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Summer vacation, it never got old. Time to focus on nothing but relaxing. Sure hollows came but hell for a boy of fifteen with the power that rivaled a captain… Well fighting a hollow was much easier then fighting a test. At least his weapon was a sword and not some stupid pencil. He yawned as he woke earlier then normal. He had gone to sleep around 6 PM last night due to all the hollows the day before. He had more then 14 hours of sleep, which for him was rare.

Sitting down he watched his sister Yuzu start breakfast. He had a bored yet relaxed look on his face. He wasn't really used to the quiet, maybe he should wake up earlier then his father more often. Right on cue his father seemed to sense his relaxed stature. "GOOOOOOD MOOOOOORNING IIIIIIICHIGO!!!!" He screamed as he took a running jump from the hallway.

Ichigo jumping out of his chair and watched as he father launched himself past his son and out the window. He gave an annoyed sigh as he woke up Rukia and Karin. "Oi, What the hell is all the noise?" Karin asked as she walked to the table. Saying nothing she noticed the hole in the wall. She simply sighed with annoyance much like her brother a few moments before.

Rukia was the last to arrive. Her hair was all messed up and her new PJ's all wrinkled. It seemed she had a hard time sleeping last night. Karin took the time to crack a joke. "Oi Ichigo, you should be a lot easier on Rukia, she is fragile." Ichigo took a moment to understand where that was going and grumbled. "Shut up Karin..." Isshin hearing the joke jumped though the window. "ICHIGO HOW COUL-" Before he could finish he had his son's foot in his face.

"OI SHUT UP!" Ichigo looked pissed, why couldn't his family be normal? Rukia looked over at Isshin and looked a little worried. "Kurosaki-Sama… Your arm…" Isshin looked at his arm and noticed it was bent in a strange angle, he then screamed. Rukia looked worried but then Isshin just put a smile on. "Don't worry I'll fix it!" He then started towards the clinic.

Rukia stumbled over to the table and rested her head on the cold surface. Karin tilted her head. "Oi," Rukia sent her a questioning glance. Karin continued, "What's wrong with you?" Rukia knew she couldn't tell Ichigo's sister that Rukia decided to give Ichigo a break. He had done so much fighting and fell asleep… He couldn't be bothered the first few times she tried to get him to wake up and decided to stop bothering him and do it herself. She had been up allllll night fighting hollows while he slept.

She wasn't about to say that to his sister or him, it would make him feel guilty. "Uh, I think I have a fever… You know I probably got sick or something. Nothing to worry about." She gave a weak smile; she was good at lying but when she was so tired… Well eh, if she gave a brilliant fake smile now she would make her lie less believable anyways.

Karin just gave a slow nod before leaving to help her sister. She then pointed to her own shoulder. "Oi, Rukia you're bleeding." She hated how those two always decided she wasn't good enough to know anything… She already knew about Ichigo's secondary job as a Shinigami. She smirked as she heard Ichigo start to question Rukia; at least she got some revenge on Rukia for trying to fool her.

"Oi… Why are you bleeding?" Ichigo asked while glaring at her. Rukia holding her now bloody sleeve she gave a weak giggle. "Uh… BATHROOM!" She said as she bolted from the table. As she ran up the stairs she figured she was safe until she heard footsteps following her. Crap! Rushing towards the bathroom she slammed the door closed and locked. She'd be damned if she was caught in a lie like that…

Ichigo had tried following her but he had failed… Damn that girl was agile and quick… Much like those damn rabbits she liked so much. Swearing he went down the stairs again and sat. He started to eat when he was given a plate. Karin ate quickly and went to read manga, at least that what she said. Ichigo, Yuzu and the newly casted father all slowly finished. Yuzu got up to do dishes while Ichigo started to fix the window his father stupidly broke.

He cut himself on a piece of glass and swore. Yuzu came to help him; now that she had finished the dishes she had nothing else to really do. "Ichi-Nii need some help?" Ichigo nursing his palm shook his head. "No, I don't need you cutting yourself helping. Go check on Karin or something." Yuzu frowned but left her brother. Ichigo finally finishing cleaning went up to his room. He was going to find some bandages that Yuroichi left him to use.

