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Kakashi sighed for the hundredth time that day. He looked ahead, easily seeing the castle towering over the trees. He was just 10 minutes away from reaching his destination, and going home. He sighed yet again. For some reason he wasn't as happy as he imaged he would be. The past few days have gone by extremely fast, ever since they left the city, and he felt a sense of... disappointment.

He glanced at the vixen standing beside him. She seemed to be acting normal, not expressing any real emotion, yet she has been very quiet- Maybe she is just hiding the fact that she feels the same? He shrugged, not knowing the answer. The only thing he did know was that there was an empty feeling in his chest, every time he looked at her…

The next thing he knew, he was standing in front of the castle gates. His was caught off guard, not really wishing to arrive just yet. Unknowingly he started to drag his feet, taking his time. He fiddled with his fingers, inside his pockets, in nervousness. He glanced at the woman walking beside him. She looked the same, yet she seemed to be standing straighter and walking more softly. She must be happy to be back at the castle-

The sound of men coming into attention, broke his thoughts. He looked forward, seeing the two guards stationed at the gate stand straight.

"Welcome back, Lady Kagome." The one on the right said.

"Nice to see you again, Milady." The left one announced.

"Gentlemen." She greeted. "Keep up the good work." She told them as we walked pass their standing forms.

The two men smiled in pride, and Kakashi couldn't help but grin. She really does honor the men who work under the king. She seems to have a certain air around her that makes them respect her. No wonder she was slightly taken back when he first met her, and he would not listen to her orders. He resisted the urge to chuckle as they stepped through the large wooden doors, and into the castle.

"My Lady-!"

"Lady Kagome- Thank the goddess!"

They were quickly swarmed by many people, all holding stacks and stacks of papers.

"I have some papers that need your signature-"

"The treaty between the eastern and western stations needs to be signed-"

"You have to overlook the list of complaints from our army-!"

"The special division will not undergo anymore missions without your consent-"

"The solders of the third battalion still are waiting for their weapons to be examined-"

"DAMMIT!" Kagome roared. "WHERE THE FUCK IS JAKEN!?" She yelled, making everyone go deadly silent. There were small huffs and loud bangs from far away, before the people separated, making way for a short, told like creature, carrying a staff with two heads.

"Y-yes, L-lady Kagome?" The demon stuttered, knowing what was to become of him for angering her.

"I Thought I told you to take care of this shit while I was away!?" She snarled. All of the workers ran away, fearing their imminent doom if they did not.


"Then why didn't you-!?" She questioned.

"Well, you see-" She didn't wait for him to answer, for she raised her clawed hand and sliced him in half, killing the poor creature. Kakashi winced, shocked she actually killed him. He has angered her many times, but he never thought she would do such a horrible thing- To someone she knows...

"I see you still continue to vent your anger unto my servant." A cold voice spoke behind us. He saw Kagome's eyes widen, and her face quickly took on a rosy color. He was surprised to see such a strange reaction from her. She quickly turned around and bowed very low.

"My Lord." She greeted him with respect.

"Kagome." He inclined his head in his own greeting. She took that as a sign to relieve herself from the bow, and stood straight.

Kakashi knew who the man was. It was Sesshoumaru- Though the play did not do him justice. The actor was dressed like him, and that was it, nothing else even came close to his true appearance. He was tall, going above his own height. His long sliver hair flowed down his back. He was dressed in all white, with battle boots. His had armor on his chest, with an armguard over his left shoulder, and a boa resting on his right. He adorned two swords strapped to his left hip. He was very handsome- He paused. Were all the demons she was acquainted with handsome? First Shippo now him-

The demon lord strolled forwards, breaking his thoughts. He looked at his dead servant, and then calmly reached for one of the swords at his side. Kakashi immediately tensed up. Was he going to hurt her for killing him? The idea made his blood run cold and his heart beat faster. He pulled out the Katana, but instead of attacking Kagome, he sliced at the dead demon lying on the floor. The ninja raised an eyebrow at the action, questioning the king's sanity.

Suddenly the toad groaned and his top half sat up, resting on his cut stump. Kakashi's eyes widened with surprise. He's a zombie!

"Lady Kagome- How could you?!" The toad started to cry in sadness.

"I raised my hand and swung." She stated.

