That Same day

Scarlet sat on her demonic throne impatiently. Her throne was decorated with demonic patterns and two angry wolves with spiked collars and silver chains were attached to it. The table was full of criminal masterminds such as Sorbei Gelato, The Joker, and Juro Toshiro. "Ladies and Gentlemen, take a seat" The criminal masterminds sat down. "Toshiro-san? I have a problem with your son"

"but Scarlet-san? What's wrong with him?"

"He keeps stalking me and so has Cobalt. I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT THOSE TWO FOLLOWING ME!!"


Kano was at kendo training when he suddenly sneezed. It was so quiet no one heard but when Cobalt was walking down the street he sneezed loudly.

"SWINE FLU!!" The same random kid yelled and several men in white jumpsuits tackled him to the ground.

Back in the room of criminal masterminds

"oh right" Juro nodded. "well once Kano sets his eye on a woman he doesn't know what the word 'no' means. He got it from me"

"I noticed" Scarlet replied sarcastically.

"how is Mrs. Toshiro by the way?" Sorbei asked.

"oh yeah she's fine, she wants to get a divorce but she knows I won't let go of my sweet little bumblebee"

"wow! My sister in law is about to have another baby"

"that must be exciting for her"

"EHEM!!" Scarlet coughed. "Sorbei!"

"yes Signorina Scarlet?" he asked.

"your son Lemone has been stalking my sister, who can't be here today because she's organising the dance" She pointed to the opposite side of the table at Neko's chair, which was a pink and orange hello kitty chair. A fluffy cat was sleeping on the pillow. "I want to know why?"

"He's going to be the next don he has to marry well…though it could be Limè, I haven't decided yet" Sorbei didn't notice Scarlet's angry aura.

"SORBEI!!" Sorbei hid behind the Joker.

"Scarlet? Why so serious?" the Joker asked. "is it that time of the month?" Scarlet got mad and threw a dynamite at the Joker.


A few days later:

world that never was

The exchange students were getting ready for the dance. The boys just wore tuxedos, Larxene wore a red satin dress and Xion wore a flowy pale blue dress. When Xemnas saw that their dresses were higher than the knee he screamed like a girl.

"I disapprove!!" and put a cardigan on both of them.

"SUPERIOR!!" Larxene whined. Xion looked behind her and read at the back of her cardigan 'I have the best dad in the universe'

"Those cardigans are very important" Xemnas said proudly. "I made them myself"

"uh huh" Xion nodded. They both quickly took them off and gave it to Axel to burn. When the cardigans burned there was a purple smoke coming out of them and all sorts of ghostly shaped figures arising from it.

"We have been set free"

The organization blinked in shock as Larxene and Xion thought "thank god I didn't actually wear it for that long".

"ah crap" Xemnas sighed. "oh well let's get going"

Outside Neko's Locker

Everyone waited impatiently wondering where the hell the dance really is. The organization arrived to see Kairi, Sora and Riku waiting along with the crowd.

"Hey guys!" Kairi waved.

"Hey dwarf princess" Larxene waved. "where's the dance" Kairi shrugged.

"Scarlet just told us to wait here"

"aww hurry up Neko!" Sora whined

Roxas looked around and saw a very familiar face. "It's Namine!"

"Who?" Axel asked.

"That News Update chick!" Riku yelled. "Hey where did Roxas go?" Roxas had gone up to Namine. "Oh God…what's he going to do?"

"aww that's cute" Xion smiled. "He's in love…feeling jealous Axel?"

"For the last time! I AM NOT GAY!!"

"Oh My God! I am your biggest fan!" Roxas yelled.

"Um…thank you?" Namine replied timidly. "I see you watch my show then"

"Of course I do! Hey you're way cuter up close"

"NO!!! HE'S STRAIGHT!!" Axel yelled. Everyone looked at Axel exchanging weird looks. Xion only pointed and laughed at Axel's confused look.

"I KNEW IT!!" she yelled.

