeared at the top of the stairs, arm around Esme's waist. "We're in." Edward smiled.

"Game on then."

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