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"Surprise?" Rukia let her grin grow. "Yup, so you go have fun with Ichi-Chan." She turned Ichigo around and pushed him softly out the door. She then locked it. She ignored the pounding at the door and went into the kitchen. "Oh Rukia I was just about to get you, I think we should get started early. I know I only told you a hour or two ago but I really want this to be fun and fun." Rukia shook her head, "Ah don't worry about it, I already got rid of him anyways."

Yuzu smiled "Thank you Ruki-Nee. I will need some idea on what the cake should look like and some dishes that you can help with." Rukia nodded and put on an apron, "Alright lets get started." Yuzu just smiled and together they started to get to work.

Meanwhile with the two boys, Ichiro was resting his chin on the top of Ichigo's head while he kicked his legs gently. He was sitting on Ichigo's shoulders and enjoying the view. Ichigo noticed all the people cleaning up, for such a strong cyclone it seemed it didn't do too much damage. Besides the power being taken out until just recently it didn't seem that bad at all. Ichiro was pointing to a vender who was selling ice cream. "What is he doing standing behind that box on wheels?" Ichigo laughed at the description. "He is selling ice cream, I figure he is trying to make some money, that or lighten up the day with ice cream."

Ichiro looked confused. "What is ice cream?" Ichigo laughed again. "Alright here let me show you." Ichigo pulled out his wallet and ordered two ice cream cones. One Strawberry from habit and the other Vanilla." He handed the one he normally got for Rukia to the boy on his shoulders and sat on a bench that was magically unscathed. "YUM!" Ichigo felt the melting drip of ice cream hit his hair. "Oi, watch where you're dripping that." He said brushing the drops off his spiky hair. Ichiro just laughed sheepishly before trying a bit more carefully to eat his ice cream.

After they both finished Ichigo wondered if it was safe to go back, or would he and Ichiro get kicked out again? "Oi what time is it?" He asked someone who just so happened to be walking by. The man looked at his expensive watch and smiled. "Its five right on the dot." Ichigo thanked him and stood. "Alright so it's been about a few hours… Wondering around doing nothing and then eating ice cream really burns up time…" He said humorously. He looked up at Ichiro who looked back down with his navy eyes. "Yup yup." He said simply. Ichigo glad the boy agreed he turned around and started to head back.

Rukia helping Yuzu put the finishing touches on the gifts and decorations felt Ichigo's reiatsu. He wasn't suppose to be back this quick… Granted he had been gone for about five hours give or take an hour or two… She looked at Yuzu who clapped her hands. "Done… What's wrong Ruki-Nee?" She said noticing Rukia's expression. Rukia just put on a fake smile and waved her hand in front of her face. "Nothing I just I heard someone coming." Yuzu then nodded. "Well were done now, so they can come back. Just keep them out of the kitchen."

Rukia nodded and headed out the door. She caught Ichigo entering and he looked at her strangely. "Oi… Midget… What's with the apron?" Rukia looking down noticed she didn't take it off. Crap…. Quickly untying it, and throwing it randomly out of her reach, she shrugged. "What apron?" Ichigo not in the mood to argue just rolled his eyes. "Never mind… Hey is that icing?" He said pointing to her arm. She smirked nervously. "Oh course not!" Ichigo gave her a blank look. Walking over to her she gave him a strange look.

Grabbing her arm he trailed his tongue down the pink stain. "You lying midget it's icing. What the hell are you planning?" Rukia both flustered by the action and the fact he was to stupid to understand what was going on stomped on his foot and then smacked his head, carefully avoiding Ichiro who was gripping onto the flailing Ichigo like a bucking horse.

Yuzu seeing the flustered Rukia beating up her brother she decided it would be best to break the news. "Ichi-Nee Jr, want to see something cool?" The little boy nodded. He carefully jumped off Ichigo, onto Rukia, slid down her arm and plopped onto the floor. Following Yuzu to the living room he had no idea what was going on. Rukia noticing Ichiro wasn't around decided to let Ichigo in on the secret. "BAKA! … Its Ichiro's birthday… I figured you would get the hint and stop asking… God your horrible."

Ichigo getting the picture held both of Rukia's wrists to avoid getting another bruise on his already aching head. "Alright so let me get this straight, you kicked us both out so you could plan without me?" Rukia attempted to break the contact with a swift kick to the shin but failed. She was then forced to answer. "Well yeah, Yuzu asked me and I couldn't get a moment to tell you, and plus who was going to take him out? Kurosaki-Sama?" She made a look, which made Ichigo think for a moment. "Alright fine…" He let Rukia go and headed after his sister, who was watching as Ichiro looked around a large stack of wrapped boxes.

