Soft girly voice, freaky demon voice.


xXx Bubbles xXx

Bubbles sat at the lunch table with Blossom and Buttercup, and yet again, she quietly listened to her two sisters argue. They both sat in front of her, on the other side of the table, facing each other. Blossom was telling Buttercup that she needed to study more often, while Buttercup said she studied plenty and that it was the teacher's fault as to why she always failed tests. The argument went back and forth until Blossom said, "What would the Professor think?"

Buttercup retaliated back, "You're nothing but a teacher's pet!" both girls turned away from each other with a huff.

"Buttercup, you really should study more. Blossom, you don't need to nag her about it every day." through the years, Bubbles had become the peace keeper in the group.

"Oh look, the goody-two-shoes has something to say." The green Powerpuff turned to Blossom, "Thanks a lot Blossom, you've turned Bubbles against me."

"Don't yell at Bubbles, she only trying to help you, too."

Bubbles let out a sigh; she didn't understand why they always did this. Every time they got into an argument, they would spend all day snapping at each other, and by the end of the day, they would be friends again. It was just a waste of time.

Buttercup jerked up from her set, "Come on, Bubbles, let's go."

She never had a say in anything, if one of them told her to do something, her only choice was to do it. Buttercup had dragged her into the bathroom, where they usually ended up after a fight. She looked in to the mirror; not much in their wardrobe had changed. They all wore the same dresses as they had years ago; her dress, which was blue and black striped. Buttercup's was green and black, and Blossoms was pink and black. They were all cut very sort, and it was too short for the Professors comfort. They also wore the same black doll shoes and thigh high white stockings. Her hair was still worn in pigtails, only her hair was a little bit longer and all in one big spiral curl. Buttercup's hair was shoulder length and flipped out at the ends. Blossom still wore hers in a big red ribbon.

"What is her problem, why can't she see that everyone is not like her? Not everyone values their grades as much as she does. I wish she'd just get off my back." Buttercup stared angrily into the mirror.

"That's just the way she is Buttercup, she can't help it, you know that... You two have this argument all the time, why can't you just-."

"Cave? No, I don't think so. I'm not going to let her win."

"This isn't a game, what is there for you to lose?"

"You just don't understand, Bubbles, and you never will. When someone challenges you, you don't back down. What would happen if we were to do that? This whole town would go straight to Hell."

"This and fighting crime is different, I-." The bell rang; the life-saving bell.

Buttercup let out a frustrated sigh, "Come on, let's get out of here."

On their way down the hallway Blossom stood on one side of Bubbles, and Buttercup on the other. This, just like the arguments, always happened. They stopped in front of the stairwell, Buttercup hugged her goodbye and ascended the stairs, but she didn't say a word Blossom. After a few more steps, Blossom left for her classroom, also hugging Bubbles goodbye. That left Bubbles to walk to her class by herself, like usual. She was greeted with smiles when she entered her classroom but despite the smiles, none of them were really her friends. This kind of treatment was true for her sisters as well. Even though the people of Townsville loved them, they generally stayed away for fear of their powers. They also held a grudge against them because the teachers treated them with special care. Fighting crime sometime got in the way of school work, but it was usually overlooked.

xXx The end of the school day xXx

The three of them always walked home together after school, and today was no exception. Blossom and Buttercup had stopped arguing and were now chatting happily, just like always. They didn't get far in their walk before they were stopped. Brick, Butch and Boomer were standing in their way. Just like always. They never seemed to give them a day off.

"Hey girls, where you going?" Brick, Blossoms counterpart, asked this every day. It was weird, for being the male version of Blossom, he was pretty dumb.

Blossom spoke up, "Home, where we go every day. Now, if you would be so kind as to move?"

"That's not how you tell someone to move, Blossom!" Buttercup looked at the three boys, "Move or we'll beat you to a pulp!"

Butch pushed his way past Brick, "I'd like to see you try it!"

"Don't play tough, you know you can't take us!" the green eyed girl grabbed the collar of Butch's shirt and threatened to punch him.

Both Blossom and Boomer watched in silence. Boomer sometimes acted as the peace keeper, like her. However, most of time, he wanted a fight, too.

Buttercup threw Butch back, making him crash into the ground. Quickly, she grabbed both hers and Blossom's hands and ploughed through the two other boys. Bobbles sighed, the same thing happened every day; it was like she was in a rut. She knew when they got home, the Major would call, and they would have to go out and fight whoever had the nerve to try to take over the city today.

