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Mana sits on her bed in her bedroom which is dark. She looks out the window has the sun starts to go down for the day. Soon their time will be almost up. She does feel kind of bad for not telling Atem in the first place, but there was so much going on that she didn't have time to tell him. With a sigh she lies on her side, still looking out the window.

When she hears a knock on the door, she becomes perfectly still and silent. Could that be Atem? No, he is still mad at her and probably wouldn't want to talk to her right now. The door opens and she keeps silent. She feels weight on her bed and she closes her eyes, pretending to be sleep for moment. That is until the person calls her name and she opens them back up again. She still doesn't respond though.

"I know you're not sleep Mana," says Atem looking down at her. "I would like to talk to you face to face."

Reluctantly, she sits up and turns her head to him. His eyes are serious like they always are yet this time, it is also apologetic. "I'm sorry." Mana continues to look at him as if she wants him to say more. "I lost control of my anger. I shouldn't have yelled at you but--"

"I know. You were just upset that's all. I understand. And I'm sorry for not telling you in the first place. But I didn't want you to feel that you were being rushed because of time."

"So we're leaving tonight?"
"Yeah. The same way we came here," she says, referring to her wand which got them there in the first place. "Did you tell the others?"

"Yes. They'll all be here to see us off."

Mana leans forward with a sad smile. "Hey, we'll be able to come back, I promise."


"Yeah! I promise," Mana says, giving him thumbs up and he smiles warmly.


Cairo, Egypt

Mana plops down on her bed, lying on her bed with arms out to her sides as she pants heavily with her eyes closed. Ever since they came back, she's been having nothing but punishment because of her and Atem's sudden disappearance. Seto had to take over for him but it wasn't so bad since not a lot of bad things happen in the afterlife. And when Mahad found out that what she did as far as going to the living world, she got into a lot of trouble. For the first time she would rather hear one of Mahad's lectures instead of getting on her hands and knees, cleaning all the floors of the palace. She's not even done either; she's taking a break.

"My arms…my knees," she groans. "I'm so sore I could die…or wait a minute…"

"Mana." She peers down to see Atem coming into the door, wearing his royal attire with a golden crown on his head. He closes the door behind her so that they can be alone and so that they won't be seen together in her room. "I see you're done with punishment."

"Not really. I still have the other half of the palace to do."

"I'm sorry. If it weren't for me you wouldn't have to do all this."

"Hey it's fine," she assures him, standing up in front of him. "I actually had a good time even though I did get possessed while I was there. Plus I saw so many new things and had a great experience." Atem smiles before leaning in and kissing her on the lips and she returns the kiss. They both love each other dearly although the priests probably wouldn't approve of it. That's why they only express their love for each other when they're alone and not in public. Atem pulls back and sighs.

"I wish we could go back. We haven't been there in a long time." Mana taps her finger on her chin with thought before snapping her fingers and making her wand appear in her hand. She holds it out to him with a grin and he gasps. "Mana, you're going to get in trouble again if we go back."

"So. Didn't stop me before did it?"

Atem chuckles, "No, it did not."

Mana shrugs. "Well, you know what to do." Atem nods with a smile and willingly grabs hold of the wand causing the room to light up brightly and they disappear.



Atem and Mana stand up and look around at the familiar tall buildings. They're clothes are now modern-looking as well. Atem looks forward and his eyes widen in horror to see that they are standing in the middle of a street and a car is about to hit them. "JUMP!" he yells and they both jump at the same time, running on the hood to the trunk before landing on the street. Then they quickly run to the sidewalk to safety.

"Déjà vu," Mana chuckles, putting a hand behind her head while Atem sighs in relief. "To Yugi's!" Mana exclaims, pointing forward.

When they finally reach Yugi's, they see that nothing has really changed. Atem wonders how long they have been gone. They don't keep up with time in the afterlife but it doesn't seem like they have been gone for long. He knocks on the door and hears a familiar feminine voice from the other side before the door opens, revealing an older and mature looking Tea. Her brown has been cut slightly and she no longer wears her high school uniform like she did everyday.

She gasps in surprise, seeing Atem and Mana there. "You're back!" she yells with excitement and she hugs them both. "We've missed you!"

"So have we," says Atem as they all pull back. He looks down as a small girl resembling her walks up to her and tugs on Tea's blue jeans. Tea looks down with a smile and picks her up.

"You guys, this is my daughter, Yufi," she says and Atem and Mana's eyes go big when they hear the word 'daughter.'

"Yufi?" Atem asks, the name sounding similar to Yugi's. "You mean--?"

"Yup. Yugi and I are married."

"How long have we been gone?"

"About five years. I'm glad you guys have finally decided to come back," she says, stepping aside so that they can come in. They see Joey and Mai sitting on the couch and Joey smiles and shoots up from his seat.

"Atem! Mana! Good to see ya!"

"Joey!" Mana yells and she runs up to give him a hug. "You're here! And you've grown!"

"And you haven't aged a bit," he notices and she smiles before looking down at Mai whose stomach is big.

"Is she--?"

"Yup," Joey answers. "Two more months to go."

"She looks just like you Tea," Atem says, holding Yufi in his arms. Yufi grabs hold of one of Atem's bangs and pulls down on it. "Ow. That's painful." Tea chuckles before taking Yufi out of his arms.

"Hey what's all the commotion?" asks Yugi coming in and he stops in his tracks when he sees his buddy Atem and Mana. "No way…"

"Hello Yugi," Atem greets with a smile. "Long time no see. And you've grown so much since the last time I've seen you," Atem says, noticing that Yugi is a little taller, almost as tall as him.

"I can't believe it. You're actually here!" His eyes start to water up but he quickly wipes them, trying to hide his tears.

"I've missed you too Yugi."

"How long are you going to stay this time?" asks Joey.

"I don't know. Mana?" Atem asks, looking at her.

"I shall ask tonight."

"Ask who?"

"The Egyptian gods. They determine whether we can stay here or not."


Atem and Mana lie in the bed next to each that night. They are in the extra room of the house. None of them were sleep. Atem is looking at the ceiling while Mana has her eyes closed, but she is still awake. Actually she is meditating in her head. Both are waiting for an important answer. She suddenly sighs and he looks over at her.

"Mana." She opens her eyes and looks up to the ceiling. "What happened?"

"A lot of debating."

"What did the gods say to you?"

"They said that what we are doing isn't right. We should be back in the afterlife."

"What did you say?"

"I was basically begging for us to stay and…"


"They saw how close we are to our friends here and how happy we are to be here. So, they gave us real souls," she explains and he looks her with his eyes wide.

"You mean--?"

"Yup." Atem is overcome with excitement and he hugs her, planting kisses all over her face and she laughs. "Mana, you have done so many things for me. How can I ever repay you?"

"It's not a big deal," she replies before clenching her fists. "I'm so happy!" she yells and she screams from the top of her lungs, waking up the whole house. Tea and Yugi bust in wondering what is going on.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Yugi asks.

"We can stay," Atem tells them and they are overcome with joy.

"You mean it!?" Tea asks. Mana nods and they all hug each other. No longer did Atem and Mana have to go to the afterlife or live with temporary souls for now they can live with their friends now without having to go back.

And maybe start a family of their own…


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