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I stood at attention as the wolves filed the actors into the Cullen dining room. It was only six a.m, and I was already drowsy. The actors looked tired too, but apperantly that was the goal. Emmett was talking this time.

"Attention folks! Today, we'll start easy, with what comes naturally to any vampire. But it's the only break you're going to get!" He blew a whistle, and Esme and Alice quickly placed bowls in front of them all. At first, I thought it was tomato soup, but then I caught the scent of rust and salt in the air, and buried my face in Edward's side. They were making the actors drink blood! I heard many "Eww!" 's, as soon as they realized what it was.

"You have to be kidding me! I'm too awesome to do something like this!" Nikki complained, turning her head away from the table like a young child.

"Oh, so she doesn't have to eat it? I'm like, way more super awesome than her!" Robert grumbled, staring into the bowl. Edward made a face.

"And that is supposed to potray me?" He wrinkled his nose, and I giggled.

"So there isn't a choice." Kirsten looked at Emmett, and he nodded. She turned back to her human friends. "If they're really like their story says, we have no choice. And with that, she spooned the liquid into her mouth.

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