Seeing it was his room he had no reason to knock, however the moment he walked in he wished he did. He saw a quick flash of Rukia changing the bandages on her shoulder, chest, back, and upper stomach. It was like a one long sleeved tank top. The sudden slam of his door started Rukia. Oh crap… Well she knew she probably should have done it in the bathroom but it was too small, she couldn't do it in the girl's room because they would freak out, and she couldn't do it in the hallway… So this was the only real place. Shame she forgot to warn the one she was trying to hide from…

Finishing the bandages she went to the door and meekly opened the door. She caught a glimpse of Ichigo; he had a bit of a blush on his face. He then turned angry. "Oi, what the hell happened?" She didn't really want to answer but she couldn't lie anymore… "I was attacked of course idiot." So she wasn't lying anymore, she was being sarcastic… Maybe that would work. "By who and or what…" He questioned with a dark glare.

Plopping herself on his bed with her legs folded under her she crossed her arms carefully. "I'll neeeever telleeell!" She said in a playful singsong voice. She had heard the quote on a movie. Ichigo glared at her for a moment, but when she locked the same glare at him for a moment he wavered and sighed. Dropping his glaze he sat on his bed and then fell backwards. Rukia noticed his hand. She tilted her head and then picked it up, Ichigo blushed and tried to take it back. "O-Oi… What the hell are you doing?"

Rukia ignored him; she used a quick Kido spell to close the cut and then threw him a towel that she had been using to stop the blood. Ichigo wiped his hand and arm clean from the rouge blood and then threw the towel back at her. His face was as red as his namesake as he turned his back to her. Sometimes he wondered if she did that just to mess with him… Maybe she was just that clueless… "Oi, why don't you use that on your back…" He questioned lightly. Rukia just let a bubbly giggle out. "I can't reach my back, and therefore I cannot do that. Thanks for the idea Capt. Obvious."

Ichigo grumbled and then sighed. So it was his fault. Why didn't she wake him up? Drowning in minute long guilt he felt someone smack him. "Stop it, I wanted to give you a break, It's my fault for being careless. I don't need your help all the time… God have more faith." She said while crossing her arms again with a defiant frown on her face. Ichigo rubbed his head and sighed, he had a smirk on his face and shrugged. "Fine." Rukia smirked back before getting up and walking out the door. She then got that familiar call. "Oi, Ichigo!" Ichigo was already ready.

He used his badge to knock him out of his body and was at the window. "Wait this one out, I am dying for some excitement anyway!" He said with a excited look on his face. Rukia however needed to come, for what reason she had no idea… She just felt like she had to. She let Ichigo get the head start seeing he would have told her to stay behind and made things impossible.

She figured he would dispatch it before she came but just in case… She was right by the time she made it there he slashed Zangetsu down causing the hollow to disperse into the air. She watched from afar. She sighed; she was becoming a obstacle rather then a help… That sucked, she remember when he needed her help, and now it was the other way around. Suddenly she heard a childish scream.

She noticed another hollow.. She pulled her phone out and looked over it… Crap there was only an order for one, where did the other come from. Right on cue her phone began beeping. Ichigo noticing her went to lecture her for coming out when she kicked him in the shin. "Oi, Baka! Another hollow!" She pushed him in the hollows direction. Ichigo sighing went after the other hollow. It wasn't until he saw why Rukia was in such a rush that he sped his attack up. He noticed a small child hiding from the hollow. He repeated the process and started to leave, figuring the child wouldn't be able to see him.

That however was proven a rookie mistake when the child grabbed from him and succeeded. Turning around to tell the kid to let go he was surprised at what he saw. A child who looked about 3 years old, he had orange spiky hair, and navy eyes speckled with violet. He picked the kid up and raised a brow. "Where are your parents? What are you doing wondering around?" The child just smiled and clapped his hands. Ichigo saw Rukia coming him. He handed the kid to her and started towards home.

Rukia looked surprised at the small bundle in her hands… It looked just like… Only the eyes looked just like… Strange. She followed after Ichigo, "Oi, Ichigo…" The boy didn't speak, how the hell was she suppose to ask him… "He looks just like you." Ichigo scratched the back of his head and sighed. "So…" Rukia sighed in annoyance. "Never mind… Well what is your name?" She asked sweetly, the boy just gave a cute little giggle and said, "My name is Ichiro! It means one road and first son. I was going to be called Ichijiku which meant fig but it was decided it was to close to strawberry in meaning." He then gave a cute little grin.

