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A soft groan echoed throughout the forest. A lone figure grunted as he sat up. His lazy expression never changed as he looked upon the unfamiliar forest. He stood, and dusted himself off, before getting a better grip on the situation. He thought back to his last moments, before he passed out.

He was on patrol tonight. The Hokage was on high alert for the past few days. A mysterious light was seen flashing within the forest surrounding the village. It left just as quickly as it appeared, but that does not mean the threat is over. So, here he is, searching the area for anything unusual, while reading his all too familiar orange book. He was rather bored, and he didn't see any harm in reading a few pages while he kept a look out. What was the worst that could happen? As the thought left his mind a small humming, to his right, caught his attention. He looked just as a blinding light blocked his vision. He suddenly became weakened, his body losing all its strength, and he felt lightheaded. Oh great, just what he needed, trouble...

He scratched his head and looked around. He grinned underneath his mask when he found what he was looking for. He walked over, picking up the orange book, and sighed. He might be in a strange forest, but that doesn't mean he can't entertain himself while he surveyed the area. But he was left wondering: How did he get here? Where was he at? What exactly happened? He didn't have the answers, so he was going to look for someone who did. Raising the book to his face, he glanced at the page. He found his place, before walking off, towards the sound of water. He had good hearing and he knew where there was water, there were people.

It did not take long before he found the small stream. He was grinning to himself, till a large black blotch appeared in his line of vision. His body tensed and he glanced towards it. He stared at the figure, sitting under one of the trees, resting. It was a female, he noticed. She wore all black, and her dress was very loose, yet looked comfortable and expensive. Her top half resembled a tank top. While the rest flowed down her body, ending in two long strips, one for her backside, and one for her front. The clothing, he noted, allowed for full moment and it also gave him a good look at her creamy legs ta boot. He smirked at his own thoughts, and put his book away. Surely this woman can help him.

His shadow soon loomed over her relaxed figure as he stood above her. She looked peaceful, with her eyes closed, leaning back against the base of the tree, but that was not unusual. What did catch his attention were two black ears, sticking out of her raven tresses, along with a furry tail lying beside her leg. Why would someone openly ware fake animal parts? He knew of them from the stores, but they were not as detailed, or realistic as these. And why was she wearing them in a forest? A small movement broke his thoughts. He glanced up just as the 'fake ears' twitched. He just stared at it, the lazy expression never changing. Did he just see that?

"You're in my light." A soft, yet annoyed voice stated.

His gaze left the ears, and fell upon the woman's face. She looked the same, she has not moved. Maybe he was hearing things as well? Slowly she cracked open an eye. He was amazed as a blood red orb stared at him. Was she part of the Uchiha clan? It was the only explanation for it.

"Hello." He raised his hand in greeting. He tried to be friendly, but she just brushed him aside and closed her eye again. "Do you happen to know where I'm at?" He asked. A movement made him turn to the ground. The tail was tapping on the grassy floor in annoyance. He was more then a little surprised, but he didn't show it. So they're real...

"I don't know where you came from, but it is considered rude when someone interrupts me while I'm trying to relax." She warned him.

"I see." He replied "If you could just point me in the direction of Konoha, I'd more then happy to leave you to your business" He told her.

"It's not around here." She told him. "Now move." She ordered. He stood strong, still staring at her. When she saw he was not budging, she opened her eye again. "You're still here?" She asked.

"You have not answered my question." He stated.

"Yes." She objected. "I have." She closed her eye again, and he just stared at her in silence. After a moment she sighed. "You're in the demon world." She told him.

"Demon world?" He asked, he never heard of a place like that.

"Yes, human." She called him. "The demon world." She repeated herself. "You." She pointed to him. "Are a hu~man." She sounded out the word, as if he were a child. "I" She pointed to herself. "Am a De~mon." She sighed again. "And you have very, very, bad luck, if you are here." She told him. "I have not heard of this village you speak of, but you are human, therefore, you probably came from the human world." She paused, before opening both her eyes. "And you're still in my light." She told him.

"How do I get back?" He asked, ignoring her last statement. She shifted in irritation.

"There is a portal to the human world held within the King's Castle." She told him. "Now, about my light..."

"Were is the castle located at?" He ignored her once again.

"It doesn't matter." She said. "You'll never make it. All demons love the taste of humans. You'll attract them like wolves."

"All demons? Does that include you?" He asked.

"Yes, it does." He's body tensed at her words. "And if you do not remove yourself from my sight, you will see that fact first hand, I assure you." She threatened him.

He was surprised at her threat, but he did not show it. She seemed... cooperative, at first. He knew his questions annoyed her and that she would get angry sooner or later. He was just surprised it was so soon. Though he was taken back by her sudden anger, he stood his ground, unmoving. Does her rest truly mean that much to her? He sighed. No, probably not. It was the fact that he would not listen to her that got her upset. She seems to be very proud, and his disobedience is threatening to her.

"You are taking this very well." She noted. "Is it because you do not believe me? Or could it be that you're not afraid?"