Neko came running through the hall in a child like sundress yelling "Sorry we're late" and Neko unlocked the locker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Strange Chinese kids who don't look Chinese and Guys with anger issues." Scarlet announced in a semi revealing black dress. "Welcome to the school dance. Please make your way through the locker" Everyone exchanged glances, shrugged and entered through the locker door. What they saw shocked them all. There was a huge dance floor, a bar and TAV on the stage.

"How did you get this in your locker?!" Demyx asked.

"Oh I have a Rave party in my locker every Thursday" Neko explained. "It just so happens that it's Thursday today and I thought we could have the end of year dance in here"

"but where are your books?" Zexion asked before he tripped over a dictionary. "Never mind.

Scarlet threw the thick heavy book at an oncoming attacker.

"My Bountiful Scarlet," Cobalt moaned removing the dictionary. "Why must you hurt me so?" She rolled her eyes and walked through.

"Because it's easy."

"Hey Ven?" Terra asked on stage. "Have you seen that hot blonde chick who asked us to perform in the first place anywhere?"

"Nope. I found my clone with a cute chick though" Ven responded. "How about you Aqua?"

"I'm trying to find hot boys!" Aqua glared at her band mates.

"OH MY GOD!" Larxene screamed. "TAV?!! HOW DID YOU GET THEM TO PLAY?!! No wait…never mind"

"actually" Scarlet explained. "Our Dad's a big fan of TAV so we weren't allowed to threaten them"

"then what did you do?" Xion asked

Flash Back

TAV had just finished their interview and they were just on their way to the dressing rooms before they were stopped by Scarlet. She wore a blonde wig and a skimpy looking dress.

"Who's that?" Terra asked.

"I don't know but she has a bigger bust than I do" Aqua sighed.

"Hi I'm from Destiny high" Scarlet said in a bimbo accent twirling a lock of her 'hair.'

"H-h-hi" Ven stuttered. "W-w-what are you d-doing h-here?"

"Oh I was just wondering if you could y'know" Scarlet bent over revealing more of her cleavage. "play for us at the dance on Thursday night"

"Oh I don't know. We have a concert in the Land of Dragons" Ven said.

"Please" Scarlet begged squeezing her chest together even more.

"Yeah! Sure whatever you say!" Terra yelled feeling a nosebleed coming up.

"Oh my god Thank you so much!" Scarlet grinned. " Can't wait to see you"

Terra and Ven waved good-bye and ran off looking very thrilled. Aqua stood there rolling her eyes at her group. Scarlet's act faded and she stood in her usual posture and spoke in her actual voice. "There's going to be hot guys there"

"How hot?" Aqua asked suddenly sounding interested.

"Two of them were so hot they blew up the Science lab on their first day…literally"

"…I'm in"

30 minutes later:

"So Master Xehanort" Terra said. "We're going to perform at Destiny High on Thursday"

"b-b-but what about the Land of Dragons?! They paid so much money to see your concert"

"yeah but they're more into traditional music and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if we cancelled"


Shan Yu was on his way to the TAV concert wearing his " I 3 TAV" t-shirt and his "No.1 fan" badge when suddenly.

TAV's tour 'Birth by Sleep' will not be shown in the land of dragons" Shan Yu felt twitch under his eye as he fell to his knees.


Back on the dance floor

There was a grown up man walking around with a pair of shades on and holding a drink. "Yo demon sistas!" He yelled.

"Hey Doctor!!" Neko waved.

"Yo who man!" Scarlet waved. He walked up to them and did a strange handshake.

"How do you like the party?"

"Oh I love it! It's better than the one on Palthisus. By the way do you still have that space time continuum in that marble I gave you?"

"Neko's lost it" Scarlet sighed. "But don't worry we'll find it."

"Who's this?" Zexion asked.

"I'm the Doctor" The Doctor shook his hand.

"do you have an actual name?"

"I do but I'm not going to tell YOU!" The Doctor laughed.

Zexion only blinked. "is he high?"

"nah, more like drunk" Scarlet sighed. "why don't you go dance with someone. There're plenty of pretty lonely girls here"

Zexion shrugged and walked over to the middle of the dance floor where everyone was jumping up and down singing to TAV's songs. He stood there not knowing why and that's when Paine crashed into him. A lot of people paused to watch the scene. "Are you alright?" Paine was about to answer but that's when…

"PAINE MY LOVE!!" Vincent valentine screamed.

