There's No Going Back

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What if there was a reason Hinata never lived up to her father's expectations? What if he doesn't actually hate her, but fear her because of her own mother's actions? Can Hinata find out about her family's secret past?

Chapter 1 – Memories and Anger

A long time ago when Hinata was just eight years old she had came to see her father at his request. The little girl with deep purple colored hair and white eyes stared up at her father with a slight pinkish tint in her cheeks. "Y yes father-san," she asked quietly before lowering her eyes to the floor in respect. Since her mother had died, her father had not been very nice to the poor Hyuuga heiress. Actually as far as she could remember he had a very bad temper when she had gotten herself into trouble.

"Hinata-chan, I expect you to be on your best behavior tonight when the Uchiha family arrives. This is very important, do you understand," the man said with great authority.

"Y yes father-san," she said before waiting to be dismissed. Once she did, she went out into the garden to play for a while with her teddy bear.

That night as Hinata entered the room where they were to have dinner, she was greeted kindly by her father. It was the same as always, he only showed the kindness when other important people were around. The young girl sat quietly between her father and a boy who was older than she was. She sat quietly and glanced around her noticing there was another boy her age besides the other and their parents. She smiled softly at the younger Uchiha as he waved to her happily. Her father nodded slightly before speaking, "Uchiha-san this is my eldest daughter Hinata-chan. Hinata-chan, this young man next to you is Uchiha Itachi when you are the age of sixteen he shall be your husband." Hinata couldn't believe her ears as she glanced to the older boy sitting next to her, her face once more turning a pale shade of pink.

The young girl asked to be excused before returning to her garden. She usually loved it out under the moonlight and the stars, but now she bore the weight of an impending marriage to someone she had not known for long, nor could she even understand what marriage really was. All it meant to her was never coming home. Before her mother died, she had told her stories of how she had met Hinata's father. She had always told her that it was an arranged marriage and that she moved in with her father and never went home again. It sounded sad to Hinata, but maybe it was because she couldn't understand. She was only eight, how could anyone expect her to understand the heavy burden thrown onto her.

The young heiress stared up at the moon singing the lullaby her mother used to sing to her before she had passed away. Shivering slightly by the breeze that seemed to have come out of nowhere, she hadn't even noticed that someone was standing behind her quietly. The young man just listened until she was done and knelt down wrapping his strong arms around her. Hinata squeaked and tried to pull away, but he just held her to his chest lightly not wanting to hurt her. "I'm sorry Hinata-chan, I know you don't want this," he whispered in her ear.

"I Itachi-kun," she asked slightly waiting for a confirmation, "I I don't mind r really. Y you seem v very nice to m me."

He chuckled softly from behind her, "Okay Hina-chan, then I promise I'll always be there for you."

"N no matter w what," she asked.

He smiled softly, "No matter what."

Eight years later

A now sixteen-year-old Hinata woke up to the knock coming from her door. "Hai," she asked wondering who it would be. It was not time to meet up with Kiba-kun and Shino-kun yet and she got up putting on her ninja gear anyway.

"Hinata nii-san," Neji's voice came from the other side of the door, "open the door."

Hinata moved to the door quickly and let Neji in, "Hai Neji nii-san?"

Neji glanced around the room as if checking for any sign of tampering before speaking, "Your father requested that I keep an eye out for you Hinata nii-san. So expect to see me more and we shall be doing even more training together since I have to watch you now."

Hinata just glanced down at the door, "H hai Neji nii-san." The girl still hasn't gotten over her stuttering and over the years it seemed to have actually gotten somewhat worse. Two weeks after she had met Itachi-kun those eight years ago, her father had received word that he had slaughtered his entire family for the exception of his younger brother Sasuke. Hinata had seen Sasuke in class and even sometimes when she goes to see Naruto and Sakura. He wasn't the same boy she had met so many years ago. He had shut down and had never really spoken much since that fateful night and her father had been so angry he had no idea what to do about the already signed marriage proposal so he just told everyone to forget it ever happened.

"Hinata nii-san," Neji asked trying to pull her out of her thoughts, "it is almost time for breakfast and you know how Hanabi nii-san gets when we are late."

Hinata just nodded, "O of course Neji nii-san." She hated being so formal with her cousin, they were less formal when out of the Hyuuga compound mostly because of him not belonging to the main branch.

"GOOD MORNING HINATA-CHAN AND NEJI NII-SAN," Hanabi yelled happily hugging her sister and smiling at Neji.

"Good morning Hinabi-chan," Hinata smiled slightly hugging her back as Neji just grunted slightly. They both knew the young girl didn't like them much; she only put up the act in the compound to please her father because Hinata was the heiress. They also both knew that their father had preferred Hanabi due to her abilities and thinks she would be the better heiress, but because of Hinata being the eldest daughter decided against making the change.

After breakfast, Hinata and Neji left together to meet up with her team mates at the training field for an early start of practice. As was to be expected Shino, Kiba and Kiba's dog Akamaru where already there waiting for her. "Good morning Hinata-chan," both men said at the same time. After she returned her hello they began training together for what seemed like hours.