Sure enough, when they arrived home, the hotline phone went off. Although, today was slightly different, it wasn't Mojo or the Gang Green Gang, or some other minor threat. It was the worst possible villain ever; it was Him. He didn't try to destroy the town often, but when he did, it was never easy to stop him. Worst of all, he seemed to get stronger after each battle. Neither of the other two had noticed, even though she insisted that he was getting more powerful. They just wouldn't listen to her. The last time fight they with Him, Buttercup ended up with a broken arm, Blossom had a broken leg, and she had a concussion. Perhaps they were both just too scared to admit that he was getting stronger; it certainly wasn't something she enjoyed thinking about.

They managed to sneak out of the house before the Professor could come upstairs and ask what was going on; after coming home in the condition they did last time, he had been wary about them fighting Him. She the Professor would try to stop them from going if he could. As she flew through the air with her sisters no one said a word. Bubbles could feel the fear radiating off of them, even Buttercup.

When they arrived in Townsville, various buildings were on fire and screams echoed everywhere. Her and Buttercup looked for Him while Blossom struggled to put out the ragging fire. Before she knew what had happened, Buttercup was sent flying back by a beam of red light. When she looked away from her, she only saw Him for a second before he did the same thing to her. Bubbles smashed into a red van so hard that it was nearly torn in two. She groaned and dragged herself out of the rubble. She was about to make her attack against Him, but he wasn't there anymore. As she turned to look for him, she heard Blossom scream. Unfortunately, she had turned too late. Blossom crashed into her body, sending them both back into the red rubble. She quickly pushed Blossom aside and went zooming off toward Him, she threw punch after kick at him, but he evaded them all.

"My, my, it looks like you girls are holding back. Or are you really this weak?" while he was talking, Buttercup came back to the scene and punched him across the face, sending him a few blocks away.

"Bubbles, where is Blossom?"

"I'm here!" Blossom floated up to their side, her hand grasping at her side, "I'm okay, let's focus on Him. We'll all attack at once. Buttercup, you go in and keep him distracted, and Bubbles and I will come in from behind."

"Right!" Buttercup flew off and landed a few feet away from Him. Bubbles and Blossom followed at a safe, yet unseen, distance.

"Hey, Him! Don't you have to go buy some more dresses?"

He rubbed the side of his face that was hit and laughed slightly at Buttercup's remark, "You girls must still be suffering under the influence that you can beat me, I'm afraid that you're sorely mistaken."

Him disappeared behind a red smoky clouds that soon covered the entire street. Buttercup looked around in distress, but she didn't have a chance to do anything. The clouds on the ground suddenly came to life and hurled a huge bus at her. It relentlessly pounded into her body, and pinned her to the ground. Bubbles gasped as small pools of blood oozed out from under the bus.

"Blossom, the plan's not working!"

"I know, come on, we have to do something!"

She trailed behind her sister, knowing if she lost sight of her it would be the end. Unfortunately, the red clouds were blurring her vision. Out of force, she closed her eyes and coughed. She couldn't breathe in this stuff. When she opened her eyes, Blossom was gone.

"Blossom, Blossom, where are you!" she panicked and flew up until she was out of the clouds and high above the city. "Blossom!" Her screams echoed through the city, but no one answered her. She felt helpless, and knew she couldn't take on Him by herself. She didn't want to face him alone. She made a move to dive back into the city, but something sharp caught her leg and sent her cartwheeling through the air.

"You really want to see her? Fine, I'll let you."

The clouds cleared away to reveal both Blossom and Buttercup, but it wasn't what she wanted to see. Buttercup was still pined underneath the bus, and Blossom was simply lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Her already wide eyes widened further as another bus ploughed into Buttercup, causing more blood to seep out. The same thing happened to Blossom, and she let out a scream.

Bubbles launched at Him, "Stop, you're going to kill them!" this was the only thing she could do; it wasn't as if she could actually fight him.

Him took hold of both of her wrists before she could attack. He jerked her closer so that his lips brushed against her ear, "That's the idea."

She pulled up her leg and kicked him in the stomach with enough force to make him release his grip on her, "GO AWAY!" Her sonic scream pushed him away and out of sight. She breathed roughly in the silence, and let the seconds pass away.

"Do you like your life, Bubbles?" His voice was so far away, and she couldn't see him. His question was followed shortly by a dark laugh, which caused her heart to skip a beat.

She remained still for a moment and waited for him to resurface, but he never came. His question confused her; it seemed so random, so pointless. She quickly dismissed it since she had something else that needed attending to. After she found the courage to move, she rapidly flew down to her sisters and attempted to get them home as soon as possible.