"The love potion's STILL working?!" Rikku screamed in dismay

"YAY!" Kuri jumped up and down for joy.

"Don't we have an antidote?" Yuna asked

"Sure we do" Kuri smiled. She tackled Vincent to the ground.

"KURI?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" Rikku screamed.

"Beating him up to erase the effects" Kuri said while landing a good punch on Vincent who screamed in dismay.


"Well yeah…didn't you know that" Kuri stood up leaving Vincent knocked out for a while.

That's when TAV started playing their love song and that distracted the crowd. "Zexion I have a confession to make"

"I have a confession as well"

"you do?"

"yeah. You've been a very good friend to me all this year and you're the only person I can have decent conversations with. Paine…you're my best fri-"


Everyone paused including Axel and Demyx who were having a drinking contest. Zexion could only blink and stare. "What?"

"I love…Yu…ki Sohma from Fruits Basket" Paine blushed madly.

"oh right…I like that character too… though I'm more of a Kyo fan" Zexion smiled and danced with Paine… as friends. Vincent on the other hand snapped out of the love trance and wondered where he was and why Kuri was tackling him.

"Damn she was so close too!" Yuna yelled. "Oh well"

Neko had trailed off only to find Inu leaning against a wall. "Hey why aren't you dancing?"

"I don't have a partner"

"you can dance with me" Neko held out her hand. Inu took a while to think about it and then he accepted her offer but that made Lemone Sorbei angry.

"STOP THE DANCE!!!" he yelled. Everyone paused once again and many groans came from the crowd and from TAV. "YOU DOG!! YOU SAID YOU HAD NO ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR NEKO!!"



"BRING IT!!" Inu yelled. Of course he didn't really want to marry Neko but he's just really competitive. Scarlet who didn't want any of those idiots to marry her baby sister decided to enter two other candidates.

"Hi!" Scarlet waved innocently to Axel and Demyx who sweat dropped.

"Oh god…what does she want?" Axel asked rudely.

"Oh nothing, I was just wandering if you'd like to compete in a dance off" Axel glanced at Demyx who smiled brightly.

"YEAH!! We'd love to…right Axel?" Demyx nudged Axel who just shrugged.

"What ever"

Outside the… locker?

Xemnas snooped around the school looking for an Italian boy. "pssst" he heard. "Mr. Xemnas…over here!" He crept towards the pot plant that Limè was hiding behind.

"Now why are you helping me split them up?"

"Xion deserves better"

"I agree…preferably when she's 35"

"boy is he easy to fool" Limè thought. "Well…this is the longest relationship Riku's been in"

"how long have his other relationships lasted for"

"the most…2 days" Limè lied.

"That really is bad…OH NO!! HE'S GOING TO BREAK HER HEART!!! If she had one"


"YOU HEARD NOTHING!!" Xemnas yelled. Limè shushed him.

"Do you have to yell all the time? Mamma Mia!" Limè grabbed his binoculars and saw Xion and Riku come out of the locker party. "There they are!"

"SPOON HEAD!!!" Xemnas yelled and charged out like a Spartan. Limè face palmed.

"Idiota!" Limè yelled in italian.

"Spoon head you get your hands off my daughter right now!!"

"I'm not even touching her" Riku whined.

"For now!! While I was infected by the nobod- I mean swine flu you probably touched her in inappropriate places!!"

"I did not!"

"Xemnas? What's going on?" Xion asked. That's when Limè walked out looking casual.

"Hi there"

"and you are?"

"Sorbei…Limè Sorbei" Xion, Riku and Xemnas tried to hold in their laughter. "WHAT?!"

"LIME SORBET!!" Xemnas laughed.

"what a name" Riku laughed.

"SHUT UP!!" Limè yelled.

"hey aren't you that creep who's stalking Xion?" Riku asked giving him a death glare.

"Stalking…no way. I would never do such a bad thing"

"yeah right" Riku said.