Later on that Night

Two men in black cloaks donning red clouds walked together stealthily through the dark streets of Konoha. "Can't I just kill someone," a deep voice came from the taller one.

"Hn...No," was all that came from the second one.

"Was your old town always this quiet," The first asked again.

"Hn..." was all the second man said. They continued searching for the blond haired nin that they were supposed to be capturing but as they came past the Hyuuga compound the second man stopped to stare at the building.

"Something wrong," the first one asked, but the other man wasn't paying attention anymore. He just continued to stare at the slightly darkened building that was until a large explosion was heard and various parts of the building began to erupt into flames.

"What the…" the first one yelled as he jumped back. The second man stood back slightly but wondered what was going on as well. The only thought in his head was a song he remembered hearing eight years ago in the very same building. Suddenly, the front door burst into flames and ash came raining down from it as a slender form walked out of the building. She stormed out angrily with her clothing singed and ash spread across her face.

The two men just watched as another form crawled out behind her to grab her ankle, "Hi -chan, why?" It was a simple enough question, but instead of answering the girl just shrieked angrily and kicked the man in the chest causing him to let go and roll away from her.

He coughed weakly as the two men backed into the shadows only watching the female form. A group of young shinobi ran over towards the girl. "What are you doing Hinata-chan," yelled the voice of the blond haired boy they were supposed to collect.

"Good making it easier on us," the larger man chuckled lightly.

"Wait…," the second man said holding his arm out, "we'll see what she does first." The first man grumbled to himself, but kept quiet doing as his partner said. The girl turned her head to glare at the blond boy before she began outright laughing. The rest of the group backed away slightly not expecting to see the girl laughing like that.

The young pink haired girl of the group pulled on a pair of gloves and began collecting chakra into her hands. "Wait; stop Sakura," the blond hair started, "That may not even be Hinata-chan." The other darkened girl stopped laughing as the boy came closer to her.

"Stop right there Naruto-kun or you are not going to like what will happen. Let me leave and none of you will die," the cold angry voice of Hinata came out chilling everyone in the group.

"We can't do that and you know it Hinata-chan. You have killed your clan and Neji-san is barely breathing behind you. You are now an S-ranked criminal," the pink haired girl screamed slowly coming closer up behind Naruto.

Naruto began to lunge at the girl but she was ready for him, "Sharingan!!!" Everyone stopped to stare except for Naruto who fell to his knees screaming. All the others backed away as she laughed some more, "If you want to live I expect that you will all back away and allow me to leave now." The others backed down hoping that the ANBU would show up soon to catch her before she actually left. The young girl who caused so much damage and suffering now turned and dashed her way out to the front gates of Konoha village to leave.

"What now? We obviously can't collect him like that and definitely not when ANBU are on their way," the deep voice said.

The second only responded with, "Hn," before they began stealthily sneaking out after the young girl they had just witnessed.

"I wonder what leader-sama would say about her joining," the bigger man said. The second man didn't reply his only thoughts where on how she had obtained the sharingan in the first place. Finding out who she was and having her join them would just be a bonus for the Akatsuki right now. They followed the unsuspecting girl silently into the woods.

Far away from the village and deep into the woods Hinata began to slow down to rest. She knew it wouldn't be long before they began to come looking for her, but she also knew she couldn't continue after the massive amount of chakra she had used. She heard a waterfall nearby so she headed for that to clean herself off in the river that it connected to. Slowly she knelt down by the water and washed the soot from her face. She glanced down at herself and she shuddered slightly. Her eyes were no longer the pale white she had grown up with. They were black with red slowly spinning circles with only a hint of her pale white ringing around the entire thing. She didn't know how she had obtained the sharingan nor did she really know how she had known to activate it when this was the first time she had seen her eyes this way.

Sadly she sat up staring up at the moon, the only thing that came to mind to do was to sing the lullaby she had used to sing to herself after her mother had passed away. The two figures stood watching her the smaller man put out his arm, "Stay." The bigger man grumbled again but once more did as he was told. The man walked up silently behind Hinata and knelt down waiting for her to finish her song. He knew who she was now and he blamed himself for the entire thing. His Hina-chan, he had forgotten all about his promise to her. He couldn't allow himself to show emotions, he kept quiet and once she finished he wrapped his arms around her once again.

The girl stiffened against him before struggling to get out of his grasp, but he held her firmly to his chest. "Hina-chan," he said softly, "I am here. I told you I would be here." The girl gasped and turned in his arms burying her face into his cloak and cried.

"Ita-kun, Ita-kun," was all she could say as she shuddered in his arms. He lifted Hinata up as he stood and she kept her face buried in his chest as he walked back over to his partner.

"Come on," he said quietly to the other man as they began journeying back towards their base. The only thought running through Itachi's mind was 'Hina-chan…my Hina-chan.'

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