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13. Morning Revelations Seth POV

I was more than a little disappointed when I woke up and reached over to Lina's side of the bed to find it was empty. In my blind search my hand brushed across a folded piece of paper with my name written in Lina's beautiful handwriting on the front.

You were sleeping so soundly I didn't want to wake you. I'm heading over to the main house for a little while. Come find me when you wake up. Love you Always –Lina P.S. Last night was so freaking incredible!!! When can we do it again? (wink, wink)

A wide lustful grin spread across my face at the idea of more….more of her glorious body, more of her soft flesh in my hands, more of her moans and sighs, more of her amazing erotic expressions. Mmmm…I'm not going to be capable of going next door if I don't get my mind out of the gutter and get a quick shower. One thing's for sure, I won't need my weak fantasies anymore…they don't hold a candle to the real thing anyway. I slid out of bed, grabbed a quick shower, and ran next door to find my Angel. I had already been away from her more than long enough.

I walked in to find her perched on the couch listening intently as Alice told a story about some time she and Jasper spent in Hawaii after their first wedding. They would stay in all day and then explore the island at night and managed to find some amazing coastline that humans were not able to get to easily and actually got to spend one entire sunny day on the beach away from the hazard of prying eyes. I loved to watch her face when she listened to her siblings' stories like this. It was almost like she was picturing the story so vividly that she was living it with them. Her eyes sparkled as she clung to every word Alice said, not even noticing I was there until I sunk into the sofa cushion next to her. She turned to face me with a surprised expression and it made me want to sweep her into my arms and carry her back to out house to "do it again" at that very moment.

I leaned forward and brushed her earlobe with my lips as I whispered, "I missed you when I woke up this morning."

That beautiful pink color that I love so much filled her cheeks and I could tell she knew what I was thinking without me saying anything at all. "You were sleeping so peacefully I didn't want to wake you up."

I felt someone get up behind me and leave the room and I saw her crooked little smirk flash across her face before another expression that I couldn't pinpoint clouded her eyes. I decided not to ask and instead get her to focus back on more pleasant thoughts.

"Why are you blushing?" I asked suggestively.

"A few reasons, but at this particular moment I'm feeling bad that we just chased poor Jasper out of the room."

I glanced behind me to see Jasper was in fact the one I had heard leave and then turned back with a mischievous grin…she was thinking along exactly the same lines I was after all. Ugh…if only I could think of an inconspicuous way to get her back in our bedroom!

"I was also remembering what you said in your sleep this morning," she whispered with a smug expression on her face.

"I was talking in my sleep?" I asked in surprise. I never knew I talked in my sleep and now I was a little worried about what I might have said. I remembered my dreams and they were less dreams and more a play-by-play repeat of the night before.

I instantly relaxed when I saw a devious smile spread across her face; obviously it hadn't upset her whatever I had said. She leaned in close and whispered, "Oh yeah, I'll tell you more later."

I was disappointed that I had to wait to hear what I had said to put that sexy little smile on her beautiful mouth, but I understood the need to wait. I pretended to pout before shooting her a smile. "What are the other reasons?"

She blushed far more deeply this time as she looked down to study her hands in her lap before looking up through her eyelashes bashfully, "Um…we sort of chased Edward off, he had to take an impromptu hunting trip yesterday afternoon. He and Bella still aren't back."

I winced for poor Edward. I had been so focused on my Angel and our overwhelming emotions and needs that we were engulfed in to even consider that he was experiencing any of it. After a moment I whispered a small oops glancing over my shoulders to see if Emmett was as pissed off as I had once thought he would be. He looked over and shot me a playful grin as he pumped his fist lightly in the air so that nobody else could see. I heard my beautiful Angel's musical chuckle and I turned back to her as I took a deep breath grateful that I wouldn't be pummeled by vampires today.

I knew she was going to be upset with me for this, but I also knew that it was a good idea for her family to know what was going on with her. I was pretty certain after our talk the night before that her dreams were far more than simply dreams.

"So did you tell them about the dream?" I whispered into her ear. Suddenly all attention was on us and I felt Jasper reappear on the upper landing of the staircase behind me.