The tears tripled in size, and he waddled to his lower half. He easily connected the two joints and stood straight, staff in hand. Did he really just come back to life? He was having a hard time believing it- He looked at the sword Sesshoumaru used. It was back into its sheath, resting on the king's hip once more. Did that sword some how bring him back? If that were true- He started to think of his old friend who died in the war. It could save many lives- Heal so many broken hearts- Give them a second chance! But, they were probably to far gone to bring back. He sighed in disappointment. He paused in his musings. That doesn't mean the sword wouldn't be helpful for the future. The lives that would be spared...

"Jaken, leave." A cold voice broke his thoughts.

"Y-yes, My Lord." Kakashi watched as the toad quickly scurried away.

Feeling eyes upon him, he shifted his gaze, quickly finding molten gold. Why was he staring at him? He raised his hand in greeting.

"Yo." He spoke lazily. Kagome gasped in shock, and the demon started to take a step forward, but she quickly got between us.

"H-He didn't mean it Sesshoumaru!" She told him and then bowed extremely low, her hair falling off of her shoulders, unto the floor. "I will take full responsibility for his actions, so please..." She begged. Kakashi's just looked on, confused. Did he do something wrong? The demon lord was just standing there, staring at her. The air was tense as she waited for his answer.

"Very well." He finally spoke.

"Thank you, My Lord-"

"But do not think I will over look this, Kagome." He warned. He could practically feel her body freeze in slight fear, while she was still bowed to him.

"O-of course not, Sesshoumaru."

"Remove this human from my lands, and return immediately." He ordered her.

"Right away." She quickly agreed to his whims. Why is she not fighting back?

"I expect to hear a full report, and afterwards I will decide on a befitting punishment for your carelessness." He turned and walked away, ending the conversation. He continued deeper into the castle, and after he was out of sight she waited a few more moments, before slowly bringing her bodying into standing position.

"Damn..." She groaned, rubbing her face in frustration. "I am so going to die…" She mumbled. "But at least you're alright." She sighed and turned around, facing him. 'I'm alright?'

"Did I do something wrong?" He asked.

"You did many, many things wrong." She stated. What? But all he did was greet him.

"What did I do?" He was slightly upset because he felt that he did nothing wrong.

"Well…" She started to explain. "First mistake is you looked him in the eyes- that's a big no-no. That's like practically spitting on him! By doing this you were challenging his power, throne, and skills." What-? "Secondly, you raised your hand, palm facing him. That's saying 'I can defeat you without weapons.' Adding to your challenge." She sighed. "You also said something, doesn't matter what words came out of your mouth, that's another sign of disrespect, for he did not speak to you first." She told him. "He was about to accept your challenge, and started to walk to you, bent on ripping your head off-"

"Alright." He interrupted her. To say he was shocked was an understatement. "All I did was greet him…" He mumbled. Damn…

"Yeah, most demons respond more on body language then speech." She informed him.

"I mean, I didn't know-"

"I know. Don't worry about it." She tried to reassure him. "I saved you so it's no big deal now, alright?" That's right. She got between us.

"Why did you protect me?" He questioned.

"Idiot." She slapped his chest. "What do you think?!"

"You find me strikingly good looking, and you quickly fell in love with my wonderful charm." He smirked, obviously joking. He paused, swearing he saw a blush quickly appear on her cheeks, but he could not tell, for she turned around-

"It's because I spent all that time guiding you home, and I'm not going to waste it because you decide to be stupid… Moron." She snorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

Hmm… Maybe he was just imagining it?

Kakashi continued to walk down the darkened hallway, following Kagome. She was taking him to the portal that leads to his world. Now he gets to finally go home. He closed his eyes, trying to savor the last few moments he had on this planet. He didn't know why, but he felt like he would miss it. Though they got here a lot quicker then Kagome predicted, he did spend a lot of time here. He was kind of sad he had to leave it behind, yet happy because he was going to his own world. Where the people didn't think of him as food…

He also felt calm. His soft foot-falls echo down the corridor, making a soothing sound as it fell unto his ears. He couldn't help but sigh, but that too came back as a soft whisper, making him shiver. Though he was calm, he felt alone. The basement was a very quiet place, making him feel like he was the only one there. Every now and then he had to check, just to make sure she was still there. She was so still, even her footsteps were nonexistent. Though it could be because she was always barefoot.

He resisted the urge to chuckle. Just thinking about her made him feel more at ease. She was something else, really. So fiery and yet so cold. She mostly hid her true feelings, covering them up with witty or smart remarks. She was easy to anger, and could take down anyone who stood in her way. Yet she was kind and caring. She healed him when he was sick, showing she really had a big heart. She also felt much sadness, for she cried in his arms when she was at the grave of her love…

He felt his chest tighten, and he looked down, as if expecting to see something causing the pain. Was he upset that she use to love another? Why…? Could she still have feelings for him? He wondered.