"Both." He answered.

"I see." She closed her eyes again. "That's good." Slowly, she stood up.

He noticed she only reached his chin. This allowed him to get a good look at her ears. He could not help but wonder about them. He let out a breath of hot air, testing their sensitivity. Her ears twitched from the onslaught. She did not look effected by it, but she raised her chin, keeping them from harms reach, away from him. Just by that act alone, he knew she did not like him bothering them. He wanted to smirk at his new findings, but instead he asked her another question.

"Why is that good?"

"You already attract enough attention with your tasty sent." Tasty sent? What did she mean by that? "If you were scared, it would be putting fuel unto the fire. Fear is a very good spice." She inhaled a deep breath. "It adds flavor to the meat." She sounded as if she was telling him a cooking recipe. That thought made him shifted in uneasiness.

Has she eaten many humans? He asked himself. She talks as if a human life means nothing to her. He didn't know what to think. He wasn't even sure if he believed any of the things she was telling him. It all sounded too crazy to be real.

"Are you coming along or what?" She was walking away, calling to him over her shoulder.

"Along?" He asked. Was she asking him to follow her someplace?

"To the castle, of course." She stated. Hearing her words, he paused. This could be a trap. After weighing the odds, he figured she was his best shot at getting back home, so he trailed beside her. Seeing his stare, she spoke. "You wouldn't last a day in this world." She told him. "Not only that, you look like you're bad with directions, you'd probably get lost." She rolled her eyes and he just continued to look at her. "But you do have guts, I'll give you that."

"Oh? Is that why you decided to personally escort me?" He questioned. "That's nice of you."

"You are either a fool or very confident. You must be, for you to stand there like you did, not heeding to my threat." She told him. So she was testing him? Why? He shrugged at his own question. He wasn't sure. "I'm not your bodyguard. You look as if you can handle yourself. So you are on your own if we run into any demons. I am only your guide, nothing more."

"Gee, Thanks." Why did he have a feeling she was saying that just to spite him? Something soft brushed against his fingers, and he looked down. Her black tail was slowly moving back and forth, in a swooshing manner.

"You are very sensitive." She stated.

"You were testing me." Again, he noted.

"I was only doing what you did to me, not to long ago. Or have you forgotten?' She glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes. Oh, yes, the ear incident…

"I vaguely remember something like that."

"Sure, whatever you say, human." She wasn't buying it, but it didn't matter whether or not she believed it. "You're very passive." She blurted her thoughts. He shrugged, not caring what she thought of him, even though she was correct for the most part. "I am a demon, yet you do not hate me? Why?" She asked.

"You have not given me reason to hate you." He answered.

"You are very strange."

"Thank you."

"That was not a compliment." She informed him. A small smirk appeared underneath his mask.

"Coming from you, I will take it as so."

"What are you implying?" She asked, turning her head to face him.

"You look like the type of demon who does not give to many compliments. That is probably the best I will ever get."

"Maybe. It all depends." Telling him.


"How much of a fool, you turn out to be."

"Well, I hope to live up to your expectations." He blinked when he heard her laugh at his words. It was soft, only showing she was mildly amused by his humor. Hmm, maybe she wasn't as bad as he first thought? "Why are you helping me?" He asked. Surely, she wasn't doing it out of the goodness of her heart…

"I'm bored." She confessed. His steps faltered, but he quickly caught himself, staring at her. "Do not be so surprised. You look like a man who gets bored quite easily. You should understand me."

He could only look away. Yes, he understood her. But that doesn't mean he was not surprised she openly admitted such things. Maybe they were more similar then he thought? Another brush across his fingers stopped his musings, and he looked down.

"Would you stop touching me?" He asked.

"Are you annoyed by this?" He wanted to smirk. Ah, so that was her intent was it? Trying to get him back for the light thing…

"No, it just feels unusual. I normally don't have demons who brush their strange appendages on me." He stated.

"To bad. You do not know what you're missing. It feels quite pleasurable on certain parts of the body." She told him while purring. That statement made him question his own ears. Did he really hear that? He could only watch as she swung her tail in front of her, and she started to pet it lovingly.

"You are very strange." He told her.

"Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment." She replied. A sly grin appeared under his mask. It was at that moment her ears started to swiveled around in several directions. He stared at them, watching them move in a fast pace. Could she hear something? "It seems they have caught your sent faster then I expected."

"That's bad."

"Of course it is. Your aroma is very strong. It has attracted demons from miles around. We will be attacked twice as much because of it." That is bad… He sighed. "And it does not help that you smell so delicious." She licked her lips hungry. The act made him slightly nervous, and he watched her closely. "So tell me, human, have you fought against a demon before?"

"No." He plainly told her.

"Well, this will be good practice for you." She told him. He just looked at her in question. "The demons around here are of the lowest class, ogres." She informed him.

Just as he was about to reply, a red humanoid creature burst into their line of view. He was the same height as him, but was three times as muscular. He had several horns growing out of his head and fangs protruding out of his mouth. He was suppose to fight that?

