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Chapter Four

An Unexpected Shopping Trip?

After cleaning up breakfast Hinata began cleaning up the dishes as an old habit she was used to having. Just as she was about to walk out of the kitchen however someone had the misfortune of grabbing her wrist as she automatically turn and swung her fist into the culprit's face. "Owww…Hina-chan, Tobi is a good boy! Tobi promises! He just wanted to let Hina-chan know that Deidara-sempai and Tobi are going to take Hina-chan out shopping today!"

Hinata blinked and blushed as she realized what she had done and pulled Tobi into a hug, "G..gomen Tobi-kun, I did not mean to hurt you." Tobi began giggling wildly as he hugged her back and pet her head, "It's okay Hina-chan, Tobi is okay. Tobi and Hina-chan must leave soon though; there is a lot to be bought today." Hinata nodded slightly before going back to Itachi's room to try and something slightly wearable to go out shopping. Sighing as she had only found another pair of pants and a really large black t-shirt she grabbed a kunai out of her pouch right as Itachi had made his way into his room.

"Just what do you plan on doing with that," he asked obviously about the kunai in her hand. "Just watch," she responded irritably before moving into the bathroom and locking the door behind her. Ten minutes later Hinata came out of the bathroom wearing the clothing only it was all clearly altered. The t-shirt was turned into a short tank top that stopped loosely above her belly button and the pants that were once again held up by a belt where now shortened to her knees .

While Itachi was staring all she did was throw the excess material at him and walk out the door to obviously meet Deidara and Tobi. Tobi was bouncing around the end hallway laughing and saying, "Wow Hina-chan makes Itachi-san's clothes look better than he does!" Hinata just blushed and walked past Tobi towards Deidara and slightly smiled as they walked out the door together.

In The Shopping District

Hinata sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as they reached the area where they were to be shopping. Suddenly she blinked and looked towards Deidara, "What are we supposed to be shopping for and how are we paying for it?" Deidara smirked and was interrupted by Tobi, "We are buying food and also getting clothes and stuff for Hinata-chan and the money was generously donated by Itachi-san!" Hinata blinked for a moment before Tobi dragged her off to a small clothing shop.

Surprisingly to Hinata, both men were actually very good when it came to styles and colors making Hinata blush profusely every time they picked out a new outfit for her. "B..but it shows off too much," she would whine until Deidara made the remark, "Yes, un…but the cuter you look and the more you show off the more it would make Itachi-san upset, yeah." Smiling to herself it gave the young girl more confidence to enjoy wearing clothes that she wouldn't normally wear. She smiled to herself also getting to pick out her own bath essentials and was glad she was able to pick out her own underclothing without having to be embarrassed by the two men as well.

After collecting the food they would need for a while they were heading out of the district when Hinata noticed a small trinkets shop. She stared into the window while walking by only to be surprised when each of her hands was grabbed and she was dragged into the small shop. "A..Ano, why are we going in here," she asked softly. "We saw Hinata-chan looking and decided we would bring her in," stated Tobi proudly as they browsed through the shop. On one of the display shelves Hinata noticed a small music box sitting proudly for all to see. It was made of silver, decorated with tiny sapphire stars on the top and there was a keyhole in the front. Hinata gasped and blinked several times staring at the box. "What's wrong Hina-chan, un" Deidara asked looking at the box in front of her.

"The box…it...it looks familiar and I'm not sure why, but it looks way too expensive," she frowned and without giving them a chance to answer she walked out of the store and waited for them to catch up to her. Staring sadly in a daze she fell behind slightly as they made their way back to the base.

Back in Konoha

"Where did that damned Sasuke go," Tsunade said to herself while in another of her famous sake stupors. Shizune sighed to herself and crawled out of the room safely while she could and hid herself behind Tsunade's stacks of paperwork. Sasuke however sat in his small apartment trying to think of all the possibilities of whether or not the pink haired kunoichi was right. "There's no way that weak Hyuuga has the Sharingan, but why would they kidnap her and why would Itachi hide behind her image" he thought out loud. He wouldn't even know where to begin until his annoying, loud mouthed team-mate woke up.

Standing and stretching his legs he decided to take a walk to wear the former Hyuuga grounds stood. The whole place still smelled of burning wood and ashes, the reminders bringing back painful memories of his own. "How ironic," he thought to himself as a wave of déjà-vu hit him hard in the gut causing him to gasp and painfully hold his head. Sounds of screaming filled his head and memories of his childhood coming back to him and angrily images of his older brother flitted through his consciousness until he fell to his knees on the hard damaged compound ground.

He suddenly felt bad for the Hyuuga girl as they were now more alike than ever. Falling further to the ground Sasuke barely lets out an oath to the young girl before falling into unconsciousness. The words escaping into the wind, "Hinata, I will avenge your family as I will avenge mine and maybe one day, we can be more help to each other than ever imagined."

Back at the base

Hinata entered the base as a sneeze escaped her sounding more like a tiny squeak than anything else. The two men with her laughed slightly and pat her on the head as they went to putting everything away. Hinata was about to help when Konan came out of nowhere and put her hand lightly on Hinata's shoulder, "I wish to speak to you about your testing in the morning. Meet me at the doors where you met Deidara and Tobi twenty minutes after you are finished breakfast." Hinata nodded and went into the kitchen to find some things to prepare for dinner that night.


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