He glanced up, watching her. Her tail was slowly swishing to and fro. He resisted the temptation of grabbing the furry object. He enjoyed touching it, though she did not enjoy it quite as much- Now that he thinks about it, he liked touching her, all of her.

He closed his eye, as if remembering. The day he held her underneath the tree was a day he would never forget. Her body was so small and light, she felt as if she was made to fit within his arms. Her skin was soft, and her hair was smooth. He loved the reaction he got when he would softly touch her skin, making small chills go up her arms. He loved the feeling when her raven locks would slide through his fingers. He loved her wonderful scent. It made him feel at peace every time he got close to her. He loved her features, and how she would practically glow at night. Her deep red orbs would dance as the fire's light hit her lovely face.

He loved how her hips swayed, and her body moved as she walked. Her shapely figure practically calls to him every time he looked upon her form. She could arouse him just by calling his name. Her sweet voice would speak, and the words would just roll off of her tongue. He didn't even know his name could sound so good coming from someone else's lips, till he met her. Hmm- Her lips…

He wondered what they felt like. To bad he hasn't gotten the chance to find out yet. He bet they were soft. He raised his hand and touched his own lips, over his mask, as if imaging what it would feel like. Wonder how she would taste- Probably sweet. He smiled to himself. To bad he will not get the chance to know the answers. For soon he will be going home- He paused. That's right, he is going home- He's going to be leaving this world, and be leaving her as well…

He flinched as a sharp pain hit his chest. His heart started to beat faster, and he placed his hand over it. He could practically feel it trashing against it, unable to control it's outburst. Why does this upset him? He looked at her. He will never get to see her again… His body began to feel cold, and an empty feeling started to pool in the pit of his stomach. He could feel the heat drain from his veins, replaced by an aching sensation. Was he aching for her? Does he truly regret not being able to see her again?

He was going to leave, and he would be unable to see her again. Unable to hold her close. Talk to her. Walk beside her. Listen to her calling his name. Feeling her smooth skin, and touching her silky hair. Smelling her wonderful sent. Just being close to her- He will not be able to do those things anymore, and this realization was bothering him.

This warm feeling that always appears when he sees her smile, hears her laugh- It was never going to return once she was gone. His body felt heavy, and his heart continued racing. What was- What was this empty feeling?! It seems like it was going to swallow him, and he will be consumed by darkness- He looked down, seeing his hand was trembling. Why does this frighten him? He glanced at her, and his heart started to ache. His knuckles turned white, gripping his chest, trying to control it, yet it was not helping. Why does he feel this way about her!? He clinched his jaw in frustration. Why does he love her?!

His eye widened and he raised his hand to his face, trying to cover the blood rushing to his cheeks. Why did he just think that- He looked at her between the cracks of his fingers, trying to figure it out.

"Okay." Her voice spoke up, shocking him out of his musings.

He glanced around the room, seeing they finally arrived and were inside a small, circular area. The only thing inside was a sliver gateway, stationed in front of them. The middle, where you would mostly find a door, was hollow, letting you see the other side.

"Just place your hand on the outside of the gate, and remember the place you was last at, before you came to this world." She told him.

He just nodded, and he's body started moving on it's own, placing his hand on the doorway. The metal wasn't cold like he thought it would be, it was rather warm. Soon the warmth started to spread through his body, and he tried to think of the forest where he was at when he got transported. Suddenly a pink swirl appeared inside the doorway.

"Good." She grabbed his hand, and quickly pulled him through the portal before he had time to react.

Pink invaded his vision, but it quickly disappeared, leaving the image of a familiar forest in its wake. He was back home- His mind went blank, and all he could do was stare. Why does he not feel happy? He turned around and faced the vixen that has been with him this whole time. She was just looking at him, and his heart started to race just by seeing her.

He grinded his teeth in frustration. Why did it have to be this way!? Why her?! Why did he have to realize this now!? He was home, and he couldn't do a damned thing about it- He felt lost and confused. His anger quickly faded and he sighed. He just had to fall in love with the one thing he cannot have-

He suddenly felt his mask slipping down. His eye widened when something soft pressed against his lips. His heart soared into his throat, and his mind went blank. The beatings on his chest rang loudly in his ears. His body felt extremely hot, most of it centered on his heated cheeks. What happened just registered into his mind, and he couldn't believe it.