"You shouldn't be persecuting me for performing such an act when it was you who got expelled from Twilight Town High School and came here"

"YOU DID!!! WHAT FOR?!!!" Xemnas asked.

"OH FOR GODS SAKE SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!" Limè yelled. "I'm trying to convince Xion that Riku's a bad person and that she should date me instead"

"why would I date you?" Xion asked rudely. "and how dare you lie about Riku"

"it's true" Riku said feeling very guilty. "Lime here's right"



"well…yeah. Why else would you think that I was trying to help you split them up. I was surprised though. I didn't think a father would help and-" Xemnas faced one of his aerial blades at Limè. "Mr. Xemnas?"

"YOU!!" Xemnas said in a deep tone.

"(shadow)" Limè cursed and ran off with Xemnas not far behind him. Xion and Riku stood there watching the two run off.

"What do you mean that's the truth?" Xion asked. Riku stayed quiet, slowly backing away. "C'mon! tell me!" Riku let out a sigh.

"I used to live in Twilight town with my family. I thought everything was alright but then my mother started having an affair with a work mate and she broke our hearts. I was so angry I ended up harming other people unintentionally which ended up getting me expelled. I couldn't stand seeing my Dad look at pictures of when they were together and watch him cry so I suggested that we leave that town and come here for a fresh start. I never really felt happy until you guys came" Riku formed a smile. "When I saw you for the first time to tell you the truth… I thought you were an idiot" she angrily pouted.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" She yelled.

"Seriously I thought you were a klutz and an absent minded person, the way you got your panties stolen so easily and on your first day too and when I met the rest of your family, man was I not surprised" Riku laughed but he could see that she was giving him a death glare. "But you guys did open my eyes, made me laugh and feel happy again especially you." he placed his hands on her shoulders. "Xion, I love you"


"I love… Cross from Vampire knight" Riku sweat dropped.

"okay?" Xion raised an eyebrow "I'm more of a Zero fan though but oh well, I better go fix up my make up, see ya" Xion waved. Riku waved back sheepishly but then he banged his head on the wall.

"YOU IDIOT!" Riku cursed. Xion ran up to him, pulled him down to her height and crashed her lips onto his.

"Thank you" She whispered after she broke apart and ran off to the bathrooms. Riku's cheeks were pink and he just stood there with a goofy grin.

Sora walked out of the dance floor and found Riku. "Hey Riku!" He didn't respond. "Hello? Earth to Riku?" He waved his hand in front of Riku's face.

"Huh? Oh hey Sora?"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU RESPOND?!!!" Riku said nothing and hummed his way back into the locker. Sora raised a brow. "Okay?"


Tidus was mad. Really mad. He was so sick of the Exchange students, Demon sisters and the defence force and how they brought him so much misery this year. Just the words exchange and students made his blood pressure rise up.

He was softly whistling a tune when suddenly a pack of dogs ran up the stairs. Tidus's eyes widened and he backed off slowly. The dogs were wearing bandanas and they were being lead by Xemnas's rabid dog Saix. Saix charged after Tidus barking strongly. Tidus screamed very loudly and Saix pushed him…under a ladder.

Tidus's eyes opened only to find a naked man right on top of him. He shrieked in disgust and pushed him right off but then he found. "What's this? A four-leaf clover? A lucky horseshoe? Yuna?"

"Tidus" Yuna said timidly. "I've always wanted to tell you this…I REALLY LIKE YOU COULD YOU PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME?!!"

"YES!!!" Tidus leaped for joy. "Oh yeah!! Who da man? Who da man?!"

Saix looked at himself and saw that he had hands…not paws. "OH MY GOD!! I'M BACK BABY!! YEAH!!" Saix started dancing around but his dog crip looked at him disgustedly.

"dude, we thought you were cool" Rover said and the dog crip ran off. Saix felt a tear run down his cheek.

"b-b-but…I'm am cool"

Back on the dance floor

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Destiny high!" Cobalt announced as many students screamed. "We have four guys willing to have a dance off this evening so please welcome my baby brother Inu Shinra, the Chinese kids Axel and Demyx Lu and Sorbei Gelato's son Lemon Sorbet!!!"