Annoyance flashed in her eyes. "Thanks a lot! I was hoping I wouldn't have to, but now I guess I have no choice."

She slowly retold the horrific tale from the night before, still with just as much detail and clarity as she had just moments after waking. I reached over to comfort her as the tremors once again invaded her limbs and the tears began to roll down her cheeks as I once again fought against my own tears. The family all watched with pained expressions, and then laughed at the part about hoping she could somehow reassemble and reanimate them. Her father explained the real reason for burning the body parts, which made perfect sense. She looked terribly embarrassed as she explained that she thought she knew that, but was desperate I her dream state to find a way to get them back. Of course she was, I would be too.

We talked a little longer and finally I knew she wasn't going to discuss it so I had to bring it up myself and face the wrath later. I told them about her resigning herself that she should not go to La Push if an emergency arose for fear of bringing trouble to them. I was glad that they agreed with me and struggled to make her understand it was the only viable choice. I cringed when they started in on the 'they're only dreams' rationale. I felt in my gut that they really were more than just dreams and I knew that she was beginning to believe that too. This wasn't going to be good. I closed my eyes and held my breath waiting for the tirade to begin.

"I'm sure once upon a time a human Alice would have told you the exact same things and look who she is today. I'm telling you these dreams are too vivid, they feel too real… I'm pretty sure that they will not play out exactly as I dream them, but I'm really starting to believe that there's more to them than simply dreams. Edward theorizes that I may have a touch of precognition, or at least that's what he told Seth after my dream in La Push." I watched hesitantly as her body drew tightly up from the couch and stood tense in front of me with her hands clenched at her side.

"And I resent the implication that just because I may be the only plain old human around this place that the things that I experience are automatically considered to simply be a result of my subconscious working overtime. All of your gifts originated from a weaker manifestation within your human selves, so to just dismiss whatever this is as simply dreams is to say that none of your gifts were valid in your human forms, which we know isn't true because of Bella. I recognize a few things, I know that the way the baby looks is from my own imagination, her powers probably are too, I know that what happened to you all is somehow linked to my fears, although I do believe that you are in some form of danger, but I also believe that these dreams foreshadow a real threat from the Volturi, and a real threat to Jake and Nessie's baby and the pack. Some parts of my visions are way too accurate to be coincidence and for you to just dismiss it is utterly infuriating!"

As she continued in her speech the volume of her voice grew louder and louder until she was practically yelling at her stunned family. Lina was typically such a rational and calm person that it always shocked them when she actually let go and laid it all out on the line. I looked to see her face streaked with tears of frustration just before I felt a blanket of calm fill the room and I winced as I saw her spin and glare at Jasper still watching the scene unfold from the landing on the staircase.

"Jasper, would you just stop that! I'm not a newborn. It's not like I'm going to go on a murder spree or something. I am allowed to feel the full breadth of my emotions from time to time you know!"

She immediately looked repentant for being so sharp with Jasper who was just trying to help and gave him a look of apology before shaking her head and walking out the front door slamming it behind her. I looked at her family who stared at me in shock.

"I believe her. When she told me about the dream last night I realized that she knows too much for someone who's never seen them. She's right…they aren't just dreams. You know it as well as I do and I know you're trying to keep her from worrying, but she's too smart for that. All you're doing is frustrating her when you try to dismiss them like that. I'm going after her to try to calm her down first, but you guys might want to come over and talk to her later." I said quickly before running full speed out the door to catch up with her.

I caught up to her just before she reached the beginning of the trail that connected our properties and grabbed her hand effectively spinning her into my open arms. I felt her weight collapse into me as I held her firmly against my chest and let her cry out her frustrations as I did the only thing that I knew always helped her calm down. I rubbed small circles on her lower back and placed butterfly kisses on my forehead and hair. I was thankful when the tension in her body began to melt away. Finally she seemed like she was ready to continue on, so I led her toward the house keeping one arm around her shoulder and hugging her into my side as we walked together. We were halfway there when she finally started to voice her frustrations.