Rukia just watched amused… For one that was so quiet he seemed to have a lot to say. "Alright Ichi-Chan… Uh where are your parents?" The boy looked sad for a moment before cheering up again. "I don't have any parents. A man with red hair and a girl with black hair found me. They gave me a name and said I should try to find new parents." Rukia listened intently… A man with red hair and a girl with black hair… That was difficult she knew a few with black hair but none with red… Besides Renji… "Did the man have tattoos?" She asked with mild amusement. The boy shook his head like a dog.

Reaching the Kurosaki residence both shinigami returned to their bodies… So far Ichigo had been really quiet. She felt Ichiro climbing her shoulder; carefully prying him off she placed him in her lap. She needed to question the mini Ichigo. "Did they give a name? Either of them?" The boy shook his head. He snuggled his head into Rukia's chest and started to fall asleep. Rukia bit her lip lightly; this was going to be a difficult puzzle to break.

Ichigo noticing the boy falling asleep went over to Rukia. "So now what… I don't know who he is talking about either." Rukia just smiled and stood with the boy in her arms fast asleep. "Well when all else fails, we go to see Urahara, he should have some idea behind this." Ichigo worried about his appearance figured it was the best way. He looked around, Rukia looked confused for a moment before she saw a smallish clothes thrown at her. She picked them up and nearly had a laugh attack. "Why do you still have your clothes from elementary school?"

Ichigo rubbed the back of his head with annoyance and hid his face. "Because- … I have a shit load of crap from elementary school so shut up." Rukia just laughed making him blush more and rub his head harder, god why did the lord decide to screw with him. Rukia then blushed faintly. "Uh Ichigo…" He turned to glare at her and saw her looking at the floor. "… What…" Did he dare to ask?

"Can you change his clothes?" Ichigo noticed she refused to look at him, heh it was his time to rash on her. Laughing he picked the clothes he threw. "Fine. Just keep everyone away from my room; I refuse to be seen like this… My image was ruined enough." Rukia just rolled her eyes. "Fine. Hurry…" She rushed out of the room. God this was too much.

Isshin was helping a patient… Their friend was less then helpful. "I SAID SHUT IT!" A woman screamed at the top of her lungs making Rukia flinch. Who the hell was having the meltdown? She sighed and looked around the corner. She saw three people, one was badly injured and looked about 12 and then… Parents? No they were much to young to have a child that old. One looked 18 and the other looked about 21… What the hell was causing them to make so much noise?

"Shh, you aren't the only one here." The woman got angry. "I don't care… My little sister was hurt and it was because your brainless friends…" The man then got upset. "Hey, I told them to leave and I tried to get you to get your sister but you were busy!" The woman looked smug, "Yeah, busy with the work that supports your imagination!" Isshin getting impatient slammed his fist on a metal table. "Will you both please leave?" Rukia noticed them coming towards the door she was standing by. Stepping back she bumped into someone, being polite she apologized. She turned and was surprised to see Ichigo and the small boy, who was curled in his arms. It was so cute she couldn't help but laugh a little.

Ichigo felt a vein pop and he grabbed Rukia with a free arm. "C'mon already…" Before he could get out the door Isshin's voice broke though. "My dear son, what is the bundle in your arms?" Ichigo slumped in his posture a bit… CraaaaAAAAP! Rukia's eyes widened as she in turn started to drag Ichigo, she didn't want to be a part of this either… She knew where it would go and while it was amusing when it was Ichigo who was made fun of she knew she would be part of this gag…

"Wait, dear third daughter. Do not save that brut-" He was caught short when he was able to spy what was indeed in his sons arms. He let a big goofy grin cross his face. "My, my you've been busy haven't you." Ichigo tried not to… He couldn't… He was holding a three year old… "So Rukia-" He wasn't able to finish the sentence as Ichigo's frustrated fist connected with his idiotic father's face. "We are leaving…" Rukia blinked and then followed after the fast paced Ichigo.

