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Bella Swan

Robert was just as... interesting as he had been last time. The pool was outdoor, but heated so it was usable in the harsh winters.

All the other people that had been in the house before were lounging around in chair, but one girl sat alone away from the rest- she had white blond hair, and striking gray eyes. I felt like she was watching me as I took a set next to Priyanka, who was sitting next to Robert.

Robert was in nothing but Donald Duck swim trunks. Decent body (for a human, but I ignored this). he was talking to Priyanka, who was listening very attentively.

"... and this one. I got it from falling off my bike as a kid. The rocks were all up in it, and the skin was just hanging off of it-"

"Ew!" Priyanka shrieked, but her eyes were wide with admiration.

"Yeah, and then they took this needle- oh, SB- everybody!" Robert called, sticking his arms into the air, as a grand gesture. "Meet Sarcastic Bitch!"

"Hi Sarcastic Bitch," The gray eye girl said. "Don't fret about the name. He's labeled me as LWG- little white girl. My real name is Coleen, and before you ask, blond is not my natural hair-color. It was a dare. I accepted the challenge."

Coleen (or was it LWG?) leaned back into her hair, putting her hands behind her head. She was fully clothed in an odd assortment of clothes, including a tuxedo jacket.

"Enough," snapped Robert at her. "Geez, are you PMSing? That one over there-" he pointed to the tanned boy I had seen earlier, "is Nikky."

"Nikky?" I asked, amused.

"Nickolas, Nick for short," the boy said, grinning.

"And that- that's Road." Robert pointed to the white-blond boy, who looked like he could tower over me, despite the fact he was sitting.

"It's Layne," "Road" said, rolling his eyes, but grinning.

I smiled at the pun.

"Then there Lacie, she isn't interesting enough to have a nickname," the other blond girl who had been speaking to Coleen frowned at Robert. Her face was a little chubby, and she had braces, even though she looked my age. There was rarely someone so old who had braces. Usually kids got that out of the way in Junior High.

"I don't need a stupid nickname. I'm not here to make friends."

Frowning, I asked her why she had been talking to Coleen- Little White Girl, earlier, if she wasn't trying to make friends. Lacie flushed, almost as badly as I usually do, and looked down at her toes, in her flip-flops. They were painted red.

Coleen grinned, and unlaced and relaced her purple converse, but didn't look as though she was going to give me an answer.

"Excuse me- but I was still introducing people!" Robert shouted, waving his arm in the air. I turned my eyes back to him reluctantly, thinking that the story behind Coleen and Lacie's first meeting was probably very interesting. I hoped I would hear it later.

"That girl over there-" I knew the girl as Kelsi Winters, the girl who had been interviewed just before me-"is called Kevin."

"Why?" I asked. The girl with a boys name grinned.

"I told him the story of cross-dress day at my old school, how I won an award for dressing up so well. He called me Kevin," she shrugged, as though it couldn't be helped.

"And she's M 'n M. Like the candy," Robert said, pointing at Emily. Emily didn't say anything, but simply sat down on the end of a vacant chair. She was looking around at everybody very quietly.

"And she's Priya." That was directed at Priyanka, who grinned at Robert with eyes that reminded me too much of mine with Edward. I quickly said all the names of the people I'd just met in my head quickly, trying to both remember them and keep Edward far from my thoughts.

"Sorry if I don't remember your names right away," I said, blushing.

Coleen waved a hand. "It's fine. I don't even remember what I ate for breakfast. Or if I did eat. Doesn't matter."

It explained her very thin exterior. I could see the bones on the back of her hands, and her eyes had very deep circles under them, like she hadn't slept in too many days. She probably hadn't.

"What about you?" I asked suddenly, turning to Robert.

"What about me?"

"What's your nickname?"

"You can call me Prince Charming if you like. Or amazing, yeah, that'll do-"

"Robby," Priyanka coughed into her hand, then bursting into childish giggles. Robert shook his head, blue eyes wide.

"No- I hate that-"

"She's sarcastic bitch, and I'm Little White Girl. Suck it the hell up! I hereby dub you Robby!" Coleen screamed, and then, putting her hand over her mouth she gave out an call stereotypically associated with Native Americans, and did a cannonball straight into the pool clothes and all.

Robert got the gist, and push Priyanka in. Priyanka wiped her sopping black hair from her eyes, her white teeth glimmering from lips open in surprise.

"Son of a- ugh!" She yelled splashing her arms, trying vainly to hit him. He just laughed, and he had dimples when he did.

I smiled, and jumped in, hoping that maybe it would cool off my overheated skin.

It ended with all of us- save Lacie who had gone inside after getting soaked from Coleen's cannonball, in the pool, fully clothed, and splashing each other like children.

Even Emily, standing on the edge of the pool, toed off her shoes and jumped in, plugging her nose delicately with her fingers.

We all came up screaming, and in a few peoples case, howling like wolves at the sun. I laughed, feeling a little less empty. There was no way that I could be sad when I was so surrounded by these people, and they were interesting enough to keep Edward from my mind.

