The Way It Could Been Part 1

Lost in a dream Barb dreams of the life that could have been.........

The rain falls with a gentle tapping against the pane of Barbra's window. Curled up in a fetal position all alone because it was Nikkei's night , Barb is deep in sleep , lost in a dream …..

"Mom!" Sarah screams at the top of her lungs standing smack dab in the center of the living room of the nice size home in Salt Lake Bill and Barb lived in.

"What Sarah?" Barb asks coming down the stairs with David on her hip and Jorja slowly coming down with her all dressed and ready for Preschool.

"Where's dad?" Sarah asks

"He went out to the compound." Barb said shifting David to her left hip as the toddler whines.

"How come dad don't take us out there?" Ben asks as Tancy steals a cookie for her lunch. "And why did he go back?

"Its not a world your father wants you guys to be exposed to ."Barb said as Chase rushes into the room to grab his back pack. "He wanted to track down his mother."

Bill sits on the edge of the compound in his SUV and ponders what hes about to do. He had been thrown off when he was only fourteen and yet he had found a way to live-a nice family had taken him in and he ended up becoming LDS. And then when he went to college he found his one and had married. Unlike the world he had grown up in he was content with his one wife and six kids-well seven now that Barb was pregnant again.

He pulls in anway and soon he sees the world he left behind watching people run in fear of who he was. Lois stops outside her house and then her jaw drops and she drops what shes holding.

"Bill!!!"She cries rushing for her son before the SUV stops

"Hey ma."Bill said

And when he sees Frank he groans "Dad."

"Well if it isn't my biggest mistake-what are you doing back here? We kicked ya off remember." Frank snips

"Oh your wearing a ring."Lois grabs Bills hand. It had years since she saw him and she finds herself wanting to know more.

"Yeah I got married eighteen years ago. I have six kids-Sarah, Ben, Tancy, Chase ,Jorja and David."

"Only six? How many did your second wife have or did you marry barren?" Frank smirks

"I only gave one wife." Bill said

"aw-well that doesn't surprise me. You live in the land of lose morals. They don't like us out there." Frank said

"Their not the only ones." Bill scoffs

"seven!" Nancy eyes widen in shock and joy.

"Yeah well in 30 weeks." Barb said sitting David down to play "Because of my miscarriage before Tancy we just didn't wanna say."

"Its ok honey." Nancy said "a new grandbaby!"

"No…see I saw the sonogram today and heard the heart beat and there was…more then one." Barb said

"twins!"Nancy said

"No-there…was three heart beats." Barb said

"Triplets." Nancy gasps