I asked her about her exposure to the guard and if she'd ever been shown any images of them, trying to confirm my suspicions before I let her know about my theory. A chill ran down my spine as I told her that her detailed explanations were far too accurate for someone who had never seen the guard elite and told her I agreed that there was more to her dreams that met the eye. I watched her eyes as a new fear filled them and it broke my heart to know that my revelation put it there. My one goal in life was to make her happy and keep her safe and it hurt to know that what I said put that fear there.

She began to shake and I pulled her tighter to me as I encircled her with my arms and caressed the back of her hair. "I promise I will do everything in my power to protect you Angel." I whispered into her hair as I resumed placing butterfly kisses on the top of her head. We eventually resumed our trek back to the house continuing the conversation. We sat in our living room and talked for a long time before fixing spaghetti for lunch and eating in the peace and tranquility of our home as we looked out on the pond.

As we were finishing up the last of the lunch dishes there was a knock on the front door and Lina went over to open it.

"May we come in?" I heard Edward's voice ask from the doorway.

Bella and Jasper were with Edward and Lina invited them to have a seat in the living room as we sat ourselves on the loveseat across from the couch. We all sat in uncomfortable silence before both Edward and Lina started to speak at the same time. They both stopped and looked at each other with matching crooked smiles. I loved that smile and I always got a kick out of how she and Edward seemed to carry on silent conversations at times when they looked at one another that way. I knew he was hearing her, but there were times that it seemed almost as if she could hear him too.

"First of all, Edward, I want to apologize for yesterday. We were sort of wrapped up in the emotions of the whole nightmare thing and then after that well, things just evolved. I didn't even think about you being nearby." She said from her seat next to me as a slow blush rose in her cheeks. I could feel my own face growing even warmer than usual as I thought of what he must have seen that night. It was more than a little frustrating to know that I couldn't be intimate with my Angel without an audience no matter how unwitting he was.

Edward shook his head appearing to try to lose the visual that he was probably receiving from me, and most likely my Angel too. "It's okay. I understand. I had actually caught your dream from the part where you were trying to call me and was listening to the conversation afterward concerned about you and when the comforting transitioned to the more intimate I decided it was prudent to leave before I saw more than I would ever care to. I could see in your mind where things were going to end up going, so I didn't actually see any more than I had before." He stated calmly with a furrowed brow before he suddenly winced again and continued with a strained voice, "Until now that is…can you two please stop reminiscing!"

I winced and now I knew that if I wasn't blushing before that I definitely was now. I could hear Bella and Jasper chuckling next to him, as their eyes darted back and forth between Edward and us. I saw Lina look at me in my peripheral vision, but I kept my eyes locked with Edward as I once again apologized in my mind.

I felt a sense of relief wash over me as I heard Edward tell us that he didn't get as much of a show the night before as we had feared and I felt myself swallow hard when he admitted to watching her dream and being concerned himself with the clarity of her dreams. I could feel my Angel tensing in my arms as he continued on telling of going to see Eleazar and his desire to come meet her. I looked over at her with concerned eyes as her eyes glazed over as though she weren't seeing anything despite her eyes being wide open. I reached over and pulled her closer to my side placing more and more soft kisses on her head as she trembled weakly in my arms. I was getting worried because she seemed like she was falling into a state of shock. I felt the wave of peace that Jasper sent across the room and was relieved to see a small smile peek out from behind her mask of shock, but she still didn't focus her gaze back to the here and now. Finally after what seemed like an eternity and a half she finally focused her eyes across the room on her siblings and nodded slowly.

"Okay, so next week maybe we will have some more tangible answers. What do we do for now?" I heard her ask in little more than a whisper.

"Nothing," Edward continued, "We already checked with Alice and the Volturi are all safely entrenched in Volterra now with no plans to go anywhere at all at this point in time. Like us, Eleazar believes that the events that are prophetic in your dream are far in the future, maybe even beyond your own human lifespan, but he feels it would be a good idea for us to see what we can gather from them."

"So we wait for Eleazar." She said just barely loud enough for even those of us with superior hearing could make out and took in a deep shaky breath.

They all nodded, "We wait for Eleazar." They all responded in unison in the same volume as Lina.

