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Thursday: 5 pm

"Ah! Finally" Zexion thought to himself, "Some peace and quiet in the Library that never was" He sat down with many books in front of him and read "the fluffy bunny book"oh I mean um… "The book on nobodies"


Zexion peeped over his book and discovered…

He wasn't alone

"SHUDDUP MULLET BOY!" Larxene yelled as she threw her kunai at a picture of the Superior

There were 5 other nobodies in the library.

"Hey guys check this out" Axel announced flicking his finger and a little flame came out "On! Off! On! Off"

"That's great Axel" Roxas said not paying attention, "check!"

"Uh Roxas? That was my piece again," Xion said,

Roxas's eyes widened as he looked at the chessboard. "Damnnit!"

Zexion sighed heavily and yelled "THIS IS A LIBARARY!! YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE QUIET YOU MORONS!!!"

Xemnas entered the Library looking around every section of the library until he saw the 6 and asked, "have any of you seen Saix?"

"Well…" Roxas answered, "Vexen needed a werewolf for his new experiment"

"But we don't have werewolves"

"Exactly, that's why he using Saix"

Xemnas observed the 6 nobodies in the library and sighed "you 6 will have to do"

"What for?" everyone asked in sync.

"There have been many heartless spotted around Destiny High. Your mission will be to disguise as exchange students from 'The Land of Dragons' and collect as many hearts as possible"

All 6 looked at each other, then to Xemnas, then to each other again. "WHAT?!"

"But superior! We don't even look Chinese!" Xion complained.

"Who cares? Besides you idiots all need an education"

"I don't need an education superior" Zexion stated and grabbed "the fluffy bunny book" realizing that, he put the book down and grabbed another. "I'm educated already, I can always tutor them"

"Yes but we need more Hearts"

"Um superior?" Axel asked, "I'm too old for high school"

"We can always say you were held back a year"

"Gee that makes me feel so much better," Axel muttered.

Xemnas glanced at Roxas, Larxene and Demyx. "Do you 3 have a problem with it?"

Larxene smirked, "no! Back when I was a somebody I was very popular"

Xion couldn't help but giggle.


"High School?! I love High school!" Demyx declared.

"I don't remember what it was like going to school," Roxas said sadly,

The Superior smiled, "it's settled then, you all start school this Monday"

Monday: 7:00 am

Beep beep…beep beep... beep SMASH

"I HATE MONDAYS!!!" Xemnas yelled as he pulled his covers.


Xemnas peeped over his covers. "We're going to school today aren't we?" Roxas asked

"Huh? Oh right the mission!"

Xemnas leaped out of bed. "I even have your uniforms ready," He sung.


7:30 am

"You look fantastic you 6" Marluxia commented.

" 'Fantastic'? You mean 'ridiculous" Axel muttered.

"That's enough No.11" Xemnas ordered, "good luck at school, I feel like a father on his children's first day at school. I'M SO PROUD!"

Axel summoned his chakrams, Larxene summoned her kunai, Demyx summoned his sitar, Roxas and Xion summoned their keyblades and Zexion summoned his Lexicon, all 6 weapons were pointing towards Xemnas of course.

"Geez guys, you don't need to get so defensive" Xemnas opened the portal. "Remember to go to the office to collect your schedules"

All six nobodies nodded and entered the portal, and that's when our story begins, yes people! That was the prologue if you want to read more then wait til the next chapter.

Ending: Well that was the first chapter, the later chapters will be a lot better coz they'll be starting High school :D I'll be submitting the 2nd chapter soon

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