Ch. 13

xXx Bubbles xXx

She knew that pleas and tears wouldn't work on Him, but she had to do something, "Please, stop it, please!" She clutched at the red fabric that was now soaked with tears, and refused to look up at him.

Even though she couldn't hear him properly over her own sobbing, she could once again feel the rumble of laughter in his chest, "No, no, no. Time is up, my dear. I can't undo all of this, it is far too late to go back now," he brushed his lips against her ear as he spoke slowly, "Besides, I have something far more interesting to attend to."

Do to the current situation, she was nowhere near the same line of thought as Him, and yanked herself away from him, "Then go do it!" Vigorously, she turned away from him and stalked off; to where, she had no idea.

Of course, she didn't get far, not when a scarlet claw clutched her wrist. Instinctively, she pulled harder in an attempt to free herself, which only resulted in a bloody wrist when Him retaliated back with a more forceful pull. She let out a distressed sob when she was slammed back against his chest and felt his arm wrap around her waist. There was no way out now.

"I plan to do so...and since you seem so supportive of the idea, well, that only makes it better." His demon-like voice wasn't quite normal; it seemed more compelling than frightening.

Without any verbal warning, he spun her around and forcibly crashed his lips against hers. Before she could respond, a gust of warm wind swirled around her- a change in location. The sounds from the image of the distressed town faded away, until it vanished completely. She thought she would be more relieved, but she desired to know the fate of her small town. Him, as it would seem, wanted all of her attention focused on him. Before she could even think of pulling away from him to see if the image was in fact gone, she was pushed down onto something; with a spark of panic she realized that it was a bed. She fell onto a fluffy mass of red blankets, with Him on top of her, keeping her pinned down. Wordlessly, she stared up at the endless mass of black and red as Him kissed her neck. Butterfly kisses trailed her neck, across her jawline, and back down again. She let out a gasp when the kisses turned into small bites; a shiver ran through her every time his teeth pulled at her skin.

The grim, undying ceiling muddled her vision; the murky clouds seemed to swirl back and forth, like a sneering storm. Ever so slowly, the scarlet splotches faded to black, and it was only after all the color had vanished did she realize that she had closed her eyes. A familiar frantic voice screamed at her to open them, and to push Him away. Her body did not respond, however, and the little pleading voice of sanity faded away just like the red had. She kissed back, just as Him's tongue started rolling across her lower lip; when he had moved back to her lips, she didn't know. Cautiously, she parted her lips, but apparently it wasn't good enough; he bit her lip, hard enough to draw blood, and slipped his tongue in when she gasped.

He was victorious in his quest for dominance in no time at all; she barely had a chance to fight back. It soon became apparent that he wanted to keep the dominance, too. Her arms were pinned above her head, pushed deeply into the bed. His kisses became rough, more so than usual. They seemed almost desperate, but that wasn't the right word; hopelessly desperate was definitely not one of his characteristics. Even though she was truly kissing back, his fanged teeth scrapped across her lips, across her tongue, as if he was commanding her to do something more. Needless to say, she didn't know what to do, not really. She was perfectly aware that she couldn't possibly keep up with Him.

Fortunately, that didn't keep him from pushing; she could now taste her own blood. Without much thought, she bit down on his tongue, and as he let out a moan, she unclenched her teeth and felt her checks flair up. After that, he freed her wrists and wrapped his arms around her body, in order to pull her closer. Forgetting her earlier embarrassment, she took the opportunity to wrap her heavy arms around his neck, assisting in the 'pulling closer' part.

He suddenly stopped.

He buried his head next to hers to whisper in her ear, "You've been quite fickle with me... tell me that you truly desire this."

She could hear the smirk entwined in his words, but didn't care, "I do want this."

All was silent for a moment. She was surprised at herself; she had spoken with such confidence, and without hesitation. Or any embarrassment. Or any thoughts about the events that were taking place just outside this real. Him was equally shocked, he did not move from his position, but his smile widened with each passing second. Despite the shock, he still doubted her sincerity.

"If you do want this, then you'll have to let them go. You cannot hold onto your old life, it will serve you no good here. It will only hurt you."

This did cause a moment's hesitation, "...I love them, too."

He pressed himself closer, "You love me, sweet Bubbles?" He let out a small laugh, perhaps one of disbelief.