Ichigo sat on the couch and watched as Ichiro bounced around. "What are these?" Yuzu smiled. "It's a surprise. Rukia want to get everyone else?" Rukia nodded and headed into the clinic, Isshin closed the clinic the moment he heard the reason and rushed out into the living room. Karin coming in from playing soccer said she would be back after a quick bath.

Taking a quick bath she came down and joined the small family. Everyone sung happy birthday to Ichiro and he started to open the gifts. He was given some new clothes, a hand held game, a coloring pad, a stuffed toy, and some money to buy some stuff himself. Let it be books, games for the hand held player, or just to keep on hand.

He grabbed as much as he could and started to rush up the stairs. Rukia and Ichigo grabbed the rest of the stuff. Following Ichiro into Ichigo's room they were surprised to see Urahara sitting in Ichigo's window. "OH HELLO!" He said with glee. Rukia and Ichigo waved with blank faces. "I've come for the mini berry." He said pointing for the boy. Ichiro looked upset. "Now?" Urahara jumped into the room and nodded. "Your sister made it clear once you turned seven you would be old enough to be trained while on the throne…" Ichiro looked very depressed and started to cry. "I don't want to leave…"

Yuroichi took this moment to jump though the same window. "Damn I'm to late…" Urahara looked at her with confusion. "For what?" Yuroichi cocked her hip and placed a hand on it. "I got a recall message." Urahara raised a brow. "From who?" Yuroichi let her cat like grin to show. "Reikimiko come in." Suddenly a thin pale woman who looked no older then Rukia stepped into the room. Her pure white robes trailing behind her like a phantom. "Konnichiwa…" She said with a polite bow. Rukia looked confused and Ichigo went to ask who she was when Ichiro screamed out "SISTER!"

He ran over and hugged her. The woman had long black hair and chestnut eyes. "Hello dear Hiroki. I have a question for you…" Ichiro looked up at his sister, eyes filled with unshed tears. "Do you wish to stay here?" Ichiro looked at Rukia and Ichigo and nodded slowly. "But…" His sister then smiled brilliantly. Bending forward she wiped his tears. "Do not worry, I have been married and the people are used to my rule… I also am holding your niece or nephew… I won't go into details but I am willing to stay on the throne if you wish to stay here. I meant to say so earlier when I saw how attached you were here… You know you will need to come back some day but for now you may have fun. I will not force your childhood away."

Ichiro smiled just as brilliantly and hugged his older sister. "Rei-Rei this is Okaa-San, Otou-San, and there is many more down stairs." Urahara and Yuroichi watched in amusement as the boy told his sister everything. Suddenly Rei yawned. "I must be getting back. I shall be sure to visit once in awhile. I'm so happy to have met you all." Rukia curtsied and Ichigo waved as all three visitors jumped out the window. Ichigo then noticed Ichiro yawn too. He however betrayed that action by tackling Rukia who stumbled onto Ichigo. All three fell onto the floor with a loud thump. "YAY I GET TO STAY!"

Ichigo and Rukia smiled at his childlike glee of being able to stay. Seeing the time was close to eight Ichigo remembered… Today was the last day of summer vacation… "Hey you know what school is right so want to go?" Ichigo asked the mini man. Ichiro nodded cheerfully.

Rukia smiled and ruffled his hair. "Alright then we should all go to sleep and wake up for school tomorrow." Rukia got up and with Ichigo on her hip helped Ichigo up. Ichigo took the small boy and Rukia went to leave. However two hands shot out and grabbed her. One belonged to Ichiro and the other Ichigo. Ichiro giggled. "I enjoyed the sleep over last night. Can we do that again?" He searched the two teens faces and Rukia shrugged. "Sure why not." She didn't question why Ichigo's hand also shot out to go after her she figured she knew. She was much to exhausted to tease Ichigo and thought it would have to wait.

All settled into the bed like the night before. Unlike the night before however Ichigo fell asleep right away. He was glad that Ichiro was able to stay; he wouldn't admit that to anyone though. As all three drifted into sleep without much care besides tomorrow's resume of school, a camera shutter snapped silently as a ninja clad Isshin snuck in and then out of the room, blackmail securely in his pocket…

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