Making it to Urahara's house once again they were made fun of. Ururu didn't seem to make much of a deal of it, just poking the boy's cheek and then handing out tea but Jinta was causing the trouble Urahara wasn't able to make due to his absence. "So strawberry head… What have you been doing between hollow hunting huuuh?" He said while placing a hand behind his ear. Ichigo ignored him, refusing to punch a child. Rukia just placed her head in her arms, which rested upon the table. Suddenly the door opened and Tessai came in. He sat down with a thump and it took him a full minute to see the small sleeping toddler. "Sweet me… A child out of wedlock!" He got a look in his eye that reminded Ichigo of when he was in that hole during training… Shit he was about to get his ass kicked…

Urahara thank go walked in right on that cue. "Hello Kuro… Saki…" He cut the name in two when he also spotted the small child. All the reactions were getting on Ichigo's nerves. "GAAHH! Alright I know the punk looks like me but shut the hell up all of you!" He noticed Rukia give him a blank look." Rukia knew it had been bothering him; he was just to 'cool' to admit it, until he was about to snap.

Rukia watched a moment, as everyone was silent. "Urahara… Do you have any idea besides a idiotic joke that could explain this?" Urahara looked mockingly depressed "Oh Kuchiki-San that ruins the fun… However to honor your request I do not… I will have to look into it." Rukia sighed and placed her forehead back on her arms. This was going to be more annoying then she thought.

Ichigo then noticed Ichiro waking up. He saw Urahara and giggled. "Hats and clogs…" Urahara grinned, "That's me, the hottest merchant around" He posed with his fan and then was punched by Rukia. "Idiot…" Ichigo watched the boy walk over to Rukia and ask to be picked up. Rukia sighed, she had just used the last of that aspirin and he wanted to be picked up… Oh well, he was too adorable to ignore. Picking the little boy up she stared into his eyes. He however cut the contact when he giggled and closed his eyes in a large smile… Taking a moment to annoy Ichigo she shrugged. "Personally I doubt its Ichigo's child in the least, he smiles way to much." He gave a smug grin before starting for the exit.

"Thanks Urahara. Call me if you get any updates." Ichigo swore and jumped to his feet. "Woman I can smile when I want to!" He yelled after her. Urahara watched with a grin. Jinta then crossed his arms. "You sure that was such a good idea? They are looking into it to much." Urahara hid his growing smirk behind his fan, "Oh it's a brilliant idea, act like nothing is wrong and they figure nothing is wrong. I know they need a little push and what a better way then to mimic the perfect image of their spawn to be into a gigai and put a soul in need of intense protect in their way. Its like killing two birds with one stone." Ururu just sighed and then started to clean.

On the way home it was silent. Rukia was happy to be out of there but was still so confused to why the boy looked so much Ichigo and herself… Well possibly she was over thinking it. Reaching the house Isshin had helped the young girl and the clinic was empty besides the Kurosaki's. Isshin noticed the small now in Rukia's arms and with his one good arm hugged them. "I knew this day wo-" Before he could finish Ichiro grabbed his nose. Ichigo looked surprised, he had been about to punch him but it seemed Ichiro got to him first.

Rukia held an amused glance as she watched Isshin try to fight for his nose back. When Ichiro let go he rubbed his noise and put a thumb up. "He is just like his old man, only cuter." Ichigo sent him a glare and went to go to his room but was chased by Rukia. "Here he needs to sleep with you." Ichigo thought it over quickly and agreed, his sisters would probably cause trouble and… Yeah, it was a good idea he shouldn't think about it anymore.

Rukia seeing he agreed handed the small boy over to Ichigo. Ichigo then proceeded into his room. He sat down on his bed and watched as Ichiro looked around the room. He then crawled over to the pillow and grabbed it. Ichigo watched confused to what he was doing until he got a smack in the face and a giggle. Ichigo was surprised to say the least, a pillow fight? The Ichigo then took the pillow and gave the giggling boy a soft whack.

The boy was silent for a moment before he started to laugh. Ichigo couldn't help but crack a smile. Ichiro crawled into Ichigo's lap and started to fall asleep. However Ichigo wasn't about to sleep sitting up so he tapped the small boy on the shoulder. "Oh no you don't, your not going to be the only one comfortable." The boy smiled and got up. Ichigo fixed the pillow and then lay on the bed. He felt Ichiro curl up at his side and start to fall asleep… Man the kid was like a cat.

The next morning Ichigo woke to the flash of something… He noticed the familiar sound and his eyes snapped open. There were one, two, three, … three people over his bed taking pictures. "What the hell are you all doing…?" Yuzu just clicked the shutter for another picture. "You look cute together close your eyes again." Ichigo grumbled and felt the cat like boy stir. He gave a cute smile as he pointed to the flashes. "What is that?" Ichigo felt like he was talking to Rukia… He rolled his eyes. "It's a camera, you can take pictures and remember the fun or embarrassments on a later date." The boy nodded; well at least he was quicker to understand then Rukia.