She was still looking a bit dazed as Edward whispered below the range of her hearing that he and Jasper wanted me to come with them to give Bella some time alone with Lina. It was well known amongst all of the family that when Lina was in her most dejected moods that Bella was the best secret weapon to help pull her through. I placed one more kiss on her head and gave her a quick squeeze before getting up and following Edward and Jasper out the door. I looked back before I closed the door to see that Bella had crossed over to sit in the place I had just been and saw that my Angel had curled herself into her sister's side already looking more at peace.

My heart skipped a beat as I looked at how precious she was and at the same time it sent a wave of nausea through me. Most of the time my Angel was so strong and self assured that I would forget that she really was only seventeen. It was times like these that I felt guilty for stealing some of her youth from her. I know she was never a normal kid or teenager, but even then her life was not nearly as different as it became after we got involved. I hoped against hope that someday she wouldn't look back and resent me for stealing those precious years of youth that she had left when I came into her life. That's why I pushed her so hard to stay in school for both semesters this last year instead of graduating early and encouraged her as much as possible to be involved in everything I could that was related to these last few fleeting years of her life as a teenager.

I had a heavy heart as I followed behind Edward and Jasper who were already out of sight, but a second later Edward was standing in front of me again.

"You are what she wants Seth. I am glad you came into her life when you did. Do you know how different this all would have been if she didn't have you in her life? I am pretty sure we would be making plans for transforming her in the next few years once she got to experience college and grew to be old enough not to have to repeat high school, but instead we are preparing for a wedding and she is planning for a future with you. You know all of these years I have never observed her considering motherhood? She always assumed that she would end up transforming and never getting the opportunity. You give her hope and she doesn't resent a moment of time she has with you. So cheer up and just be happy that you found each other." He said with a reassuring smile.

I smiled back at him and we continued on to the main house. Alice met us at the door and told me to plan on spending about three and a half hours over here, so I got on the computer to check my emails and check on a few projects that were up in the air. I loved Angel's vacations from school, but it was so hard for me to force myself away from her to get any work done. I settled in for a few good hours of work thankful that I had the foresight to install the necessary programs on the computer here as well.

I took a break about an hour and a half in and walked into the kitchen to find Edward looking out toward our house with a wide grin on his face. He heard my question before I could voice it and answered me.

"I love how happy they both are when they get to spend time together like this. They are having a really good time together."

I looked off in the direction that he was gazing and smiled to myself. I too knew that spending quality time with Bella always left my Angel in a brighter mood. I looked back at Edward and furrowed my brow when I saw that his expression had dropped and there was sadness in his eyes.

"It's going to be hard for all of us when the two of you leave us," he began in barely more than a whisper, "but I fear Bella will feel it the worst." He turned to me as he continued. "Lina is so special Seth. I know you know that, but you have no way of knowing how even more special she is to us. We're not really accustomed to having to let go of the people that we share our lives with. The secrets we live with keep us all close and where one of us has to go the others follow. We've never…had to leave a family member behind before." He closed his eyes as the pain on his face intensified.

"She's our light Seth. She's sort of like our little human sun that brightens our sad meandering existence. I know the new baby will be a light for us too, but nobody will ever be able to replace our Lina. She calls Carlisle and Esme Mom and Dad, but each and every one of us feels like she is our own child. In essence I have had two daughters and I love them both so desperately." He sighed and then finished with just more than a whisper, "I don't know how I'm going to let her go."

I put my hand on his cold shoulder as I finally realized exactly how difficult it will be for her family to let her go in a relatively short time. "Edward, you know that you're still going to be a part of our lives. I know it won't be the same, but we live in the electronic age. Between phones, computers, and planes you never have to completely leave those that you love. And we'll visit as often as we can and you all will be welcome to stay with us anytime you like. I know you'll miss seeing her every day, but trust me, she will always be a part of your life."

He smiled at me and nodded before pulling me into an icy hug and walking away. I stood staring out the window at the green sea that separated my Angel from where I stood. It made me sad to know I was taking her away from those she loved. It was going to be hard on everyone, but if we truly wanted the normal life we desire it would be vital for us to stay in one place and set down permanent roots. I sighed deeply before returning to my work. A couple of hours later Edward came in to tell me that it was time to head back and I rushed to shut down my program and follow him, eager to see my Angel again. I know it's silly, but I hate being away from her even for a few short hours. A room without my Angel in it is never as bright as it should be.

