TITLE: Oh Danny Boy!
AUTHOR: Gevaudan
EMAIL: gevaudan@another.com
SUMMARY: A song...kinda.....
WARNINGS: It's silly.
DISCLAIMER: They aren't mine. I'm not making any money. I'll put them back nice and neatly when I'm done. 'Cept Daniel and Jack. They might accidentally go missing. Or Daniel might get accidentally slightly damaged....but that's nothing new....Hell invoice me for one slightly damaged archaeologist. It ain't my fault the Goa'uld keep killing him.

Oh Danny Boy!

(An adaptation of that well known Irish Song- SG-1 Style)

Oh Danny Boy,
O'Neill, O'Neill, is calling,
From gate to gate,
And in wormhole between,
For you have gone,
With all the nasty snakeheads,
It's you, it's you,
Who must get yourself seen!
But come you back all battered and bleeding,
Or in more pieces than when you first left,
Doc Frasier's here, putting you back together,
Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny boy, please be more deft.

But when you come,
Maybe all in one piece too,
If I am dead,
As dead I may well be.
Make sure you duck,
I won't be there to tell you,
Next time you hear those mean old Jaffa yelling KREE!

And I shall smile,
As you roll across the floor,
And in my grave, my sleep sounder will be,
For you'll be safe,
For at last five more minutes,
And I shall sleep in peace until I next hear KREE!

'Well Danny? Like the song?'

'It was Irish, huh?'



'A little. Maybe. Carter did it.'

'I did not!'

'Indeed Colonel O'Neill. I believe you were responsible for the adaptation of that song.'

'The murder more like.'

'Danny I'm hurt...you said you liked it...'

'The song was interesting...but Jack promise me one thing.'


'Don't ever sing again.'