Rukia gave into the room and hid a smirk. "Hey guys I need to talk to Kurosaki-Kun alone. Care to finish up the photo shoot?" They all took a few more pictures before filing out. Rukia sat on the bed and crossed her arms with a serious face on. "I think I might have a lead on this whole thing…" Ichigo looked mildly curious but didn't say anything. "Yes, black haired woman and a red haired man… He is what three? So another older child would look like a man and or woman… I was thinking Urahara was acting strange and…" Ichigo caught on, "Jinta and Ururu?"

Ichiro clapped his hands. "You win." Both looked surprised at the little boy. "You win, they are the two who found me… Wanna hear the story?" He said with a cheerful voice. Rukia nodded while Ichigo gave the boy a strange look. "Ura-Chan told me to act like I knew nothing… I actually know them all; I am a prince to a house in the soul society much like Yuroichi… Only I have lost my parents. I had asked for some fun in the real world while my older sister takes over, Urahara decided to help me, and you two at the same time."

Rukia took advantage of his pause. "How old are you really and what is your real name?" The boy giggled, "My real age is six, and my real name is Hiroki. I'm not as young as I look yet not as old as I sound. The name really did come from Ura-Chan… I'm sorry to have lied to you both, you both seemed to be such nice people." He started to get teary eyed, worried they might hate him for lying.

Rukia just laughed which caused him to look up in surprise. "Ah that son of a… He decided to play us a fool, don't worry its not your fault. I for one had fun too." Ichigo felt the same, he enjoyed his time with the young boy but being played by Urahara pissed him off… He was going to give him a black eye the next time they met. Both thoughts were interrupted when the young prince spoke again. "Ano… I cannot go back yet, my sister has taken over for me and I need to stay here to avoid any assassins that look to come after me… That was the other reason I was placed with you, I was told you would protect me… Is that true." He looked up at Rukia and then Ichigo with navy eyes of puppy dog cuteness.

Rukia couldn't help but break. "Oh, of course. Isn't that right Ichigo?" The boy also couldn't help but break and nodded weakly… What the hell was he getting into? That day went without a hitch. Besides the boy actually speaking up and defending his embarrassed new friends. While he was older then he looked he still had the heart of a young child he was playing as. To have a new family made him happy again.

A new room was made for the newest family member. After a call from Urahara it was told that the boy was to remain in the real world for a few years until his parents death smoothed over and his sister was able to get married without a hitch. When he was old enough in human years he would take the throne back. Until then he had to be protected. It was a unstable day, filled with rain showers and a few thunderstorms. It wasn't until the family sat down for movie night and the lights decided to all shut off.

Isshin looked depressed about the movies. When Rukia's cell phone went off she figured it was a hollow but was surprised that Urahara sent her a text message… She read it and as she did her eyes widened. "Oi… Guys apparently a cyclone is heading towards Japan… How come no one was watching the weather channel?" Isshin gave a nervous laugh and held up a dvd. Rukia sighed. "Well now what, we have no power…" Ichigo grumbled before getting off the couch. Ichiro upset at the tense and doomy feel in the room clamped onto Ichigo.

Ichigo noticed and poked Ichiro's cheek. Bent forward he looked into Ichiro's scared eyes. "What's wrong punk?" Ichiro knowing punk was his pet name just whimpered… He had no idea what a cyclone was. It was always clear and calm in the soul society… Rukia sighed. "He probably isn't used to bad weather like this…" Trying to hint to the obvious, when Ichigo finally caught on he crossed her arms. "Well that is a problem seeing Cyclones can cause a lot of issues… Ones I can't really help." He said glancing at the scared child.

Rukia sighed and rolled her eyes. "Of course you can't help that, Ichi-Chan are you alright…" She asked worried, his knuckles were turning white with the grip he was holding Ichigo's pants. Ichigo noticed and ruffled the little boy's hair. "Oh c'mon its not that bad, did they tell you how bad the storm was going to be?" He asked Rukia who seemed to be the only one who knew anything.

