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A pharaoh with tri colored hair stands outside on his balcony, looking over his kingdom. His hair consists of blonde bangs in the shape of thunderbolts, mainly black and outlined with red. It has been a whole year since he has gone to the afterlife. It is no different from what Egypt is like before. He is still king and ruler over all the people. You would think that he would be happy, but he is not. He thinks back on the day he left his friends to be laid to rest again.


A smaller version of him named Yugi, drops on his knees as Atem's lifepoints go down to zero. They were having a duel. If Atem won, he would stay locked inside the Millennium Puzzle for another five thousand years. But if Yugi won, Atem would finally be laid to rest.

Tears drop from Yugi's cheeks to the cold ground as Atem approaches him with a sad smile. He crouches down and places a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Dry your tears Yugi for you have won," Atem says softly. There are others witnessing this as well, who are close friends of both Yugi and Atem's.

"I don't want you to go…" Yugi sobs.

"You should be proud of yourself. Yugi I've been with you for years and I've seen much growth in you. Believe it or not, you taught me the meaning of friendship and how to show compassion for others. Thank you for all of your help."

Yugi looks up as Atem stands and walks over to the door that will take him to the afterlife. The doors slowly open, revealing the bright light that is on the other side.

"Don't go!" yells a feminine voice and Atem stops, his eyes widening. "I know this is what you're supposed to do," she says. "But I feel like we were all just getting to know you and…" She stops in her sentence as tears form in her eyes. Atem knows who it is. A teenage girl with brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Her name is Tea.

"I think what she is trying to say is that we just don't want you to go," says a boy named Joey who has messy blonde hair and brown eyes. "But we'll never forget about you."

"And we'll miss you," Yugi says and Atem turns his head to all of his friends. He nods with a smile before giving a slight wave and turning to leave again. They all watch as he walks through those doors and they slowly shut behind him.

End Flashback

The truth is that he didn't want to go either. He had grown so attached to them that it was hard for him to say good-bye.

"Yugi, Tea, Joey…" he says to himself, looking up at the sky. From behind him, hiding behind a wall, a girl with spiky brown hair, wearing a short white pleated skirt with a gold belt, a strapless white blouse and white cap on her head, watches him.


Mana lies in the grass under a tree with her hands behind her head. One leg is bent while the other is straight. 'Yugi, Tea and Joey,' she thinks to herself. She has seen them before when they came to her time to help the pharaoh. They had met at the Nile when she was practicing her spells. 'Prince misses them…Maybe there's a way that I can help.'

A leaf falls onto her nose and she quickly sits up, making it fall off her face. Then she jumps up to her feet and runs inside the palace, thinking of a great idea to help her dear friend. She runs through the halls, dodging guards and servants, but she runs straight into Priest Seto and falls on her rump. He looks down at her with cold blue eyes.

Without a word, she gets up and creeps past him before rushing off again to the pharaoh's room, knocking on the door. She waits impatiently outside, jogging in place until he finally opens the door and she whooshes past him. "Mana? Is there something wrong?" he asks, closing the door.

"I've found a way to cure all of your problems!" Mana exclaims and her wand materializes in her hand.

"Hold on. What do you mean by all that?"

"You miss your friends don't you? You know, Yugi, Joey and Tea."

"How do you know about that?"

"Don't you?" she asks again.
"Well of course I do Mana. But I know that there's no way of seeing them again." Mana lifts up her wand for him to see and his eyes widen. "What are you planning on doing with that?" She steps up to him, inches away from his face.

"You want to see them again right? Let me help you."

"But how?"

"All you have to do is hold on to this," she says, holding up her wand. He looks at her then at the wand. By holding the wand, will that get him to see his friends again? There is only one way to find out. He slowly reaches out toward the object, his hand inches away from it. "Trust me Prince." And with saying those words, he finally grasps onto the wand. There is a blinding light from the wand and a rush of wind until they both are zapped inside a blue portal.

Atem shuts his eyes and Mana grits her teeth as they fall downward. Their clothes magically begin to change. Atem wears a navy blue school uniform while Mana wears a blue jean pleated skirt and a blue jean jacket with a black shirt underneath. The portal shoots them down into a new area and Atem crashes down in a park on the grass. For awhile, he lies there with his face in the ground until he finally raises his head and gasps.

It is totally different from Egypt. There are tall buildings and cars zooming down the streets. He looks at sign that says, "Welcome to Domino," and he smiles. He made it.

"Mana, you did it," he says before looking around, realizing that she is not there with him. He stands up and looks left and right, but there is no sign of her anywhere. "Mana."


Mana walks on the sidewalk, totally clueless to where she is and where she is going. She looks at the tall buildings that tower over her and the cars that drive in the street. She looks at the cars more closely, wondering what they are and she takes a step out into the street, wanting to get closer to them. A car comes right toward her, blowing its horn and she gasps.

"Look out!" yells a teenage boy and he pulls her by her hand, out of the way. Mana looks at the boy that resembles her prince greatly.



"What happened to you Prince? Have you gotten shorter?" she asks and he tilts a head to the side before his eyes widen. He has seen her before back in Egypt.

"You're Atem's friend, Mana!"

"You're…Yugi," she recalls before raising an eyebrow. "Who's Atem?" she asks, never hearing that name before.

"If you're here, then that must mean that Atem is here too."

"Atem?" she asks again and he holds her hands in a pleading manner.

"Please, you must tell me where the pharaoh is!"

"Uh…we got separated. So I don't know where he is either."

"Then we'll search for him together," says Yugi, taking her hand.

'Atem…' she thinks again to herself, wondering why Yugi called him that.

"Where is she?" Atem asks himself, wandering the streets of Domino in search of Mana. "I hope she didn't get lost."

"There you are!" yells a feminine voice from behind and he stops. "I've been looking all over for you Yugi!" Atem slowly turns around and he gasps, seeing Tea there. Tea has the same expression and she drops the bags that she is holding in her hands, rushing over to him and giving him a hug. "Atem! You're back!"

"Tea." She slowly pulls back with tears in her eyes and she quickly wipes them away. "It's nice to see you too Tea."

"What are you doing here? I thought you were sent to…"

"I was brought back here by a friend who I'm looking for at the moment," he explains, looking in another direction.

"Then I'll help you look for that friend."

Atem smiles at her. "Thank you Tea."

"No problem."

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