When he was finally able to control his body. He closed his eye, enjoying the feeling of her soft lips against his own. His body started to tingle, and he shivered. Just as he was about to return the kiss, she pulled away. He resisted the urge to groan in disappointment.

"Goodbye, My love." The words whispered against his lips.

His eye snapped open, not believing what he heard. Did she just- He had no time to question her, for she jumped back, out of his reach. He quickly noticed her face held a sad and hurtful expression. Tears started to weld in her eyes, making his heart ache at the sight. He took a step forward and raised his hand to stop her, but it was too late. She faded back into the portal, and it closed behind her.

"Kagome…" He whispered her name into the wind. She's gone…

His heart stopped beating, and his body felt cold. He groaned and clinched his chest as a stabbing pain hit him. Soon the empty feeling returned, and it quickly consumed him. Damn…

"And that sums up my report, Sesshoumaru." Kagome told him.

"I see." He continued writing down on the paper in front of him. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at her. "You seem upset." He noticed. "Is something the matter?"

"N-no. Everything is fine." She held back the pain that suddenly hit her chest.

Sesshoumaru slowly stood up from his seat, and walked around his desk. He looked down at her, making her feel nervous. She has known him all of these long years, and yet she still feels this way when he looks at her. Must be out of habit. She always felt nervous around him, mostly because he was so ruthless during his training with her. Though she knows, deep down, he cares and respects her. He treats her like a master would his pupil, yet he is concerned when she is troubled, like a friend. She smiled. He truly is one of a kind-

"You love him." He stated. Her eyes widened and her face turned bright red.

"Yes…" She whispered and turned her head. Though she wished to tell a lie, she knew he would instantly notice if she did.

"I see." He did not speak more on the matter, and went back to his desk, continuing on his paperwork. She sighed, relieved he did not say anything else to embarrass her- "I decided on your punishment." He told her. Her body tensed up and she started to sweat. She completely forgot about that- He was going to kill her, she just knew it… "You shall fill out all of the forms which were assigned to you while you were away. I believe that is befitting punishment for your disobedience and reckless behavior."

She groaned, showing her displeasure. She covered her face with her hands. Ugh! Paperwork! That's worse then dying! A small and rare chuckle escaped the demon lord's lips. She sighed, dreading what was waiting for her inside her study- Damn…

Kagome was standing inside of a torched lit room, in front of a small stand. She was staring at a tiny pink jewel, resting on top of a satin pillow.

Why was she here? She found herself questioning her own sanity once again. She watched as the light of the torches danced across its smooth surface. She sighed. What is wrong with her? How long has she been standing here? After she was done with her punishment, she suddenly found herself down here. She soon lost track of time, just asking herself repeated questions over and over again, unable to find the answers. She has not been down here in centuries- Why was she here?

The image of an idiot showed itself into her mind. She smiled to herself before sighing. She knows why…

She was a fool, simple as that.

She fell in love with a human. A stupid, arrogant, lazy, helpless, sweet, cute, sexy… human. She sighed and covered her face with her hand, trying to hide the blush that crept its way unto her cheeks.

She was a fool, simple as that.

Why was she here? She questioned the jewel. She stared at it, as if expecting an answer. Of course, it did not give her one. But then again, that was not the question she wanted to ask. She knew why she was here.

She stared at the pink object, unable to believe she was really thinking such a thing. She couldn't just wish away her problems. She had to protect it, and if she wished onto the jewel, she would be breaking her vow. It was her duty to make sure it never falls into demon hands, hers included.

Then again- Inuyasha wanted the same thing, for the same reasons too, before the whole Naraku thing happened. On the other hand- She would no longer have longevity. She will age, grow old, and die. She sighed. Then again-

The image of the idiot popped back into her head, and she smiled. She started to feel warm, and placed her hand over her beating heart. She loved him, and as long as this warm feeling lasted, she would not regret her decision.

After all, who cares about internal life? She snorted. It was boring as hell. Nothing to do except walk around this castle, everyone bowing to her. It was dull, and she got tired of it. She did say she missed the trill of being alive. Knowing you will die someday, and try to live your life to the fullest, one day at a time. Yet now look at her, she took naps that lasted 10years, just to pass time! She sighed in disbelief.

The image of her son and her master came into her mind, and her heart sank. She will not be able to see them. She will grow old and die. Leaving them to morn, and they will have to bear it for many years. She did not wish such tragedy on the ones she loved. After all, what will they do once she is gone? What if something happens to Sesshoumaru and some strange lord tries to start another war?! She won't be there to protect him. She sighed. Not like he needs protection…

But her son was another matter. She did not wish to hurt him. To go away like his other parents did before her. She did not want to abandon him, leaving him alone.

She sighed, staring at the pink object. Why was she here? She asked it, as if it would answer her. She started to question her own sanity once again- And so the cycle began once more. A never ending loop of unanswered questions-

"You have been down here for weeks." A cold voice broke her thoughts, making her turn and face the door. "I am surprised you have not left yet, chasing after some human emotion like the fool you are." She smiled at his 'words of encouragement', not expecting anything less from him.

"I am a fool." She agreed. His expression softened as he looked at her.

"But even fools have the right to choose their lives. You deserve happiness, Kagome, and it seems you cannot get that here." He told her. "You protected the jewel, and did your duties well. Now, it is time to let go and live your life." A small smile graced his handsome face. "Do not worry over the kit. I'm sure he wishes the same thing. I'll watch over him in your absence." He turned around and started to leave the room. "I will visit you from time to time, so make sure you keep up your training." He warned her.

"Sesshoumaru…" She whispered his name, touched by his words. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and she started to laugh softly.

She was a fool, simple as that.

Kakashi grunted and opened his eye. He looked around seeing all white.

"Just great…" He mumbled. A hospital. He sighed and closed his eye again. At least he was alone. Nothing more strange then waking up and having a lot of people surrounding you.

What happened? He questioned, before groaning when the answer quickly hit him. Itachi. Why did all of this trouble have to happen when he returned? He has the worst luck…

He comes back home, and had to do a lot of explaining to the Hokage, Hiruzen. After a long speech, and some extra duties, he was able to go back to his normal life and just in time for the Chunin Exam. Lucky him.

He nominated his team and crazy things started happening, one right after the other. First, Sasuke gets a cursed seal put onto him. Then he trained him during the resting period, and he was able to learn the Chidori. If that wasn't enough to keep him busy, afterwards, during the exam, Orochimaru attacked, causing much chaos. While everyone was running around, he killed the Hokage and somehow got away. He groaned in frustration.

Then the whole Asatsuki thing happened. We found out they wanted Naruto, and they sent Itachi after him, and well, here he is, stuck in the hospital from draining too much of his chakra during the fight.

He sighed. Well, at least they kept his mind off of Kagome…

"Kagome…" He mumbled. A familiar ache hit his chest, and he shifted in his bed, already use to the empty feeling he gets when he thought of her.

He wondered what she was doing right now. If she was okay. He couldn't help but worry over the feisty fox. He knew she could take care of herself, so there was no need to worry. Besides, what kind of trouble could she get into? He paused, and then chuckled at he's own thoughts. Then again, this is Kagome he is talking about…

Hearing the door open, he paused his thoughts. There was a soft click and foot steps approached the bed. He knew it was a nurse, so he stayed still, not caring. She was just here to check on him after all. If he woke up, she will no doubt do a bunch of tests on him, to make sure he is okay, and he doesn't feel like going though all of that right now-

He felt the thin sheet slide down his chin. His eyes snapped open when something soft pressed against his lips. He was greeted by deep blue staring back. His face turned pale, oh no, not another 'love at first sight' fiasco. He really doesn't need this-

"Idiot." The word whispered against his lips. His eyes widened when he recognized the voice.

"K-Kagome…?" He whispered as if he were reaching for lost hope. A small blush tainted her cheeks and she turned her head away.

"Stupid human, always forgetting stuff. What the hell is your problem? Did you hit your head while I haven't seen you!? Knowing you- You tripped on your own two feet…" She questioned his stupidness, and he smirked. Yep, it's Kagome.

He continued listening to her ramble on about how idiotic he was. His heart began to beat faster, as his body started to overflow with so many emotions. It was her… She really is here-He smiled to himself, watching her lips moved as she talked. Unable to hold back any longer, he reached up and pulled her down to him, laying a heated kiss unto her lips.

She squeaked in surprise, and he smirked, taking the opportunity to explore her mouth. He was satisfied when she tasted just as sweet as he imaged. He rolled over, pinning her below him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and he placed his hands unto her waist. She moaned, not fighting him, instead, she placed her hands unto his chest, touching it hungrily. Going against his needs, he broke the kiss, earning a small whimper from the female. He chuckled at the sound.