"IT'S LEMONE SORBEI!!" Lemone screeched.

"What ever man" Terra started playing his guitar and the rest of TAV played along. The four boys danced like they never have before. So far Axel and Demyx were winning and many of the fan girls cheered them on and for the grand finale Demyx summoned his water clones and many of them applauded. When the song finished Kano Toshiro announced the winner.

"And the winners are, Demikkusu san and Akuseru san" Everyone clapped and Demyx and Axel bowed.

"Thank you! We'll be here all night!" Demyx bowed down.

"Congratulations you are now Neko's fiance's"

"Wait…what?!" Axel yelled in shock. Neko walked up to them and congratulated them but she got rejected.

"Look sorry Neko, your not my type" Demyx said.

"Sorry kid but your too young for me" Axel said.

"What's a fiancé?" Everyone in the locker sweat dropped.

"It means… an awesome friend" Axel lied.

"Yay!" Neko yelled and skipped off.

Kuri walked up to the Doctor who was getting more mocktails. "Who are you?" she asked suspiciously.

"I'm the Doctor"

"Doctor? Doctor who?"

"Let's not go there"


Saix was mad. Really mad, so mad he tripped Tidus over and he fell through a ladder but then Saix accidentally fell over as well and he morphed back into a dog. Tidus on the other hand fell down the stairs.

"OH (Heartless)" Saix barked.

"Tidus?" Yuna asked. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah…I couldn't have been better" Tidus replied sarcastically.

"Sorry to break this to you but I can't date you yet"

"what? Why not?" Tidus asked innocently.

"You're so cute" Yuna smiled "but it turns out the exchange students are staying here for Summer Vacation and I better protect them from the evil Leon. Well see ya" Yuna gave him another warm smile and walked back downstairs.

Tidus's blood boiled. "EXCHANGE STUDENTS!!!!"

Back in the Locker.

"Thank you for a lovely night" Scarlet announced. "We have had many great memories from this year all thanks to you guys," the crowd cheered. "And all you seniors have graduated" The seniors cheered but then they realised.

"Wait…don't we get a ceremony?" Zexion asked.

"Sorry but the ceremony has been cancelled and Summer Vacation has started earlier this year. Everyone please make your way out of the school and stand 15 meters away"

Everyone was a little confused. "Why?"

"We're blowing it up" Everyone screamed and ran out straight away. People who were outside the locker were a little confused but they just followed the crowd anyway.


"Well…this year has been exciting" Roxas smiled.

"My studio!" Namine screeched.

"Don't worry they'll make another one" Roxas said trying to cheer her up.

"What a year" Kuri smiled.

"Yeah tell me about it" Rikku said.

"What a year" Kuri smiled.

Rikku face palmed. "Never mind"

"OH MY GOD!!" Yuna yelled.

"What is it Yunie?" Rikku asked.


Tidus walked around the school building deciding to go back to the dance. He walked into the Locker only to find just a regular Locker. "huh?" He walked around the school and wondered where everyone was. He walked up to the roof top and saw everyone standing there and staring at him.

"TIDUS!!" Yuna screamed.

"What's going on?!" Tidus yelled.


"CURSE YOU EXCHANGE STUDENTS!! You know what! While I'm up here I may as well rant. You exchange students and demon sisters have ruined my year at Destiny high! Wakka I've always hated when you said 'Ya'! Sora you're an idiot! Yes Kairi, your (assassin) does look big in that dress! Riku you're annoying! Mary you're also annoying! Cobalt and Inu you're pathetic! Xion you're a (dancer) and so are you Larxene! Auron your rent is way too high and Sephiroth!! YOU CALL YOUR SELF A MAN?!!!"

Suddenly the school blew up. Everyone cheered except for Yuna who was absolutely horrified. The good news if you could call it that…Tidus survived, Bad news there will be a lot of construction work happening before summer vacation ends.

"Hey guys?" Roxas asked.


"What are we going to do for Summer Vacation?"

The End

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