A lot has gone into this story, and I couldn't close it without thanking the following people (again, whether they'll ever know it or not):

-Sir William Golding, the original author of the novel Lord of the Flies. This novel inspired the story…and it's just cool!

-Harry Hook, the director of the 1990 film version (even if it did totally screw things up…). The movie also inspired the story…and I really like the movie, too...

-Balthazar Getty (did I even SPELL that right?), Chris Furrh, Danuel Pipoly, and James Badge Dale, who played Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon in the 1990 film version (respectively). They're all so cute! And…well…James Badge Dale's interpretation of Simon really motivated me to write the poem…which led to the story…

-My sister, LeiaOrgana57, and my best friend, A.K., for their complete and utter disgust for LOTF. Their complaints about it made it all the more worth it to write! Thanks, you guys!

-My English teacher. If she hadn't forced me to read the book, I never would have discovered how truly amazing it is …unless I went to a college where I had to read it…but then I think I'd still hate it. But, whatever.

-My English classmates, for the mock trial (even if I really embarrassed myself in front of the whole class, which is another story [if you want to PM me about that, feel free], they came up with last names for Simon and Ralph.)

-My Biology teacher, for giving me the idea of the story in Chapter Six (LOL!!!)

-My confirmation friends and the pool noodles (I think that's all I can say for this one…like I said, I get my inspiration from the strangest places…)

-Demi Lovato, for being on the TV when I was thinking what color Jessica's hair should be (and she's just that awesome…)

-Coraline (the character in the 2009 movie), for just…being her! I honestly think she was the inadvertent model for Jessica's personality (or…part of it, at least…)…

-My mom, for letting me rent LOTF

-Everyone who read and reviewed and gave me ideas! God, you guys ROCK MY SOCKS!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed!