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Viola breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped out of Gold's office. What a weirdo, she thought to herself. But her train of thought was cut off suddenly when a body crashed into her unexpectedly. Books scattered along the floor from the other girls hands and Viola bent down to pick them up without a thought.

"Oh! Sorry I didn't see you..." Viola trailed off when she looked at the other girl's face and her eyes widened in disbelief.

"Olivia?" Viola's voice squeaked without thinking. Olivia's questioning gaze met hers and she frowned in confusion.

Me and my big fat stupid mouth! Viola screamed at herself. Maybe she won't recognize me...

"Do I know..." Olivia started but trailed off as she took in Viola's panicked gaze and familiar features that she knew too well. Her eyes widened as well as realization set in. "Viola?!"

They just stared at each other in disbelief for a moment before Principal Gold's door opened and he stepped out, nearly running them over. He started saying something about sexual tension and abstinence, but the blond and cross-dressed brunette were too busy internally freaking out to pay much attention to the ranting headmaster.

CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP! What are the chances that Olivia Lennox went to this school? And she knew who I was immediately? How am I supposed to make everyone believe I'm a guy if I'm so freaking transparent!? Viola thought, glancing between Gold's babbling face and the blonde next to her quickly, not being able to hide the panic in her gaze. But Gold was really dense so he didn't really notice the tension.

Oh my GOD! Viola? Viola is here? What am I going to do! And why the heck is she dressed as a guy? I almost didn't recognize her, but I couldn't forget her eyes anywhere. I didn't think I'd ever see her again, Olivia thought, feeling her face and neck flush which she tried to hide by brushing her hair in front of her shoulder. This is so embarrassing!

Finally after what seemed like an eternity principal Gold retreated back into his office and the two ladies stood awkwardly facing away from each other.

"Um... Here's your books." Viola mumbled, pushing Olivia's fallen books back into her hands.

"Yeah... thanks." Olivia mumbled back, still hoping that the other girl didn't see her blush. More awkward silence ensued as the two attempted to avoid each others eyes.

"So..." Olivia started saying which seemed to snap Viola from her reverie.

"I'msorryIdidn'tknowyou. It'snotwhatyouthink!I'monlydressedasadudesoIcouldplaysoccerbutitseemslikemydisguiseisnotfoolinganyone, andIhadnoideayou'dbehereI'msorrypleasedon'tthinkI'mafreak." Viola babbled nervously, unable to stop or slow down her verbal vomit. When she was done she finally looked pleadingly into Olivia's eyes. The blond blinked and shook her head.

"Wait, rewind. I have no idea what you just said. Could you please repeat that in human speed?" Olivia requested, sounding amused. Relief washed over Viola's features when she saw that Olivia was taking the unexpected encounter in stride. "And whats with the man garb?" Olivia looked up and down Viola's body with a disapproving gaze. "You know I prefer you to be yourself."

It was Viola's turn to blush, which made Olivia feel more at ease with the situation. Yeah, I can do this. Then Viola realized she had been compromising her identity by talking in her normal female voice to Olivia and her eyes moved around her surroundings anxiously.

"Um, can we not talk about this here?" Viola whispered, leaning in a bit closer to the blond.

"Alright. Where can we talk about this?" Olivia also lowered her voice and leaned in closer as well. Neither seemed to notice or chose to ignore it.

"Um... What about your dorm? I could come by and we could talk then?" Viola asked carefully, unconsciously giving Olivia a dose of her innocent wide-eyed expression that the blonde secretly adored.

"Uh, okay, sure." Olivia stammered, feeling her heart flutter in her chest involuntarily when Viola smiled gratefully at her.

"By the way, cute shoes." Viola commented randomly, throwing Olivia off-guard.

"Oh, yeah. I got them at Anthropology." Olivia commented.

"Really? They have shoes there?" Viola looked completely intrigued by this.

"Yeah, right by the accessories." Olivia said with a soft smile, thinking how random this conversation was.

"Huh. Well I guess I better go and do some... guy stuff." Viola said awkwardly. Olivia giggled at Viola's distressed look. They looked at each other for a second more wistfully before Viola stepped away first and walked down the hall, rolling her eyes at herself. Olivia let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

"Well, this will certainly be interesting." she muttered to herself before walking away in the opposite direction.

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