Rukia looked back at the text and shook her head. She then got another text, a reply to the one she had sent before. "It's about a category three… Not that bad I suppose, it is suppose to grow into a category four and then die once it hits us. So…" She bit her lip nervously. Ichigo just smirked at everyone's depressed attitude. "Well personally this is a chance to have some excitement. Shall we start boarding the place up or something?"

Isshin stood up with excitement his son had been talking about and dashed around getting nails, hammers, 2x4s and bandages… Just in case someone missed the nail and hit a finger. He then set everyone to an area in the house and they started boarding it up. By the time they finished the afternoon time looked closer to midnight. With the sky darkened to the point it looked like nighttime everyone had a flashlight, something to do, and were sprawled all over the house. The two sisters were reading manga with a book light, Isshin reading a medical novel, and Ichiro, Rukia, and Ichigo sitting on the couch. Ichigo had taught them a new game…

Yes the game of war… Both seemed to be taken by it. After about fifty games f war, all which he lost terrible it was a tie between Rukia and Ichiro… In the end Ichiro won and it was 26 to 25. Rukia took defeat and gave up the lollipop that had been put up for bet. Ichiro took the lollipop with glee and at that point was totally used to the heavy pour of rain, the howling wind, and the dark rooms.

It wasn't until the hail started pounding the roof and the storm started producing lightning and spitting out thunderous roars that could put a dragon to shame. At the first clap of thunder Ichiro jolted up and found himself buried in Rukia's lap. Rukia had a look of sympathy… She didn't like storms either the first one she saw was bad enough for her to think the world was ending… Then again she was not used to storms either.

This was his first storm and it was a Cyclone… That wasn't fair to him at all. "Oi, Punk, its nothing to be worried about, all it is, is icy rain, flashes of static electricity and the sound following that static." Rukia smiled softly as even the explanation as horribly as it was couldn't calm him down. She rubbed his back until he relaxed. "You have no idea how unfair it is for him to have his first storm be a Cyclone…" Ichigo just grinned. "Hey at least he is smart to know its not the end of the world like some people." Rukia tossed a throw pillow at his face. "Shut up, the sky was pitch black and stuff that reminded me of one of my peer's Zanpakutou started to shoot from the sky… What else was I suppose to think?"

Ichigo shrugged, "That it was something normal because no one else was freaking out to your extent." Rukia sent him a glare and he just rolled his eyes. After a few hours of trying to get Ichiro to get to sleep he finally fell asleep, his upper half on Rukia's lap and his lower half on Ichigo's. It was now clear the eye was passing over. Rukia and Ichigo figured it was all right to put Ichiro to sleep in his new room. Both brought him there and then after making sure he was comfortable, left to sit down at the couch again. After a few minutes both ended up yawning. Looking at the close it was now 11 PM. Rukia got up as did Ichigo, without a word they both went to their rooms. After a few minutes they both fell asleep. It wasn't until Rukia felt a tiny nervous hand poking her.

She figured that it must been Ichiro, and when she save his upset and tear stained face she new she was right. She moved over just a bit and offered him a place. He crawled into the bed next to her and buried his face. He felt safe again but it seems his worrying was affecting Rukia... She hadn't been in a cyclone either and it was upsetting... After a few moments the storm was back at full fury. Ichiro woke up again at the sound of thunder, hail, and angry winds. Rukia looked at Ichiro and as if in silent agreement they both got up.

Walking down till they saw the familiar door with the 15 sign nailed into it, Rukia turned the knob silently. They saw Ichigo sleeping on the bed. Kon who had been away with Ririn, Cloud, and Nova finally appeared. "Neeeeee-SAN!" That yell woke Ichigo up. He went to ask what the hell was going on when he saw the nervous look on Rukia's face and the sad one on his mini me. He rolled his eyes he knew what was coming. "Kon, shut up before someone hears you." He said throwing a random object at the stuffed lion.

Kon grumbled but went into the closet. Ichigo then sighed, "C'mon already you look strange just standing there." He pushed over until he knew he could fit two more people on the bed... That was saying a lot seeing it was for only one person, thank god Rukia and Ichiro was so small. Rukia lead the now smiling boy over to the bed. Both climbed in and fell asleep. Ichigo who had already been having trouble found himself having more trouble... However after awhile he grew used to the two light snores the two neighbors in his bed gave him. Falling asleep he wondered when the storm would end, because while he wouldn't admit it... He was enjoying this quite a bit.

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