"And I thought I was the horny one."

"Shut up." She mumbled, turning ten shades of red.

He chuckled at her embarrassment, thinking it was rather cute.

"You know, you're really sexy when you get angry." He whispered, before stealing another sweet kiss.

Kakashi gave a small grunt, opening his eye. He blinked a few times, willing his blurred vision away. Turning over, he looked behind him and at the window. Seeing it was going to turn dawn soon, he sat up. He stretched the kinks out of his muscles and sighed. Out of pure habit, he yawned while scratching his head. He glanced at the woman sleeping beside him, and a small smile appeared on his face.

She is so beautiful. He reached over her and brushed a rebel hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear softly. She twitched her nose, making a chuckle rumble through his chest. He kept his hand on her ear a few moments longer, gently trailing the rim of it with his finger.

Even after all this time, he was still shocked by this. He missed her 'strange demon appendages.' He sighed. She turned into a human- For him. His heart started to beat faster, and his expression softened. At first he couldn't believe it- He thought back to that day…

"You're human!?" He asked, shocked.

"It's not that big of a deal-" 'Not that big of a deal!?' He sighed in frustration. "After all, I was human once before, so this isn't a first for me…"

"…?!" He was too surprised for words.

"What? I didn't tell you…?-Oops." She shrugged. "My bad."

He held back another chuckle, not wanting to wake the sleeping beauty beside him. Though he was surprised, he wasn't upset about it. He missed her demon parts, yes, but he had so many more things to enjoy about her now. Her eyes were now a deep blue. He found them rather attractive and couldn't take his own eyes off of them. He easily got lured in by their lovely color. Unless she got angry- now that was a whole different story.

He remembered the last time she got really angry, and shivered. Poor Itachi. He felt guilty that he had to suffer her wrath, but then smiled as a warm feeling went through him. She did it for him. He looked at her once again. He reached over and caressed her cheek with his knuckles.

After she found out how he got in the hospital, she hunted him down- How, he did not know- Because she was human, her powers were decreased greatly, yet she still went after him. He didn't even realize she left to fight him, until she returned… She won the battle, but did not come out of the fight unscathed.

His heart sank when he saw her bruised and tattered body. She then smiled, saying she was alright. But he had doubts, for soon after she passed out and he quickly carried her to the hospital. He was worried because she slept for many days, but he stayed by her side day and night, waiting for her to wake up. When she did, he was so relieved, he kissed her passionately. He smiled, remembering how embarrassed she was because of it.

After he settled down, she told him that Itachi will not be bothering the village for awhile. He was surprised at first, but he soon came to realize it was true. Itachi and the Akatsuki went back into hiding, and they haven't heard from them since.

He glanced out of the window. It seems he has let the time slip by him while he was reminiscing about the past- He sighed and slowly got out of the bed. Scratching his bare chest, he walked to the dresser, not wanting to be late. He was going to pay his respects at the monument, like he always does before dawn. Though he tries not to linger, he always loses track of time as he remembers things that happened long ago- Why is it that every time he thinks about the past, time just seems to fly by? He did not know why, so decided not to question it any longer.

He put on his uniform, and double checked, making sure he had everything. He paused and walked to the nightstand. He reached down and picked up the small sliver band that was resting on top of it. Looking at its dulled and scratched surface, he sighed, wishing he took better care of it. He glanced at the woman sleeping on the bed, before smiling. He slid it unto his ring finger, and then put his glove on over top of it.

He slowly walked to the door. It clicked open as he turned the knob. A small shuffling sound entered his ears. He paused, and looked at the female laying unto the bed. Seeing she was still asleep, he sighed in relief, glad he did not wake her.

"Dammit Kakashi…" She mumbled. "I hate you…" A soft blush went across her nose. He chuckled as he looked upon the cute expression.

"I hate you too…" He whispered.

So very, very much…



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I have a full time job, but I love writing. I spent all my extra time on this story for you guys, my readers, and I'm sorry if I wasn't able to update anything because of it. I'm going to be working on the second book, and I'll do my best to try and update all my other works too in-between my full-time job and taking care of my mom.

You guys and FanFiction mean so much to me. I've been on this site since I was 13, and this community has been nothing but wonderful and supportive through all of it.

I'm just so happy…

It's because of you that I found my love of writing. Because of you that I was able to realize my dream. Because of you, I can now hold my book in my hand and proudly call myself an author.

Thank you so much.

And here comes the tears…