"Go get'em tiger." She rooted for him, patting him on the back.

"Thanks…" He sighed, and pulled out his Kunai.

He got into his stance, while the female beside him watched his every move. He did not have to wait long, for the beast starting yelling 'human', and charged him. He used his speed and easily got behind the sluggish demon. He jumped up and kicked it in the head, while it was confused. The beast roared as it skid across the ground, flying through many trees, before coming to a stop several feet away. It laid there, unmoving. When he realized it was not going to get back up, he put his weapon away. Hearing a soft and slow clap behind him, he turned around. It was her, it seems she was impressed by his skills, and showed it by applauding in his victory.

"What is your name?" She asked. He blinked at her, taken back by the question. "Your name of birth. What is it?" She repeated as she walked up to him.


"Calling you human all the time, is not very respectable." She said.

"You respect me?" He asked, smirking.

"Let's not go that far, young man." Young man? He looked older then her. "You're just not as big of a fool as I first thought…"

He chuckled at her words. So he must work for her respect. That sounded quite appealing to him. He might turn out liking the woman. She was a lot more entertaining and then some of the other females he knew. And that made her okay in his book.


"Kakashi." She tested his name as it rolled off her tongue. She smiled kindly at him. He was not expecting it and was surprised by the gesture. "Kakashi. People call me Kagome." She told her name, and bowed softly.

"Kagome." He also tested her name, earning another warming smile his way. Why was she suddenly acting friendlier towards him? Maybe it was the fight that caused her to change her tune? Does the skills and strength of another person really matter this much to demons? He shook his head. No. It is probably a Kagome thing…

"You should stop daydreaming, little one, or else I shall leave you behind." Her voice called to him, and he glanced at her. "If we do not hurry, it will take twice as long to get to the castle." She told him, before strolling away. He soon caught up to her, and walked beside her.

"And how long will it take to get to the castle if we hurry?" He asked. He was worried about his friends, and hoped they did not think of him as a Missing-Nin. He wanted to get back home as soon as possible.

"If we do not rest in the day, and set camp at night." She paused, thinking. "3 Months." She stated. His eye widened as he looked at her. Three months!? He sighed. When he returned, he was going to get an ear full, that's for sure…

As they walked through the forest, Kagome thought it would be a good chance to size him up.

She turned her head, openly staring at the man beside her. Kakashi. She slowly took in his appearance. He was tall, stretching above her. But that was not unusual, all men seemed taller then her. He showed no real outward emotion, she was use to that. He was a good fighter, that was wonderful, but fighting was all around her, nothing special. He had sliver-ish hair, that too, was nothing new to her. There was one thing that he had, that no one else possessed. Mystery.

He was full of nothing. It annoyed her so much that she found it fascinating, and irresistible! Just thinking about the mystery that is this man, made her tail sway back and forth in excitement. Her heart sped up, and her face got flushed as she thought of solving the puzzle that surrounded this man. Oh, such a delight. She couldn't hold in her thrill. She started to purr in pure pleasure. She already knew his name, just knowing that made her feel like she conquered the world.

"Do you find my appearance pleasing?" He asked. He must have noticed all the commotion she was causing, and thought it was because she was looking at him. Why burst his bubble?

"Yes. Yes I do." She told him bluntly.

He was surprised by her straight answer, and his steps faltered before he stared at her. His orbs were filled with nothing, pure nothing, and it sent a shiver of pleasure through her. She sighed at his empty gaze, and hugged her tail in delight. Her flush deepened, and her purring got even louder.

"Why are you acting this way? You didn't have any interest before." He looked at her again, taking in her figure as she hugged her tail. "You were more cold a few minutes ago, and not so… happy."

"You were a stranger to me before." She stated.

"Just because you know my name, you start acting like this?"

"No. I'm acting this way because I find you quite intriguing."

"How so?"

"Everything." She sighed.

"Everything?" He questioned her.

"You are full of nothing. So I find everything about you interesting. Because you are nothing. You're mysterious, and it is in my blood to love challenges."

"In your blood…" He trailed off and turned his head away. He was probably confused about her. Most people are. Even her Lord found her strange at times.

"I'm a fox demon. If you haven't noticed." She told him. He quickly turned his head and looked at her. "We are sly, but curious creatures. Once I find something that entertains me, I do not let it escape."

"Thanks for the warning." He said in a bored tone. She smiled at his words.

"You will found out about me soon enough, kit."

"What happened to you saying my name?" He asked.

"You do not like my nickname for you, young man?" She replied with another question.

"It is rather strange." He told her. "I mean, we look about the same age." He noted.

"I assure you. I am older then you are."

"How old are you?" He glanced at her.

"It is quite rude to ask a woman her age." She stated. "That curiosity of yours is going to get you in trouble." Warning him.

"This, coming from a fox." He replied.

"Touché." She laughed softly at his come back. He was rather witty, and kept her on her toes. She would have much fun with this one. Her tail started to wag to and fro rapidly, showing her joy. So much fun!