Now it was embarrassments turn to come back around, "I...I didn't's just." As she felt her checks warm, she turned her head away from him, trying to futilely put some distance between them. She wanted to move her arms as well, but since she really had nowhere else to put them, they remained where they were.

Him simply moved closer to her again, "You think I know what love is? I can assure you, I don't understand it the least bit. If you have any delusions of a sugarcoated, fairytale ending, I suggest you do away with them."

His words hurt, but some unseen force kept her from backing down, "If you are unable to love, then why would you waste your time with someone who could? I'm sure there are plenty of demons and monsters you could have without the risk of an emotional attachment." She kept her gaze fixated on the table lamp that fell into her sight when she first turned away.

An amused chuckle sounded against her ear, "What a clever girl," he inhaled deeply, "I never said that I didn't find it all intriguing...What a person will do for love." He softly kissed her neck.

She became a bit uneasy at that remark, "You make it sound bad, 'what a person will do for love.'"

"Oh, you know me so well. It sounds bad because it is." he kissed her again, "You will kill them for me, it will be easy, their powers are gone."

She stayed calm, after all, she knew this was coming, "You weren't listening, I said that I loved them, too."

"It's not the same love."

"How would you know, you said you didn't know anything about love?" A small smile pulled at her lips, being satisfied at what she had tricked him into saying.

He laughed again, "You've learned so much from your time with me."

"You're avoiding the question."

"I'm the stronger one here, I can avoid as many questions as I desire."

"That's not fair."

"Yet another perk of being the strongest; I can be unfair, too."

The conversation was becoming annoying to Bubbles, but she could tell that Him was loving every minute of it.

xXx Blossom and Buttercup xXx

The town was in shambles, and Blossom didn't even want to think about everyone that had died. Pure chaos ran through the streets. There were monsters running around that she had never seen before. She leaned against a lamppost that was bent half way over, and she was covered with sweat and blood.

A ragged voice came from behind, "Blossom, we can't keep this up... I don't think we're even helping."

With what strength she had left, she spun around, "Give up, I can't believe you're saying that. You, you never back down from a fight!"

Buttercup's expression was melancholy, "Blossom, Him has beaten us, you know he has. Not only has he taken away our powers...he took Bubbles...I guess all this chaos stole your ability to see things clearly, but it's over."

Her voice cracked with sobs, "So, what, we just lay down and die, let all these people die?"

Buttercup's stubborn features came back, "No way! We'll fight to the end...! We just need to know that this is the end, at least for us, but maybe we can manage to save a few people on our way down."

Blossom sniffed back her tears, "Right... and maybe Bubbles will..."

Buttercup cut her off with a stony glare, "No, Bubbles made her choice, she's not coming back. Even if she did, I wouldn't trust her," she softened her tone at seeing Blossom's sad eyes, "I know it is hard, but she has betrayed us, we need to forget about her."

She silently blinked away her tears. Even without her powers, she still had a sixth sense, and she could tell something was coming. She turned in time to see something big and dark hurtling towards her. Then the next thing she knew, she was in the air. Buttercup had her arms wrapped around her.

"Blossom.." They both looked down and then back at each other.

"How did you do that?"

"I don't know, I ran to you, to push you out of the way. I flew off instead." A confident smile played at her lips.

xXx Bubbles xXx

She sat on the bed alone, watching Him stare off into the distance. He left her soon after their conversation, much to her dismay. She couldn't understand how he could have just stopped.

"Your sister's abilities could come back at any moment, so you'll have to strike now."

He waved his claw lazily and the portal that lead to the town reappeared. Blossom peered around Him, and gasped in surprise. Both Blossom and Buttercup were zooming around in the air, tossing villains around left and right. Hope sparked in her heart for only a fraction of a second. She could practically feel the anger radiating off of Him, and could see his body tense. With his deep voice, she heard him mumbling some dark and scary things. Without any warning, his shoulders sagged and he turned to her.

"I suppose you're pleased, I guess they will have to wait, along with the city."

He seemed to talking to himself more than to her, but that didn't hamper her mood. She smiled as Him went to his recliner and sat there, brooding. Silently, she sat back down on the bed, knowing that she would probably never leave this place. Oddly enough, that didn't seem to bother her. She doubted it ever would. The only thing that did was the fact that Him would never stop trying to do away with her sisters. Perhaps she could stop him, or cry until he gave in, either way. She had a feeling that she had more influence over him than he let on. Even if it not because of love.