Things were kind of looking up, I guessed.

The white-blond girl sat, her eyes look very intense, flickering back at forth to each of us, at the card table.

"I know what your cards hold..." Coleen hummed- but I found myself acknowledging her as Little White Girl. I was also now responding to SB, as horrible as it sounded. Robert's nicknames had caught on, in some sense.

"Come on, LWG, we've been waiting for you to make your move, forever!"

Little White Girl looked astounded, her gray eyes popping from their sockets. "My goodness Robby... I didn't know that you were birthed from your mothers womb anticipating my next move in Connect Four..." She glared sarcastically. "I'm giving psychic readings too, if you didn't notice. Two things at once. Takes more braincells than you probably have in your whole brain. Shut the hell up."

He glared. "Move, LWG, or forfeit."

She dropped a black chip into the upright board. "Four in a row. I win," she hissed.

Robby's eyes narrowed, and he dumped all the chips out.

"Best four out of six..."

"Fine, give me a second, would you? Priya wants her future read, got that?"

Laying down cards on the card table with a pattern that I couldn't understand, LWG suddenly grinned up at Priyanka.

"You have love coming your way. Lucky you."

Lucky indeed, I thought dryly. Priya looked at me, grinning, and saw my expression. Frowning, she tried to engage me into the conversation.

"Do SB over here, I'm sure you'll tell her the same thing."

Little White Girl grinned, and turned to me, her gray eyes sparkling with mischeif. With a smooth swipe of her pale hand, she gathered all the cards together and began flawlessly shuffling them, something I never could have done in my state of chronic clumsiness. I would have sent the entire deck flying in all different directions across the room.

"For twenty dollars I can tell you a lot of things. For thirty I can tell you more... and for fifty? I can tell you everything."

I smiled a little, and held up my hands, showing I was broke. LWG laughed and began laying down cards very quickly, her eyes narrowed and focused, occasionally rising to give me a searching look.


"What?" I asked, frowning, trying to make sense of the cards in front of me.

"Darkness. Lots of it, but there is a brief... relief? I'm unsure of how to describe it-"

"LWG. Make your move."

"Shut the hell up Robby, I'm reading here! Now... I see sadness, and then alleviation of your pain, but then there will be great struggle. I don't know the outcome. I'm sorry." LWG glanced up, her eyes sad. She swiped the cards together, and sad them aside. "But don't worry. My future is worse."

I tried to smile as best as I could, but my lips kept twitching downward, and foolish tears filled my eyes. I shakily picked up a black piece, and dropped it into the first slot I saw, and turning my eyes to Robert's, whose were surprisingly serious.

"You're move."

He moved.

We were in the break room in this... place. The only camera in here was from the corner closest to the entrance, and we were all facing it. LWG had the habit of flipping off the camera as much as she could, and then laughing hysterically. She had a laugh that could wake the dead. Loud and boisterous.

A little like Emmett's. Narrowing my eyes, I put another piece into the slot, on the game board.

Emily- M 'n M- sat in the far corner, sometimes looking up at us when we caused a commotion, or when Robert accused me of cheating. She was reading a book, or so it looked like. I found that more than once, her eyes simply sat still on the pages, as though she was staring through the book and not at it. She was so quiet, and aloof. It traitorously reminded me of the Cullen's.

Everything reminded me of them. The rain. The sun. Ice in my drinks. Food in general. My clumsiness. Blue. Topaz. Bronze. All of it was now thrown into the category of taboo, and I felt permanantly damaged. I couldn't even look at a fucking blue shirt without thinking of Edward anymore.

Little White Girl was whispering to Priya, and I tried to listen in. Distract myself.

"... of course. I can't live without it. I tried to go through rehab once, for my ex Chad. I couldn't do it. Withdrawal wasn't the part that held me back, I just... didn't like the weight my thoughts had. I won't do it. If you want to, later, I can give you something. I have plenty, stashed away-" LWG had a way of rambling, sometimes.

"What'd you bring in?" I asked, trying to move my lips as little as possible, my eyes flickering to the camera.

"LSD. It was the most inconspicuous, I figured. Simply to hide, you know. Come to my room, just before bed, okay? Come to say goodnight..." LWG winked. I grinned, feeling a little relieved.

Robert had let us in on the fact that he had brought in drugs with him, but that he would be waiting a while until he really needed them, because if we got caught and our drugs were taken away... Chaos would reign.



"Tonight!" Robert whooped, and we all hushed him quickly. I glanced up to see Emily's head duck behind her book, and her shoulders shake with silent laughter at Robert's antics.

I smiled a little.

Coleen Crupp: Little White Girl, or LWG

Priyanka Natu: Priya

Robert Ellis: Robby

Nicholas Forest: Nikky

Layne Red: Road

Lacie Daven: Lacie

Belle Swan: Sarcastic Bitch, SB

Emily Pint: M n' M

Kelsi Winters: Kevin