As we walked in the door I couldn't hide the big smile on my face as I took in the sight of Bella and Lina both of their shirts dusted with flour. Lina looked even more like an angel with the little smudge of flour on her nose and cheek as she smiled adoringly at her sister. She looked up at me with those beautiful twinkling green eyes and just like every other time I look at her, a warm vibration began at my heart and echoed out through the rest of my body. After they finished cleaning up their mess, Lina invited Edward and Bella to stay and visit as we ate, but they politely declined and made their way back to the main house.

We ate in peace again as we watched the wildlife congregate around the pond in the back yard. The homemade chicken and dumplings were utterly amazing. I loved the southern comfort food that she would make from time to time that were part of the recipes she had inherited from her mother. Renee had a whole card file full of recipes that my sweet Angel treasured more than most people treasure gold and jewels.

After a while she questioned what was going on that her brothers had to talk to me about for so long, and I laughed, unable to lie to her, and told her that we were just giving her and Bella some sisterly bonding time. She laughed and hugged me before getting up to do the dishes. I followed closely behind and helped her before suggesting we relax for the evening and watch a movie.

As we watched I would occasionally feel her tense and I could tell her mind was wandering to the impending arrival of Eleazar. When I would feel her tension building I would do the only thing I knew to do to help her and would gently caress her back or arms or hair just to remind her that I was by her side no matter what and hoped it brought her peace. Finally when we couldn't avoid sleep any longer we made our way back up to bed and curled into one another's arms when I remembered her mentioning me talking in my sleep that morning. I pulled her closer to my chest and whispered into her ear.

"So Angel, what exactly did I say this morning to make you blush?"

She rolled up laying her arms across my chest and resting her chin on her hands as she looked up at me with a wide grin. "Oh, just that I was ugh, so sexy." She said the last part deepening her voice in an attempt to sound like mine and with a lustful infection as she chuckled.

"Really?" I said a wee bit embarrassed, and yet relieved that was the worst of it.

"Yeah, and then I asked you if you thought I was sexy to see if you would respond and you said Ooohhh, yeeeaaah," she answered once again trying to imitate the timber of my voice.

I laughed a little and shrugged, "Well you are, you have no idea how sexy you are even when you don't mean to be."

She looked at me incredulously, "Riiiight, Sure Seth."

"You don't believe me?" I asked and she shook her head no with an incredulous look on her face. "Well, I'll have you know that sometimes when you simply walk into the room I have to rearrange myself into a more comfortable position, if you know what I mean." I said with a waggle of my eyebrows as her jaw dropped open in disbelief.

"No Way!"

"Oh yes, you have no clue how sexy you are, and Oh MY, last night when you were purposefully being sexy I thought I was going to die! It was almost more than my poor heart could stand. It was beating so hard it felt like it was going to explode right out of my chest!"

Suddenly her face shifted from shock and surprise to her sexy crooked smile as she slid up to place a kiss on my lips as her body slipped over from lying beside me to lying on top of me. "Glad to know I have such a strong effect on you." She whispered seductively into my ear before nibbling it with her earlobe. "It's only fair that you should get a taste of what you do to me every time you smile at me. You have no idea how many times a day I have to fight the urge to jump into your arms and rip your clothes off."

I felt myself tense underneath her as her words seemed to run straight to the strain in my underwear. She giggled seductively as she arched her back making her body rub against me. I reached up and pulled her face back to mine for a passionate kiss as I rolled her to lie underneath me and began to kiss down her neck. She giggled at the contact and I stopped looking back up at her with a smile knowing that for whatever reason she wasn't necessarily turned on.

"It's just as well," she whispered at me with an apologetic look, "I don't want to go forcing Edward to make a hasty retreat again so soon after getting home." Ah…that explains it…she's feeling self-conscious because of Edward.

The tightness in my pants relaxed a bit and I knew she was right. I smiled down at her and gave her a couple more delicate kisses before laying next to her again and cuddling back down for sleep trying to remind myself that it really was a good thing that Edward was nearby keeping me on track with my promises…or at least I was trying to convince myself of that.

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